Hampton Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Hampton Inn Corporate Office Headquarters
Hilton Worldwide, Inc.
7930 Jones Branch Drive
McLean, Virginia 22102 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-703-883-1000
Fax Number: 1-703-883-1000
Customer Service Number:1-800-426-7866
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Reservations: 1-800-445-8667

  • Hampton Inn – Brenham TX has bed bugs! When I was transferred to another room there was a cockroach. The next morning the front end manager told me they don’t have bed bugs. I told her I have a video and pics, she said then you brought them with! She was extremely rude. The place is so rundown and nasty. Toilets don’t flush, the bathtub floor creaks when taking a shower, feel like you’re going to fall through, towels were dirty & stained! I can’t believe Hilton would have their name on that place.

  • We thought you might be interested in hearing about the wonderful staff at your Manchester VT location.

    Our family tradition is to travel to VT from NJ to get our Christmas tree. We started taking our young children more than 30 years ago, and now include our grandchildren in the annual trek.

    We chose the Manchester Hampton Inn a few years ago out of convenience, but keep coming back because we are treated so well. This year we cut down a rather large tree and had a second tree, our daughter's, also on top of the car. Returning to check out of the hotel, I became concerned about safety and inquired at the front desk about where I might get tie-down materials.

    The front desk manager then contacted the hotel maintenance person who came out with some heavy twine and secured both trees completely. We drove home comfortably knowing it had been done right.

    We didn't get either the manager or maintenance person's name, but it was on Saturday November 27th at around 1:30PM.

    Happy Holidays to you and the entire Hilton family.

    Paul Mahler, Pompton Plains, NJ

  • My wife and I travel a fair amount and always stay at Hampton Inn & Suites. When my employees do an out of town install, they too stay in Hamptons. we do see ourselves as a rather loyal customer and for the most part, we have no major complaints except for hallway noise and minority employees sometimes being rude. There seems to be no rule for talking in the hallways nor the loud slamming of room doors. Some of the worst offenders of loud talking is from the crews that clean the rooms. In all of the Hamptons I have stayed in over the US, I have yet to find one that is quiet. Sound penetrates through the walls and is actually amplified by the room doors. Would it be too much to ask for guests to be requested to speak softly when in hallways and not slam doors?

  • 205 Old Bartow Eagle Lake Road
    Bartow, FL 33830

    Worst place to work. Very poor work ethics of staff. the managers take sides of others. The prejudice workers have lack of respect. Unfair treatment, nothing is being cleaned or sanitized due to this pandemic.

  • Something needs to be done since this world still have very closed minded to how hard thing have been since this whole visuals. While I sat there filled out application over heard her on a phone call with a complaint. All the while she was pushing blame on other co-workers. Now this manger state she offered me a 3rd shift to where I would not go fill out for cause have done that shift and does not work for me make no since to fill for a position I know would not be able to do.. So go in fill out send her my resume to get a response as why did I go in am a person looking for work and that how a manger come cross with an email very unprofessional now cause she said I fail to show up for job never offered to me that am not a good fit or reliable. This world isn't reliable and we all have gone throw alot. Manger name is Lindsey Stuck from Hampton Inn and suite at Manchester Ct. If I need to get a lawyer I will the in justice in this world is enough.

  • With this hole thing happen in this world we have a manger in hampton inn and suite in manchester ct. That is cold and heartless as they come and very unprofessional. As I sat there and filled out application turn to blame other on her team cause she couldn't handled it right. But then email me about offering me job for 3rd shift that I wouldn't have never filled out for cause done did that shift didn't work for me. Want to fail a complaint and then get a lawyer she was very unprofessional.

  • To whom it may concern,


    At approximately 10.50 am on Thursday August 27th, 2020 my wife called from room 411 to request we extend our stay one more day. She spoke to Robert who was at the front desk. He told her he would extend the stay for us, and he would also do it at a discounted rate. My wife informed him that the room was registered in my name, and he told her I would have to come down and book the extra night using the same credit card I used for the original booking.

    We left the room and went downstairs to the front desk. My wife went out to the car to wait for me, since we were running late for an 11am meeting. For some bizarre reason when I presented my ID and credit card to Robert, he told me there was no registration under my name at all! I told him he had just literally got off the phone with my wife in room 411. He then asked if it was in her name, and I told him it was not. I was now running late to a meeting and I told him that. He said he could make a new reservation but could not acknowledge the discounted rate that he had literally given my wife over the phone, less than 5 minutes prior. So, at this point I told him I would go and get my wife.

    My wife and I came back inside, and she told him who she was, our room number and the conversation they had 5 minutes ago. Suddenly, he remembered and then proceeded to give us the discount and make the booking.

    My wife is white, originally from Russia and I am African American. I will leave it to you to make your own conclusions.

    We have traveled all over the USA and to 60 countries worldwide. We have stayed in well over 200 hotels and have NEVER had such a bizarre experience…EVER!!!

    We will never stay at another Hampton Inn.

  • 07.17.2020

    Lawrence K. Williams III
    Columbia, SC 29223

    Re: Credit Card Fraud

    To whom it may concern:

    On 7/14/2020 at approximately 9:30 AM Eastern Standard Time, while I was a guest staying at the Hampton Inn located at 201 E Exchange Blvd, Columbia SC 29209, I was scammed for my Hotel Reservation information and credit card information from another guest staying at the same Hotel.

    On this day, a male individual, with a polite southern accent, called my hotel room number and said his name was Steve and he was filling in at the hotels front desk.

    He continued and stated that, the computer system had went down earlier and he needed my reservation information to re-confirm my reservation.

    I fell for it!

    Moments later, before the conversation was completely over, while I was still on the hotel phone ( with the scammer) . . . I received a text message to my cell phone from my credit card. They told me a purchase transaction in the amount of $2985.96 was just declined at a LOWES store #2204, located on 3341 Lexington Road, Athens, GA 30605, Main: (706) 208-3501, Pro Desk: (706) 208-3529.

    I immediately called the hotel front desk and spoke to Kevin (Front Desk Audit). Kevin told me the call was not made from the lobby's front desk. He also stated, there were other guest staying at the hotel that experienced the same caller. He concluded by saying, there could possibly be a credit card scammer nearby, and that an investigation and follow up would be conducted.

    The local authorities were notified.

    The only reason my guard was down and I cooperated with the caller, was because the staff had been so professional, nice and courteous to me while I was staying there. I didn't think another guest could obtain my Hotel room number and call my room, and the hotel staff not be able to trace the (In House) call back to it's origin!

    After getting robbed here, I'm left feeling targeted and victimized. Like I was being watched. It was a creepy! I am still upset!

    I hope these individuals gets caught.

    If you ever stay at The Hampton Inn located at 201 E Exchange Place Columbia SC, 29209, I advise you to unplug the telephone from the wall and DO NOT ANSWER THE HOTEL IN HOUSE PHONE LINE! The system is not SECURE!! You can be victimized by any random caller and the Hotel won't do ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Lawrence K Williams III
    Fire Life Safety Director

  • Hampton Inn 7433 Bell Creek Road Mechanicsville Va. The hotel rooms are poorly maintained. The rooms were clean and staff was friendly. After renovations this hotel isnt the quality I expect from a Hampton Inn. I am surprised that, with mold in the bathrooms,duct tape in the room as a carpet hold down and wear in the room, this would meet Hampton Inn specifications. I am dissapointed that the hotel still bears the name of a Hampton Inn. I wonder if this site has been inspected by Hampton recently. If not inspectors need to spend some time and check every vacant room. I am glad I took pictures to share with others. Their booking agency for the hotel is also another pain point with not being able to understand the foreign dialect. I am moving on to another hotel brand until Hampton gets it fixed.

  • Very concerning experience at the Revere, MA, Hampton Inn, December 21, 2019.. We paid extra to leave our car for the week as we left for our vacation. When we returned our car was GONE! Luckily a Revere police officer was patrolling the lot and was able to confirm that our car was not towed by them or the State Police. So that only meant two things, it was either stolen or towed by the hotel. The police officer confirmed that the hotel had many parking infractions and the fire department had warned them many times about the overloaded lot. With the police officer, we met with the manager and he assured us that our car was not towed, but in fact, "relocated". Our car was "relocated"???! Relocated meant that the hotel TOWED our brand new car to another locations within the lot!!! Are you kidding me, they towed my car, or relocated it as they say. I have never, ever, heard of such nonsense in my life! We were told that we could park anywhere and parked in the back, behind the pool. So with the help of the officer driving us around the lot, we eventually found our car. This is outrageous and was extremely unsettling to come home to. If that wasn't bad enough, Saturday night, December 21, 2019, someone pulled the fire alarm and the hotel was evacuated. The only reason I knew this was because my husband was out and came back to find the hotel evacuated. Meanwhile, I was inside the hotel because I did not hear the alarm. I do not consider myself to be a heavy sleeper, so of course this is even more concerning than thinking my car was stolen. Not sure what is happening at this location, but having been a HH rewards member for quite sometime, this type of treatment is outrageous to say the least. I would like to be fully refunded for my stay and also given a free stay for the future. On a positive note, the management was very delightful to deal with.

