Burlington Coat Factory Corporate Office Headquarters

Burlington Coat Factory Corporate Office Headquarters
Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corporation
1830 Rte. 130 N.
Burlington, NJ 08016 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-609-387-7800
Fax Number: 1-609-387-7071
Customer Service Number: 1-888-223-2628

  • Hello,
    How are you? I am contacting you to get a better understanding of why Burlington is not more aware of servicing the needs of the seniors. We have seniors that come into our store but are unable to shop because they have not riding carts. Granted we have a large building but not much merchandise and we always look as if we are closing but the ones that are frequent shoppers for Burlington are the senior. We have a lot of empty space in a store that can be used or put up walls so the store does not look so empty. I know in the Cuyahoga county area there is a listing of Senior friendly stores and Burlington is not on that list.
    In the store we deal with the customers daily and decision are that is made by corporate really slows down the daily operations. Processing a customer takes longer because of the receipt method that was implement, it should ask for the phone number instead of receipt type. Most of our customers have had a layaway and the email address is already attached to their phone. If it worked in this order:

    A) Method of payment
    B) Phone number
    C) Would you like your receipt….Printed…Email….Printed/Email
    D) Please verify this is your email address Yes or No
    E) If No type your email address

    By doing this we would not have to ask the customers so many question and they will not become irritated with the cashiers on front line.

    Thank you for listening. Please let me know what you think.

  • I was wondering if anyone of heard of a mark up in price, I bought a thin jacket that was gray an pink with the word love up the side, I thought the clearance tag read 10.99, cause the Original price was 15.99 but it ring up 19.99 plus the description on the tag said fur jacket. So I took it back and the manager said it was right, it was a mark up. I told her I worked in retail for many years and never heard of it. Then she said well you heard of it now. So I didnt get the jacket for clearance price, so I went and check to see if there were any others and there were others in a different color for 10.99 but not the size I needed, again the manager told me that they were different types of ones, but the only difference was the color. And she wouldn't let me compare the sku number from the jacket I returned. Had anyone else ever heard of such a thing, I'm almost sure she didn't want to go thru the hassle of fixing it for me. It was at the store on Old York rd, in Jenkintown, pa.

  • Whenever I hear someone say this store is great or this store is the best I always comment that you cant say that until you run into a problem and THEN see how the store handles it. Well I have shopped at BCF for years and today I tried to return an item that was 3 days old and I got a hard time over it. The clerk actually said to me,’ We are no longer accepting broken item returns”. I couldn’t believe it! I of course replied, “Well I certainly didn’t break it just to return it and I am exchanging for another one anyway; which of course there would be no benefit for me to break it if all I want is to get another one. That means from here on out if you buy an item from BCF and there are any defects what so ever you just eat that bill?! Then when I checked out there was a stack of 10% coupons and I picked one up and handed it to the clerk and she says you can use it next time but not on this purchase. I explained that in the past week I have made 3 large purchases of $200 and up and I always forget the coupon. I even had the receipts on me to show her and still I couldn’t use the coupon. Well after 20 years you just lost my business now! I believe in the principle of things; I would rather give 100 dollars to someone that needs it then 10 dollars to someone that does not! It really makes me think about stores like Sears and Toys R Us going out of business and I believe BCF is next!

  • a co worker of mine is with child and the hiring manager only gives her one day how can someone be so cruel she complains about not having enough hours this is at the Montgomery area, they call from several different numbers on your day off the management works employees like slaves for very little pay something has to change or Burlington will loose all its great employees

  • Hello, I had a really bad time at the store in Springfield Mass. At time of checking out, I was prompted to came over to this certain cashier. There this young man (not from this country with that thick Hindu accent) proceeded to take my articles off the hangers. The store phone rang, he proceeded to answer it,talked for a few seconds,I'm standing there waiting. He then looks over at me with this look of"What your still standing there" then with a "shooing" motion with his hand he states "You go! You go there". Not sure if I heard him correctly,being he is in the position of dealing with the public and should be in customer service mode, I ask him to repeat what he said. The rude young man bulges his eyes and points his finger to CLEARLY let me know that HE is on the PHONE and that I need to go else where to be have my items rung up. I was SOOOO mad and embaressed that this person has contempt for Americans and Women. This is all This company could find? This is your concept of customer service. Some foreigner that thinks they can treat women as they do in their country. I will NEVER shop your stores again and I will tell my story to any and all about this. I spoke to the so called manager that was there. She stated that she could not do anything about at the moment, she correct his manner in public. But it was OK it seems for him to behave in such a manner.
    The Burlington Coat Factory
    Springfield Ma
    right next to Big Lots.
    I think people who come to MY America and you show your dislike for us GO BACK TO YOUR OWN DAM COUNTRY AND STAY THERE!!!

