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J Jill Corporate Office Headquarters

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J Jill Corporate Office Headquarters
The J. Jill Group, Inc.
4 Batterymarch Park
Quincy, MA 02169 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-617-376-4300
Fax Number: 1-617-769-0177
J Jill Credit Card: 1-800-329-9713
Customer Service Number: 1-800-343-5700

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So I'd like to know why your sales catalogs are mailed out two weeks after the sales starts? I got my catalog yesterday and was planning on going to Reno for other shopping but stopped at your location at the Summit Mall and was told that they would honor the sales price but the sale was over. What?? So, if you want customers to "STAY" customers, maybe you could make sure they are sent out on a timely manner. Two of the items I wanted to purchase were already out of stock because it's been two weeks. After reading the other comments, sounds like your company needs some new management because there are some really unhappy customers!!

It would be nice and quite helpful if Corporate would reply to these messages even if they're a couple of years old. That would boost your image quite a bit!

If you think your customers don't know the staff doesn't answer your phone…we do. Then your staff lies and say they try. No they don't . I called several stores and none of them answer the phone. They would say they will let corporate know about the phone problem. I had to laugh when I got the recording because it gave the wrong address to the store in Leawood Kansas. Your policy stinks.

On Wednesday May 29th, I had an interview at the Downtown Summerlin store in Las Vegas Nevada and met with the manager Jana. The interview went very well, so well in fact that she offered me a part-time position and said that I would be a great fit. She stated that she would contact me in a couple days because she had to send my information to the district Manager. On June 8th, I thought that maybe I should give her a call to make sure everything was still a go since I had not heard back from her. According to Jana, she was still waiting for a response from her manager and that she would give me a call the next day; a Sunday; because she was expecting to get what she needed from her district manager. Now, here we are ten days later June 18th, and I still have not heard from her. My frustration is, she has not kept her word. If there was a change or she had changed her mind, common courtesy as a manger should have been to call me and just let me know and I would have been ok. Things like that happen. Maybe I would have not have thoughts in the back of mind wondering if she possibly changed her mind because I was not the right color for her store. I can tell you when she introduced me to her assistant manager and let her know that I would be working there she did not seem all that thrilled. But that is neither her or there. As a company, it is important that you train who ever is running your stores how important it is to get back to customers, potential customer, potential staff, etc, even if the news your delivering may not be good. What she has done is very unprofessional and has been a waste of my time when I could have gone somewhere else. It's the whole principal of the situation. Just RUDE.

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