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    December 28, 2021 at around 0930 My husband and I went through the drive thru at BRAUMS location 907 So. Cockrell Hill road Duncanville, Texas 75137. After we received our food my 69 year old husband (who has one kidney and had 360 back surgery 2 years ago) needed to use the bathroom. After, leaving the bathroom near the front entry he slipped and fell landing on his left side. The employee that was mopping the floor did not put the yellow "Wet Floor" signs visible in the aisle way near the front entry. The other employee present instantly said, "I didn't see him fall" even though there were black rubber skid marks approx. a foot and a half long on the floor. We were told by the manager on duty that we would receive an incident report from BRAUMS, a report that we never received! If you are a senior and walk into a BRAUMS restaurant and fall due to their neglect you are entering at your OWN RISK! BRAUMS is not SENIOR FRIENDLY

  • I would like to give a HUGE shout-out to the Braum's in Enid, OK (Willow store). It is apparently under new management because this store, although it has always been the better of all Enid stores, has had great service and my orders are now correct when I get them. I was helped today by, I believe, a guy named Dexter. He was very polite, cheerful, patient, and he had a welcoming attitude. I thank him for his help and generosity. He was very prompt with my order. The past couple of months I have had great experiences when I have gone in or through the drive thru at this store. Thank you Dexter, for being kind and making me feel welcome in the store. Thank you to the young lady wearing a green apron, I think her name started with a B, for being polite and cheerful as well. I appreciate how this store has taken a curve for the better here lately. I will let friends and family in the area to go to Braum's on Willow, they are friendly and kind to their customers.

  • Store #19 6200 N. May Ave., OKC
    My wife and I took 3 of our grandkids to dinner. They voted unanimously for Braum's – who says this younger generation doesn't have good taste, but maybe it was the malts!
    I swear we were waited on by Mrs. Braum; but she only introduced herself as ANITA. She patiently took each child's order, and everything was perfect. My wife and I started observing Anita and she would very professionally communicate with multiple, much younger, co-workers. But it was Anita that brought every customer's order out to their table and make sure everyone's order was perfect. What PR! It has been a long, long time since we have seen an employee of any scale restaurant give their customers such a welcome, friendly experience!
    That's why I'm pretty sure Anita is not just an employee, but a member of the Braum family that takes pride in cleanliness, quality, and customer service! Thank you again Mrs. Braum

  • A Baptist men's group has been meeting at the Store 177, 805 E Main location on Thursday mornings, 8 am-9:30 am, for several months. An average attendance is 8-10. Lately several men joined the group and they have hearing aids or hearing difficulties. We asked the manager to please turn down the music during our meeting. They did so once and the next meeting they refused to turn it down because "corporate" told them not to do it or they would be disciplined. We cannot understand this position as we are only asking that it be turned down for 1-1 1/2 hours and we are usually the only ones dining in the restaurant during this time. We cannot continue to meet at this location unless we can get relief from the music. We have found an alternate location (not Braums) but we would prefer to stay at this location. Can you help?

  • 6-13-2019 store#237 Winfield Ks this morning i bought 2 orders of pancakes 2 sides of eggs and 1 hash rounds I looked to make sure i had everything did not have my hash rounds that is the third time they did this to me. when i got home with my purchased the eggs was like they had been made the day before and tasted that way too. pan cakes was cold.They don't read the orders they just throw everything together. that was a waste of money Very Upset

  • My son and I went through the drive through at the Grapevine, TX Braums on 9/5/17. My son bit into his sandwich and was poked by something sharp. He pulled the sandwich back to discover a staple! The staple was pulled open (that is how he was poked) Luckily the roof of his mouth was not bleeding. To be on the safe side, I am getting him a Tetanus shot.
    We immediately turned around and took the sandwich inside. The Manager of the store was nice and apologetic. She supervised the new sandwich that was made. She did not offer anything else. I had to suggest to her that she refund our money or give us a gift card. She did not refund anything and the gift card has $5 on it. Really? We could have done what most people would do and call the media, etc., but I understand that accidents happen. I do think we should have gotten more than $5 gift card, especially since I will have to pay for a Tetanus shot.
    Please feel free to contact me at the above email. We would appreciate a review of this and a compensation of more than $5. I do have a picture of the staple in the sandwich also, unfortunately can't find a specific person to email it too.