  • Made a recent purchase from your roanoke,va location. Head phones won't work. My daughter took back to store and they refused to give back a refund because they couldn't pull up the reciept by the phone number. WhicH is what your employees promote as you check out. Bought 7/25/16 took back 8/15/16. I called the store to see why they couldn't locate the item by the phone number first employee obviously didn't know how to resolve the issue or simply wouldn't take the time… another employee came to the phone and worked very hard checked everything that she knew how and found 0 under my phone number….I have a hard time with your employees actually promoting the fact if you don't have your receipt we can just look it up under your phone number and then poof nothing under the number….nothing was what I was told….nothing….Hmmm ok well I see first hand at how you do business…lesson learned..shop else where…I'm done. You will not be getting anymore of my business. Plenty of other places to shop that treat customers with respect.

  • Made a recent purchase from your roanoke,va location. Head phones won't work. My daughter took back to store and they refused to give back a refund because they couldn't pull up the reciept by the phone number. WhicH is what your employees promote as you check out. Bought 7/25/16 took back 8/15/16. I called the store to see why they couldn't locate the item by the phone number first employee obviously didn't know how to resolve the issue or simply wouldn't take the time… another employee came to the phone and worked very hard checked everything that she knew how and found 0 under my phone number….I have a hard time with your employees actually promoting the fact if you don't have your receipt we can just look it up under your phone number and then poof nothing under the number….nothing was what I was told….nothing….Hmmm ok well I see first hand at how you do business…lesson learned..shop else where…I'm done. You will not be getting anymore of my business. Plenty of other places to shop that treat customers with respect.


  • Yesterday I was in the BCF store at 24111 Hwy 99, Edmonds, WA 98026. I usually wear socks with my shoes but yesterday did not. When I got home I noticed my ankles were covered with red bite marks; still evident today. I suspect the 30 year old dirty carpet in the store has bed bug type lice. The place should be fumigated; carpet shampooed and vaccumed regularly. I tried to call Corporate and went through "voice mail hell". Hopefully someone will sit up and take notice of my email and have an area rep contact the store for a solution.

  • All you folks posting here are wasting your energy. This is not Burlington's Corporate website. This is headquarters.com. It is simply a listing of info for Corporate headquarters, address, phone, etc. Nobody at Burlington will be reading your comments.

  • I was stuck in an elevator with my son for over 20 minutes. The emergency phone did not work no one heard the alarm. I had to google the phone number to the store and call to tell them. The assistant manager helped my son pry the door open while I was screaming having a panic attack! Once I was out the manager didn't even ask if I was ok!!! An employee saw me and asked if I wanted to sit down. That's how bad I looked. I had to ask for a manager. Was told he was on break. I then asked for corporate's number but they're closed. Finally I demanded some type of response and spoke to a loss prevention manager that I had to ask him if there are protocols when an incident happens. He took down my info with a smirk the entire time. I asked if they have inspections done on the faulty elevator and emergency phone and he smirked back that he was not sure. This is the WORST store ever! They don't care about their customers well being. I'M AM SO UPSET! Not once did they ask are you ok do you need medical attention etc! I am calling corporate tomorrow am

  • Today I received a TEXT from a loss prevention regional manger stating my background didn't clear. ….after I had given 3 days worth of work and my valuable time to this company. Just wanted to say thanks for showing your true colors from the beginning….My worth is far better than the position.

  • This needs to be addressed to all of your stores before you as a company gets sued. You DO NOT HAVE ANY authority to remove any service animal from your stores. The store in Humble Texas just had an incident the manager who was there flipped out on the veteran who was in there with his service animal. The police were called and the justice department has been called. When we go there in there over this weekend with our service dog we had better not have any issues or we will also call the justice department ourselves. This incident gapped to a friend of ours.

