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  1. I paid for a move, two homes into one…so two trucks, four movers. One of the trucks hit my brand new home. The Dallas GA office has yet to get it fixed. It has been nearly a year. Do you know how irritating it is to hear that recording over and over about how they treat you like their grandmother, as you try to chase down someone who wont call you back? I called today to leave a message that I will be suing if they don't come fix the FRONT OF MY HOUSE. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. IT IS TERRIBLE. THERE ARE NO ETHICS WHEN MEN HIT YOUR HOME AND THEN REFUSE TO MAKE IT RIGHT. I am a single mother and I am being completely blown off. So much for moving into my new home that I have worked so hard for with my 4 and 6 year old. Dealing with this company has been a nightmare. I am so disappointed that such happy time has been tainted with all the stress this company has and is causing me. Unacceptable.

  2. Have used 2 men and a truck for my last 4 moves from Louisville, KY; Atlanta, GA; Charleston, SC and Memphis, TN. I hired them to load my truck because I am not in the physical shape to load it myself. They were done within 30 minutes but I paid the minimum 2 hours with no issue, BUT now I was told that 2 men and a truck doesn't load trucks, which is odd since they have done it numerous times for me in the past. If 2 men and a truck doesn't want business, they don't need to get it. Very displeased, will never use the organization again.

  3. Lance, just be glad that you didn't use 2men, because they insulted my sister, and talked about her, and her furniture to a complete stranger, she just so happen to know the person, and they told. WOW! Small World…. and was very disrespectful.

  4. We used Two Men and a Truck back in April. Damage was done to two items. They admitted fault, had us fill out a damage report. They later asked us to provide pictures which we did. It is now the end of August and they have not rectified the damage done and have completely stopped responding to requests to do so.

  5. I've moved several times in my life and this was the worst, absolute worst expensive moving experience of my life. I made a mistake and had them do partial packing for me. I'm a handicapped senior citizen woman. They kept saying they needed more packing materials and would have to wait until someone brought them supplies. This happened two or three times. When I unpacked, they had used so much packing materials, I could hardly believe my eyes. No, nothing was broken but the money and the time spent for this was beyond belief. I have one rug, a 5' x 8' rug that I love. I'm not sure what they did when they rolled it up, but now it has large wrinkles that I can't get out no matter what I do. One other thing, when we had everything packed and were about to arrive at the destination, they disappeared for almost an hour. What they did in that time is anybody's guess. So, if you're a woman or a senior, I definitely would recommend staying away from Two Men and a Truck. Total rip-off.

  6. I will never use TWO MEN AND A TRUCK again they dropped my washer and damage my furniture. Then they claim its too expensive to fix for them it will cost them $700 and that they don't have to fix anything their looking at my issue out a courtesy, An if they fix a damage furniture every time they would be outta business. Apparently I cant yell over my damage furniture. An this after they came and take pictures 2 weeks ago before they promise to send someone in two days. the pictures I emailed to the supervisor Rodney Puckett, which he said would call the next day, almost a week now. I am so upset. not only are u unprofessional you provide despicable customer service. I am most unhappy.

  7. I used this company to move my items and it was a disaster. They broke several of my items and didn't even notify me. I had to inquire on my items to be told they were going to call me. This should have been done upfront. Very unprofessional. Now I am having a hard time reaching them to make repairs or pay for my items…

  8. I worked for Two Men and a Truck for 10 years in Lexington KY,so i was so excited when my mother-in-law hired them to move her.(She used TMT Fraser Mi.)When i arrived at her home 2 hour's after the movers have been there,i expected the movers to be almost loaded,not even close. She had one mover packing her kitchen and he kept looking for music on his cell phone more than packing,the driver had no clue how to pack his truck and kept taking breaks to play on Facebook in the cab of his truck and one guy trying to load the truck all by him self,it took these guys 8 hours to load a 24 foot truck. I am not happy with there service and will never tell anyone to use Fraser TMT.

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