City Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters

City Furniture Corporate Office Headquarters
6701 N. Hiatus Rd.
Tamarac, FL 33321 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-954-597-2200
Fax Number: 1-954-718-3360
Customer Service Number: 1-866-930-4233
Sales Line: 1-800-589-9960
Jobs: 1-866-321-2489

  • ordene un TV Stand en Diciembre y me dijeron que para Febrero 8 llegaria lo cual yo estuve de acuerdo, hoy 7 de Marzo ni una llamada tuve que ir a la tienda y ya la orden esta lista para ser enviada pero si no hubiese ido hasta la tienda pasa el ano y yo sin recibir mi TV Stand, muy mal servicio al cliente.

  • Cannot believe all these bad reviews! Wish I had known before ever dealing with City Furniture. Worst Customer Service I have ever dealt with in my life. I will NEVER buy from City Furniture EVER EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  • If there was ever a time that you thought…maybe I should listen to the bad reviews and go to El Dorado instead…this is THAT TIME

  • Never again will I purchase another piece of furniture from this company. I spent almost $3000 dollars for a sectional a year ago and it started falling apart from the moment it entered my house and has continued falling apart since then. They did replace the part that was broken, however, it didn't matter because everything kept breaking down. For example, the seams on cushions and pillows are coming apart and some of the wooden panels under the sectional are broken. Eventually, there will be no more support and it will collapse. This company sold me a LEMON and got away with it.

  • very upset I ordered a dining room set I was delivered a table and one chair with three chairs missing I called numerous times on hold for over an hour twice. I was told it would take 3 days just to get a new invoice (for items I already purchased) to be delivered to me so no date was given and I have yet to receive a delivery date for items I have already purchased there is absolutely no customer service I am very displeased. City furniture is no longer what it use to be very unhappy as of now. spoke to a supervisor that said there were no other managers to speak to.

  • I purchase a dinning room set table with four chairs. One of the chairs front leg was
    shorter than the rest, it does not touch the floor. I called 3 times was left hanging on hold;I emailed the salesman,he did not respond. At one point I was offered a gift card for $69.95 and told to keep the damaged chair,I did not want that I wanted someone to come out and exchange the chair. They have no customer service they are unprofessional. NEVER AGAIN!!

    On Wednesday, June 21, 2017 8:51 AM, James Jiampetti wrote:

    Good morning Mr, Mike Basile

    Rebecca and I had our first night sleep on the new bed you sold us this weekend. We really wanted to thank you again for listening to us when we explained what we were looking for instead of guiding us to what you thought we wanted to buy. Your experience of the products and longevity in the industry is something that we rarely see anymore when making a large purchase for anything. I probably had the best nights sleep in years and being that we are newlyweds I think that this gets us started on the right path as we are going to be spending one third of the rest of our lives in bed. ( hopefully more… lol )

    The only thing we forgot to ask you about is sheets…. We went to a local store and purchased a king sheet set but in the middle of the night the corners started to slip off the bed. If you have a recommendation for a place where we can buy sheets specifically designed to work on adjustable beds we sure would appreciate it.

    Have a wonderful day and we look forward to seeing you in the future,

    Rebecca & Jimmie Jiampetti

  • Unfortunately I did not read these reviews before I purchased! Never again. Today was the third day I was stuck home waiting for delivery and/or replacement.
    There is NO customer service whatsoever. This is a horrible company and I will never give them my business again.

  • They have the worst delivery and customer service . I'm going to cancel my 5000 order and tell
    Them to pick up there furniture and deny my credit card

  • I agree with all comments except with the last one… I canceled my account with City Furniture for bad service, bad furniture, bad attention…anyway bad everything with this company…

  • My experience with City Furniture, Pembroke Pines has been positive thus far. However, as the City Furniture brand is only as good as their vendors, EVERY product purchased in-store or online line must be accompanied with product care information. This is mandatory for continuing customer care of the City Furniture products purchased.

  • Buyers be very weary of this company. Warning do not buy from City furniture! I recently moved into a new apartment and bought over 8000 dollars worth of furniture. Like others have said the quality of the products are questionable. Most of all the customer service is horrendous, you have to wait over one hour to reach them and they do nothing but give you the run around. I've been waiting for a table that has been on back order for over two months. Take your hard earned money else where the hassle is not worth it.

