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  • Buick Corporate Office Headquarters

Buick Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Buick Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265-3000 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-313-556-5000
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-521-7300

  • I was in a deadly accident on Monday 5 December 2022. I know you will be very interested in the pictures of my Buick Envision post being hit twice and pinned between a cement embankment and the very large dump truck that hit me! You can email me if you are interested.

  • I purchased a 2020 Encore in Oct. 2020. There is leakage by the top of the car by the hatch. I took it in to be checked. The guy looked at it, said they couldn't put in more seal. I was worried about the water coming into the car like that. He told me not to worry, that it was covered by my warranty. Warranty covers rust??? Also paid extra for a policy for small scratches, and ended up paying out of pocket for a scratch repair. I love my car, but this leakage really bothers me. M. Barry

  • This is second party info but need some direction. My mom has a 2010 Buick Lucerne with less than 60k miles on her car. More like 55k. This last month she took it in and had a $5k bill for this and that and now she is told the radiator needs replacing. She is 87 years old and there is no other income to purchase a car but how small of a lifespan does a radiator have or the other parts? In addition, four new tires two years ago. I find it all questionable. Is this normal?

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    Corporate Office Headquarters