  • Brandon was awesome. He checked us in and made sure our stay was exceptional. Brandon was always cheerful and extremely helpful. He made us feel at home for the length of our stay. He is a definite asset to this hotel and the reason we will return the next time we visit Anderson SC.

  • World,

    I would like all of you to know, my company staff had the worst experience last evening/early morning (3:00 a.m.) at the Hampton INN & Suites in Colleyville, Tx near Arlington. The rooms were prepaid via hotels.com. My Project Manager provided the PAID receipt for 6 rooms; however, Quincey working at the front desk mentioned the card was been declined. We all know when you prepay the third-party offer their corporate credit card to pay for the rooms, not the customer's card as protection. What happened, Quincey charged incidentals on the hotels.com credit card since the amount was exceeded the room charge amount the card automatically declined. Quincey did not follow proper protocol. He did not call hotels.com, he did not offer the option to provide a live credit card, etc… My staff (12 Hispanic females) were exhausted due to working several hours, it was 3:00 in the morning. Quincey told my Project Manager he was going to talk to his manager, but never returned. After 20 minutes of waiting my Project Manager knocked on the door, he refused to open, five minutes later the police show up. Apparently, Quincey felt threaten by 12 Hispanic women, that could barely move and told the police they were being destructive. We have live video of the entire situation and will prove to the world, my staff was not rude, disrespectful or did not cause any form of destruction. The humiliation due to Quincey’s error and not handling the situation with the proper protocol was and is traumatizing to my staff. This was an act, from my perspective, discrimination toward Hispanic – Hispanic females.

    I will be contacting our legal representation, additionally post the videos on social media.

    I hope this will serve as an awareness to the world, discrimination still exists.

    Hampton INN & SUITES, I hope you investigate this matter profoundly, terminate Quincey’s employment and train your staff – to prevent incidents like ours from happening to others.

  • World,

    I would like all of you know, my company staff had the worst experience last evening/early morning (3:00a.m.) at the Hampton INN & Suites in Colleyville, Tx near Arlington. The rooms were prepaid via hotels.com. My Project Manager provided the PAID receipt for 6 rooms; however Quincey working at the front desk mentioned the card was declined. We all know when you prepay the third-party offers their corporate credit card to pay for the rooms, not the customers card as protection. What happened, Quincey charged incidentals on the hotels.com credit card since the amount was exceeded the room charge amount the card automatically declined. Quincey did not follow proper protocol. He did not call hotels.com, he did not offer the option to provide a live credit card etc… My staff (12 Hispanic females) were exhausted due to working several hours, it was 3:00 in the morning. Quincey told my Project Manager he was going to talk to his manager, but never returned. After 20 minutes of waiting my Project Manager knocked on the door, he refused to open, five minutes later the police show up. Apparently, Quincey felt threaten by 12 Hispanic women, that could barely move and told the police they were being destructive. We have live video of the entire situation and will prove to the world, my staff was not rude, disrespectful or did not cause any form of destruction. The humiliation due to Quincey’s error and not handling the situation with proper protocol was and is traumatizing to my staff. This was an act, from my perspective, discrimination toward Hispanic – hispanic females.

    I will be contacting our legal representation, additionally post the videos on social media.

    I hope this will serve as awareness to the world, discrimination still exists.

    Hampton INN & SUITES I hope you investigate this matter profoundly, terminate Quincey’s employment and train your staff – to prevent incidents like ours from happening to others!

  • On June 14 for two nights, I stayed at Hampton Inn in Jackson, AL. The sheets were absolutely filthy, so filthy they left a stain on pajamas. While they changed the sheets and fixed the broken refrigerator, they did nothing to make sure we had not been exposed to something dangerous, even after showing them the pictures. Please let me know what was on the sheet?

  • I just read an article on FaceBook that a war vet was turned away because of his support dog.

    If I find out this is true you will have lost my business. People with service dogs are dealing with issues we can on imagine.

  • My room at the Galveston location was horrible. The room was musty. The rugs must have recently been shampooed without drying it properly. My white socks were black when I left. The room smelled of wet dog.My wife's clothes as well as mine had to be put on the balcony to air out. Didnt work of course. I told guest service and the receptionist upon checking out. Their reply. Well its humid in Houston and we are getting a remodel soon. Every summer in Houston is humid. The other hotels I stay at are not like this. I travel once a month for general manager meetings. This is not the norm at other hotels.

  • I wanted to take a minute to say THANK YOU to Michelle and her staff at the Jacksonville IL Hampton INN. They were AWESOME! They were very helpful and very accommodating not only to our group, but to everyone in the hotel. We were in town for a baseball tournament and they were very understanding of all the kids in the hotel. They had plenty of yummy food for everyone that was there. They provided helpful information for local attractions and restaurants. We would recommend this location to anyone and will definitely return if we are in the area again. We always choose Hampton Inn because we know what to expect when we arrive, but this trip we got more than what we expected with Michelle and her staff! THANK YOU! GREAT JOB!!

    K. Wigginton
    Jeffersonville IN

  • I am at the Hampton inn downtown Richmond Virginia. I was told the room would have a refrigerator. So we packed food accordingly. The rooms refrigerator door will not shut. So I brought that to the front desk's attention 3 times and was totally blown off. I still do not have a refrigerator and by now all my food is spoiled. The paint and sheetrock is peeling off the ceiling in the shower. My TV remote does not work. I could go on and on. Not a happy camper and I would not recommend this hotel to anyone.

  • We stayed at the Hampton Hotel in Wauwatosa, WI on lovers land drive off of silver spring road. The place was a bit rundown and dirty. We asked about the pool and were told open till 9pm for kids and 10pm for adults what they did not disclose is the pool had no heat and the spa was disabled. When we got off elevator on third floor there was a puddle of water running from the ice machine and towels were stuffed agAinst machine. Who runs this place? Does corporate know how bad this reflects upon there name. The door lock to our room would not engage so we could not lock the door in the evening, the toilet ran continuously and the heavy roll down window treatment did not work to make room dark. Oh and one more thing, they have a carriage or backdoor that slides across track for washroom in the morning after showering door was stuck when I gave it a pull it completely fell off the track and landed against the bed. I had to reinstall it on the track myself. On Saturday we went out and when we got back to room no one cleaned room or replaced towels, what a Joke!!!! We went down to front desk and gave the attendant all the info. She wrote nothing down and said Joe the manager would be in at 8am. We went down at 8:10am and were told he just left, no one knew when he may return. Today we called to find him and were told he is gone all week. Someone will call you on Wednesday to discuss. This place needs to get new managers, train everyone and fix and clean it before it goes out of business. They also charged us full price and we have not received any compensation. We paid $244 for the two nights and will never go there again. I hope corporate reads these reviews and wakes up!!!! Very Very Disappointed!!!!!

  • I checked into the Hampton by Hilton in Winston-Salem,NC and was greeted like family. I felt so welcome and completely cared for ! Trisha and Lisa were running a busy front desk but checked each person in quickly, efficiently, accurately and with genuine concern for comfort! Excellent , excellent job. The room is neat, clean. The libby is inviting and a great place to hang out . An excellent tournament hotel !! Good job

  • Made a reservation with the Hampton Inn in Viera, Fl at 8:12AM but received no confirmation number. Was given a change of plans at 8:35AM and called to cancel the reservation. Was told a cancellation policy would cost me $720. Told the individual I only had the reservation for 30 minutes and was not informed that it could not be cancelled without any cost. As a "special" favor, she haved the penalty – thanks a lot Hampton. Never staying with you again.

  • December 31, 2017
    Stayed on my trip home at the Hampton Inn in St Augustine, Florida along Rt. 95. To begin with, half the Hampton Inn sign was out. The room was clean but the television flickered regularly on several channels so I turned it off. When I turned it back on and switched channels, some came in fine while others had a notice that the channel was not available. We put things in the refrigerator which was set to cold but he refrigerator did not work. My bill came to me electronically as an attachment but I could not open the bill. The place is in need of some upkeep. I asked for the manager's name and if there would be a rebate and was told by the young lady at the desk that she would report it to the manager. He never called me although I left my phone number. This was the only hotel I stayed at along the east coast that required my license plate number in addition to proof of identification and a credit card. Price probably was pretty high, but hard to know when the bill is inaccessible. Stay away from this one. Hampton Inns are usually solid mid-level places to stay. Not his one.

  • After getting caught in the I-5 SB closure following the tragic AMTRAK train derailment at Dupont, Washington, we exited at Dupont and was able to find a room at Hampton Suites & Inns. They did not take advantage of the situation by price gouging, instead the room was very reasonably priced and the desk staff friendly and helpful. The room was large, clean and well decorated & appointed. The breakfast room provided a complimentary assortment of healthy food choices. Kudos Hampton Suites & Inns at DuPont, Washington! You rock!