  • On June 1, 2017, I pulled into the Drive Thru at Braum's Store #201, around 6:55 p.m At approximately 7:44 p.m. is when my order (543198) was taken. The service IS EXTREMELY BAD and the employee's CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS need to be worked on. A smile and a greeting would work wonders. I love the products from Braums but, I don't like the bad personalities/attitudes you offer.

  • Sign on window made strawberry chicken salad look appetizing. Listed contents. I ordered the strawberry chicken salad. It was mostly shredded carrots and purple cabbage and iceberg lettuce. NO strawberries at all and 4 spinach leaves and 5 grape tomatoes. Grilled chicken was sufficient. Needles to say sign was deceiving and I once before quite going to Braums for this and other reasons. I will not be getting counter food there ever again. From all the complaints I have read, Braums needs to make some adjustments before they go out of business. Waxahachie, Texas store

  • I am an employee at Braums in Woodward. I would like to comment about the new method of making shakes well I will keep it simple it sucks it won't set up its vary runny and I hate serving crap to costomers and it's super slow and my thinking is the old way we make shakes was fine if it's not broke don't fix it because most likely you are going to brake it. And you can't serve quarter pounders if you are going to make them more expensive then McDonald's you are going to lose business. I would also like to comment on the perfect pair ice cream it's a flawed design if you square a scoop that ice cream you are either going to get chocolate or vanilla you won't get both, so instead of the half in half do 4 squares like a checkered pattern. Please take note of my comment.

  • I purchased a gallon of milk at a local Braums. Almost finished drinking, and found a small metal object at the bottom of the milk jug. It looked like a small bullet. Thank goodness it was found before we swallowed or chocked on it. Has anyone had this happen? Hope the milk wasn't contaminated or tampered with. I will be contacting the Corp office. I want them to be aware of this, and hope no one gets sick. I've got pictures, and would like to forward for research. I was unable to find a good email address. Can you please provide?

  • To Eric Magnus ( OKC )…. Eric my name is Robby Wolf ( Lisa Wolf's husband) I am asking you ( because she is to proud) if you have any openings of even her old job back. She was laid of in April and she's kicking herself for leaving Braums. Please call me when you have a chance 664-2016 Robby Wolf p.s. you have bar far the BEST / FRESHES burgers , fries , steak and I am a milk shake junkie along with frozen yogurt in a cone.

  • DFW AREA…They are always busy and always short staffed. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!! Nobody wants to wait to give YOU there money. Nobody wants melted ice cream from waiting just to pay. Dripping cones are being brought to customer in drive-thru. There's too many young folks working there, there goes customer service. Drive-thru wrapped around the building. POOR, POOR, POOR SERVICE…BRAUMS WILL FALL DUE TO THE NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS THAT HAVE FALLEN ON DEAD-EARS.

  • The Braums store in Norman Oklahoma on N.Poter & Robinson is disgusting…I usually go there and get bags of ice but, the past 5 times I have been there, they didn't have any made…Behind the counter where they make peoples icecream orders was very, very dirty and nasty..I wouldnt eat anything from there if you paid me too !!!!!!!It was gross and disgusting…I'm not sure how anyone could eat from there if they were inside the store they had to see the same filth that I saw…I used to love Braums hamburgers and french fries but, now you couldnt pay me to eat there !! I hope noone gets sick from the filth….JUST SAYING….

