Clarion Hotel corporate office with phone numbers and address

Clarion Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Choice Hotels International, Inc.

10750 Columbia Pike

Silver Spring, MD 20901 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-301-592-5000

Fax Number: 1-301-592-6157

Customer Service Number: 1-877-424-6423

  • Hi my name is crystal carr member number CRC1512 ,CARRCRYSTA@YAHOO.COM. I MADE A RESERVATION ON SUNDAY,JUNE 14TH FOR TUESDAY THE 16TH at the clarion inn and suites on 155 colony parkway in Aiken ,SC 29803 to the 17th of june.i stayed at the econo lodge on Richland avenue in aiken on the 15th to the 16th. I was staying two separate stays so I could qualify for the free night yall are offering right now..While I got there a little early today the ride that I had could only do it at that time so he dropped is off. So we got there around 1245, and then I went inside and the lady at the desk was very rude and told me I couldn't check in till 3pm so I asked if we could sit outside in the gazebo because my ride was dropping us off and she said that was fine. So it was ne and my boyfriend and my 8 year old daughter and it was a cold rainy day so it was not a fun day out there waiting with my daughter . So around 2:00pm I guess the manager/owner guy came out side and I thought he was going to tell me they had a room ready for us but instead very rudely told me I no longer had a reservation and I had to leave and fo find another hotel to stay in . Did not give any reason why I was not able to stay there and on top of that why couldn't they have told me that when I first got there instead make me wait over an hour which was not very nice knowing we had a child with us.. He made me feel like his establishment was too good for us to step foot into.. So in that matter I went back to the econo lodge on richland Avenue, who has always been very nice to me and never treated me luke I was a piece of trash on the street So I am not gonna qualify for the free night because of that . I feel luke yall should honor that free night to me just because of how I was treated They treated me with no respect and I will tell everyone I know how they treat there guests and tell them not to go there cause they have poor customer service skills. THANKS. CRYSTAL CARR.

  • Hello, I wanted to notify you about issues at the Clarion Hotel in Richmond Va. I was on a business trip this past weekend and when I checked into my room, there was an awful smell in the room. Went to front desk and they gave me a different room. There was this atrocious smell coming from the elevator. The main entrance doors to the floors were never locked. In my room, the toilet paper holder was held on the sink by duct tape. The smoke detector wires were hanging from the wall with no smoke detector attached. One of the outlets in the room were not properly secured to the wall. When I went to unplug the coffee maker, the whole outlet came out of the wall. There was absolutely no heat in the room and it was 24 degrees outside (I had to sleep in my jacket). I hope Corporate will address these issues some which are fire hazards. Thank you

  • Stayed at the Clarion at 30 Lake Shore Dr. E, Dunkirk, NY, 14048. Found a bed bug on towel in bathroom. Brought it to front desk who responded they would search & clean our room. Later on that same day after napping, woke up to bed bug crawling across pillow filled with blood. Again brought it to front desk. Employee responded with blank stare. Advised front desk leaving early/checking out because of bed bugs. No offer for refund or any compensation. Not only out money for checking out early, threw suitcase in garbage because of worry of taking bed bugs home.

  • Never use this company ever again. I’m a travel agent, the manager was very rude and so was the lady on the phone. I made reservation for a client and I.made it 24 hours before getting there. She ended up having to cancel the refused to cancel her reservation and refund for room. It’s pretty sad when people,e are like this. Most places have a 4pm cutoff.

  • WORST PLACE EVER!!! Not what I thought it would be put in reservations a month ago and was paid for during that time when my daughter and I arrived we was told they don't have one for us when we entered the room we expect microwave and refrigerator there were none went back to the front desk and ask about it she say we had to request for 1 like we didn't know that there were none in the room in the bathroom where roaches coffee pot dirty the heat wasn't working only one working elevator and when getting on there were full with employees so you had to wait 20 minutes for the elevator to come back and it's 11 floors almost missed breakfast. Front desk clerk bat her eyes ask she was speaking to us VERY RUDE parking lot in front VERY cluttered very little hospitality. If EVER in Miami drive by fast.

  • January 21, 2017

    My friend and I stayed at the Clarion Inn at Belle Vernon.Pa on Saturday night January 21, 2016. This was a new motel which was a Holiday Inn Express awhile back. Was told it was fairly new and was great. After we returned to our room for the evening, our television wouldn't work. I call desk and was told no techichan on duty, but they would check it in a little while. It was almost 10:30 PM by the time we were told it couldn't be fixed. We stayed in room with the idea it would be fixed the next day. We were out on the 22nd until 7:00 pm and was then told no one checked the TV so they were changing our room, which they did. Just next door is where they put us in room 225. After w transferred our things, I was putting our things in bathroom when I saw BUGS in sink as well as bathtub. Some dead some alive… That was the last straw. We immediately called downstairs and told we were checking out and to get our bill ready.. NO apologies, NO one even acted surprised Just here's your bill., No discount for no TV and for any inconviences. I will never stay at a Clarion Inn again, and if your ever in Belle Vernon, Pa. stay away from there….