  • This company is TERRIBLE. Purchased a 2 piece sectional the other day and one of the pieces the arm was falling off. After the run around and 4 days later they finally brought be a new one at 11pm at night after being told between 6 and 8pm. As soon as I sat on the knew one I realized this one is worse than the first one. It makes this god awful creaking noise anytime you move. Called CS again and after being told to take a picture of the creaking noise (how that is even possible is beyond me), I'm still waiting for "quality control" to call me back. Can't get anywhere with them. Wish I would have taken the sales reps advice after the first complaint who told me "try cancelling your credit card and fight it in court" Really????

  • invoice#528182
    To customer service,

    Please be advised that the top leather finish on the second cushion of the sofa model#27-208-0 is pealing. This now is the 3rd time nd this contact info, first 2 times were thought your website and you claim not to have ever reached the attachments. I paid for the extra protection a 3 year replacement or repair but now I get the run around. I should start contacting all media outlets and online social media, Facebook, Instagram etc.. and inform the public how you company handles customer service issues. Please contact me asap my name is

    Roberto Su

  • They are the worst! I purchased a power recliner. On the day it was delivered, I noticed that one of the power buttons would stick in when pressed. I called customer service and they said they would have to send a technician to look at it. A BRAND NEW piece of furniture should be replaced and NOT FIXED when delivered in damaged condition. However, I agreed to wait for the technician who informed me the next day he would not be coming for a week. This was not acceptable! I went back to the store, where a very gracious manager by the name of Ralph Gagerie arranged for my recliner to be exchanged in a week. I took the day off from work today because the driver had called and said the chair would be delivered between 1:00 and 4:00. At 4:45 the chair was not here. I called customer service and after 15 minutes was informed the delivery would come between 6:00 and 8:00. So, I lost a days pay for nothing. Plus my development does not allow big deliveries or moving after 6:00. My family has been a good customer of City Furniture over the years. This will be our last purchase. They do not really care about their customers, with the exception of a few like Ralph who tried to do the right thing.

  • I have ordered over 8 grand in furniture, dining set, living room set, and bedroom set. Having issues with couch that is under warranty and the part is coming from China and I am still waiting for the part almost 5 months later. Also dining set chair broke and mattress is sinking in. Its a mission to get them to fix anything from the warranty dept. I will NEVER buy from City Furniture again. After 20 years buying from them they lost a loyal customer. A very disgruntled customer!!!!!!

  • After spending $3000 on furniture, I also purchased a $100 hanging chair stand/base as a gift and because it was given on the person;s birthday and not in 3 days i am stuck with a steel base and frame. I was never told it had a 3 day window to make the return or I would have given the gift. The hanging chair does not fit on the frame… but of course they tell me to buy the chair to fit the frame. Horrible and dissatisfied to the end…. If I could, I would return it all.

  • My wife and I purchased a bedroom set for around of $8,000.00 with three years of warranty, for which the invoice # 522634. Unfortunately after less than 2 years, the bounded leather of the headboard started peeling and cracked. We called the warranty department and made a claim. They had an employee come to my house to repair it. He started that “the issue is not a manufacturer defect but anyway I am going fix it" then I said to him you are going to fix it, he answered “I am going to touch up the white spot for you with marker". I replied: how come you are going to fix leather with a marker? And if it is not a manufacturer defect, why to fix it? Then I said to him your evaluation is not consistent or you don’t know what you are doing.
    I don’t want to believe a company like City Furniture does NOT want to takes its responsibilities toward a customer. I have been a City Furniture customer since 2004 and being always faithful to your company. I did refuse the touch up, which will make it worst and ugly. A few days later, I contacted the store Manager (Shui Vasquez) who requested another home service from a side company or contractor to come to my house, the guy said by its own words “I don’t do this kind of repair.” This claim has been on hold for months and until now there is no feedback and I am still waiting.
    We bought the warranty to protect our investment. Any company that wants to stay in business must be loyal to their customer. We do believe you know that already " when one of your customer is not happy, automatically at least 10 other people will be informed and the social media make it now a little easier and faster." In fact I encourage you to stand by your organization name, product, reputation, and do the right and honorable thing to make your customer happy to protect your business.
    Your cooperation will be well appreciated. I expect your response in a timely manner.


