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  1. Hello

    Purchased a certified vehicle from Plaza Cadillac. I did not drove it off the lot before the Cue began to have issues. A week later more issues still. What kind of certification are being performed by these dealers. Should not be experiencing these issues on a vehicle that was just certified unless the inspection was forged to sell the vehicle without having to fix the issues. I am very upset
    Loud bang from the transmission or differential at times.
    It feels like the gears get stuck when slowing down at low speeds then a bang
    Vehicle Cue keeps having issues. Began to move between applications by itself. Freezes and I am unable to perform any operation at all.
    Vehicle changes between sports mode and touring mode by itself
    Rough idle at times
    Running board issues bad quality vs wear and tear
    Collision light at the windshield on star up. New never on before
    Battery voltage dropped to 12.40 – 12.50 and then 13.90 while driving. This is not normal
    I am concern for the safety of my family with all these issues going on. Should not be having these problems on a vehicle that recently was certified.
    Cadillac service advisors at Cadillac.com tell me to wait for a call from a senior service advisor and they simply don’t bother to reach out and see what the issue is.

  2. I owned a 1996 Cadillac coupe deville for 14 years until my husband wrecked it. Needless to say , I loved the car. I loved the smooth ride and just the feel of the car so of course I brought another Cadillac. My dream SUV, 2013 Cadillac SRX in February 2015, now I'm hating I ever did. I had this car for a month, go out to start it up and nothing. They said it was the battery and put in a new one but if they went over the car before selling it , seems as if they would know it needed a battery. I take the car to get it serviced and every time I do they find something wrong with it. I've had tp replace the CUE, now how could that be if the car is only four years old. I've had to replace the hood fuse block, found a crack in Flex Joint below front converter, replaced converter. I've had to resurface front rotors, rear brakes, left rear tire pressure sensor replaced. I just took the car in for service and was told I needed Throttle body service, Automatic transmission fluid exchange and cooling system exchange and I have only 56,000 miles, I thought you did this after 80,000 miles. I know I have regular vehicle maintinance but this is unexceptable, I cant continue to make payments and pay for this broken down vehicle and here I was thinking Cadillac made the best cars. I hate the day I brought this vehicle and I will never buy another Cadillac. So now its up to you to change my mind. Oh, I always take the car back to the dealship I brought it from, Charles Boyd Cadillac in Henderson, North Carolina.

  3. I just wanted to let Cadillac HQ, that my wife and I owned a 2010 Cadillac SRX 4, we were involved in an accident on 8 Sept in Orlando, FL, the SRX took on the car and I believe it spared our lives. The SRX we owned only had 66,805 miles on it and it was totaled. I am in the process of looking for another 2010 or newer SRX, I will take the safety of this vehicle over gas mileage any day. Cadillac, thank you for building a safe vehicle.

  4. I writing you because I just purchased a Cadillac SRX 2012 in May of 2015. I had the car 3 months when I had to take the car to get repaired. It had rained quite a bit and the drainage hose wasn't draining properly and it flooded the driver and passenger side of the front cab. I got it repaired and had read on the forums that Cadillac is fully aware of this design flaw however Cadillac refuses to take responsibility. So rather than waste my time chasing Cadillac I ate the $780.00 it cost to repair the car and hoped this was the end of it. Well it rained again last week and a lot. I went to the grocery store and my lift gate stopped working but I thought maybe the fuse was out. The next day I went to check on the car and the front was flooded again but not from the same place underneath the dash board but now coming from the where the windshield and the dashboard meet. It wet the entire dashboard and the electronics. The car wouldn't start. After drying up the mess the car did start however all the electronics went wild and the navigation screen no longer went up. I am going to take it too get repaired again however if Cadillac thinks I'm going to eat the cost again you are crazy. I'm going to post on every forum, every social media outlet, every news station anyone in ear shot. I will make sure that no one goes through what I have gone through. Things go wrong with cars everyone knows that but they should never leak water. That is the bare minimum a a car should do is keep you dry. If Cadillac won't take responsibility for the very flawed design I will also seek litigation and find the countless others who have had to waste their money repairing a car that should not flood. Cadillac has done a huge disservice to their customers. I feel extremely let done by a luxury car that had everything except the ability to stay dry.

    1. I'm having those exact issues now. Bought my 2015 SRX (dream car) new, saved for a long time just for down payment on a lease, so I could afford the monthly payment. When lease was up after 2yrs I purchased the car with a loan thru my credit union. My car has been at dealer now three times to fix issue. I've had my car 6 days out of the last 40. I'm sick to my stomach reading your similar experience. I have COPD and breathing mold would put me right back in the hospital. Please help. Where do I turn?

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