  • I work for Hampton Inn and take it Hampton INN does not have a drug test policy for our management cause on several different days at the Hampton Inn Spartanburg location it seems general manager is either drunk or high on something. He has even asked some of us to drink with himb and jokes about taking some kind of pills. Over the last weekend he obviously stayed in the hotel for the weekend with his girlfriend or mistress or whatever and was in and out of the room all day. That is not a good business look for our brand.

  • after painfully one finger typing an experience
    because of injuries suffered in Woodland ca hampton inn…it is disappointing to not have it posted lld

  • Stayed at Corbin, Kentucky 8/3/17. Asked for military discount and was given $4.95 off my $99.00 room. What in insult. I will for sure find another chain that will appreciate my 20 years service.

  • I always use Hampton Inns and Suites when i travel business or personal. I am always very happy with the quality and care given during my stays. Until now that is. Myself and my wife checked in to find our suite had no fridge, cups, ice bucket etc… the bed had sand and hair in it. Our entire stay house keeping did not clean room or change linens. We had to ask for towels and after waiting hours. Tracked down a house keeper to get towels.front desk was not helpful and bordered on rude. Housekeeper told my wife that she had to stand in the hall if we wanted our room serviced. Wall Thermostat Did Not work. Another guest told us we would have to tip big to get good housekeeping services like they had. Very unhappy with this hotel.

  • I will NEVER stay at the Hampton Inn in Visalia EVER again!!! �
    Their staff completely RUINED my and my 9 months pregnant daughter's Mother's Day and for our entire family!!
    Their sign says SERVICE DOGS WELCOME!! We had a friend who is disabled as all I and he owns a service dog. He came to help us out on Mother's Day with my six grandkids so we could relax and just enjoy the day.
    Their staff was not only totally unprofessional, intimidating, rude, threatening us about his service dog being in our room with him visiting, demanding we get the dog out immediately and that's when our Mother's Day ended before we ever got to enjoy it. I'm severely disabled with chronic pain disease, PTSD, Agoraphobia, severe anxiety also and the way we were treated triggered a bad PTSD anxiety attack. They said they were going to charge us $100 cleaning fee for a few hours that small TRAINED SERVICE DOG that is a Poodle Chihuahua mix spent in our room. They sent the scariest bouncer looking guy to bang on our door and scare the crap out of us right after calling us THREE TIMES in a row with all kinds of intimidation and threats!!
    I've NEVER in my life been subjected to such outright abuse from a business!! I've been having TERRIFYING NIGHTMARES ever since about how terrified I was of that guy as I thought he was going to attack me!
    We told them what they did was unacceptable and very wrong but they obviously didn't care cuz they charged us that $100 the day after we left!! Outrageous!!!
    I'm going to be writing a VERY detailed letter to their CEO at their executive branch, report them to BBB, State Commissioner's office, American's With Disabilities, on their website and Facebook and that money WILL be returned to us!!

  • Dear Sir:

    Due to the poor service I received at my recent stay at the Hampton Inn Yonkers, it is more than likely I will not be staying at any Hilton hotels ever again.

    I am a frequent traveler and value and great customer service are very important to me. I work in the customer service field, therefore am very aware of pleasing the customer first and always, that should always be the first priority. As this was my first time staying at a Hampton Inn and realizing that stays are a little pricier than other hotels that I usually stayt, I expected a higher level of service but was disappointed.

    I arrived with my daughter and 3 grandchildren to visit the Legoland discovery center that is nearby. As your hotel was offering a package deal, I booked our one night stay at the Yonkers Hampton Inn. As we arrived too early for check in, I requested that we be able to avail ourselves of the free "all access" adult and child ticket for the Center. I had already purchased the other Adult and child ticket online previously. When we arrived at the Center, we were informed by the ticket desk that the tickets were not valid, in fact, they had already been used by another person! It was extremely embarrassing for me! When we spoke to the manager, she agreed that the tickets, which in fact were for a child ticket and an activity pack, not the adult and child ticket I was expecting, to be invalid. I was able to purchase the additional tickets I needed but was highly embarrassed! This set the negative tone for the remainder of my stay.

    When we arrived back at the hotel, I explained to the front desk staff what had happened and presented them with the tickets they had given me which clearly showed they were invalid. While they removed the $60 price of the tickets from my hotel bill, this did not alleviate my ill feelings regarding your hotel and its front desk service staff. In fact, the sales representative who came out of the office to speak to me, seemed more concerned regarding the fact that she believed that the Legoland Center gave her bad tickets than my bad experience. I am very disappointed in your customer service and will not be visiting Hampton Inns ever again.

    I will be leaving my disappointing stay and reviews on Travel advisor in the hopes that I can keep other unsuspecting travelers from having the same poor experience at your hotel.

    Please note; we did enjoy the room and the children enjoyed the pool. But unfortunately, my experience with the invalid tickets soured my stay there and I was unable to truly relax and enjoy my stay with my family.

    Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

  • I booked a 5 day stay through Expedia at the Hampton Inn in Kanab Utah Sept 3rd-8th in March of this year. My husband received a new career opportunity and is starting at a new employer so unfortunately we had to cancel our September vacation as he could not get the time off. Expedia tried for over a week to talk to the manager at the Kanab Hampton in only to be told he was not in. When asked for the person's name they would hang up on the Expedia representative. When they finally were able to get the manager they were told they would not refund any of the $750 we had pre-paid. We were trying to cancel 5+ months in advance. This is a horrible policy and I will tell everyone I know to steer clear of the Hampton Inns.

  • Stayed for the first time at the Hampton Inn & Suites Cincinnati/Uptown University hotel. Usually try to stay at Hampton Inns when we travel and are almost always pleased, but not so much this time. This hotel was clean, but needs updating. Pool looked dirty and exercise room outdated. Had to pay for parking in their lot.
    At midnight there was a call to our room from a man saying he was the hotel manager and that the credit card for our room had not been saved on check-in and we needed to give him the card information because corporate was trying to check us out. My granddaughter had answered the phone and gave it to my daughter to handle. The man got very belligerent and threatening saying that we had to give him the information immediately and my daughter told him we would bring the card downstairs. He said if we hung up and did not immediately give him the info over the phone that he would call the police and that we would have to leave immediately. I told my daughter to tell him to go for it. and I got up and got dressed and went downstairs, without giving him any information, of course. The two men staffing the front desk were friendly, but only said they thought they had heard about this before, and were sorry. Nothing was said about what can we do for you, are you ok, we will have management look into it, etc. My grandchildren were absolutely terrified. They thought the police were coming to throw us out of the hotel because the caller had said even if we gave him the information, we would have to be checked out. By the time we got back to the room my grandchildren had gotten up and packed in a panic and were ready to leave. We finally got them calmed down and back in bed after a couple of hours.
    As we were checking out this morning, 4/23/17, the morning staff at the front desk said they were sorry this happened, but once again no real concern was shown. I don't know how this person who called got through to our room and knew our information, but you need to be aware that this happened. I know that your saying for Hampton Inns is that "we want to make you happy", but we definitely were not and no effort was made to make us so. Trying to calm two terrified girls down at midnight is not happy making. We travel and stay at hotels often during the year and I'm afraid now it will be a traumatizing experience for them, at the least.
    Thought you should be aware of this matter and see if you can prevent this from happening to another family.

  • Recently we have made reservations at Hampton Inns and right after making the reservation I noticed advertisements on Yahoo. Hampton needs to rethink this advertisement strategy. First I go to Yahoo for news not ads. Second by the time the ads are posted I have either made a reservation or gone to another motel chain. In any case the ads are annoying.

  • Consider this an official complaint aimed directly at the management of the Hampton Inn on NW Expressway in Oklahoma City. We went for my husband's birthday, it was supposed to be just a nice weekend to relax and spend time away. The manager was rude and arrogant and when we complained (nicely I might add we didn't even raise our voices) she threatened to call the police! Needless to say we retrieved our things from the room and left, never even turned down the covers on the bed. I will never set foot in a Hampton Inn again!! That manager should be fired for treating us the way she did.

  • The Hampton Inn & Suites in Lake Placid NY is such an example of corporate greed. I was forced to cancel our reservation 2 days ahead of time because our son tested positive for the flu despite being vaccinated. They demanded a $400 cancellation fee. I tried to explain that he was contagious and running high fevers. They showed no concern for their own employees, their guests or the general public in Lake Placid. A selfish act to risk exposing so many people. Boycott Hilton resorts!!!