  • We recieved a dmaged loveseat on 9/18/2015 and they sent a replacement over a week later on 9/27 which also arrived damaged. We refused the delivery of the second damaged loveseat. The driver called customer service and i spoke to a lady who ended up being very rude. If these call are recorded, like it is stated, I cannot believe you let employees talk to customers in this manner. At the end of the call yopu can even hear her hanging up on me before I was done speaking. I asked to speak to a manager and she rudely told me, that the manager was going to tell me the same thing that she did so why did I want to talk to one. After arguing to get a manager , she came back on the line to tell me a manager would call me back shortly. Well its been two days and I still have not received a call back. I tried calling sustomer service yesterday, and entered my call back number, and no one even called back from there! This really is getting crazy. I spent over $2200 on a couch set and still do not have a complete set. I dont even have a date that is set up for the exchange. I wish I would have went across the street to another furniture store. Dealing with your company has been a nightmare.

  • I feel all these reviews. My wife and I have been loyal customers over the years, and have dealt with some of these issues, and remained loyal. We recently purchased an entertainment center for my parents. Delivery was yesterday, early evening. When we got to their house to replace the items into the wall unit, and hookup their new big screen, my wife noticed that the backing behind the TV was upside down, as was the shelf above the TV area. There was paper stuck to one of the shelves, and a package of extra molding was tied to another shelf. Called customer service this morning, Saturday, to try and get this rectified because it was supposed to be a happy birthday weekend for my mom. The robot agent told me it was going to be a few days before someone could get there. They boast about doing same-day delivery, so why can't someone just go turn the backing around. He told me wasn't going to happen. I told him I might cancel the order. He told me I can't return it because it says so on the paperwork. Customer service? Sounds more like City Furniture service. NEVER AGAIN!!! I will gladly keep some other furniture company alive. The reason being, City Furniture, your after purchase customer care/service SUCKS!!!

  • This is the worst experience ever. Delays and inept people they will shutdown in a few years or less. No NO business will ever succeed with crap customer service ,misleading ads and super late delivery time frames. All they have is a showroom after they take your money then they hurry to place their order with the manufacturer and that's why they have a huge disclaimer delays are beyond our control. POS company check all their reviews.

  • I ordered a sectional sofa in July, and in October the motor for one of the corner units "burned" out. I was told I had to wait 6-8 weeks for the part to be ordered. Today is the deadline for the 8 weeks and now they are telling me that it takes 12-14 weeks. When you call the Customer Service Dept. they shrug their shoulders and tell you they are sorry. This is completely unacceptable and this has been the worst customer service I have ever received. No one has bother to expedite the deliver of the part and they refuse to replace the corner unit, which I know they have in stock. I was looking to purchase additional furniture in January and whatever money they think they saved by not replacing my unit, they certainly lost on this deal. In the meantime I have had a corner unit of the sectional sofa open in my living room since October. THIS IS REDICULOUS and I will never purchase another piece of furniture from City Furniture again. I hope placing a complaint with BBB will help wake this company up.

  • I purchased a leather sofa and love seat less than two yrs ago. The leather has discolored and my brown furniture has now patches of orange. A rep was sent out and I was told it was Normal wear and tear and due to body chemicals and would not be replaced nor could I get a refund . I had opted for the 2 yr warrantee when purchasing the furniture, but of course this is not covered as it is not a mechanical problem. I am contacting Corporate tomorrow to TRY to get the contact for the manufacture which is Cheers Furniture Manufacture to see if I can get any satisfaction with them. All I want is a refund or credit from CITY FURNITURE AS I FEEL I WAS SOLD DEFECTED ITEMS ALMOST FROM THE GETGO. THEY WILL NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR MERCHADISE AND I THINK FOR SUCH A LARGE CO. THEY SHOULD GIVE CUSTOMER SATIFACTION AS THEIR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY. HOW WOULD THEY LIKE IT IS THEY PURCHASED FURNITURE THAT WAS NOT SUITABLE TOSIT ON, BECAUSE IT WILL DISCOLOR??????

