Buick Corporate Office Headquarters

Buick Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 
300 Renaissance Center
Detroit, MI 48265-3000 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-313-556-5000
Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-521-7300

  • I purchased a 2020 Encore in Oct. 2020. There is leakage by the top of the car by the hatch. I took it in to be checked. The guy looked at it, said they couldn't put in more seal. I was worried about the water coming into the car like that. He told me not to worry, that it was covered by my warranty. Warranty covers rust??? Also paid extra for a policy for small scratches, and ended up paying out of pocket for a scratch repair. I love my car, but this leakage really bothers me. M. Barry

  • This is second party info but need some direction. My mom has a 2010 Buick Lucerne with less than 60k miles on her car. More like 55k. This last month she took it in and had a $5k bill for this and that and now she is told the radiator needs replacing. She is 87 years old and there is no other income to purchase a car but how small of a lifespan does a radiator have or the other parts? In addition, four new tires two years ago. I find it all questionable. Is this normal?

  • I have a 2013 Buick Regal and couple week ago I turn because the dashboard lights was flickering and also the engine light was on. After the Buick service deparment of Augusta GA fix it two week later the flickering came back. I went back to the dealer services department and told me that the problem that complained was for the engine light been on. It was noted in the work order about the flickering issue and after paying almost $800. Now I have the car back in the dealer hopping to fix the problems I don't fill that I have to pay more money for something they assure me that the problems was fix.

  • Your recent commercial showing two women with surfboards, revealing a large part of their butts is inappropriate and sexist. You are not showing men's butts in any of your commercials. Please cover the women, and stop using their body parts to sell cars.

  • Purchased a 2018 Encore I noticed that the rear bumper on the driver's side was not flush. When I pushed the bumper in you hear and feel it click in only to have it ooze out again. I brought it to the dealer Barlow Buick and the service department told me I had to go to a body shop to have it looked at. They told me that my car might have been hit. I told the service adviser that nothing touches my car other then water when I wash it. The service would not address the issue any further so I took it to a body shop who looked at it and asked me if I had a few minutes. He took the car and within 5 minutes my concern was solved and at no cost to me. Dealerships promise the world to make a sale but don't deliver. (By the way the Body Shop was Coury's located in Barnegat, NJ 08005) Always reliable and do exceptional work.

  • I have a new 2018 Buick Enclave essence with a leather interior.
    The seats first and second row have a loose panel sewn into them that is
    poffie [ it sticks up and is not smooth ] I took it to the dealer I bought it from and they brought in another new Enclave and it has the same problem.
    I would like this issue resolved. Who can I contact about this? And please don't
    refer me to the dealer, they say that it is a design flaw.

  • we have a Buick 2010 Lacrosse with only 44000 miles on and it is in tip top shape! However it has been stalling out while driving down the expressway at 70 miles per hour and suddenly looses power, cant do anything!!!! What does a person do at that speed with traffic esp semis behind you?? this is a very very serious matter someone could be killed. We were told it is an Internal Mode Switch that makes it suddenly loose power while driving and is VERY expensive to replace. COME ON Buick is that why we are seeing all thes new Buicks on the parking lot for sale???
    Shouldn't Buick be standing behind this problem with a recall??? Something needs to be done before someone is killed or seriously injured!! Very disguisted and will NEVER buy another buick AGAIN!!!!

  • The new Buicks are stylish. But my wife and I have enjoyed more than 398,000 miles with a stylish 1997 Buick Park Avenue – no longer produced and ours is still running. No Buick executive appears to care. Any suggestions?

    • I strongly concur with your comment to which I've finished your sentenceby adding my own words: "No Buick executive appears to care" and none have ever contacted long time Buick owners to inquire what they like about their beloved older Buicks and what they'd like to see incorporated in the newer models.
      I drove my '92 Buick Roadmaster Estate Wagon off the showroom floor in Oct 93 and it remains my main transportation. However, in the last couple of years, I have started looking for new wagon with all the new safety features being offered today. My deal breaker for new wagons today is none, like my '92, have the rear window that opens independently from the rear gate. I liked the VW alltrack and even the Volvo wagon but neither have an independently opening rear window. The BMW sports wagon has it, but the cargo area when the back seats are down is tiny for the car's price. You can imagine how thrilled I was to learn Buick is coming out this year with another wagon. Although I visited our local dealer, no one has been able to tell me when one will arrive on their lot, and no salesman knew, first, if the rear window opens independently on the new Buick wagon, or, if it doesn't, can it be ordered as an option. I even spoke with a Buick rep from USA Buick HQs who was visiting local dealers. He too didn't have answers to my questions but said he'd find out and get back to me. I've yet to hear from him. SAC