  • I had a very horrible night at the Clarion Hotel in Dunkirk, NY… My daughter was asleep in my room, and I had just settled into bed. Almost asleep, I heard what I thought was a torrential rain outside. I got up to realize that it wasn't raining outside, but water was pouring into my bathroom from the ceiling! Everything in the bathroom was getting soaked. The bathroom was unusable in this state. I called the front desk and was told she would be up in 15-20 minutes, and it seemed as if she didn't believe me. Really?!?!? I was dumbfounded! She eventually came up and looked in the bathroom, and said, "Oh." Long story short, at about 12:45 am, my daughter and I had to move rooms. In the morning when I checked out, I asked to have my room comped for that night. The lady at the front desk told me she does not have the authority to comp my room, the manager had the day off, and there was nothing she could do! The next morning when I was checking out, the lady at the front desk told me that it was an overflowing toilet in the room above that was the source of the water! I shuddered to think that my daughter and I had stepped in that water to retrieve our toiletries! Please do not stay at the Clarion Hotel in Dunkirk, NY if you can avoid it! I certainly expected better… I have given 1 star to this hotel on Yelp (because Yelp wouldn't accept my comments without a rating), but I would have given no stars considering the way that I was treated. Why doesn't Clarion empower their employees to resolve a situation right on the spot? I was told repeatedly that this is not an everyday occurrence and certainly out of the ordinary – so, why did it take so long for this issue to be resolved and why was I treated so poorly in this circumstance?

  • I don't even know where to start. We booked 2 rooms at the Clarion Inn and Suites at Midtown Savannah, Ga. On our arrival we were told that they did not accept cash so we put our daughters room on our credit card and we had paid for our room with our debit card. No big deal. Or so I thought. Our stay was In August so we wanted to use the pool. Well It was green when we arrived. We asked the front desk about it, and they said to go and enjoy our day and It would be ready for swimming when we got back.We got back later that afternoon and the pool was still green. Now on to the rooms….. my daughters family was given a room where the A/C unit was missing from the wall! I mean should'nt the front desk know that this was being worked on. So we had to go down and get another room. So that night we go to roll out the sleeper sofa In our room and It Is broken. So we slept three In a king bed. Next morning we ask for the sofa to be exchanged and was told It would be done before we returned. We get back that evening and our room was cleaned but no sofa exchanged. So our youngest went down the hall to stay with her sister and her family. We were just going to tough It out. But by Friday night when we found roaches, that was It! We met with the manager the next morning she was very sorry and told us we could stay our last night there and she would refund us for one night on each room. She gave us our refunds and we left without staying. Came home and 6 weeks after our stay they ran both cards for a nights stay each! I called the manager and she said that they had changed there charge company and I would have to dispute the charges with my credit card and my bank, and then I would get a refund. Well I have done that and now I get letters saying that they dont owe me a refund. So Mrs.Kenner just told me what I wanted to hear I guess. I have called her over and over and never get to talk to her. I have called headquarters and I am hold until I get tired and hang up. So now I guess I will have to hire an attorney. Dont ever stay here!

  • I recently booked a stay at the Clarion in Elk City, OK. Knowing that we were the only car in the lot made us question the hotel. With good reason! There were cobwebs in our room next to the A/C and the worst part is the entire shower ceiling was full of visible mold! This place is seriously unhealthy!

  • Bad Website Double booked because of poor handling of cookies. So we got 2 nights on the same day instead of 1 night then another night 3 weeks later. Once we arrived they called in the middle of the night from the front desk to tell us we had to pay for a no show on the second booking. We pay for their poor website and then get disturbed in the middle of the night by the front desk to tell us that! I can see from all the complaints that this is going to be a huge waste of time so I will just say we intend to let everyone we can talk to know about the poor customer service and definitely choose another option when looking for accommodations.

  • I officially had the absolute worst hotel experience of my life at the Clarion in Mackinaw City (after 50 years of vacationing 2-3 times per year). We checked into the filthiest room that I have ever seen on a Tuesday. In addition, the common areas of the establishment were filthy, garbage-ridden and completely run down. Excited to be on vacation and out of the car after a 7-hour drive, we reluctantly set everything down and headed out to the beach. Sitting at dinner, it dawned on us that we needed to go back into that room that literally made our skin crawl. We called to see if we could get a refund if we were able to find alternate lodging. Three more minutes into the conversation and we were being harassed by the hotel staff. They said that they did not want unsatisfied people on their property and were threatening to have our stuff thrown out of the room. We were officially told to leave the property. At that point, it was 11:00 pm, we were a party of eight with two relatively small children and lodging in the area was extremely limited. The individual that claimed to be the manager was the most unprofessional and rude individual that I have ever come in contact with. He refused to take a walk on "his" property with us to see our legitimate complaints for himself. I was later told by locals that one person owns 17 hotels in the same general area and has successfully gotten away with taking no pride in any of them. Why do big name hotel chains let someone like this get away with such a thing? I ask that representatives from the Clarion would consider doing a thorough inspection of that property for the sake of your name and anyone else that would decide to book there.



