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  • Clarion Hotel corporate office with phone numbers and address

Clarion Hotel corporate office with phone numbers and address

How to Contact Clarion Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Choice Hotels International, Inc.

Official Corporate Address:

10750 Columbia Pike
Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000
Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157
Customer Care Phone Number: 1-877-424-6423
Website: Clarion Hotels

Company Bio:

Clarion’s main competitors are Hampton Inn, Comfort Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hilton, Fairfield Inn, Marriott, Hyatt, Wyndham, Staybridge Suites, Springhill Suites, Doubletree, LaQuinta, Best Western, Quality Inn,  Ramada Inn, Embassy Suites, Red Roof Inn, Super 8, Clarion, Homewood Suites, and The Residence Inn.

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  1. I had a very horrible night at the Clarion Hotel in Dunkirk, NY… My daughter was asleep in my room, and I had just settled into bed. Almost asleep, I heard what I thought was a torrential rain outside. I got up to realize that it wasn't raining outside, but water was pouring into my bathroom from the ceiling! Everything in the bathroom was getting soaked. The bathroom was unusable in this state. I called the front desk and was told she would be up in 15-20 minutes, and it seemed as if she didn't believe me. Really?!?!? I was dumbfounded! She eventually came up and looked in the bathroom, and said, "Oh." Long story short, at about 12:45 am, my daughter and I had to move rooms. In the morning when I checked out, I asked to have my room comped for that night. The lady at the front desk told me she does not have the authority to comp my room, the manager had the day off, and there was nothing she could do! The next morning when I was checking out, the lady at the front desk told me that it was an overflowing toilet in the room above that was the source of the water! I shuddered to think that my daughter and I had stepped in that water to retrieve our toiletries! Please do not stay at the Clarion Hotel in Dunkirk, NY if you can avoid it! I certainly expected better… I have given 1 star to this hotel on Yelp (because Yelp wouldn't accept my comments without a rating), but I would have given no stars considering the way that I was treated. Why doesn't Clarion empower their employees to resolve a situation right on the spot? I was told repeatedly that this is not an everyday occurrence and certainly out of the ordinary – so, why did it take so long for this issue to be resolved and why was I treated so poorly in this circumstance?

  2. I don't even know where to start. We booked 2 rooms at the Clarion Inn and Suites at Midtown Savannah, Ga. On our arrival we were told that they did not accept cash so we put our daughters room on our credit card and we had paid for our room with our debit card. No big deal. Or so I thought. Our stay was In August so we wanted to use the pool. Well It was green when we arrived. We asked the front desk about it, and they said to go and enjoy our day and It would be ready for swimming when we got back.We got back later that afternoon and the pool was still green. Now on to the rooms….. my daughters family was given a room where the A/C unit was missing from the wall! I mean should'nt the front desk know that this was being worked on. So we had to go down and get another room. So that night we go to roll out the sleeper sofa In our room and It Is broken. So we slept three In a king bed. Next morning we ask for the sofa to be exchanged and was told It would be done before we returned. We get back that evening and our room was cleaned but no sofa exchanged. So our youngest went down the hall to stay with her sister and her family. We were just going to tough It out. But by Friday night when we found roaches, that was It! We met with the manager the next morning she was very sorry and told us we could stay our last night there and she would refund us for one night on each room. She gave us our refunds and we left without staying. Came home and 6 weeks after our stay they ran both cards for a nights stay each! I called the manager and she said that they had changed there charge company and I would have to dispute the charges with my credit card and my bank, and then I would get a refund. Well I have done that and now I get letters saying that they dont owe me a refund. So Mrs.Kenner just told me what I wanted to hear I guess. I have called her over and over and never get to talk to her. I have called headquarters and I am hold until I get tired and hang up. So now I guess I will have to hire an attorney. Dont ever stay here!

  3. I recently booked a stay at the Clarion in Elk City, OK. Knowing that we were the only car in the lot made us question the hotel. With good reason! There were cobwebs in our room next to the A/C and the worst part is the entire shower ceiling was full of visible mold! This place is seriously unhealthy!

  4. Bad Website Double booked because of poor handling of cookies. So we got 2 nights on the same day instead of 1 night then another night 3 weeks later. Once we arrived they called in the middle of the night from the front desk to tell us we had to pay for a no show on the second booking. We pay for their poor website and then get disturbed in the middle of the night by the front desk to tell us that! I can see from all the complaints that this is going to be a huge waste of time so I will just say we intend to let everyone we can talk to know about the poor customer service and definitely choose another option when looking for accommodations.