  • People stay away from Burlington. They treat their employees horribly and management truly lacks the skills to deal with employee. But I think it is the worst thing to do is to ask their cashiers to ask people who are already on a tight budget for donations for whatever the CEO of this company desires. Get it through your head billionaire CEO people do not have the extra cash unlike you. Why don't you donate your salary to the causes you dearly love and promote just because your family experienced the disease. At least you have cash to pay for treatment. So you donate your cushy salary and bonuses etc. Don't make your cashiers be your beggers and then have management in your store turn around and discipline them for not getting enough donations when people clearly do not have the extra cash in this economy. You are the worst CEO pushing your begging tricks onto your employees, you get your checkbook and write the chech to the cause.

  • Burlington is the worst place to work. Management has no training and lack skills to not only manage people but to also deal with the customers. They think they walk on water and that they are the best there is. Wonder why if they are such good managers they are not working for Dillards or Macy's. No they work for bulingnton because they worked or kissed their way up to management without any education or training. Don't give your business to this store. It is not like they sells good decent brands, most of the clothes come from China and smell like China – chemicals and cheap plastic.

  • Online ordering has been down since 8/15/15. I've tried calling customer service several times and held each time for over 30 minutes! Tried calling the operator and she placed me back into the cue that does not answer. Called operator again and she held with me just to come to the conclusion that customer service was not answering. She then connected me to the customer service manager; which of course, went directly into voicemail. Highly unprofessional and poor way to run a business.

  • I was so saddened by the comments I've read about the BCF stores in other states. I have never had a problem of any sort in any of the BCF stores in Ohio. I have to travel at least an hour to get to any one of the stores and I would love to see one closer to where I live. The stores in Ohio are very clean, everything in it's place, plenty of help if needed, check-out girls or boys are very nice . If I find a problem with anything , the Manager will offer a discount if I still want the item. If an item is in a box, I ask them to check it out to make sure all is there, they do so ,no questions asked. I try everything on, check out everything before I ever take anything to the check-out. I would hate to read any bad review on any BCF store in Ohio.

  • SHOPPERS BE AWARE!!! I purchased merchandise at the store located in Burbank, Ill. on Cicero Avenue in December 2014 .I purchased a 3 piece white skirt suit as a Christmas gift for a family member that subsequently passed away. I decided to keep the suit and wear it to church on Easter. I learned on Easter day the sleeve of the jacket were too short for me. I attempted to return this suit on Monday, April 6, 2015. I was informed by the sales associate that I was only to receive a credit of approximately $16, a 70% markdown. The original purchase price was $55. Oh, I forgot to mention, I had my original receipt. Needless, to say, I was displeased with the refund amount and requested to speak to a manager. The manager, Mike J, unruly, unprofessional, and very impatience, referred me to the "Return Policy" on the back of the receipt. I explain to Mr. Mike J, there was no mention of return with the receipt after 30 days. He told me to "take it up with Corporate." So I did just that… The following is the verbiage on the receipt: "We will gladly provide a refund, credit, or exchange for merchandise returned within THIRTY (30) DAYS of purchase with tags attached, in originally packaging and accompanied by the original sales receipt." Then there are bullet points: – Charge card purchases will be credited to the card used in the original transactions. – Debit cards using a pin number will be refunded in cash. – If the purchase was made by a personal check, a check refund will be mailed to you after fourteen days from receipt of the returned merchandise. – Merchandise that has been altered, damaged or worn cannot be exchanged or returned. – Layaway deposits, payments and returned Layaway Merchandise are non-refundable, but are eligible for conversion to a Gift Card." It further goes on to state "If merchandise is returned without a receipt and/or if tags are not attached, a gift card (redeemable for merchandise only) will be issued for the lowest selling price. A government ID must be provided (Driver's license, state-issued non-driver ID, passport, military ID. * All returns are subject to review and approval by management."

