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  • ATT Corporate Office Headquarters

ATT Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact ATT Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

ATT Corporate Office Address:

AT&T Headquarters
208 S. Akard St.
Dallas, TX 75202 USA

ATT Phone Numbers and Contact Information:

ATT Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-210-821-4105
Fax Number: n/a
Email: n/a
Corporate Stock Symbol: T
Website: AT&T.com

AT&T Corporate Office is located in Dallas, Texas. AT&T (ATT) is a well-known provider of telecommunications services, including wireless and internet services, as well as television and home phone services. They offer a wide range of plans and packages to fit the needs of both individuals and businesses.

More on AT&T, they are one of the largest telecommunications companies in the United States, providing services to millions of customers across the country. Their main competitors include Verizon, T-Mobile, and Comcast. AT&T offers a variety of services, including wireless and internet services, as well as television and home phone services. They also offer home security and automation services through their subsidiary company, AT&T Digital Life.

AT&T’s customer care phone number is 1-800-331-0500. The company also encourages customers to use its online customer support system and troubleshoot issues on its website.

ATT Corporate Office



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  1. I would like someone from your corporate headquarters to contact me. I just opened a new internet account at the store and was LIED to and deceived by your store employee Stanley.
    After reaching out to him many times (also have texts from him ), now he wants nothing to do with me. Refuses all texts and phone calls. Is this the way you tread brand new customers?

  2. Please forward me your corporate legal office contact information including address for service, email, and telephone numbers. I am preparing to contact my legal representative to explore filing a lawsuit against Samsung and AT& T for selling phones without the ability to charge them. Never has this happened since I started using cell phones in 1995. I will be talking to several of the attorneys within a network I built for my business that consists of 500 trial law firms, as well as forwarding my and other complaints of fraud to the DOJ for investigation. Your prompt reply is expected.

  3. My name is Natasha Smith. I called AT&T phone company to get a whole new account. They. That I had to pay off my old account, my old account has been closed since 2022. This is 2023. And they making it seem like they can't get. Can't give me a new phone. They kept talking over me. They kept worrying about my old account and when. And when the account is closed, y'all company needs to have better customer service better acknowledge on how to handle a customer Because if someone accounts, account is closed. Y'all should worry about handling a new account for a customer, not worrying about a. The count of customer has. That should be clean off their accounts if. Wanna do it that way? But No, the representative kept talking over me. It did not wanna help me at all. So I think something really needs to be done. About it. Because when customers call in, they want to have something brand new. A customer should not have to call in and hear. Anything about their old accounts? They should worry about. New accounts that people are trying to set up.

  4. ATT and its affiliates are robocallers, making unwanted calls about their promotions. I will not complain to them online… they want my name, address, email. They want too much information. Now I am forced to write them in Texas. Just to ask them to stop calling.

  5. We have been AT&T customers for over 25 years. Recently my husband made a call to Canada and 2 days later we received a text saying the charges were $90 and a Federal Universal service charge of $26.54. We had been on a 4 gig shared plan for many, many years. My husband used to work in Canada and we always made sure that our talk and text was no charge and it always was included. Well apparently AT&T decided to change our plan and NOT inform us that it would now be $1 a minute to Canada and Mexico. We went to the store and we’re told that if we upgraded to the Unlimited Premium they could back date the bill and we wouldn’t have to lay the $90. So we did and we also called customer service to verify that they did that. She repeatedly told my husband that the call to Canada was removed and we would not have to pay for the call. Also, we were assured that our new bill for the upgrade would go from $96 a month to $105 because my husband was getting a Veterans discount. The bill came today and it was $222. We went to the store, they gave us the loyalty and retention department phone number so we called and were told their hands were tied and they could do nothing for us. 25 year customers and you screwed us over $90. We immediately went to another carrier and switched from AT&T. We will dispute the bill with our credit card company, send a letter to the Attorney General and tell EVERYONE we know what kind of company you are and to steer as clear from it as they can. Thanks for nothing AT&T. You SUCK.

  6. I switched from Verizon to Att in November 2022. What a horrible mistake. I was told when I switched I would get 2 Iphone 14 pros free of charge if I sent our IPone 12's as a TRADE IN. Which we did. They sent our IPhone 14's to us. They emailed a label to us. We placed our old phones in a box and used the label ATT sent us. I have been billed $48 each month for the two new phones, which were supposed to be free of charge I have talked to customer service at least 20 times. Two or three customer service agents have told us that the phones were sent to the wrong department. THAT IS NOT OUR FAULT! We were told that we did not receive the correct label from ATT. THAT IS NOT OUR FAULT! We upheld our end of the deal. NO ONE we have talked to can help us, several people have said they would call us back….which no one has as of yet. Now we have been informed that we have financed the phones for 3 years!!! We did not agree to that. We want someone to acknowledge that we do not owe for these phones and someone to stand up for their word. We cannot get to a person in charge to help us. We keep listening to broken records from customer service

  7. My home service was down for days and days. As I chatted with folks in multiple U locations and then multiple very polite Philippines multinational "support" those folks were unable to resolve the problem after over 30 minutes and said I would be sent a new modem. It arrived within 24 hours yet did not fix the problem .This site like all attempts to communicate with AT&T has glitches. The technician that came to my home after several more days of phone calls and attempts by support to resolve by referring me back to the states where the state person referred me to a "help line" tht said call during regular business hours. Those "leaders in the towers need to have to spend a day in the Philippines to listen to what those folks have to go through and where the deficiencies in the training programs are. A help line 24/7 that says to call back on M_F during regular hours. Shame on Corporate!
    So I am still having a problem. The tech got the landline working yet a message on my phone says New VM.Then call your local phone company for Access#.. Guess what the local phone company does not have a clue as to what I am requesting.
    The company got out from under the guidance of the Public Service commission in Missouri. So now you with past complaints and future complaints do what I am going to do. Contact the Federal Trade Commission to file a complaint regarding phone of internet service. I just discoverted that Verizon is now part of the AT&T multinational system. Guess who ever had customer service at AT&T now has infected Verizon.

  8. I have had enough of AT&T half of the staff have no idea or inclination what so ever there is always a screw up in billing and whenever the make a mistake they offer a credit when they want to and if you do get a credit later down the road they will trow it back on your face and say we gave you x many credits and we can help you or they will deny a respresentative in customer service request for a credit that was placed for you. The staff in the stores are rude often and only care about a sale the lack the knowledge to really help customers in the store I had a AT&T employee tell me she wasnt losing her job for me when I asked her why i couldnt use my 50% discount which is clearly in writing on my profile. yesterday I spent 6 hours trying to place an order for an item I really needed and by the time I got someone who half way knew anything the items were sold out and could no longer be oredered I dont think ill be sticking around much longer.

  9. I called AT&T to simply ask for help in turning the ringer back on on my phone today. Instead of helping me with a simple solution, the tech wiped my phone clean of my contacts, photos, calendar, ALL my settings – ALL gone.

    AT&T said it’s my fault for not having a backup of my contact list on my phone. I never knew I was supposed to do this. I was never told that I should have been doing this. I am not a high tech person.

    So, I have to ask all my contacts to email me their phone numbers, etc. and I have to take the time to enter everyones’ information all over again. I’m rethinking AT&T and reconsidering Verizon but of course, AT&T wants $630.00 to let me go with another company.

    How many ways can AT&T screw me? This is quite possibly going to cause my new business to close. The cost of this mess is more than I can stand to look at. I encourage ANYONE considering AT&T to reconsider.

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