  • Recently stayed for 5 day's (Jan 31st to Feb 5th) at your Mt. Dora Fl Hampton Inn located on US Hwy 441. As a retired executive who traveled extensively across the US i must comment the individual at the front desk named Robert Milsap is an outstanding employee. He handles phones, helps customer's with phone issues, gives directions, clean's tables & vacuum's entrance when front desk phones are quiet. He is always working and making life better for others. Smaller hotel so he wears many hats but he wears them well. If you have not thought about it already but new employee's in close proximity should obtain there training from this individual. I thought of him that highly and hope other's when booking a hotel in this area book at the Mt Dora Hampton as they did a great job with customer service, breakfast, wi-fi and the room was very clean. Continued success as this is a very good well run location that you should be very proud of. Sincerely Steve W.

  • As I understand the main boss in Hampton does not appreciate her employees she takes them for granted that's why her employees seem to quit on her I've heard the way she speaks to them she is plain nasty to them they really need to replace her soon ifeel sorry for those poor hard workers in uvalde .

  • I am writing out of frustration and disgust with your facility, Hampton Inn Elba Inn in Gretna, VA. I arrived in my room to find that there was no hot water, no soap, no working radio/alarm, no wi-fi, no coffee in the room and the bathroom sink didn't drain. Additionally, there was not one item for ma to eat at the Continental breakfast because I'm a no/low carb eater; everything was loaded with sugar. A total unsatisfactory experience. You should fire the manager and get some people in there who have a clue as to what running a hotel is about.

  • The front desk worker, Chris, at Hampton Inn Suites in Watertown New York is the RUDEST person I've ever met. ATTITUDE to the max!

  • I am not exactly a world travler, but over the years I have spent many nights in various hotels in different cities. I must tell you that the Hampton inn in Geneseo, NY is superb. Chic and Chris are so polite and helpful. The housekeeping staff, the breakfast servers, and all employees are just so pleasnt. The entire hotel, from the parking lot to the lobby area to the rooms, is sparkling clean. They have set the example for all hotels! Thank you!

  • I was a guest at the Hampton Inn in Hazard Ky, I was waiting for someone to come to the front desk. When I overheard the clerk in the back talking about getting paid 50 dollars for completing another employees Hilton on-line training. I also overheard this same employee brag about selling her methadone. When the employee finally came to the desk I could tell she was high. Her name was Catherine. I think this issue needs to be looked into.

  • My company made reservation with confirmation for me to check in on 10/17 and check out on 10/22/2016 for Hampton Inn Westside Way, Alpharetta, GA. I drove over 500 miles and arrived after mid night. The front desk told me no room available for me because they over booked. They sent me to Baymont for a night after a long day. I am very angry and disappointed.

  • Watch your credit card charges here folks. I was charged for smoking in a room that I did not smoke in. $250 worth! Im not sure if the housekeeper needed a smoke or what but I will never stay in a Hampton EVER again. Last I knew the best advertising was word of mouth. And believe me……..I will warn everyone I know. Basically they are calling you a liar……….every person deserves respect………I dont care who you are.

  • This was the worst experience that I have ever had. First my credit card was charged the night before and when i asked why the front desk agent couldn't tell me why. And she said that I lied because my rate was 35.00 because I am an employee. I then asked for their corporate number and she said she couldn't give it to me. I then stated why she then told me her manager canceled my reservation since I wanted to call corporate. This was after the front desk agent told me that there was no manager available to speak to.So first the overcharged my credit card and then when I had questions they canceled my reservation. This all took place at 7:30pm EST and then after I contacted guest services I received an email and still no refund back to my credit card. and this is what the email stated:

    Hi Ms Walker,
    Please note that we have canceled your reservations.You are not allowed at this Property.
    Your credit card was declined couple things, and our Hotel Policy is to cancel these reservations on declined credit cards.
    We will discussing this issue with Guest Assistance and your General Manager on Monday.
    Any future reservations for you at this Private Property will be canceled without notice.

    Hampton Inn Cincinnati – Kings Island.

    Now how was my credit card declined when they charged my card. This is my reply:

    That's fine but my credit card was charged 45.38 at 5:29am Sunday then 1.15 at 5:29 Sunday. And your property canceled my reservation due to me wanting your corporate phone number. So yes this will be discussed Monday with your property corporate manager and guest services because my credit card has yet to be refunded.

    I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with this property even prior to me checking in.

  • My daughter placed a hold on ten rooms at the Hampton Inn located at 102 S. Cottage Hill Rd. Carrollton, Ga 30117 for her graduation celebration. Unfortunately, she booked directly through this location and was charged for eight rooms to which her credit card cut off at four rooms with a rate of $132.68 totaling $530.72. No one sent a confirmation, policy requirements, or cancellation notice in writing or through an email. After contacting the hotel directly to resolve the issue, no manager was available so I made a call to the corporate office. I spoke to a LeaAnn and she stated that there would be a review and that my daughter would receive a paper refund 7-10 days and to call back if there is no response after 72 hours. I call today, August 8, 2016 and spoke to Tamara Holt; Guest Assistance Escalation Department Hilton Supervisor and she stated that there is no refund and that nothing can be done to override the hotel policy. When asked if I could receive a copy of the policy and confirmation email, she said no, it is gone and cannot be retrieved. I asked to speak to someone over her and she stated that she was the highest person to talk to and refused to provide any more information.

    I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with the customer service received from the hotel and corporate office.Hampton Inn clearly stole from my daughter and is not making this situation right. We will never stay at another Hampton Inn Hotel and we will tell friends, family, business associates, and clients to how business is handled and how the consumer is taken advantage of.

  • HAMPTON INN, Wesley Chapel
    To: Norman

    I must apologize, it's just not like me.
    I'm not sure how your day was, but mine started out bad because I allowed someone to get my goat. And yes I failed Him miserably. We allow ourselves to be drawn into Satan's snare, then it's like everything we do from that point on is wrong, I must make it right with that person, even though I don't think I was wrong. Ever felt that way? The Holy Spirit is telling me to make it right, regardless if I think they started it, I shouldn't have given so abruptly, I stood my ground and he laughed at me. Have you ever been ridiculed by a total stranger? It hard to keep your wits about you. I have to figure out how I can make it better.
    How do we treat others?
    Having an opportunity to show love to others.
    He was mean to me, should I be mean back.
    If I am in a hurry, do I dismiss others as if they weren't even there.
    Ways we should always treat other people.
    1. Be kindly affection one to another.
    Treating others the way we would want to be treated. Don't be selfish, always accepting others for the way they are, no matter if they reject you, standing firm as a Christian brother.
    Allow them time to see you as their friend not their enemy.
    2. Show others how glad you are to see them, always with respect, honor them without judging them. If your Parents tell you not to have anything to do with certain individuals, you should respect and honor their advice.
    3. Don't be slothful in business, work harder, don't praise yourself for past accomplishments, look towards working together, it's not just about you. Don't brag about how great you think you are, or for past performances. Be not wise in your own conceits.
    It doesn't matter what others think, it only matters what God thinks of me. (1st Corinthians 4:3-4)
    (Romans 12:9-10, & 16)
    (1st Corinthians 12:18) God has placed me where He wants me to be.
    (Galatians 6:10) We should always do good for everyone, especially for those that are right minded, believers in God.
    (1st John 3:11) Love one another
    (John 13:34) Love one another as Christ first loved us
    (John 13:35) Showing others that you love them as Christ loved you.

  • We have mailed a letter to the Hampton Inn in Peachtree City and copied your Corporate office. We are a manufacturing company that uses the Hampton Inn in Peachtree City GA for our guests. We have a negotiated rate with the Hampton.

    I made reservations on June 2nd for two VIP guest we had flying in from out of the country. The reservations were for the 13th of June. We arrived with the guests before 5:00 PM on June 13th and was told they were over booked and only had one room available. They offered to book us in another lower grade hotel in the area at their expense. When we requested a hotel of equal grade, they told us they did not have a vacancy. We then turned and called the same hotel with which they said was not available and made arrangements for our guests with no problem. Come to find out, the Hampton had a diamond member that checked into their hotel within 48 hours prior and they "booted us out". First of all, I'm not sure how they choose which person to boot out but I would not have chose a local company that uses our hotels all the time. Secondly, why would they not call us prior to our arrival and explain that they were over booked……allowing us time to make other arrangements instead of having to drive our VIP guests all over the world after getting off a 13 hour flight and causing much embarrassment. Needless to say, we will think twice before using your facility again.

  • I wish I had read these comments earlier. I and several family members booked with the Hampton Inn for Memphis in May weekend. We booked on lone a one bedroom suite. When we arrived we were told that the 5320 Poplar Ave did not have suites. False advertising the web site and confirmation we had said suite. We were given a room with two full not queen beds. Then we changed into our swim suits to enjoy the pool. It had been closed by the Health department. We were not comped for our room and finding a hotel with rooms available was impossible. Oh and the website advertised a shuttle to Beale street. We were told oh that was available at another Hampton inn not ours. We flew in from New York and D.C. this trip has soured me on the Hampton inn and the Hilton. I don't plan to stays in either again.