  • City Furniture Customer Service is TERRIBLE!!!! i can't believe a large outfit
    like City Furniture would allow such bad customer service, I recently purchased a sectional ,and floor lamp, ( in which the floor lampo blew my circuit out in every room in the house) FINALLY , had it returned, I was looking to purchase a area rug this past weekend, and Sales person Lori, said that she had a rug that was ordered for one customer that the customer had decided that the color wasn't right for them and had returned the rug. I looked at the rug and she assured me that it wasn't a floor sample, just a return! got the rug home, where you can really see it in the light, the rug was DIRTY!!! called them back, and asked how could sell something like that !
    said that they would not accept it back! I 'm am posting a complaint to the BBB! and contacting Coporate office as i Speak! Paul, the store manager is a Nasty, Arrogant B! I will never do business with City again! Cut my card up last night! Jakki – PSL, FL.

  • To whom it may concern,

    My wife and I purchased a couch with chase and warranty invoice #461025 on 4/11/10 from your store at 1518 W. Lantana Rd in Lantana Florida. The store has since closed. Within a few months we noticed the cushions were sinking in abnormally and we finally called using our warranty. They sent a man out who said that that was not a manufacture defect and they would not do anything about it. A year later we noticed some areas of the chase that were getting a slight discoloring as if milk had been spilt and dried on the couch. It was like a thin white film. These spots started to spread and then bubble and then the bonded leather started peeling. We called again. Again the agent said that we must have used some kind of cleaner that adversely affected the material and that it was not a factory defect. The fact is that we have never used any cleaners on the couch. All we ever used was a soft damp cloth. Recently my wife separated the couch and chase and the peeling is happening where the 2 pieces are joined together and is not an area that we have ever wiped and I know 100% this is not anything we have caused. Another note. The chase was not available at time of purchase and we waited quite some time to get this second piece. We were told it was coming from China and they had to wait for the next shipment to come to the states and that it would match. Well it did match but this is the piece that is falling apart. The couch section is now starting to show some of the same type problems but to a much lesser extent. The fact that it is worse in the chase I believe is simply because this is a different production run then when the couch was made and probably had more of the chemical that is causing this problem used in this production run. I even wonder if it may be harmful to our health. The bottom line is that we did not cause this and we bought the warranty and your store would not help us nor would the warranty company honor the warranty. I know it is past the time now but we did address this during the warranty period. I am totally discussed with the customer service we have been given and the only way to correct this is to give us a 100% refund on our total purchase including warranty since it was never honored. I ask you to please stand by your product, reputation, and warranty and do the right and honorable thing and resolve this issue. We do not want this product replaced since I would be concerned that the same trouble would occur again,

    This will not go away if you do not stand by your product and warranty. I will contact our local news stations and use social media if necessary. Now this is not what I want to do but it is not right what your store has done to us. So please make this right otherwise the bad publicity will cost more than this couch. Attached are pictures of the couch and our invoice.


    Mr. and Mrs. Sarappa

    7145 Michigan Isle Rd

    lake worth Florida 33467

    561-4390580 home

    561-3858458 cell

  • This is the last time I'm purchase anything from city furniture. I brought a sofa less then one year ago and furthers coming out of the Cochin and pillow every single day. When I call them , they said their is nothing that can be done because is not defected. So now I have to live with that poorly made sofa that I PAY OVER $1000.00 for. Corperate hope you get to read that email. Thanks for nothing.

  • Be Aware!!!!

    If you choose to pick up your purchased furniture, Make Sure you have time to play the role of Quality Assurance Inspector.

    City Furniture is not taking the responsibility of damaged Goods. They are pointing the finger at the Manufacturer.

  • ~~~~~City Furniture DOES NOT Value their Customers~~~~~

    I am very displeased with the customer service that I received from a Customer Server Manager who contacted us, responding to a damage claim we submitted with pictures. This CS Manager was not Customer Friendly at all.

    We purchased a desk and dresser to complete a bedroom set and opted to pick up the items to save time. While putting the furniture together, my husband noticed flaw/imperfections in the wood. This was a surprise because there was no issue with previously purchased pieces for the bedroom set. We called Customer Service and they told us that we have to take pictures of the imperfections/damages, send it to and we would get a call back with 24 hours.