  • I have a 2012 Buick Enclave and it has 60,000 on it and the audio has gone out on it and the signal lights are not making the clicking sound when you turn them on and also the side panel on the passenger side between the windows just blew off going down the road ,it was held on with 2 sided tape .Who would use 2 sided tape to hold a part of the vehicle on .It is sorry work-man ship to make these Buick Enclaves so shoddy .

  • I have a 2014 Buick Verano, and my car has been stalling out as well. The first time happened in a WaWa parking lot, thank God. I drove it to my dad's house – which wasn't too far away. I had it towed to a dealership in Turnersville, NJ. I picked it up the following Saturday and on the way home (Philadelphia) it stalled out AGAIN at the toll booth of the Walt Whitman Bridge!! It stalled out again on 76 West and a couple more times after that. It was and is a very DANGEROUS situation. I am having it towed again to a dealership near my job. I have been shopping for another car, but I am pretty sure I will not go with another Buick or GMC car… I have lost faith in its safety and the integrity of the manufacturers. I will continue to tell people about this, because I don't want to see anyone hurt or worse!! I will be sending a formal complaint letter to the corporate offices.

  • I have a 2014 Verano and my car, too, has stalked out. When it first happened, thank God, I was in a WaWa parking lot. I waited then tried again and it cut off. I had it towed to a dealership in Turnersville. It took a couple of days but they thought the problem was fixed. I picked up the car and was on my way home to Philly. It CUT OFF AT THE WALT WHITMAN BRIDGE TOLL BOOTH! It shut of 3 more times as I was driving home. I am having it towed to another dealership near my job. Honestly, I don't even want the car back. I have lost faith in its integrity… I want another car, but I don't know that I want another GMC product. No one should be cutting off on any highway or any street.


    • My 2014 Verano stalled out in Philly- at the toll station of the Walt Whitman Bridge and on 76 East! Definitely a VERY dangerous situation. I have lost faith in the integrity and safety of these cars!! I am sending a formal letter to the corporate office.

  • I am so disgusted with Buick now. Will NEVER buy another one again..and making sure no family members put themselves in one either! We had 3 Buick lesabres. (2) 2001 and (1) 2004. Each one stalled repeayedly while driving!! Coincidence? Think NOT! THE 1st one the mechanic could not figure out the issue…we ended up scraping that one after finding a break in the frame. 2nd one was at the mechanics for months (on and off) without the repeated stalling issue being fixed after replacing so many parts. Got rid of that one after it stalled on a main road (55 miles per hour) trying to make a left turn off this main road and it STALLED with traffic coming in the opposite direction! I could have been KILLED! My husband has the 2004 Buick Lesabre and this week it is now repeatedly STALLING while driving. Been to mechanics twice, parts being replaced and on the way to work today… it STALLED repeatedly again. This is an issue and I believe Buick knows what is making their cars do this. They should let the public know what to replace instead of having to replace part after part hoping for a fix. I checked on line and A LOT of people are having this problem with BUICKS. This corporation should be ashamed. Makes me wonder…how many accidents, causing casualties, involved Buicks? Maybe the Buick stalling was the reason for the casualty? Like I said at the beginning…we have (had) 3 Buick Lesabres and EACH ONE has stalling issues? It is NOT a coincidence. It's a pattern.

  • Just want to say that we are leasing a Buick Envision. We traded in a GMC for this car that is the worst! We have been having issues with it since day one. Can't seem to get any of these problems fixed. I tell everyone I see or anyone that asks us about this car NOT to Buy, Lease or even think about it. I will never ever buy another Buick if this is the way you treat your customers. The backup camera goes black in the middle of the day. Forget about getting the back gate open with you foot. Simply does not work. Now the seat vibrates even if nothing is coming when you backup. Also the latest the horn beeps when you lock the doors.