  • On April 12,2016 my husband and I stayed at the Hampton Inn at 5820 Katy Fwy and in the morning of the 13 I woke up with Bed Bug bits all over my arm. I saw 3 or 4 of them in the morning and put them in a cup and showed them to the lady at the desk. Since I have never seen a bed bug I ask her what kind of bug they were because they were so BIG. She acted like she didn't have a clue. I showed her my arm which was already a bright red rash. She credited us the amt. of our room and the next thing I saw was 2 men hurrying to the elevator. I ask her to email us and let us know what they were HA we are still waiting. In our car I final snapped and realized they were bed bugs. When we arrived home we could not take anything into the house, I had to wash everything in HOT water (9 LOADS) put the suitcases and everything else in black trash bags and put them in our greenhouse till Oct. when they should all be dead. Next we paid $50 for cream to try to calm the painful bites that are on my face, both arms, my whole neck & chest area and both my legs including my toes. I had to have Pest Control come out and spray our car which cost 216.50 and haven't been able to drive it for 4 days. I have had to cancel all my appointments and classes because of the painful itching. The first night I slept in my own bed I woke up screaming because I thought bugs were all over me sucking my blood. This place needs to be shut down and how in hell can they have a 4 star rating? I will NEVER stay at ANY Hampton Inn again. PS my Husband was lucky as he didn't get bit, I guess they didn't like his 81 year old skin. We didn't see any in his bed.

  • I had a reservation at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Denton, TX. for April 7-8-9, 2016 and check out April 10th, 2016. This is the second year we have stayed at this location so we could attend the Nascar races. My husband and I are Hilton Honors Gold members. This year during our stay we checked the sheets our first night there, because of the experience we had last year when the sheets had not been changed, to see if we had clean sheets and they did not appear to have been changed so we put a kleenex in between the sheets for the next day and when we returned to our room we discovered that the kleenex was still in between the sheets. They had not been changed! This was the same problem we had last year! In addition to that this year we had weatherstripping that was coming off around the door so I called the front desk and they said they would make a note for maintenance to take care of it the next day which didn't happen! When we returned to our room the next night after being gone all day the door was not closed and latched completely. The housekeeping people did not secure the door when they left. Our belongings could have been taken by anyone. Because of the door not being secure after the cleaning people had been in our room and not securing the door we did not dare to have them clean the room the next day because we were afraid they would leave it unsecure again and our personal belongings would be stolen. The staff seems to think if they comp a room for a night that will take care of the problem. Well it doesn't with me! I expect a much better solution than comping me a room! I expect clean sheets and for repairs to be made when needed especially when it is a security issue! Such as the door that could be left open. This is two years in a row that problems existed by staying in this hotel. Way below the bar that is expected for Hilton hotels! We will not stay at this hotel again because they do not take care of issues and problems!

  • My husband Bob and I recently stayed at the Hampton Inn at the Gainesville location. He was going to be at Shands Hospital for heart surgery. This is the 4th time we have stayed there. I have only good comments regarding this hotel, Reservations were easy to make. In fact the Manager made one of them.
    Susan Perkins was one of the most personable managers I have even met. As my husband was staying in the hospital, I was alone. Everyone was so kind. From the front desk to the management. Housekeeping couldn't do enough for me. I came in late and the young lady at the desk asked me if I had eaten, She was willing to fix something for me. At breakfast the young lady wanted to fix me something special if I wanted it. It felt like I was at home. I can't tell you in words how everyones kindness meant. My room was immaculate and quiet. I believe the leadership of this home away from home is responsible. Susan Perkins is what all managers should be like. We are rescheduled for more surgery in a few weeks. Intend to again stay at that Hampton.

  • My husband (a physician) and I came for a long term stay. We were probably going to stay for a month or longer. . .When we arrived late at night we asked a few questions only to treated by a young girl named Emma or Emmo (African American, long braids) with such an attitude and rudeness that we have never experienced. We also asked for a bottle of water (which we were told was included for certain rewards members when we had called) but she was nasty and rude and after being that way, then gave us a bottle. If you are going to be rude and then give a bottle, don't you think it would be better to be nice about it. . .Then when I peaked into the breakfast area (the door was open) she was nasty again as was an off-duty security kid. . . who almost threatened me. . .and we ended up leaving the same night because we felt so bad and shaken about the place. I can not believe someone would hire someone like those two people – as they lost our business. . .and lost their company a very long term stay and someone who would use the place frequently. We ended up going to the Hyatt across the street and the people there are incredibly nice! I left the manager at the Hampton Inn a phone message and he did not even bother responding. . . I will be contacting their corporate offices about this, and our company also knows about this and may not use them anymore as well!

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  • I have to say that my wife worked at Hampton inn as of today she had to quit because there is so much fowl mouth Manger 'his name is Ken Millikis' and maid worker to be the boss HER name is sharion with alouder fowl mouth,,,my wife has been with yall 2 1/2 and never called in!!!but he said that she must answer her phone when they call on her days off.where going have to file MISCONDUCT,DISCREMINATION AND CHARGES WILL BE DONE!!!!

  • Hampton Inn Historic District in Mobile, AL. What a wonderful place. It is not often that they desk staff greet you by name when you walk into the lobby, but Mark on the night shift always did. All the staff were always friendly and had smiles. This Hampton was one of the best motels I have stayed in worldwide. I am unsure if it is the training they have received or just their pleasant attitudes in general, outstanding job in all accounts. More staff like Mark to make one fill welcome at other locations would be most excellent.

  • Stayed at the Hampton Inn in Douglas Ga on 2/26/16. It is a construction site and needs to close until finished. Wasn't told when making the reservation. The staff member named Glenda yelled at me for asking for syrup. The breakfast area has grout dust every where. I didn't realize Hampton had sunk this low ask to speak to the manager and was told no management on duty till Monday really Saturday and Sunday busiest days and no management on duty. Sad to see the Hampton brand go down the tubes. Will never stay at a Hampton again. The Holiday Inn express that I checked into in Douglas Ga after leaving here was perfect!!!

  • Stayed at the Hampton Inn in Douglas Ga on 2/26/16. It is a construction site and needs to close until finished. Wasn't told when making the reservation. The staff member named Glenda yelled at me for asking for syrup. The breakfast area has grout dust every where. I didn't realize Hampton had sunk this low ask to speak to the manager and was told no management on duty till Monday really Saturday and Sunday busiest days and no management on duty. Sad to see the Hampton brand go down the tubes. Will never stay at a Hampton again. The Holiday Inn express that I checked into in Douglas Ga after leaving here was perfect!!!

  • I don't normally write reviews on Hotel locations, but I also don't normally stay at two of your establishments in the same week. So with that said let me share my thoughts.
    First I stayed at Homewood located at 1775 N Brown Road Duluth Ga. Wow, what a great location, nice, neat, clean, up scale furniture, exactly what you'd expect for the price. Plus a breakfast and dinner including wine or beer. Well they were booked up so I had to move next door to your more expensive Hampton Inn. And here's where you went wrong:
    Ring around the tub
    Pubic hair in my shower
    Cheap furniture
    Cheap coffee maker
    Rough towels
    Cheap toilet paper
    Rough bath robes
    And then to top off the MORE expensive location, no dinners.
    Yall need to really mirror your neighbors at Homewood. Very disappointed guest…….
    And when you want to talk or refund my money you can find my contact information under my reservation
    Fryzel room 512

  • We recently stayed at Hampton Inn in Port St Lucy because it was close to where my mother in law lives in a independent care facility it was a very nice place the first night someone set off the fire alarm at 2:30 in the morning then there was a group of children running up and down the hall screaming and yelling then the next morning it was almost impossible to get into the breakfast area because there was about 14 young kids all over the place they dumped out all the cereal then threw it in the thrash was making waffles dumping the mix all over and dumping the syrup all over everything we asked the Manager what was going on she said she was going to have a talk with there chaperones the next day it was pretty good then the next night at 11:00 back to running up and down the halls screaming and yelling told the manager that I was think about leaving because I could not keep putting up with that she assured me that it would be taken care of it was not we were woken up every night We will never stay at this Hampton Inn again the Management could not control 14 girls from a foreign county and did not care about the rest of the guest at the Hotel then was told we did not complain when we were everyday as well as other guest then was told they would take 20% off for one night but never did they lost a customer we will never stay there again T. A. Perry

  • The front desk person at Hampton Inn/Beachwood Ohio needs to know that she should look a little more professional than she was at our stay. Her hair looked like it had not be combed and her clothes were busting at the seams. Her fingernails were dirty and it was obvious that she come in without bathing.. WOW this was my last experience staying at Hampton Inn. I will be checking out a Hilton. I would rather pay more than stay at this place again…REMEMBER to pay in cash.