    I realize this message is lengthy, However, my point is on this receipt there is NO LANGUAGE ABOUT MERCHANDISE RECEIVED AFTER 30 DAY!!!!! I think this is unfair and unjust to offer a customer a markdown return refund and not indicate such verbiage in the written policy. I literally spoke with a total of 6 Burlington employee for a $60 refund. I would hope the time and effort we spend on this issue is well worth more than $60. I am challenging this store and Corporate to refund the full value of my purchase! You should do the same!

    • You clearly said you wore the item therefore, you should not be able to return the item! Any/all returns only given up to 30 days!

  • store 866 in cin,ohio need help the manger is jeff o and he is really a unfare to all his employee! he a dunk he just lets ppl steal dont' nothing we find tickets all the time we need a person for ladies bad,it's a mess in the ladys department we need to go he don't know how to run a store and he is rastist very up set about this I work hard in that store but everyone is talking about this

  • I work at 866 in cin,ohio the manger name is jeff o,i think he is ractist a lot of the people that come in the store can see it.we work hard to keep our store togather! the ones that don't work get all the praise,he has employee going againt each other, my thing is a store where ppl don't get along will never stand we need help!

  • my wife just went in the Alexandria, Louisiana store checked out took her own coat off put it in her bag was accused of stealing it and once she proved to them she wasn't stealing there was no apology they told her not to come back in their store like they own it or something now she is upset crying so I am putting in a complaint to their main office this is not how you treat people these people need to be fired my name is Joseph Magee a very unhappy person right now

  • The store in Edmonds Washington is awful it used to have so much help an have long winter coats and there was always someone there to help I went in the other day an nobody around the shoes are all over the place sizes mixed up from 5 to size 10 all on the floor an mixed up nobody was around but I saw 2 cashier girls that was it …and a big line of people and there is nobody around to ask for help and it's like an empty store with nobody to help I saw one guy come out and he saw the line he looked like he could be a manager but did I see him do anything nope he was a short man about 5'10 dark hair glasses with a white shirt trim short hair an alittle bit on the heavy side about 250 or so and the ladies were working very hard an I found out they are just seasonal help how pathetic is that……..it was awful and I will call corporate and managing tomorrow because that is terrible that store was so nice an clean an lots of people to help now nobody was in if they were they were not to be seen at all !!!!

    • Burlington used to have a lot of full-time employees. But the didn't want to pay for their insurance, so several years ago they let a majority of the staff go. These people were not earning giant pay, from what I've heard employees that were there for decades barely had their salaries raised a total of $4 . That's an average of what $0.19 a year. They are now making just $1 over new employees. GEE THANKS FOR YOUR YEARS OF DEDICATION AND SERVICE….NOT!

      As for the wage theft, you got that right. If time clock is broken (frequently) or if you are asked to stay extra hours the manager says they "will put your hours in for you". They are either trying to cover themselves – they normally need district or corporate approval to spend money on hours or to let one employee take more hours than their part-time level allows to cover a callout. Or they are completely inept – more likely. A friend worked there and for a 6-12 shift manager entered 10-12. Thank goodness she got a paper check and noticed the discrepancy in hours. I guess they hope employees don't notice since they can only see hours online. No verification stubs like legit companies.shady practices.

  • As with all the other complaints about non English speaking employees of Burlington, I quit going the store in Sterling Hgts, Michigan for the same reason. All the employees I ever saw in there were latino and they all spoke Spanish to each other. They were rude at the checkouts and you were lucky if you found anyone working on the floor to ask for help. Sure didn't make a customer feel welcome to shop there. I felt more like I was in the wrong country. The store was in disarray with clothes on the floor, on top of racks and not hung where they should have been. Clothes were dirty and the lines to check out were long with only 1-2 registers open, even at Christmas time. And yes, it's called Christmas, not Holiday time.

  • I am a employee at burlington st588 and it is not a friendly environment all the managers display attitudes especially the store manager Tim he has his favorites and take sides he clearly doesn't know how to run the store everything has gone downhill since our old store manager Olga left he just has no clue horrible they will continue to loose their hard worker because they don't know how to treat them.

  • While shopping at your store in Johnston, RI, I could not help but hear over your store intercom, ads in Spanish, none in English! Last I remember, this is America and the majority of us speak English. The week prior, I was in the Woonsocket, RI store and heard English only over the intercom and Woonsocket has a hell of a lot more immigrants than snob town Johnston. If this is the culture you are trying to create in your corporation, you will lose my business and my family's business. Giving other languages priority over English only divides this country further. If I wish to learn Spanish, I would move to Mexico.

