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  • Embassy Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Embassy Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Embassy Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

Hilton Worldwide, Inc.
7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-883-1000
Fax Number: 1-703-883-1000
Customer Service Number: 1-800-362-2779
Fax Number: n/a
Reservations: 1-800-445-8667

  • 3/30/2022 0200 PM,
    After spending 03/29 noticed after showering a small insect crawling on my pillow. Noticed it was a bedbug. Called the front desk and reported the problem. Staff came and took the insect. Requesting to speak with the manager, I packed and waited in the lobby. After speaking with Staff at the front desk several times, I let Staff knowthat waiting an hour was unacceptable. One of the staff was inconsiderate, speaking to my wife instead of the one who was responsible for the room. After speaking to her she continued this dialog with my wife. Telling me that she was honoring my wish not to talk with me. She continued to ignore me.This individual was reported to the manager who stated that she would speak with this team member about descalating instead of escalating. This member didn't understand or try anxiety this caused.

  • Today, Feb 25th,2022, I dropped of my Uber ride to Embassy Suites Denver at 4444 Havana Denver. It had a covered entrance. Due to recent sub-freezing temps and snow, there was ice. But the drop off pick up area, covered, was solid ice. I fell while trying to get the luggage out of the trunk. The area was slopped so I slid also. My passenger reported it to desk. When I returned home I attempted to contact the hotel directly. It was not easy. There was not an option to reach the desk person. I finally got a local #. When I explained what happened and ask for the manager of that facility, I was connected. His name started with a "T" but couldn't understand it. I explained what happened. My end goal was to please get that dangerous area fixed fast. Before I could finish, I was either disconnected or hung up on. I would never stay there.

  • I booked a hotel at Anchorage Alaska Embassy Hilton hotel they have the worst negative clerks working in there very negative. We ask about the pool and they said it was opened from 4pm to 10pm. We said ok. After a couple hours we were on our suimsuits going to swim at their pool and they stopped us and said did you guys sign up for the pool i said oh i thought it was open get this its the same person that we asked about the pool a couple hours prior. So they said oh you guys have to make a reservation and we said "what?". It seems like it. They dont care to give out important information and they dont care about their customers. It was very bad customer service. And this happened on 3/26/2021.

  • My husband and I came in around 3am on Friday 2-13-2021, and from the time we stepped foot into the establishment the overnight clerk was being rude with us for no reason, she acted as if she really was concerned about how we were doing and in doing so she overcharged my husband`s card, so when he went down to address the issue, both the overnight clerk and the manager Angie Blackmon acknowledged that they made the mistake of overcharging, yet still did not refund him his money and continued to have a attitude with him about his funds. For the amount of money that we paid to just be able to get out of the bad weather and rest our heads, the customer service was horrible and we did not deserve to be treated the way that we were especially when your staff caused the problem. At this point my husband has yet to receive his refund and now we are out of funds and once again no where to be able to go because your management staff refuses to just do the right thing and give us back our money that they overcharged us on. Please help us to resolve this issue so that we don`t have to take it any further. Please do something about the staff over at the Dallas Galleria location because they are making your business look really bad and its not fair to people like us. Please help get our money back. Thank you for your time and for listening to me. I look forward to your response with this matter.

  • I am an employee for houston embassy suites at energy corridor. I was wrongly reported for a theft, that is actually conducted by the management of houskiping. The management of housekiping conducts a room severce theft of 3 persons. They use other houskiping personnel keys to enter guest rooms steal money or other valuables of the guests and reports them. Please stop this criminals who they are falsely reporting enocent employees! , I will be contacting osha . for other criminal activities

  • Lincoln Nebraska Embassy Suites is a horrible place. Left my purse in the restaurant. Yes, my fault. Restaurant employee took it to the front desk and notified the head of the event I was attending. Front desk denied anyone brought it to them. I spoke with multiple people in the restaurant who were genuinely concerned. The front desk people were very rude. After 17 hours of running around a new front desk guy said he knew where it was. Went through a door and back out with my bag. He was almost laughing and I was thrilled, until I realized all my cash was gone. $440. He couldn't stop smiling. No concern at all.
    This was the 1st and most egregious of several incidents. One of our party had her suitcase rifled through. Others had cash stolen. And another had a tablet stolen from her car in the valet service. My room was entered several times regardless of the do not disturb sign on the door. Management couldn't have cared less.
    There were 3 of us in the room but the pull out couch was so dirty we couldn't use it. And I still had to pay for this stay!

  • Dear Sirs,
    Just a note to tell you of some of the most awesome folks that you have working for Embassy Suites in San Antonio, Texas. Let me begin by telling you that my husband and I have stayed at the Embassy Suites through the years however, in the last 2 years we have been frequent guests at the Embassy Suites at 7750 Briaridge NW I-10 in San Antonio, Texas. My husband of 48 years had congestive heart failure however, his health began to quickly in the last year. Your employee Antawn Nguyen who is the front desk supervisor always showed kindness and compassion for us. Whenever I called for reservations, he always tried his best to make sure that we had rooms. It was a very difficult time for us as we were in and out of Methodist hospital quite a bit. We also met Christiana Piper and she too, was very kind and caring. Unfortunately, in August of this year we lost my husband. It has been a very painful experience for me and my daughters. So, this past weekend we decided to get away and go to San Antonio. I called Antawn for reservations and I will never ever forget Antawn’s reaction when I told him that my husband had passed. He showed such compassion for my loss. When I arrived he was genuinely moved and his assistant Christina Piper showed the same caring compassion as Antawn did. I just wanted to make mention of this because of the compassion, caring and kindness that these two individuals showed my girls and me at our time of need. Thank you for allowing me to share my story. My girls and I will always cherish this sweet memory of your employees and will highly recommend your hotel. We will continue to use Embassy Suites when we can. TG

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