  • The firing of a long term employee during the blizzard in D.C. is unethical and inhuman. We were in a state of emergency and people were told to stay home and thousands could not leave their neighborhoods – really shows a lack of consideration for the welfare of their workforce. Everyone knew the storm was coming the hotel should have had a contingency plan!

  • Never stay at Hampton Inn Suites/Beachwood Ohio. My husband and I stay there because we had 2 funerals to go to in Cleveland Ohio. When we checked out we had each the two days split on EACH OF OUR CARDS and the front desk person gave us a receipt showing that it was split but when I got home the two nights had been charged to my card. The GM manager stated that sometime the bank will put a hold on your account. I WOULD UNDERSTAND A LITTLE BETTER IF THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME THAT THIS HAS HAPPENED BUT THIS HAS HAPPENED SEVERAL TIMES. I think Hampton needs to train there people a little better. I was asked if they could do something to straighten it out. YES YOU CAN GIVE ME BACK MY MONEY WITHOUT ALL THIS HASTLE. I WILL NEVER STAY THERE AGAIN..BEWARE

  • I would like to share our experience during the last week at the Hampton Inn located in Kalamazoo, MI. This group of individuals not only were amazing but went over and above to make our stay comfortable. We were visiting due to a medical situation and the entire staff made us feel less stressed and comfortable. Their little extra touches throughout our stay made us smile and felt lucky to be able to have chosen this location. They deserve a special customer service award as our entire family is extremely grateful.

  • On New Years eve my wife and I had the pleasure of staying at the Hampton Inn in Bremen Georgia. The staff was courteous and helpful, especially the breakfast hostess. She was very pleasant and efficient. We have stayed at many Hampton Inns in the past from New York to Florida and the experience has always been positive with great customer service, clean rooms and great breakfast. So this year when we decided to attend the community New Years Eve celebration in Tallapoosa Georgia the Hampton was our first choice for accommodations ,and we were not disappointed. We just wanted to say thank you! We are planning a trip this spring to San Francisco and you can be sure that we will be looking for the Hampton Inn.

  • The Hampton Inn – Manchester CT – the manager of this property needs training – a long story short; a phone charge was made to my room, when I asked what time of the day I was refused the information, the desk clerk lied about her name, when I finally got to the manager I he defended her and his staff because implying housekeeping did not make the call. When I asked for his managers contact info he argued with me for 10 minutes until I finally said you are a publicly traded company, if you don't tell me I'll find out anyway. I'm done with Hampton Manchester – and after their insulting hospitality, will probably stop using Hampton which as I now understand it from the manager, these are franchises.

  • I just stayed at Hampton Inn in Birmingham 280-Smoke was choking me before I got out the car. I get to the room no refrigerator then a knock on the door at 7AM asking if I needed towels.now I will ask if it's a franchise store.

  • I work at the Hampton Inn & Suites of Ocala in Ocala, fl. The management team there is so unprofessional…they do not care how they treat there employees; they are very rude to them especially Elizabeth Jones Ansanitis, she is the most rudest person; if she have a problem with any of the other employees she will intimidate them and bully them with her harsh words…do not care about anybody feelings! If we go to the GM, all she do is back up Elizabeth and make you look like you some kind of fool or a liar! All these people care about is hanging out with each other and getting drunk! The only person that is trust worthy is a lady name Lisa…she is always smiling and cheerful even if she is having a bad; but lately there have been things going on between Elizabeth and Me. Lisa, it seems like Elizabeth is bullying Me. Lisa by setting her up in rooms and telling her that the girls are complaining about her and even set her up and accused her of stealing tips; I know for a fact that Miss Lisa do not touch anything that belongs to us..she always volunteer to make our beds or even clean the whole entire room; this lady is so awesome….they gave her a head supervisor position for housekeeping and at almost 90 days they took the position from her leaving her only to check rooms and that was 2 weeks ago so now today she told me that the GM demoted her again back to cleaning rooms…I feel like they want her to quit so they want have to fire her because they don't want to pay unemployment to her! Someone needs to investigate this situation because this lady do not deserve to be treated like this not to mention she is the only African American woman to work here and have been for nearly 3years!

  • We stay at mostly Hampton Inns when we travel. I am asking that coporate do something with the breakfast food. I am lactose intolerant and have found I can not enjoy the breakfast. This is becoming a huge problem for a lot of people. Glueten and lactose are a difficult thing to handle especially traveling. I hope this gets noticed by the right people. It doesn't seem that they reply back to complaints.

  • I have stayed in many Hampton Inns VA. NC. TN. AR. NM. and have never had a bad experience every one my wife and I meat was very polite and friendly. The reason why I am send you this is so you can check int CCI who I booked my room through. I know I should have went with Hampton Inn service. This company charged me $202.00 for a $138.04 room in Cookeville TN. on 10/26/15 and checked out 10/27/15 I asked all the Inns I stayed at and they seemed to think that was kind of high. I understand that there is nothing that can be done about this but CCI could give some people a bad taste about Hampton Inn. My wife and I are retired now (me from the Navy and my wife from Bank of America) and we are traveling a lot around America and we will only stay in a Hampton Inn. If you could look into this co. that is selling your rooms you might what to take your business some place else.Again thank you for taking such good care of my wife and me and keep up the great work.

  • Wow Hampton Inn does not hire quality people from reading all of the above comments so I know my comment means nothing to them. Their manager at Hampton Inn in Auburn, Indiana was one of the rudest people three of our family members ever had the pleasure (NOT) of dealing with. I will never stay at a Hampton Inn or affiliate and recommend no one else does either. This company does not even ask for an email address…….

  • stayed at Hampton inn 1104 isle of palms Charleston SC. walking down the hall one day I heard one lady was cursing out the workers, yelling and screaming at them. However I asked one of the what was that women name she told me that her name was Amy and that she was the room checker. this was very unprofessional on her part, no manager should be using profanity towards their workers. I think that this needs to be dealt with from the main office, because it will happen again and I will not stay at any motel where some one that's in some type of management use force to intimidate workers

  • we stayed at Hampton inn Valley Forge PA we did used our credit card just for booking and when checked in on Sep 3rd I informed the person who was on duty that time around midnight don't charge my credit card at the time of check out I pay cash money for that stay but on check out day Sep 6th staff pushed into room door invoice I thaught they asking payment, I went down to the reception and paid 320 US $ to a young white lady and then we checked out. Yesterday I was looking on my credit card statement then I noticed that Hampton inn charged my credit card too while I made payment in cash now I am wondering how I can get back my money the Lady who was at the counter that time did not informed me that they already charged my credit card


    i d

  • We stayed at the Hampton Inn in Spartanburg, S.C. on Sept. 26. My husband was checking in and asked what type discounts they gave. He was informed that they were not giving any discounts because they were filling up. She said her manager told her not to give any after their fill capacity became a certain point. We had never heard this before so I am sure we will not be staying at Hampton Inn again.

  • It was my 60th Birthday. He had it all planned. We would check in at the Hampton Inn St. Augustine Beach Florida. We arrived at 4pm but our room wasn't ready. This room was booked over a month in advance. At 5pm we were told that housekeeping was running behind. We waited in the lobby. At 530 the room still wasn't ready. We were told they were short on help. By now I've missed dinner downtown and my birthday celebration. Finally at 545pm our room was ready. The room was nice but housekeeping missed the mark in cleaning. Mold on the shower curtain and I'm sure the vent in the bathroom hasn't been cleaned in quite some time. We stayed for 5 days and not one day was the room cleaned the way it should have been. One day the covers on the bed were just thrown about. You see I could have picked any place to spend my 60th birthday and I picked St. Augustine. My husband was told by the front desk that they would love to give us a complimentary night but because he paid in advance for the week they couldn't. REALLY!! He has emailed everyone he could think of. Guess what? No response. We had reservations at the Hampton Inn in Apopka Florida in October for his 50th high school reunion. Those have been cancelled and we are staying at Springhill Suites. I will NEVER stay at another Hampton Inn and will tell everyone I know how horrible my experience was.

  • I was with a group that experienced something like that and they lawyered up and collected $10,000 each for that discrimination lawsuit. I would contact an attorney.

  • We Just returned from a trip to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. We stayed at the Hampton Inn on RCA, this was our second stay there. Let me tell you it was like being at HOME!!!. Richard the mgr. was so kind and helpful and understanding, when we requested to move rooms after the 1st night stay. due to noisey guest. The front desk, was fantastic. House keeping good, a little slow but very nice. The one person I want to really praise is Diane. She is the BEST. She takes great care of the breakfast room and ALWAYS has a smile on her face and a kind happy word for every guest that enters the room. HATS off to Richard and Hampton Inn for a job and property well done…We will always stay there when visiting PBG.

  • I stayed at the Hampton Inn in Sumpter South Carolina the front desk crew were great, upon arrival i cancelled one room because no-one needed the extra room which sold after i cancelled because of the big event going on in another town 40 miles away. i checked out on sunday, after i check my bank statement i found i was charged for a room i never stayed in $116.48 according to the website no charge for cancelling a room. i have called visa to dispute the charge which should not have been there without my approval. so my advise is to check your account for charges not authorized.