  • I unlocked the driver side door and the handle came out. Then noticed it is plastic and not even metal on a 2008 Buick Lurcerne. I thought someone tampered with the door handle breaking and entering into the car. I had to hold the handle and keyhole to open the door. This was imbarassing and tense moment.
    This is a faulty manufactory and recall according to the customer negative comments on the company website or blog. The dealership doesn't want to own up to the issue. The cars trunk leaks as well paid about $450 in 2015. So, I made a complaint and asked for my money back. I was told there was no recall on my car in particular and they would basically investigate it with no guarantees etc. The dealership said the same thing while at the shop being cut short while talking with an old man a plastic door handle for a $195. These cars recently had a recall on the key switch as a safety factor in 2015.
    I also paid $450 for a leaking trunk/right rear light when it rains in 2015. They don't want to reimburse your money. So, your expected to ride with faulty fake parts or pay a high price and labor on these cars. There are faulty manufactory parts on the "08" Buick Lurcernes. The customers are getting charged high dollars on recalled or should be recalled parts on these type of cars. Checking the parts on door handles is about $16-$20. Labor cost me $110. I challenge all customers who bought any Buick to make complaints or whistle blower. I want my money back on fake non-quality vehicles overpriced. MAKE YOUR COMPLAINT BUICK OWNERS AND LEASING INCLUDED. Protest to never buy another Buick again. The FORD cars are the best made cars known period Quality. So,I challenge GMC Headquarters to reimburse customers money and really investigate complaints on this blog and not just let them go unattended.

  • I purchased a used 2006 Rainier with 130,000 miles on it. It was a one owner and was in excellent condition. I was so very excited to get this gem. I am on a limited budget had just moved my 60 year old husband to a supportive living facility 78 miles away and needed a reliable vehicle that would be safe to get me to work daily and to see him every weekend. Realizing that a vehicle with that many miles would need some maintenance let me tell you I have never been so disappointed. I bought this in Oct and have had it in for 1 recall and 5 repairs since I have purchased it. Between having to put the repairs on a charge card and being upside down in value I can't trade it in and don't trust it but have no choice. The Chevy dealer in Bourbonnais Il did my recall….the office girl was nice but what a joke. My drivers door clip was fixed once then it and the drivers side passenger door quit working and they wanted 700 to fix. I have already paid 1600 in repairs. I know it's a let the buyer beware market but when a single middle aged woman is taken for such a ride and all she wants to do is go to work, see her sick husband and go to church. It's sad. I thought Buick was a good product? and was proud to be an owner of one but I will never buy a Buick again.

  • i recently bought a used 2003 buick rendezvous at a used car lot in ashland kentucky. within 3 months i have put more repair monet into it than what i paid for it. i would have expected more from a buick. i know its not new, but come on. this is getting ridiculous!!!

  • Absolutely cannot believe that I bought a 2012 Buick Verano and in less than a month the transmission is making noise when shifting from 1st to second. The dealership has had my car for a week and they hear it also, but say they can do nothing about it… They tell me that they will give me a piece of paper "a Bulletin issued from Buick" that states that they grinding noise I am hearing is not a problem, and that I PROBABLY will not have any problems with it. I own a 2004 Buick Regal with 229,000 miles on it. It is more reliable than this car. Buick is definitely not the same as it used to be. Cutting corners at my expense. Merry Christmas, Buick. You get all of my hard earned money. I will NEVER purchase a Buick again! Linda Moss

  • I have a 2007 buick lacrosse I took my kids to school exited using the driver side door, walked them to their class came back to my car, and was unable to open my driver side door, so I attempted to open the door from the inside and was still unable to open the driver side door had to climb in from the passenger side, called several buick dealership no answers provided as to how the issue occurred or how it can be fixed was advised to bring my car in pay $89 dollar to have a diagnostic test ran, can someone please help with this problem.

  • I miss the LaSabre! I had a 2004. Traded it in at over 140,000 miles, this year. I loved the way it hugged the rode. It was luxurious, dependable, and one of the best cars that was ever made. When is it coming back? I just purchased a Verano, but I miss my Buick LaSabre:-( Bring it back and you have a guaranteed customer!!!!!!

