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  • Cambria Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Cambria Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Cambria Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Choice Hotels International, Inc.
10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000
Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157
Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

  • I made a reservation for December 11th at the Cambria Charleston Hotel exactly a month prior. Normal check in time is at 03:00pm. My family and I arrived exactly at 04:30pm. Upon arrival, I went inside to check in and the receptionist proceeded to tell me that they didn't have any rooms available, and that it would be a 30 minute wait time. I stated that I had made a reservation well over a month ago, so why do I have to wait for my room. She said that most of the rooms were out of order and not clean. I responded that I had a wedding to attend at 05:00pm and this was very much of an inconvience and caused me to be late to the wedding. She left the front desk and went elsewhere. So I go outside to try and piece the puzzles together to figure out what just happened. I calmly go back inside and ask if there is anywhere that I can change because I am running out of time. She responded by telling me that I can change in the bathroom. I said I have my daughter and I can't change her in the bathroom. She calls another person through her walkie talkie and mumbled. Then she comes up with some lame excuse about her having to give me someone else's room because they are preassigned and were supposed to check in but are late. I take the room key and go back to my car to gather my bags but needed a cart for luggage. When coming back in to as for one, I'm standing behind this couple and overheard that they were staying 5 days and they're rooms were ready and she gave them a paper with instructions about the bar and grille attached that I didn't even receive. Her attitude towards them was a totally different experience than I had with her and I felt very belittled and treated differently because of the color of my skin as well as my age. I am not happy at all and would like for corporate to contact me and I will be contacting them.

  • My husband checked into a Cambria Suites last night in Dania Beach, FL. Upon entering the bathroom, he found dirty towels, a filthy bathroom and faces in the toilet. He took pictures and took them to the front desk. The front desk person apologized and offered him a complimentary breakfast. He said the hotel was sold out and that's all he could offer. My husband does plan to speak with a manager this morning, but if there is anything that can be done on the corporate level please contact me.

  • While staying short-term and still at the Cambria Suites in Washington, PA, I've come to a conclusion there are some serious issues that do not seem to be addressed or any pro-active measures put into place. I'm staying for business reasons as are many of the customers. Last night (Feb 19) at 10 pm the police were called by the desk to address a physical brawl where both men and women at the bar, threw tables and chairs at one another, while cursing, and screaming. By the way, a family with three children under the age of 12 had arrived for a late check-in and were in the lobby. Lobby, bar, sitting area and check-in area are all in an open-plan common area. The construction workers were drunk as is common for them each night sitting and drinking as soon as the bar opens. Generally, they are not loud, and exhibiting violent behavior. It seems to me, two things are missing at this hotel much of the time; first there is the common decency to have people behave in a polite and normal manner (normal meaning, no yelling or the use of loud profanity) and the other is the safety for others staying at this hotel.
    Last week, no less than 25 plus construction trucks made their way to the hotel and entered through the side door for breakfast and filling their thermoses up with coffee. This group were NOT staying at the hotel and came in around 7 am. Food, coffee were out. The desk person said she would "bring it up with management". This group did not show up again, just the people who are staying at the hotel. Many are construction people, and while not all of them are disruptive, many are and that includes the allowing of wide-open rooms and allowing the heavy doors to slam loudly at all times of the night, to the TV's that can be heard as though the TV in your own room was on, to the complete yelling and phone calls heard through the walls in entirely due to loud talking and yelling. It would be nice to not run out of coffee and coffee cups in the morning and have someone be attentive to the breakfast area. This doesn't happen all the time, but it seems a couple of times a week it does. Anyway, you might consider having someone from your corporate office to anonymously stay during the week for two nights at this hotel and see for yourself what goes on. On a positive note; there are a few very nice and professional people and the sales person is exceptional, both professional, and helpful. Since I am still staying at this hotel, I do not want my name mentioned. I am a quiet person, over 60 years old, and respect other people and expect to feel safe in the hotel I spend my money and to be treated with respect as well. I am low maintenance and keep my room immaculate and only require a bed change once a week along with towels. My observance is that most people, with or without children are the same. Last night was like having a bunch of animals in the hotel, cops called, brawl ensuing and I don't see how anyone can feel safe in an environment like that or feel comfortable going to the lobby not knowing when things like last night will happen again.
    Last comment: I tried calling customer service as well as the corporate office number. The operator at the corporate office said the following, "no one is here to discuss your issue". I asked her what issue was that when all I had asked for was to speak with someone in the marketing department or corporate office. She then put me on hold without another word and transferred me someone else where I waited on line for 5 minutes with no one answering. I plan on putting my comments on social media since it is apparent, this company doesn't care about having responsible people answering the phones or actually having a corporate office.

  • Cambria Hotel and Suites Chelsea NY not allowing late check out by request very pushy staff, should be more flexible to make everyone's stay more pleasant especially for significant holidays such us New Year' Eve and following morning. Not everybody is money and business should make people feel like at home

  • Hello. I am in charge of a sizable corporate account in White Plains, NY which does significant business with your company. I've recently had a very disappointing experience with certain of your management at that location and would like to speak with someone about it. Do you have a contact number or email? Thanks.

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