  • Someone in corporate should investigate the Hampton Inn Brockport. Rooms going out of order, just so the general manager can have free night stays whenever he feels like it. That is all.

  • I will never stay at the Hampton in Rockport Texas. The shower backed up wile taking a shower and my wife had to bathe in dirty water. 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed is a bunch of bull- no refund given!!!

  • I recently stayed at Hampton Inn in Lavonia, GA. We went with a group of 12 families. While the actual room was nice and the breakfast staff was great – I will NEVER again stay at a Hampton Inn. This has been an absolute nightmare since arriving.

    We had additional charges that were not part of our original agreement. I was double billed for my stay. The charges were not billed until two days later. Then the manager tries to tell me that this was just pre-authorization charges. – NOT SO! Come to find out , they tied my card to all 11 rooms of our block. They used my card to charge another room. Then she said it was accidentally run and immediately credited. Well, after a full week – I still have no credit to my account.

    I brought up that Hampton has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed or you don't pay …. well she said this issue has nothing to do with Customer service so that guarantee does not apply… well, sorry but my money has EVERYTHING to do with customer satisfaction.

    I will never again stay at a Hampton Inn. Be warned, – if you must stay there, use cash. DON'T GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO….

  • I never comment about my stay at a Hampton Inn Hotel but this experience was terrible & big disappointment on my vacation, and for the price I paid for it I am commenting. The staff were really nice & I had no issues with them. The room was old,outdated, dirty and didn't even come with a refrigerator and microwave. Since I was sick it would have been nice to have a microwave to heat some tea up or soup. I had to walk to the office to do it and the office is not connected to the hotel rooms. Having to walk to the Office every morning for breakfast was horrible because I would sweat everyday so I only went once. The AC unit was not working on my first night so they came & replaced it but the new unit they put in was about to die and was making horrible noises. The bathroom was so tiny and dirty & the shower nozzle was terrible because it would spray water all over the bathroom.

    The location ended up being a terrible location and not that safe to walk around with my 3 yr old. The people around us were very loud. I didn't even want to use the pool since the room was not that clean.

    I love to stay at Hampton Hotels but this experience was a terrible one and I would never return to that hotel and I am not sure if I want to stay at another hotel. I had an incident where I left something at one of the hotels in Baltimore MD and it was either stolen or thrown out & the manager was very nasty in his email back to me.

  • Just keep going your family is safer anywhere else if I save one person the violence I experienced than its would be worth it. With all my heart I beg you stay under a bridge or sleep in your car this place is not safe I pray you llisten it is not safe

  • The police had to come because the manàger told the offender no no I have to b tested for HIV as a result of a Hampton inn I have to b tested again n 6 months the manàger didn't just not care she was ill mannered sloven in appearance did her vocabulary was that of an illerate

  • Awful not a good place to get a good night's sleep
    Posted Jul 15, 2015
    Ck in for one night Hampton inn west palm beach central airport hotel, just flew in to West Palm Beach Airport very late at night hoping to get a good night sleep to get a fresh start on our trip next day driving to the west coast.ck in at 12:15 am and at 2:12am jump out of bed to a loud bagging and running down the hallways 'first thought' 4th July weekend explosion in hotel .when i opened my door i see about 8 little kids running down hallways bagging on guest doors up the stairs and back down this went on for fifteen minutes i called front desk only to be told that they were looking into the situation.the whole night was bad couldn't go back to sleep finally fell asleep at around six am only to get up at 7:30 wake up call .Me and my wife decided to have breakfast at the hotel before getting on the road only to be greeted by all the little kids with their family running thru the breakfast room sliding on the floors with their socks putting their fingers in all the food at the counters,taking food from their plates and putting it back very disgusting i wanted to throw up.last straw told my wife we are leavening now went back to my room to ck out called Travelocity and they called hotel i requested my money back they offered a free breakfast next door ,i ask for a manager but no manager was available .this was supposed to be a four star hotel i thought i was staying at a hotel in a low income neighborhood ,hotel needs to be inspected by corporate team its out of control

    • I'm contacting an attorney I was assulted at this hotel and the manàger refused to help me I had to call the police from my room shaking crying I have to b tested for HIV hep c hep b then tested again in 6 months the manàger stopped just short of blaming me I fell asleep in a lounge chain by the pool

  • I'm writing about a reply to my post on Trip Advisor from a Danielle K, Guest Relations Manager at Hampton Inn Walterboro. The room was intolerable; the air conditioning wasn't working properly and the beds were ready to be thrown out. Way too soft. Very uncomfortable night. She responded by saying that their rooms feature the Cloud 9 Bedding Package. NOT. This hotel hasn't had a quality check in a long time! Please have your quality inspectors do a better job.

  • I have been staying at Hampton Inn around the country for years. This weekend I stayed at Hampton Inn in Martinsburg, West Virgina, Room 501 and confirmation number 85190632 and was very disappointed. First, I had major problem getting the door opened- the lock was not working. The shower was working poorly and breakfast was not up to par. I was hoping to get a good night sleep, however, the curtain for the window can not be closed and the outside light kept me up ALL night. Where is the privacy? This was not a good setup for a good nights sleep.
    It would be nice to hear from management if you would like to have my future business.
    Thank you for your interest.
    Joe Gallo
    201- 225-1520 or 201-289-0387.

  • Please do not ever stay at the one in Salisbury Md the rooms are half ass clean plus I was supposed to stayed for a week but yet I had to check out after the first three days cause of NO HOT WATER so with that said they charged me an EXTRA 250.00 because it was supposed to be a smoke smell that's bs when them rooms already be smelling like smoke so guess what I filed a claim against there ass and I had three young children who was with me in the same room who does that see what it was they thought they were going to get that whole week of stay that was worth 1100.00 BUT NOT I checked out and went to Fruitland Md to the new Hampton Inn & Suite and enjoyed the rest of my week the kids n I loved it there nice clean rooms, OUT WATER EVERYDAY, fresh baked cookies every hour on the hour at the front desk AND they don't have no lying ass housekeepers that will say you smoked in a room that you really didn't So please don't Never check in at the Hampton Inn in Salisbury MD

  • My sister's and I stayed at the Hampton in Cashiers/Sapphire Valley. We stayed Sun 5-23 through 5-27 Wed. Everything was great with the hotel until I got half way home and realized that I forgot my clothes in the closet. There were approximately 4 shirts left. I called and was told that they would check the room and mail me my clothes. A couple of days went by and I called again. They said there was nothing left in the room. I had a nice polo and a Columbia shirt that I loved. The rest were little t shirts. Very disappointed as we choose this brand of hotel when we travel. I am currently 2nd guessing using another chain of hotels. I hope the staff enjoys wearing my nice polo and Columbia shirt.

  • Horrible customer service from the manager!! My family stayed here for a 3 day stay while in PA. We were actually very impressed with our stay. Very clean & nice. The complimentary breakfast was good. The only complaint we had was that housekeeping never came during our stay. We had to go to the front desk for our towels. But it gets worse. When we returned home, we checked our bank account. Noticed that we were charged for our reservation twice. Called the next morning to speak to the manager Tammy, she is the rudest person that I have ever had dealings with. She saw no error on there end. I had to have our bank fax over a statement showing the two charges. She was yelling at me on the phone so loud that my co-worker could hear her.My husband put in a customer complaint about her rude behavior. She e-mails me stating that she never yells. I just read multiple reviews where other customers had a bad experience dealing with her, and her yelling. After reading some reviews about money being stolen from rooms, I am thankful that housekeeping never came to our room.They also do NOT stand behind the 100% Satisfaction or your stay is free. My family will never again stay at a Hampton Inn because of the horrible customer service we received after our stay.

  • I am writing this because it seems as if I can not get a satisfactory much yet any timely response without me initialing it. Any invent my next course of action unfortunately will have to be the better business bureau then any and all social media outlets and so forth. Any how my check in and out dates were from Friday May 15th- May 16th, so only one night. I was quoted one price but unfortunately when I checked by banking statement a few days later I found out that there is a customary additional 30 something dollars held out which was not plainly explained to me at time of booking. Nor does it show it in any fine writing on my ledger I received for payment. Also would like to indicate that the service rep taking my payment actually indicated by putting emphasis on showing me what I would actually be charged so I would know exactly what I would be paying.. quote, unquote. Further execrating my surprise concerning this. The second issue is ah Lil minut but it must be brought up for it further adds to my disappointment with the level of professionalism . Apparent asking for extra rags and or towels causes friction and conflict between co-workers for there was noticeable tension between the two in deciding who is in a position of authority and who is not. Which made me very uncomfortable. not to mention I had to wait for at least 5min at front desk before I decided I couldn't wait any longer and went to make contact with any employee whom I could find whom finally contacted the service rep behind the counter. In additional to that upon finally checking out I discovered I left some items which brings be to my final unprofessional point experience . After calling numerous times,starting late Sunday afternoon.. a day after I checked out and getting told they still looking and the manager is not in but will be tomorrow. I actually came to hotel in person and requested a lost and found inquiry the following morning (Monday)/(today) the 18th. I was again told @ 7:30 the manager wouldn't be in until after 9 and this was after I was pushed to the side and told to wait a second for a paying customer . I called again at 10 and she was apparently busy checking rooms but will indeed return my call after lunch. After calling after lunch ,around 1 still not available. I am now writing this letter in a last ditch attempt to be treated like a valuable customer. The items in question are
    1 blue polo collar shirt
    1 pair kaki pants
    1 one brown dress belt
    1 brown jewelry box contents containing ear rings and hair stuff.
    please be advised I've copied myself on this notification and would much rather continue doing business with you. thank you
    Alphonso McClendon Jr.