    You would think that this establishment would be embarrassed that their flawed furniture/materials were overlooked during inspection prior to being boxed. Quality Assurance…

    The conversation with the Customer Service Manager was stressful. We’re being told that we need to box back up the furniture and bring it back to them. Hmmmmm 🙁 What is this, Discount Furniture? Where is the Quality?

    We’re the ones being inconvenienced. The option that is being presented impacts my time and effort. This does not compensate me for my inconvenience with the flawed furniture.

    City Furniture needs to step up their efforts to accommodate the customer. If not, more customer will look elsewhere for quality furniture and for customer service that does rush them off the phone before trying to reach a happy medium.

    This will be pursued to a higher level.

  • This is a prime example fo an organization becoming a local market leader and taking it for granted. After 2 failed attempts to exchange a chair, the customer service supervisor told me that it was my fault because I didnt wait for the delivery eventhough it was hours after the window they had given me. I asked her for the name of the operations manager and she informed me that they did not speak with customers. City furniture has lost me as a customer and I will make sure to let people know how unprofessional they are!

  • Two months past and still the furniture delivery is NOT COMPLETE! Received a HALF entertainment center with missing the entire middle and upper section! CRAP! They took my money, don't respond to my inquires and it looks like I never get the complete set! Would never buy with them again!

  • about a year or so ago I went into a City Furniture Showroom looking for a dining room table, with luck I found the exact one I was looking for ( I saw a similar version at Rooms to Go) so I knew what I was looking for… When I found it I was so excited because the price was what I wanted to spend, upon checkout the sales person suggested to purchase an extended warranty for three years, his selling point was that I had a three year old and I would need that warranty just in case he scratched it or damaged it in any way; at that time it seemed to make sense so my husband and I decided to go ahead and add the warranty on. He also informed us that if we do not use the warranty within the three year period that the monies would be refunded to us. Now I feel that City Furniture completely lied and mislead us; the reason I feel that way is because my table has discoloration on it and it sits crooked ( not straight) and when I called the warranty number they told me that what I understood to be true is not and that the sales person is misinformed. That the warranty only covers manufactures defects. There is two issues with that, the first I blame it to training I am the consumer and expect to be given the most accurate information. and two the sales person wanted to gain the sale of the warranty so me mislead the information to the consumer which to me is absolutely unacceptable. either scenarios I am the one at a loss. I now have a damaged table and a warranty that will not cover it, this does not make me a very happy customer. to be completely honest I don't even know if the sales person was being straight forward about the refund of the warranty money if I did not use it. I have attached pictures to show that damage even though I do not feel that I should, I hope that City Furniture would take responsibility for this issue and replace or repair my table; this I feel is well deserved.

  • I am going to make my story short and to the point. Three months ago, new to the city, I go into the City Furniture store in Miami and purchased an L-shape couch (total cost $1800). This is supposed to be the best thing after leather, italian piece of furniture, great quality…3 months later I am calling the warranty dept to let them know that the needle work on my couch is opening creating a visible hole. They sent 2 "technitians" home for the price of $50.00. Their job is completely unnaceptable and unprofessional, they used glue on the hole and spray paint to match the color of the couch. I called the customer service to file a complain and let them know that im not happy with the job performed by the technitians. Their response "there is nothing we can do, you husband signed the waiver, the technitians did their best, this is not a manufacture defect therefore it is NOT cover by the warranty". When asked to speak with a supervisor the customer representative refused to transfer me. Called the store and spoke with a manager who made notes and had a supervisor calling me 24 hrs later. The supervisor was unable to help me eventhough they knew I was right, they had the pictures in front of them of the before and after, but they "stuck" to their little lie and will refuse to admit this is strictly a manufacture defect. Their solution, give me a discount of $250 to buy another piece.

