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  1. I am writing on behalf of the neighborhoods that will be impacted should the Dairy Queen in Northville Township Michigan be built.
    This is a quiet residential area of hard-working people who go to bed fairly early because we go to work every day.
    We have been clear with the franchisee that we do not want a drive thru restaurant on the corner of our neighborhood. We do not support the drive thru being open until 10:30 every night and bringing people into the area who otherwise would not be here after dark.

    The franchisee has stated that he wanted to be here because of all the "rooftops" in the area. He knows by now that a drive thru restaurant is not welcome, and we want to be sure you know as well.
    The neighborhoods that surround the proposed site are not transitory, people live here for a long time and are not going anywhere. There are no other drive thru restaurants in this residential area, and all the local businesses that have thrived are low impact and have supported the rural neighborhood feel of the area through their business practices.
    The arrogance of believing that your need for a drive thru restaurant is more important than the quality of life of those who have lived here for years, and sometime decades is not lost on locals.

    I am writing to let you know that the drive thru aspect of this business is not welcome. 78 individual homeowners who surround this property signed a petition to that effect (greater than 60%). A hundred more signed online from the general area in opposition to the impact the drive thru aspect of this business will have on our neighborhoods.
    Neighbors attended two public hearings and filed an appeal to the zoning board against the drive thru aspect of this proposed business, this is serious to us.

    The Northville Township planning commission and zoning board did not appreciate our concerns, and this can, and likely will be addressed through the election process.

    To the extent this business is dependent upon local neighborhood support and business the franchisee is in trouble. The majority, if not all of the people who have made their feelings known – feelings the franchisee has disregarded -will not support the business and will be clear with others about why. The history of businesses in this area that have failed is a testament to the power of local citizens and our awareness of the ability to impact change with our pocketbooks. The franchisee may have been able to get friends and family to sign his petition but that will not sustain his business over time.
    As a corporate citizen I felt you may want to be aware of this issue and understand the success of this property is starting out with at least one strike against it.
    It has also not cast a favorable impression of the Dairy Queen as a corporation that is willing to support franchisees who bully and push their way into an area where they are clearly not wanted because of the impact their business model will have on the people who live here.

    I hope that you will take a moment to consider your reputation and how this business decision will impact not only your bottom line, but the lives of the people negatively and permanently impacted.

  2. My daughter works for the dairy queen in maughraugh ky she was working 35 hours a week but when she refused to date the managers son they cut her hours to nothing she is off for 2 weeks now not putting her on the schedule pretty shifty for a manager

  3. My sister and I have gone to our local DQ here in Shreveport LA for 2 straight weeks and last week when we went the poor workers in the store did not have any AC, they said it had been out for MONTHS. I can't understand how the mgr(s) for that store could allow their employees to work without air conditioning as it gets rather hot here with the temps in the 90's at this time of the year (May/June), and can get hotter; and think of the cook having to prepare HOT food and not having any AC. Last week the young lady working in the area of preparing hot food as if she were about to pass out, her face all red; they didn't even have fans in there. Tonight when we went for an ice cream all the employees were sitting outside as there was still no AC and then we were told that the ice cream machine was broken down. Is this place of business preparing to close or something? I can't figure out how a business could still be open with so many things being broken down inside. Please have someone check this store out for the employees sake. The particular store I am speaking of is located on North Market (I don't know the specific address) but it is located in Shreveport, LA. Thank you for your time. A concerned patron.

  4. My daughter and I went to the Dairy Queen in Eau Claire, WI , located on Birch St. We went through the drive-thru and ordered two large, swirl ice-cream cones. When we pulled up to the window to pay, the ice-cream cones waiting for us looked more like two mediums. I told the girl at the window that we ordered two large cones. She said she rung it up as two mediums and told another worker she needed two larges. He yelled back that they were larges. She adjusted the price to large, I paid and left. My daughter and I were not convinced that these were large cones, so I went to another Dairy Queen close by and ordered a large swirl ice-cream cone. What a difference! The cone was much bigger with much more ice-cream. I did call the manager at the Birch Street store and tried to explain what happened. He kept interrupting me, first asking me if this was about the mushroom and Swiss. I told him no and tried to continue. Then he asked, oh is this about the two swirls. I replied yes is was and he went into this long winded explanation about ice-cream weight and switching out cones. I don't even know. But I do know I do not trust that locations quality. Even the girl at the register rung the cones up as mediums and another location delivered an honest,quality product which the Birch Street store did not. If there is a problem with cone size or what not, a suggestion may be to tell the customer when they order. Also, make sure the entire crew is aware of the issue so you don't seem dishonest.

  5. I ordered a ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and they messed up the order. The local store in Tampa did a great job in tried to deal with the situation the best they could. The funny thing is is I sent an email to the corporate headquarters and I got the most ridiculous email I've ever read. They blamed their vendor for the issue. It has their name on it but they blame their vendor. They failed to take any accountability for themselves. As I read up above I agree with the comments it seems like there needs to be some new senior leadership. They are a lacking accountability and proper ownership of their own process in their own name. Very shocking

  6. I recently visited a Dairy Queen in the Peachtree Ctr Mall in Downtown Atlanta. Clearly your advertisement visually shows biscuit with gravy add with sausage chopped and folded into the gravy. When I ordered, I explained the last time I ordered biscuit and gravy, it did not have any sausage in it. She stated it does not come like that. I showed her the ad that flashed by and she stated she understood but they don't serve it like that. I told her that was false advertisement and she be shown the way you serve it. I asked her how much with sausage added she stated an additional 1.99 cent. May I suggest you review your ad and stop false advertising. I want my money back.

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