  • I would like to say that I never got the chance to stay at the Hampton Inn Historic Savannah because I could not get anyone to answer the phone number 1. Then when someone did finally answer the phone after about 4-5 hours of calling, they then put me on eternal hold to never come back to me. I held for about 15 minutes then hung up. So I thought I would share that with the General Manager and he really didn't seem that concerned about my experience. I guess The Hampton chain isn't really worried about its customers or potential customer.

  • My husband stayed at he Hampton In Humble Texas. 20515 Hwy 59 N. Humble TX 77338 for 2 nights. While he was in Texas his cell phone broke. He asked the front desk if he called my cell number in Louisiana if it would be long distance. They told him no it would not that he could make his call. Got a bill in for $50 charged to our credit card. Called the hotel and they said there was nothing they could do about it. I guarantee we will NEVER stay at another Hampton or any hotel affiliated with Hampton!

  • Woah!!!! Wish I had read these comments first
    I prepay my room on my Credit Card and they have the nerve to charge me incidentals of $50 to my account….. Even though the check out person indicated there were no charges
    Not only that. Port Saint Lucie, FL location is old and dirty….
    Stayed at many many Hamptons and never had this problem before…
    Avoid this one

  • Stayed at Hampton in Overland Park, Kns. Great stay. Good rates, great breakfast bar, and each night had a "Pick Me Up" with sandwiches, salads, hot dogs etc. Just this past weekend stayed at Hampton in Duncan, Okla. Breakfast bar sucked. Scrambled eggs with micro. pieces of ham, no gravy, no biscuits, no sausage, no bacon, fruit sliced paper thin, not much of anything. Have stayed in Hamptons off and on for years and have NEVER seen anything this bad. I feel it needs to be looked into. Go to Duncan every year for a 2 day function and will not stay there again unless things change.

  • Stayed at Hampton Inn Atlanta/Marietta (455 Franklin Road) on 1/3/15 and had a wonderful stay. We usually stay at Hampton Inn(s) when we travel. The young man that ran the breakfast bar was outstanding and is a real asset to your hotel chain. His name is Stanley and should be given a raise if possible. Because of him, we will definitely stay at this Hampton again. He was/is a pleasure to be around and does an amazing job. The entire staff was great, too!

  • I would like to comment on our recent stay @ Hampton Inn Midtown, Florence, AL… First I'd like to say that the staff was very personable… ALL of them… Always asking if we needed anything… Super nice people & I wish I knew all their names !!!! I was also very pleased with our room & the cleanliness of the entire building !!! Our cleaning lady was very sweet as well !!! We left a token of our appreciation 🙂 O.K. one of the delightful amenities was the free hot breakfast!!!! The lady that worked there in the kitchen, " LATASHA JEFFERIES" was incredibly kind & I'd like to see her get a raise if possible !!!! She was always there smiling & treating everyone like we were her family !!! I Loved her !!!! She is a wonderful person & I personally will stay there again because I liked waking up to her Smiley & Happy~go~Lucky personality… A joy to be around !!! All the personnel there definitely went beyond their duties & were very wonderful to be around !!! I hope that they all are commended for their wonderfulness !!!!! Sincerely, DeLaura Turner

  • I made a reservation at the Hampton INN Blue ash and was being meet by a friend that was unable to make do to an Illness so it was short notice but my friends Child is at the hospital with H1N1 flue and the person at the desk refused to cancel my reservation. because it was short notice not sure what I was to do about this

  • The Hampton Inn Georgetown, KY is a superb place to stay. Usual Hampton amenities nicely presented and a very friendly staff ably led by Chris at the front desk. Fine pool, hot tub and exercise facility. Good places to eat nearby. Excellent HD TV. We stay there whenever possible as we trek along I-75.

  • My Wife was just fired from your Hampton Inn hotel here in Lincoln Ne. She was hire on as a person to be on call. But my wife had to call and see if there was any work, not the other way around. This is rather odd. She has only worked there a handful of times. They really must have not needed her. She was called in today to speak with the General Manager there. She was lied to and fired by the GM. If the GM had any class, she would have just said, we do not need your services anymore due to low occupancy…instead, she lied and my wife came home in tears. Good luck to them with the help they have now. They just lost a good one.

  • We stayed at the Marion, North Carolina (3560 US 221 South) 11/16/2014. At the time of check in we were told that all top floors were full and that they only had the first floor available…no problem. We were then told that the water was going to be shut off between 10 pm and 2 am due to water "testing"…again, no problem. BUT at around 10:30 the "testers" began banging on the pipes. It was so noisy that after about thirty minutes my husband put on his clothes and went to questioned what the heck was going on. He was told by the worker that we should have never been placed on the first floor due to the water pipe repair. He then went to the front desk and was given a key to a third floor room – at this point we were not in the frame of mind to pack up our things and change rooms at midnight. Then when we got home and compared our hotel invoice with our credit card. We were charged $15+ more than the invoice. Not what any traveler would expect from any Hampton Inn. Sad.

  • I was in Tallahassee, Florida a couple of days ago and I witness how the General Manager Kissy? Something that started with a K, treated and handle on of her employees. She was very unprofessional, rude and cold hearted. I couldn't believe that she was a manager. I can only imagine how she treat her staff dailly and if I had to guess it probably a big over turn because of her and the management team. As professional business worker myself I was really appalled and embarrassed by her actions. The room I received that smelled like it had been painting a hour earlier, the carpet hideous!!! poorly installed it didn't look completed or professionally did same for the painting you can clearly see the green paint shining through the yellow paint??? And to be revamping during football season so close to the holidays…. This should have been done months ago or at the beginning of next year. Wow some General Manager can we say new management. I'll never visit there again

    • In front of the guests, people sitting looking from the dining area with there families, other co workers? I would let her manage my pets.

  • This is an excerpt from my diary as a touring musician, concerning my stay at the University Hampton in Charlotte, NC, which I dubbed "Fear and Loathing in Charlotte, NC"…12:46PM–11/30/13–Piper was up, so we headed downstairs to grab some coffee and nip out for a cigarette. I suggested we take a look at the vehicles and ensure their safety, but as we walked to back of Dana’s van I saw broken glass all over the pavement. Some crackhead apparently busted the back window out of Dana’s van; I cite that because the only obviously missing items were an assortment of Bic lighters, plus Dana’s DVDs. They completely ignored the boxes of tour merch—t-shirts and posters. The next few hours were consumed with police reports &; the acquisition of materials for pseudo window repair. Hopefully, that will be the only bad penny in our overall pot of gold. 3:30PM–Well, the theft just got WAY worse. My amplifier is nowhere to be found. Thank you, scumbag citizen(s) of Charlotte. Here’s the inventory of my personal losses: 1 – 300watt Gallien-Krueger Backline 600 bass amp. Assorted guitar and speaker cables. 1 – heavy duty power strip with a 12 feet of extension. 1 – Shure SM57 microphone. 1 — Shure SM58 microphone. 1 – Audix microphone (it had belonged to Matt LaPorte). 3 – 20 foot microphone XLR cables. Chris Kinder’s RNC compressor. My Behringer compressor. Charlotte, NC—at the Hampton Inn–Piper added these pieces of property to his insurance claim. The staff at the Hampton Inn was less than useless. I can’t help but wonder if it was an inside job. There was a night clerk on duty, and a security guard. But the night clerk was too busy chatting up the security guard (and vice versa) for either to be effective. We were told to park in an area that was just out of camera range as well—furthering my suspicions. So, dear reader—I advise against staying at any Hampton Inns, especially if you have the misfortune of finding yourself in Charlotte, North Carolina. Double that, if you happen to be a traveling musician. Naturally, there were disclaimer signs about ‘parking at your own risk’—placed out of camera-range; right where we were instructed to park. BIG F*ck you to the Hampton/Hilton scumbags. My name is Jason Jennings–easily found online (this page is attempting to make me post as 'unknown')