  • Don't get me wrong, I love Buick. But your advertisers really got it wrong. In your current ads, they have said, in effect, that Buick looks just like all the others on the road. They should have capitalized on the Buick emblem that I have recognized for most of my 87 years. For them, you blew it.

  • I was at the Chicago Auto Show this weekend and LOVED the Encore. It was by far my first choice for our new car, which we plan on buying this year. Unfortunately, all reviews state that the engine is not powerful enough. We do lots of highway driving and need a quick response engine. Please consider offering a larger engine as an upgrade. I'm willing to wait.

  • We just saw an advertisement on AutoTrader for a Buick Enclave. When we called the dealer to tell them we wanted the vehicle, sight unseen, they would not sell it to us for the advertised price. I call that false advertising & fraud. We have owned Buicks for many, many years now & looked forward to buying a new one. I feel this reflects badly on your company & suggest you might want to have a talk with Superior GM Buick in Fayettville, AR. Shame on them!!!!

  • I own a Buick Regal and I'm not happy with the service provided so far. The car is a 1 1/2 yr old, took it in for service in July, 2 broken visors (plastic cracked), and the seat belt buckle cracked. The visors were replaced with the 1st parts order, but the seat belt has been in 3x's and they keep ordering the wrong part. I've spoken to the General Mgr and haven gotten anywhere. It's been 3 weeks since it went back and was promised the part would be in a couple of days, nothing! Called back 2 days ago and nobody has returned my call. It sounds from the postings I've read that calling Corporate office is a waste of time. I think my next step is filing a claim with the BBB. Shame on BUICK…..

  • A friend of mine has a Buick & he went to have warranty work done but was told it was not under warranty as the car warranty starts when the car is delivered to the dealership not when he bought it. Sounds wrong to me.

  • My 2002 LaSabre with the 3800 engine has 361,650 miles as of today. Original engine, original transmission, original exhaust, numerous wheel bearings, tires and four deer collisions. Hope to get 500K out of it.

  • Major crash car totalled on June lst in Buick Encore!!!! Not hurt, no thanks
    to Buicks fine new car they advertise is so safe with the side airbags. Hit
    at 50 miles per hour broad sided on drivers side door caved in and no air bags
    deployed. No front airbags and certainly not side airbags, to top it off the
    onstar service we had included the emergency response if there was an accident, they were supposed to react and contact you immediately and
    call ambulance, police and any assistance you needed, didn't work either.
    Call Buicks corporate office and was given all types of excuses, like maybe
    the car that hit us didn't hit the sensor to set off the airbags, are you fricking
    kidding me at 50 mph straight on into the drivers side door. We be seeking
    an attorney for legal advice, this is bull crap. Encore drivers be aware!!! Next
    time it could be you and you will need those airbags to survive, good luck.

  • Buick Terraza is the WORSE vehicle EVER!!!! The power door is a nightmare and it will probably almost fall off if you don't get it to the shop quick enough! They make a plastic part that always breaks and the glove box is another problem. The dang thing just falls off and the only place you can get a replacement is through the dealership and it costs an arm and a leg. STAY AWAY FROM BUICK!!!!!

  • I have never seen such a group of idiots who are not willing to speak to you or email you or Chat with you ..yet they offer it

    • I couldn't agree more, they talk to you like you're stupid
      and with the confidence of a pathalogical liar!!! I'm getting
      an attorney, I've never heard so much crap being spread around
      since I was at my uncles cattle ranch. FED UP

  • I drive a 2011 Buick LaCross and since Oct 2012 my battery has died over 4 times including today. Luckily I have been home with the car in my garage each time, but this is crazy!!! I love my car but this has to have a RECALL…I will be calling Buick Corp tomorrow! THIS HAS TO STOP!!!

  • where can I go to have a replica of an old classic buick model built with a brand new engine? price doest really matter right now…is it even possible?

  • i took my 2005 buick rendevous to the buick dealer in omaha, neb and they did some half a….work, and tried to say things were done correctly. i had some tailpipe work done which they bent back into place and then spray painted it and went on like it was nothing. talk about cheap work. i needed work done on the muffler and they said that was totally fine. I will NEVER go there again, and i will make sure the word gets around town…..