  • The Braums store in Wichita on Tyler road is poorly ran their manager's are abused by corporate .corporate never contact them in timely manner about certain situation.A company that does not respect their employees . Gets angry frustrated staff who in return gives poor service to their customers .will never return to any of these store Braums no longer has my business .while reading these complaints I have not read one response from the company apologizing for their company behavior.this show they don't care about their customers.shame on you

  • I went to Store # 9 at Eufaula on 5/19/16 at 3:30:45 PM to get 2 of your waldorf salads to go. I drove home and took the salads out to eat. The fruit was unrecognizable. The apple slices looked like overripe peaches, the same consistency. Trying to determine if they did actually put overripe peaches in the salad, I tasted one, it was horrible, my wife also tried to bite one, it burned my mouth and tongue. I drove back to the store and asked for the manager, and asked her if she would eat something like that. She did not answer me, nor did she offer any apology. She asked me what I wanted to do, other salads or something else, I told her I wanted 2 other salads if the fruit was edible. She got me 2 more salads and sit them down. I opened one and touched the apple slice, it was exactly like the ones I just brought back. At this time I said just get me 2 salads without the fruit and them got them for me. The strawberries were also rotten. She told me the apples had come it frozen, but I have never seen apples get to that consistency , it appeared they were fermented. Needless to say, we will not be back to that store. Never and apology or offer to make compensation other that money back or exchange.

  • Monica foster cook in Sherman Texas wasn't drug tested she is on probation and a iv drug user with possible std can't pass drug test

  • I have been going to Braums all my life. It is the only ice cream that doesn't hurt my stomach. In the last 3 weeks I have gone to 4524 NW Expressway on my way from work, just dreaming about a double dip black walnut ice cream on a cake cone. Of course 3 our of my 4 visits they didn't have any black walnut ice cream. I was heart broken. I use to be a General Manager at a fast food and I cannot understand why the person ordering the ice cream would not order extra. This is such poor customer service.

  • Purchased a pack of ground beef at braum's tonight.It smelled like pure blood. So grossed out.even my family was saying it was bloody so upsetting. Going to advise all my family and Facebook friends and Instagram contacts to avoid buying ground beef from Braum.Del city braums 44th and sunnylane braums ground beef smells very bad

  • My daughter work's for braum's. Can any one tell me why they think it's ok to school kids until midnight on school nights. Parents beware about letting your kids work for Braum"s. It's good to let your kids have jobs and teach them some responsibility but at what cost. I can tell you one thing if it continues she won't be working there anymore

  • I like to shop at the 51 & Yale store in Tulsa and bought 4 pts. of half and half cream on Wed. July 8th. Today I opened the first one of the four and found that it is not 1/2 and 1/2 cream but is straight cream…not whipping cream but still very thick. I don't know about the other 3 pts. I tried to contact the manager at that store but never could reach her. What should I do? Thanks.

  • 8/25/14. 7:48:53 am. Order #530681 Paris, Texas Anonymous because if you contact them they will know who you are talking about (no doubt about it). I used to go to Braums almost daily for breakfast because they are on my way to work. I have been going on and off for 17 years. I have complained to your office before about my bacon. When I order my breakfast (whatever it be with bacon), I have always told them I wanted my bacon very very crisp. I hate fat meat of any kind. I usually call them and let them know if it is not crisp, then they will replace it with another one with crisp bacon when I go back through there.
    I quit going for a long time because I always had to call them back, then I went back 2 times in the last couple of months just to get a single biscuit gravy with plain gravy only. I went through there today to get a bacon, egg & cheese biscuit which I told the lady (Sheila) that I wanted very very crisp bacon. I get to the window and she tells me that the girl is trying to get my bacon crisp. I wait a few minutes and she hands me my sandwich and says nothing ( I very seldom get a thank you or come back, but I always say thank you) then I get to the office and start to eat my sandwich and my bacon is fat. I did not call back because I am sick of having to call them. It will be a long time before I go back through there again. I'm tired of paying for food that I can't eat because it is not cooked right. They have even told me before when I would order the crispy bacon that they did not have any so I finally asked them one time "can you not put some back on the grill to make it crispy".
    The same thing has happened at the Braums on the Loop also. I have not been back there since except for ice cream.
    Things seem to be done right when there is a District or Regional person at the store, but after they are gone, the store(s) go to pot again.

