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  1. BUYER BE WARE!!!!
    December 28, 2021 at around 0930 My husband and I went through the drive thru at BRAUMS location 907 So. Cockrell Hill road Duncanville, Texas 75137. After we received our food my 69 year old husband (who has one kidney and had 360 back surgery 2 years ago) needed to use the bathroom. After, leaving the bathroom near the front entry he slipped and fell landing on his left side. The employee that was mopping the floor did not put the yellow "Wet Floor" signs visible in the aisle way near the front entry. The other employee present instantly said, "I didn't see him fall" even though there were black rubber skid marks approx. a foot and a half long on the floor. We were told by the manager on duty that we would receive an incident report from BRAUMS, a report that we never received! If you are a senior and walk into a BRAUMS restaurant and fall due to their neglect you are entering at your OWN RISK! BRAUMS is not SENIOR FRIENDLY

  2. I would like to give a HUGE shout-out to the Braum's in Enid, OK (Willow store). It is apparently under new management because this store, although it has always been the better of all Enid stores, has had great service and my orders are now correct when I get them. I was helped today by, I believe, a guy named Dexter. He was very polite, cheerful, patient, and he had a welcoming attitude. I thank him for his help and generosity. He was very prompt with my order. The past couple of months I have had great experiences when I have gone in or through the drive thru at this store. Thank you Dexter, for being kind and making me feel welcome in the store. Thank you to the young lady wearing a green apron, I think her name started with a B, for being polite and cheerful as well. I appreciate how this store has taken a curve for the better here lately. I will let friends and family in the area to go to Braum's on Willow, they are friendly and kind to their customers.

  3. Store #19 6200 N. May Ave., OKC
    My wife and I took 3 of our grandkids to dinner. They voted unanimously for Braum's – who says this younger generation doesn't have good taste, but maybe it was the malts!
    I swear we were waited on by Mrs. Braum; but she only introduced herself as ANITA. She patiently took each child's order, and everything was perfect. My wife and I started observing Anita and she would very professionally communicate with multiple, much younger, co-workers. But it was Anita that brought every customer's order out to their table and make sure everyone's order was perfect. What PR! It has been a long, long time since we have seen an employee of any scale restaurant give their customers such a welcome, friendly experience!
    That's why I'm pretty sure Anita is not just an employee, but a member of the Braum family that takes pride in cleanliness, quality, and customer service! Thank you again Mrs. Braum

  4. A Baptist men's group has been meeting at the Store 177, 805 E Main location on Thursday mornings, 8 am-9:30 am, for several months. An average attendance is 8-10. Lately several men joined the group and they have hearing aids or hearing difficulties. We asked the manager to please turn down the music during our meeting. They did so once and the next meeting they refused to turn it down because "corporate" told them not to do it or they would be disciplined. We cannot understand this position as we are only asking that it be turned down for 1-1 1/2 hours and we are usually the only ones dining in the restaurant during this time. We cannot continue to meet at this location unless we can get relief from the music. We have found an alternate location (not Braums) but we would prefer to stay at this location. Can you help?

  5. 6-13-2019 store#237 Winfield Ks this morning i bought 2 orders of pancakes 2 sides of eggs and 1 hash rounds I looked to make sure i had everything did not have my hash rounds that is the third time they did this to me. when i got home with my purchased the eggs was like they had been made the day before and tasted that way too. pan cakes was cold.They don't read the orders they just throw everything together. that was a waste of money Very Upset

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