  • Burlington coat factory practices WAGE THEFT. They say that they are saving money at their Garden City Location by telling employees to come to work and then don't pay them. If they work over time they don't pay you for them for the hours you worked. They hold their money until the next week so they don't have to pay you for over time they worked. When you call head quarters they don't pick up or they will connect you to the department by putting you on voice mail. When you leave a message no calls you back. When you asks the store manager why you cant get paid they say it is a computer error week after week after week after week. They are people in Burlington Coat factory who are still fighting for money they was suppose to get over 3 months ago and still have not gotten paid so you tell me how many computer errors does payroll have at this company. Why cant they just pay the employees instead of going into the system and changing the time they punched in and out. The latest lie is the time wasn't approved by mistake. How is the time not approved when you called me at home to come in? You tell me am I the one who is crazy

    • going through the same thing as a matter of fact, dealing with dept of labor which will take longer! aggravated beyond all belief. My fault for waiting 4 months as it is, same story…so and so with his emails and yada yada it was put in wrong when i was issued a raise…blah blah blah every day i got sick of it and quit.

  • What a shame that your employees take the liberty to tell shoppers to shut up in front of other customers, cashiers and a so called "manager". What an inept way of running business, I experienced this today by a "MALE" employee, had I been a man I'm sure he would not have the gull to even open his mouth, unfortunately for him I put him in his place in front of everybody.

  • Good evening,
    I would love to share my experience at your Glen Oaks , NY store this evening. I a frequent shopper @ BCF and decided to "pop in" to that location for the very first time (was at MJM next door). I purchased a pair of shoes for my son and some clothing and a watch for my daughter. My cashier (wasn't the friendliest but not rude) was unable to scan the barcode on the shoes so here began a 10 minute long(approximately) waiting game. She kept paging someone to bring her an item to scan. It was ridiculous… I am tired and had the longest day ever so…
    I laid my debit card down in front of me as I grew tired of holding it waiting to swipe!
    A few minutes later, I was asked by the same cashier "do you mind if I take another customer while we wait?" I didn't have a problem with that. I turned away to converse with my husband and noticed another worker walking away from the register area and was looking at a blue card (my card is blue), placed it on a desk across the store near the exit door and returned to the registers. I immediately began a frantic search for my debit card. I searched my pockets, purse and wallet. NO CARD! I repeatedly asked in a loud voice"has anyone seen a blue debit card? Did anyone move my card?" No's all around the board. I then said "so let me get this straight… no one has seen my debit card (while making eye contact with the young lady who looked at me like I was crazy and walked away) My cashier then stated"i know it was there…I saw it" and pointed to the exact spot where I laid it down. She hadn't taken anyone else and I never really left her register. I then told my husband to look on the desk where I saw her walk over to for my card…
    Guess what! It was there! A spot I never came close to visiting! When I confronted her… She ever uttered a word . My husband asked for the manager and she was RIGHT THERE already telling us that her associate did not attempt to steal my card and that she was following store policy! I asked her what policy that was and she was very nasty! I was at the register, my card was there one second… gone the next… The associate blatantly LIED by denying ever seeing my card, she was not cleaning, the store was not closed and she was not the cashier! Why again did she touch my card when no one was looking? And why does she not have to answer those questions? How do you have a store manager with no management nor customer service skills/training? I know I won't be back!

  • Full time employee getting paid for doing nothing just because they're close to retirement. Part time employees get to work double time to clean the store .and only gets paid less than the full timers who just walks the floor do nothing. They take more days off with pay and when they're at work they do nothing. More breaks long lunches , clocking in and back to break room for more R&R on company time.