  • Stopped at Braums in Stillwater Ok on Perkins Road and I'm a frequent customer though I always seem to have the same problem with a server there. He always give me the wrong ice cream and I mentioned one time that I was allergic to chocolate and he put chocolate on the very end of the banana split. I'm really upset with this people and even I spoke to the manager he didn't seem to care about what I was saying.

  • Sunday 6-29-14, 7:35 a.m., store #17 @ 5048 S. 33 W. Ave. In Tulsa, OK. Note: I was the only 1 in line. Armaroo, the manager took our order. I ordered, 1 big country breakfast with gravy, 1 single biscuit & gravy, 1 small coffee & 1 water. Note: The order was not repeated back to me. After ordering, I reviewed my receipt, as I always do to find out my order was NOT put in correctl. My subtotal should have been $7.27 & total $7.88 but mine was $7.88 & total $8.55, therfore I was charged .67 cents too much. I tried to explain this to our Armaroo, the manager that took my order & she said, I thought you wanted 1 big country with gravy & 1 #2 combo. I repeated again that I had ordered one big country with gravy, 1 single biscuit & gravy, 1 small coffee & a water. She repeated, I thought you wanted 1 big country with gravy & 1 #2 combo. Hello! I know what I want & what I ordered. She got upset, you could hear it in her voice & she said let me make you a single biscuit & gravy. I tried to explain to her that I didn't need 1 she put 1 on our tray & that is when she, the manager said to me, the customer, "YOU'LL HAVE TO WAIT, I HAVE TO GET OTHER ORDERS OUT," that I was charged for a #2 combo instead of the $1.99 single biscuit & gravy. I just wanted my $2.17 back. She got really upset then & said, let me just redo the ticket, which is what she should have done in the first place. By this time I was so upset I said, let's just leave it. My husband & I have decided NOT to support any braums after this. We also noticed the employees going out to smoke, etc. came back in & straight back to fixing food. What! Happened to employees HAVING TO WASH THEIR HANDS before handling our food? I plan on calling the corporate office regarding this incident also. I now understand why our friends quit eating at braums.

  • I'm writing this message in concern with store 112 in Murphy, Texas

    To whom this many concerns,
    I live about 2 minutes away from this store. This is the opening week and I'm coming to support Braum. I love ice scream and sandwich here at Braum and I’m a fan for more than 10yrs. Today incident change my view about Braum and would never consider return to this store again. Also, due to this incident I will tell my colleagues and my employee about the services I received today.
    The first impression I went in the store was WOW, it is nice. That wow change in less than 15min. The store is busy. I went straight to the order line and order two cups of chili and a drink. I want to get some ice cream as well, but I don’t know what kind yet. The cashier told I can get in line and get what I want and pay at the other end. Toward the middle of the line I asked one of the employees in the back making ice cream about where to order or if I’m in the right place. He told me to go to the end and order, I was ok with that. So, I went to the end and I told the cashier I want a banana split with no chocolate. She ask me, “Have you order?”I told her no, I need to place an order. She told me I need to place the order at the other end. I simply reply, the other guy told me to order here. I told them you guys give me a run around and nobody know exactly where I can order. At that time, the general manager came and asks me what is going on. I told him I want to order a banana split with no chocolate. This is his exact word. You need to order on the other end and have the audacity asking me, “did you cut the line, did you cut in front of everyone?” That is when I feel violated and disrespected. I told him no, I’m in line just like everybody else. What give him the impression that I cut in front of people?
    I went to the other end where he point and he came over to take my order. Before I can say anything, he told me “what the hell is wrong with you? You come for ice cream you should be happy”. I was very happy until he told me that I cut the line. I tried to tell him what happen, but he didn’t want to listen. He put him hands up and turn away act like a child. Let’s me tell you something, at this point I’m very irritated, angry and blood is boiling to the roof. The cashiers there saw what happen and they couldn’t believe that it’s happened in front of them. I asked the two female cashiers to give me the name of the man that curses at me and they didn’t give me his name. They did tell me that he is a General Manager. I left the place with bitterness in my mouth.
    The customer services aspect need to be address and revamp. As a general manager, you suppose to make the place run smooth and customers happy, not curse at them. This is the first time that someone curses at me ever. Let’s me ask you “Braum Management”, if you come to my clinic and complain about knee pain. I take a look at your paperwork and saw that you weight 400lbs and tell you get your fat butt home and exercise, what the hell is wrong with you. Will you be happy? Do you feel disrespected? That is how I feel when your general manger at store 112 in Murphy did that to me. Please review the surveillance camera if you have. Incident happened at 9:44pm 5-2-14 at store location 306 W FM 544 Murphy, TX 75094. Braum owe me an apology due to disrespected in front of a large crowd and my wife.