  • I have a Buick Rendev and now it has a leak at the gas tank. I was informed there was a recall (no one informed me) and that it ran out 4/2013. My car was serviced by a Buick dealer over the last two yrs. and the dealership did not advise of any recall either. This is just wrong! Advise what I am to do about this, please.

  • I know the Lacrosse is a mid-size car, but having a 7 foot 1 inch Shaq sitting in it make the Lacrosse look like a compact. His knees are almost to his chest, the seat is all the way back and when he is outside it really looks like a compact. Bad selection for a spokesperson!
    From a former automobile advertising executive.

  • Okay, Buick

    Went to your site and "built" my 2013 Buick Encore. Everything was great until I discovered an automatic tailgate IS NOT OFFERED on the Encore. It's offered on
    the Enclave, however.

    WTF?!!! What are you guys thinking? You offer a luxury compact SUV, market it to a certain demographic and then don't offer a basic creature comfort?

    Somebody better rethink this. I'm now looking for another manufacturer to suit my needs.

    What a shame……

    • Be glad you were persuaded to go somewhere else to look
      for a car, our car was totalled in a 2014 encore and airbags
      didn't deploy and on-star didn't respond, phone wouldn't work
      through blue tooth and couldn't get out of car because door
      was caved in. Be glad that tailgate didn't open you could be
      stuck with an Encore!!!!

  • I drove a 2005 LaSabre for 64,000 and average over 20 MPG. I leased a 2012 LaCross with a smaller engine, lighter and smaller car, 6 speed transmission, etc. I expected to get better gas mileage with the new car, but I was wrong. After 5000 miles, driving as thought I have a raw egg between my foot and the gas pedal, getting passed at every stop light, etc., I am averaging 17 MPG. Read in yesterdays Wall Street Journal that "CEO Dan akerson said Wednesday that initial steps to meeting the taget include cutting the average weight of cars, using lighter materials, introducing new engine technology and developing an-all electric vehicle…." If I look at my 2012 LaCross vs. my 2005 LaSabre, I would say that the weight is less, more plasitic for lighter weight and new engine, and I lost 3 MPG. Something's wrong.

  • I lerned how to drive in a 1964 Buick Wildcat; been a big fan ever since . Have owend severl through the years. I went to test drive the 2013 Lacrosse. Can't say I was happy. I couldn't even get intot the car without hitting my head. After I finally got in I went to adjust the seat and hit my haed on the interior roof of the car. What the @@#@# are you guys thinking. I would have purchased its on the spot however why would I buy a car that has so little head room. 5'9" isn't that tall guys. Get rid of the engineers on this one…….

    • RECALL NEEDED "service engine soon" is indicated and
      each time, the diagnosis is gas cap. I have a new $96. gas cap
      and the light is back on after 2 days. I have taken special effort to
      replace gas cap back securely after getting fuel and the light still
      comes on. I can't spend time every week getting service.

    • I had a 2003 Century with over 200,000 miles and when the service engine soon came on it was either the gas cap wasn't on tight or needed plugs of some sort I loved that car wish they still made them now I have a Regal it's nice but not as nice as the Century

  • Mike W. I took my 2005 GMC to Hill Top On recall work. They took cutters and cut the wiring harness and used but spices to install a new connection. When I expressed my notice of lack of craftsmanship I heard wy,wy wy from back of the shop . It makes me happy that the last truck I purchased was not a GM product.

