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Alamo Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Alamo Car Rental Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

600 Corporate Park Dr.
St. Louis, Missouri 63105 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-512-5000
Fax Number: 1-314-512-4706
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-462-5266
Website: Alamo Car Rentals

Alamo Car Rental’s competition includes Advantage, Hertz, Avis, Budget, Fox Rent-a-Car, Advantage, Sixt, Ace Rent-a-Car, Enterprise Rentals, and Payless.

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  1. Worst Customer Service I have ever encountered.
    April 6, 2022 we booked A Full Size Passenger Van, confirmation # 1761558861, for pick up and drop off at Edinburgh Airport from July 9, 2022 – July 17, 2022.
    The quoted included all charges, taxes and fees including two (2) additional drivers for Total of 1,283.26 pounds. When we arrived we asked if we could change the primary driver and billing address and go down to one (1) additional driver. We were assured by the site manager that was not a problem and there would be no additional charges for the change. In fact we probably should have received a credit as we went from 2 additional drivers down to 1.
    All went well for the eight days and we returned the vehicle to the designated area at Edinburgh Airport at 6:00 AM as we had an early flight. The office is not open at that hour so we dropped the vehicle as instructed and headed to the terminal. It wasn’t until our return to Canada that we discovered we were charged 1,673.87 pounds (invoice 404000153193) an increase of 390.61 pounds from what we were quoted.
    When we first called to complain we were told “Your original quote was for the vehicle only. With you selecting to come on to our damage waiver and taking on an additional driver was not included in your original booking” However the Confirmation clearly shows all taxes and fees plus 2 additional drivers was included.
    After the first attempt to get resolution, to no avail, we ramped up our request for reconsideration and spoke with a customer Representative on August 15, 2022 and filed a complaint (Reference Number 399-826) which we were assured we would hear back from Alamo.
    Hearing nothing from Alamo we ramped up our complaint and spoke with another CSR on September 2, 2022, Amy Bell, who advised that there was NO record of a complaint even though we had a reference number as noted above. Amy sent me an e-mail and assured me that she would submit our concern to International Department and we should hear back from them within 3-5 business days. Well that seems to have gone nowhere as we have not even had the curtesy of any further communication.
    All I am looking for is to be charged what we were quote. In my opinion, Alamo has a legal obligation to honour the quotation and refund the over charge of 390.61 Pounds.
    My message to Alamo is get your act together. What you did to us and the complete lack of customer service is absolutely applauding.

  2. 1082235882:

    We came back to the hotel today in San Jose, Costa Rica, and found the rental had been bumper-dented and the license plate had been stolen.

    We've been calling for over 6 hours (Belen store), but nobody answers. Roadside assistance? Nobody answers.

    We must check out of this hotel (Isla Verde) at 12:00 noon tomorrow to drive to Ivita, but–no plates.

    Can somebody please either a) bring us some license plates; or b) come get this Hilux and bring us one (or another 4WD) we can legally drive?

    Thank you.

  3. Hi y just want you to say that your cars in mexico are bad condition they realy need auto detail paint body work and pdr repairs they look very por just i just think if I was the owner i would be very mad the owner of alamo..

  4. I will never rent a car from Alamo ever again. On April 8, 2018, I flew into Charlotte Douglas Airport and rented a car so that I could drive to South Carolina for a funeral. In a rush, I wore my attire for the funeral and when I arrived at the church, I went into my suitcase to get my heels. After spending time with my family, I returned to my hotel late at night to be near the airport for my flight out the next morning. Upon arriving home I realized that I had left my shoes in the car. This is when the nightmare started. I immediately tried to call the rent location, but to no avail. I then completed a lost item report online. I also continued trying to get in touch with this location. For over a week, I never received a notification regarding my lost item, even receiving an email stating that my lost item was not found. I finally called and insisted that my shoes had to be there. Then I was told that my shoes were found under someone's desk and had not been logged into the system.

    After having so much trouble, I called FEDEX and arranged for them to pick up my lost item from the Alamo location. Unfortunately, this also did not work. They were too stupid to know how to give the package to FEDEX. FEDEX has already made 2 attempts to pickup my package without any success.

    Don't ever rent from this location again.

  5. On March 7, we had the occasion to be at the Vail airport and were fortunate to meet Chandler Smith. His was courteous and helpful beyond what his job responsibilities required. He is a credit to himself and to Alamo. Much thanks to him.

  6. I want to thank you and commend Alamo for helping us all stand strong against the insidious power of the NRA. Their power and reach is so strong that we need large respected corporations like yours to make a difference. I have been a loyal customer for a quarter century and you have just gained my loyalty for the next. This is not just about Parkland; it is about every school, university, church, movie theater, club, concert, airport, parade, fast food outlet, rally, ball game and home where we do not feel safe.

    Sincere thanks

  7. Due to your liberal PC views in disassociating your company with the NRA, I will never again use your company. There are MANY NRA members and even more non-members that agree with the 2nd Amendment. Bad move on your part.

  8. As you have refused to support the NRA, well As a lifetime NRA President Member, I will no longer be using your services.

  9. Just had a great ending to a situation that happened in Auston. The rental car had a problem, which took awhile to get resolved. I just called and spoke with two really nice people who were more than willing to help with a resolution. I could not be happier….Thank you for considering your clients!!!!

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