  • In your El Reno store money is missing off tills..managers talking to employees about other employees pay. and private business .head boss telling employees to find out who is stealing money giving them permission to beat them up in back room..if they find out who is doing it..yelling at employees in front of customers..employees fighting in front of training organization…is this how you really want to represent this store..

  • Borger Tx Location Mgrs Reena Shilea Peggy are horrible rude that store is none for nasty ….. so unprofessional people . A shame to the braums name . You are only as good ad your employees that's bad
    Health department has been reported to and pending lawsuits

  • Went to Braum's this morning in Winfield, Kansas. The food was good but the morning managers/shift supervisors were not doing their job. Instead of helping the employees they were sitting in the lobby talking to each other. The drive through got a bag of burgers and instead of getting up and helping their employees they continue to sit there which led to one of their employees that were on break went back and made the bag of burgers and helped drive through during his break off the clock. Not only is it wrong to make someone work off the clock due to laziness it is not a good look for their store if the managers/shift supervisors refuse to do their jobs.
    One very appalled and upset customer

  • My wife and I stooped in your Paul's valley store # 142 , at 5:13 pm this was the worste food ever, the burgers where burnt along with the bacon ant the sandwiches alone looked as though it had been thrown together then walked on. we won't be going back to braums any time soon

  • My daughter & i went go the Braum's in Liberal Ks for lunch today. The aprons of the petson that took my order & the perdon making the shakes were black & filtby. They used the apron tbat was black to white the cups that had overflowed. No glives were used, nor hands were washed after taking care of trash & trays. They went straight from trash to help with food.When we were leaving i would have fallen when my shoe caught on a cracked tile.if my daughter hadnt caught me. .

  • Stopped at braums on memorial and western in okc on our way out of town. Took forever to get our order placed and then took forever to get our order. Started out of town and opened up the bag, tator tots were cold and the taste was terrible, like the grease was old. Then we started on the dandwiches, unwrapped them and the first thing the bisquit crumbled in our laps. The eggs were cold and the cheese wasnt even melted. Again, the taste of yhe eggs were terrible.

  • What do you do when you're the only one in line and you're ignored and by the time your helped they say we're no longer serving breakfast but mcdonalds is still serving it but while you're inline the person ignoring you is assisting employees first wow I don't think I will ship there anymore

  • Just bought a loaf of so-called low carb bread. I get home and check it against a loaf of Mrs. Bairds. Your bread has 19 carbs, minus the 6 grams of fiber, and Mrs Bairds bread has 13 carbs. What is low carb about your bread?

  • My husband are frequent customer's of Braum's in Amarillo, TX. I have noticed on your commercials of the new blue cheese burger that the lettuce in the commercial is not like the gross iceburg lettuce used in the stores. Either use the same (looks like butter lettuce) lettuce on commercial or stop advertising it and show gross iceburg lettuce.

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