  • WORST COMPANY AND CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! I have never dealt with a more unprofessional company in my life! I have the same complaint that all the others do. This company is one big SCAM and RIP OFF! I ordered a sectional set in late November and 2 months later one of the arms fabric completely split open because it was made so poorly. Customer service charged me $50 to have a very rude and unprofessional man walk in my door for 5 seconds and tell me he couldn't fix it and we had to order a new part. Needless to say 8 weeks later after being told it would only take 3-4 weeks the part arrived and then it was yet another 2 weeks for them to get someone out to my home after playing the run around with their contractor who was not answering the phone so they had to call another one. Low and behold the sent the wrong part and I was told I had to wait yet another 6 weeks for the right one. I was very aggravated at this but kept my calm. Meanwhile while I'm waiting for the second time for the part my dining set table breaks and they tell me it will be $50 to send someone out or I can bring it to them to fix. I refused to pay $50 for someone to slap some wood glue on the part and like most people I have absolutely no time to drag a piece of furniture to a warehouse that is not close to my home and wait around for them to fix it or have to go back to pick it up. So we get to the six week mark and no part, I call and am told it hasn't even been shipped yet. This makes me even more aggravated of course but again I keep calm. A few days later I get a call saying the part has been shipped and I should receive it in a few days. A few days later it arrives, I open the package at the request of the delivery person because the box was damaged looking. What do I find, once again the WRONG PART!I call customer service and tell them I don't want the furniture and I want a refund and of course they do absolutely nothing about it and tell me too bad. What a way to run a company! Being a business owner myself I am so appalled at their behavior! If I treated my customers with the same disrespect and disregard I wouldn't have a business. They should be shut down!

  • EVERYTHING YOU SAY IN THESE REVIEWS ARE SO TRUE!!! We bought 2 recliners and a sofa the last day of April, they delivered it at 930 at night, one of the recliners was broken and we tried starting the next day to fix the situation. Nothing but run around since, they do nothing but pass the buck. They sent out a tech to fix the problem, he didn't nothing but fluff up the back the affected recliner and took pictures and said nothing was wrong, called customer service handed me the phone and BOLTED out the door. Since they sent a trained professional out and he said nothing was wrong, they wont even talk to us. No more customer service. The store manager told me today I was yelling at her and I'm just mad, then passed the buck again. WHEN DOES THIS STOP??? Lets all get together and file a class action suit, the warrantee isn't worth the paper its written on.

  • Jan. 2013
    Ordered a micro reclining sofa and 2 matching recliners. Sofa delivered on 1/18. Gap in chair. Jeff at City Furniture was contacted first thing Monday morning and then he took two days off and never followed through to send a technician to adjust or replace the sofa. Lied about recliner delivery dates. Nasty on phone. Will charge us restock fee. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH CITY FURNITURE!

  • I share the same feeling… The WORST! experience ever…. never again!

    – Lies from Store Manager, Customer Service and Sales personnel
    – Poor customer service – Delivery Date changed 3 times and not even a courtesy call to inform
    – Received statement prior to receiving merchandise
    – Merchandise was not received in pristine condition and still waiting for a 3rd time to exchange an item
    – I was informed that exchanges happen frequently since the distribution center does not take care of product properly. No quality control at All!
    – It seems that City Furniture does not have the sense of customer's priority and time. For deliveries, they give an eight hour window, and just confirmed the same day of delivery (3 hour window).
    – Furniture technicians give a poor service… they say that they are going to show up between certain hours and don't show up until an hour later, and not even a courtesy call to say they are late.
    – Tried to reach corporate offices and no response… I was sent to Customer Service hotline.

    I hope that some one in the Corporate Office take notice of this.. If they have the time.

    • Just spoke to Jeff manager of Sawgrass. He lied and said that he tried numerous times to contact me and that I gave him incorrect telephone numbers (home and cell). I called him an SOB!!!! He was the most insultint individual that I ever met! Will not remove his sofa from my house until it is convenient for him!

  • Also am displeased with the customer service. I purchased the extra warranty because the salesman promised me a full refund in three years if the warranty was never used. I did not receive a refund. I received a voucher for store credit. Deciding to be nice and make the best of it, my husband and I picked out a nice comforter set. Was promised they would have it delivered to the store over a month ago. Today- no refund, no comforter set, no explanation, and definitely no customer service.

  • I am waiting for a part for my recliner since sept.2012. the only response I have received is 5 people plus 2 supervisiors that had lied to me and never followed up on anything. by the way i have there warranty which means NOTHING.

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