  5. I officially had the absolute worst hotel experience of my life at the Clarion in Mackinaw City (after 50 years of vacationing 2-3 times per year). We checked into the filthiest room that I have ever seen on a Tuesday. In addition, the common areas of the establishment were filthy, garbage-ridden and completely run down. Excited to be on vacation and out of the car after a 7-hour drive, we reluctantly set everything down and headed out to the beach. Sitting at dinner, it dawned on us that we needed to go back into that room that literally made our skin crawl. We called to see if we could get a refund if we were able to find alternate lodging. Three more minutes into the conversation and we were being harassed by the hotel staff. They said that they did not want unsatisfied people on their property and were threatening to have our stuff thrown out of the room. We were officially told to leave the property. At that point, it was 11:00 pm, we were a party of eight with two relatively small children and lodging in the area was extremely limited. The individual that claimed to be the manager was the most unprofessional and rude individual that I have ever come in contact with. He refused to take a walk on "his" property with us to see our legitimate complaints for himself. I was later told by locals that one person owns 17 hotels in the same general area and has successfully gotten away with taking no pride in any of them. Why do big name hotel chains let someone like this get away with such a thing? I ask that representatives from the Clarion would consider doing a thorough inspection of that property for the sake of your name and anyone else that would decide to book there.



  7. I am currently on the phone with headquarters to complain about the Clarion in Ronkonkoma New York I can't believe how many complaints there are and how many are the same as I had I'm going above and beyond for this It can't go on anymore this is horrific Coorparte you need to deal with your chain of Clarion hotels

  8. Clarion in Grand Junction. We left 2 expensive pillows which "were not found" by housekeeping. The manager implied I was lying about them, since they "weren't found." Nothing he could do about it. Apparently he has no authority over housekeeping.

  9. Stayed at clarion in Batavia, ny. there were raggedy towels (coming apart at the seams) and burnt cigarette holes in the comforters. in addition, I was at the waterpark with my grandchildren and they had someone taking pictures for a website without informing parents or getting parents consent. Later when I made a comment about my dissatisfaction with my stay, I was told that there was no one there taking pictures…in order words they were saying I was lying although I did in fact go up to the photograph and inquired as well as received his business card. never staying here again

  10. Husband and I recently stayed at the Clarion hotel in Syracuse N.Y on Farrell road, for the Red Neck New Years Eve Bash,12-31-2015, WoW, what a Bash it was. When we arrived at the hotel we immediately checked in, that went ok with the exception of when it came time to pay, I was assured by the woman who took our reservations that we could give a card to hold our room and we could pay cash once there, I made sure by asking 2 times before I hung up that day. after checking in, I went to get my cash out and the woman said your all set, I said no, I want to pay for our room, she responded , No, your all set , your card was charged on the 30th. I was pissed but continued on, once to our room, it smelled like mold when we entered, I kept the door open to air it out, it helped a little but was still noticeable. We continued on and met up with about 30 friends that were, we all together as a group went to the room where the party was, there were people standing all over waiting for snacks as we entered the room, a while later we decided to get a bite to eat, well same thing, people waiting for food cause there was barely any left, disappointed I decided to get a drink, once again, no Budweiser or Mich ultra, they ran out, HOW DO YOU RUN OUT OF THAT BEER ? IT'S A FEW OF THE MOST POPULAR ONES AROUND HERE, Let alone when you made reservations for a certain amount of people, it's crazy. disappointed again, I decided to find a seat to sit down, none available, surprise, not enough seating, time for the main course, our table was last to be called and guess what ? yes, NO FOOD LEFT , besides a few pieces of pizza crust and something unrecognizable, what a joke this place was. I decided to go find my friends, everyone was very disappointed and complaining about the service. I decided to go upstairs to the bar to get away from the pissed off people and noise, no beer that I liked there either , it was open bar now, downstairs before it was a cash bar, there was Baileys, Absolute , Jack Daniels etc, as soon as open bar opened up, that stuff disappeared. I witnessed the bartended from upstairs bringing Budweiser and Michelob in from outside, we were happy, we all asked her where it was hiding, she said she went to the convenience stores around the hotel to buy it cause they were out. This is illegal in NY State, One of my friends took a video of this, so there's proof. At one point one of the staff members was doing shots with the customers, US, I witnessed this as I sat at the bar, real classy. That place is VERY unorganized and unprepared, I have spoke with the manager named Harry Patel asking for a reimbursement, I also e-mailed him of course nothing has come of that. 1 more thing , the next morning I got up early did not go downstairs for the buffett cause I was so disgusted with the night previous to this, I did hear that was just as bad. I had a luke warm shower that morning though, Where was all the hot water ???? That place left a lot to be desired, I will never stay at a Clarion hotel again due to this crappy run down dump, maybe someone from your headquarters could check up on this run down dump ? maybe you really don't care ??? a friend of mine got 100% of his $$ back, just saying. I don't mind paying for the stinky room with a luke warm shower room but would like to be reimbursed for the rest !
    Sincerely: Kim DeGroff

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