  • On Mother's Day May 11, 2012 I went to Burlington on Southfield Rd. to return a pair of shoes,the sales person looked at the shoes and said they were worn and couldn't take them back another sales person came and said she will check with the manager and returned saying (not so nice tone of voice)the Manager will not take the return. There was a loud outburst from my husband and myself a very ugly confrontation which I'm sorry about that but the situation could have been prevented if the Manager Deborah had handled more professionally. I had to asked to speak with the manager when she did come she said it's the policy not to take worn shoes back and said (not professionally) look at the receipt instead of quoting store policy. I told her I really did not know store policy . She said well it's on the receipt. I left and went to the store on east 12 mile and dequindre the sales person went to the manager he told her the same thing can't take back worn shoes so she asked me if I wanted to speak with the manager, I said yes and he told me very professional about the store policy but said he will take them back this time but will not do it again . I thank him and since I now know the policy I will not take any item back worn. I really appreciated the professional way the sales person and manager handled the problem. This was very good customer service. I spent a lot of money at Burlington and I feel I definitely deserve good customer service because without the customer there is no business. That store Manager need to be educated on how to treat and communicate with customer or that store location is going to lose some of their customers. I am very dissatisfied with the Southfield store location Manager Deborah.
    Highly Disatisfied

  • Managment in Frederick store is worthless! What cvalifies them to be on their positions? Custumer service is zero!

    • This is how Obama got elected..don't you understand? These people are all about entitlements and being GIVEN without any need to work at being an American.

  • My close friend and I was shopping at your store in Rohnert Park, Ca. today. Music was playing while shopping in the store, but when any talking was done in was all in Spanish, couldn't understand a word of what was being said. What happened to this store. Is it not for English speaking people. The cashier was very unfriendly. We have always enjoyed shopping at this location but may not return unless something is done about your customer service dept. and use English on the piped in music and talking. I have nothing against Spanish speaking people but the majority of shoppers only speak English. You need to correct this.

  • We here at the Trenton Area Soup kitchen has lost our primary contributor for our Holiday Giveaway to the Homeless families that we sponsor daily. Our contributor has decided to focus there charitable efforts in NY. So I am reaching out to the stores in our Community for assistance this year. To make the giveaway possible.

  • Recently, Burlington Coat Factory in Concord CA unjustly kikcked out my 19yr old son from the store and call mall security on him without incidence. Later when I called and went in person to ask why, their story was that 3 weeks ago he was hiding labels given to him by a supposed shoplifter 3 weeks prior, and was positively identified by their top cop Kevin. That is false. My high functioning Autistic teenager has a habitual habit of window shopping and he went in there that time to purchase a lap top case. while on the escalator, he was escorted out. viewed as undesirable by your staff in Concord. They wouldn't provide me with any evidence to what Mr. Kevin said. No surveillance pics, no witnesses, just his word. My son works nearby, and due to his disability, he is unable to make friends, yet alone participate in a shoplifting operation. He visits Burlington when he awaits for his ride. The incompetent security staff in Concord CA, bothered by his presence in the store came up with this bogus complot and banned him for one year. Please see to it that Mr. Kevin gets dismissed from his loss prevention duties for discrimination against latinos (obviously mistaken identity) if you believe that story but definetly prejudice against the disabled. After the incident, my son was traumatized and is now being seen by a doctor. Please be aware of the nations Autistic population. Do Not Discriminate. I have passed on word of this incident to the congregatikons, schools, and support programs of the ASD population in my area. and to Tekemundo, Univision and channel 5 on your side about this sloppy poor excuse of the Loss Prevention practices at this store. Thank You. Pls. let everyone know upon this Mr Kevin's dissmissal from his duties for discrimination of patrons.

    • At 10:56AM December 28th Burlington store at 7071 W 159th St Tinley Park, Il I checked out at register #006 Cashier Doreen. I would have to be desperate to shop to ever shop at that Burlington store again. The place is a heap. I would venture a guess that at least 15% of merchandise is on the floor or hanging off the hangers. Sizing is almost nonexistent. Purses hanging in the mens shirts, shoes in with the jewelry, pants in with the tops, tops in with the dresses etc etc etc. I complained about the disarray of the store to the cashier and she asked if I would like to talk to a manager. I replied yes I would. She called the manager and the manager asked what I wanted. Doreen told her that I was complaining about the condition of the store and I wanted corporate information. Doreen was told to just give me unactivated gift card that the information was on the back so I never spoke to a manager Great customer service. What a shame With less and less people shopping in department stores you would think that Burlington would at least make an effort to make shopping in their store not so much of a chore and more of a pleasant experience

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