  • On October 14th of this year I was involved in a collision while driving my beautiful, just purchased, 2010 LaCrosse (not my fault). My car was towed to a highly reputable collision center. I'm writing this on December 13th and IF the insurance company overnights the check they were supposed to send a month ago (a totally separate instance of incompetence), I will get my car back TWO MONTHS after beginning repairs. The problem has been that EVERY time my repairman ordered a part, there was something wrong with the order. First, all the parts had to come from Lansing, MI. Second, every order was either incomplete or incorrect. I have already gotten acknowledgement of GM's culpability from their customer service rep (i.e.: a guy at a call center in India) but he says that GM cannot reimburse me in any way for the two months I've been without my car. Oh, and did I mention that I have faithfully made both payments?! I can understand needing a month to get all the parts in and make the repairs. But two months is unacceptable. I figure Buick owes me for my November car payment. (Yeah right…when pigs fly.) That's all for now: gotta go see what's shakin at the local Toyota, Hyaundai and Kia dealerships 🙂

  • Hey, how about a 2 door car from you guy's. You have two many sedans.
    There is a market for at least one coupe or 2 door sedan.
    There are a group of us that are over 40 and have no need for the extra doors
    Retired, children are all grown need something sporty with some room to get in and out. We may be old, but are still alive.
    EP jefferson

  • VERY UNHAPPY with BUICK, especially my 2007 Buick Lucerne. Had 3 motor mounts crack and break also causing the transmission line to sever and leak. Under warranty with only 52,000 miles on the car. Have been trying since March to get this reimbursed by BUICK. Dealer has requested and agreed with reimbursement, BUICK warranty has sent reimbursement money to dealer in Libertyville and all I get from the dealer and the Buick Rep are lies. Tons of excuses and finally, The check is in the mail to you they say. REALLY since MARCH! I have called once a week since March. Will NEVER buy another Buick again.

  • I drive a 94 Buick LeSabre that my mother bought new, and gave to me about 3 years ago with only 63,000 miles. I now have 89,000 miles, and the windows in the front haven't worked in over 2 years. The paint on the car has been coming off for some time now, and others I see like mine, and the same color,is coming off all over the car too. I have been told that Buick made a mistake with the paint that year, and that I should get in touch with corporate office to see about having my car repainted. If anyone knows anything about this, please let me know at nwapatti@gmail.com. I would certainly appreciate it. Any news on the windows not working? Thanks!

  • This is the second buick that I have had and I have experieneced problems with the windows. The windows come off track and they want stay up. I have talked with others who also own a buick and they are having the same problem with theri windows aolso. How can you feel safe leaving your car and the windows are not working properly. I feel that there should be a recall on the buick LaSarbre and the centurys because they are having bad window problems. I own a 2002 Buick LaSabre ans so do my cousin and he is having window problem as well.

  • i have taken my 2008 lacrsse in for jrecking, hard to put into gear and poor gas mileage. i have taken it in over six time at on dealership finding nothing wrong. a few day i took it to another dealership it came back with trans,and other issuse whith i am still having.this car is clearly a lemon where do i go

  • John Miles Buick/Chrevrolet in Conyers, Georgia has a scam going. They send out a card about May 1st offering a "Complimentary Oil Change"-or-$20 off any Service" and the card has in small print an expiration date of February 29th. But they have you in the shop and there is no mailing date on the card, so the argument ensues. GREAT FOR CUSTOMER RELATIONS!

  • John Miles Chevrolet/Buick in Conyers, Georgia has a scam going that infuriates customers. They send out a card in about May First offering a "Complimentary Oil Change" and the card has an expiration date on it of February 29th in small print. But that's not explained until you get in the shop and then the argument ensues about when the card was mailed and it has no date stamp on it. Great customer relations, right!

  • I have a 2005 Buick lacrosse, it has some serious recalls, but when I tried to call the numbers provided they are busy. The of the recalls for this car is serious, I need answers!! Two of the three can cause a crash, the other injury to passenger .

  • Back in 1971 my dad gave me one of his companies Buick's. He had a small plumbing company and had a small fleet of Buick's for his executives to drive. Other than four good tires, the drivers floorboard was rusted out and covered with a steel plate, the only way for me to get in was the passanger door, but that Buick started every time. I loved it. I was in college and as happy as could be to have transportation. Now, forty years later, my cars have come and gone, I still drive a Buick. Although this is a beauty, I will never forget my first one.
    Thank you GMC
    A satisfied customer

  • Have been having issues with the bluetooth on my 2010 LaCross. Been to the dealer 3 times, replaced module and did downloads. Still is not working, lots of static. Talked to my cell phone provider and there are no updates for my phone that will correct the problem. Can anoyone give any insight on fixes or downloads. The dealer doesnt have a clue how to fix this… Help…