  • I am currently on the phone with headquarters to complain about the Clarion in Ronkonkoma New York I can't believe how many complaints there are and how many are the same as I had I'm going above and beyond for this It can't go on anymore this is horrific Coorparte you need to deal with your chain of Clarion hotels

  • Clarion in Grand Junction. We left 2 expensive pillows which "were not found" by housekeeping. The manager implied I was lying about them, since they "weren't found." Nothing he could do about it. Apparently he has no authority over housekeeping.

  • Stayed at clarion in Batavia, ny. there were raggedy towels (coming apart at the seams) and burnt cigarette holes in the comforters. in addition, I was at the waterpark with my grandchildren and they had someone taking pictures for a website without informing parents or getting parents consent. Later when I made a comment about my dissatisfaction with my stay, I was told that there was no one there taking pictures…in order words they were saying I was lying although I did in fact go up to the photograph and inquired as well as received his business card. never staying here again

  • Husband and I recently stayed at the Clarion hotel in Syracuse N.Y on Farrell road, for the Red Neck New Years Eve Bash,12-31-2015, WoW, what a Bash it was. When we arrived at the hotel we immediately checked in, that went ok with the exception of when it came time to pay, I was assured by the woman who took our reservations that we could give a card to hold our room and we could pay cash once there, I made sure by asking 2 times before I hung up that day. after checking in, I went to get my cash out and the woman said your all set, I said no, I want to pay for our room, she responded , No, your all set , your card was charged on the 30th. I was pissed but continued on, once to our room, it smelled like mold when we entered, I kept the door open to air it out, it helped a little but was still noticeable. We continued on and met up with about 30 friends that were, we all together as a group went to the room where the party was, there were people standing all over waiting for snacks as we entered the room, a while later we decided to get a bite to eat, well same thing, people waiting for food cause there was barely any left, disappointed I decided to get a drink, once again, no Budweiser or Mich ultra, they ran out, HOW DO YOU RUN OUT OF THAT BEER ? IT'S A FEW OF THE MOST POPULAR ONES AROUND HERE, Let alone when you made reservations for a certain amount of people, it's crazy. disappointed again, I decided to find a seat to sit down, none available, surprise, not enough seating, time for the main course, our table was last to be called and guess what ? yes, NO FOOD LEFT , besides a few pieces of pizza crust and something unrecognizable, what a joke this place was. I decided to go find my friends, everyone was very disappointed and complaining about the service. I decided to go upstairs to the bar to get away from the pissed off people and noise, no beer that I liked there either , it was open bar now, downstairs before it was a cash bar, there was Baileys, Absolute , Jack Daniels etc, as soon as open bar opened up, that stuff disappeared. I witnessed the bartended from upstairs bringing Budweiser and Michelob in from outside, we were happy, we all asked her where it was hiding, she said she went to the convenience stores around the hotel to buy it cause they were out. This is illegal in NY State, One of my friends took a video of this, so there's proof. At one point one of the staff members was doing shots with the customers, US, I witnessed this as I sat at the bar, real classy. That place is VERY unorganized and unprepared, I have spoke with the manager named Harry Patel asking for a reimbursement, I also e-mailed him of course nothing has come of that. 1 more thing , the next morning I got up early did not go downstairs for the buffett cause I was so disgusted with the night previous to this, I did hear that was just as bad. I had a luke warm shower that morning though, Where was all the hot water ???? That place left a lot to be desired, I will never stay at a Clarion hotel again due to this crappy run down dump, maybe someone from your headquarters could check up on this run down dump ? maybe you really don't care ??? a friend of mine got 100% of his $$ back, just saying. I don't mind paying for the stinky room with a luke warm shower room but would like to be reimbursed for the rest !
    Sincerely: Kim DeGroff

  • just stayed at the clarion in I drive hawain court. well very bad experience, they have some indian people working there at the front desk named PRAVIN and the AGM named GIRISH well … very rude and no manners at all if they keep those people working there. they self will make sure nobody goes there anymore, please do something about it, nice place but bad staff( PRAVIN and GIRISH) send them back where they came from!!!!!!!!!

  • Do NOT have any event at the Clarion Hotel on Route 37W in Toms River, NJ! They should really teach their staff to be nicer to their guests. AND the Manager there – a TOM BLUMENSTEEL was unbelievably rude and totally unprofessional and should NOT be working there. We were all in shock.

  • Do NOT have any event at the Clarion Hotel on Route 37W in Toms River, NJ! They should really teach their staff to be nicer to their guests. AND the Manager there – a Tom Blumensteel was unbelievably rude and totally unprofessional and should NOT be working there. We were all in shock.

  • I want to make you aware of a situation we encountered at one of your hotels. My wife and I checked into the Clarion Hotel in Batavia, NY on the evening of 11/23/2015 for a one night stay enroute from Michigan to New Hampshire. All was well with the room until the morning of 11/24 when I awoke to take a shower and could not get any hot water. I went to the front desk and told the clerk on duty that that I had a problem with the hot water and his reply was that the hot water was off for the 24th and 25th for maintenance. I told him that this is information I should have been given by the female clerk the previous night when we checked in not when I wanted to take a shower in the morning. He said "You should have been told and I apologize". Needless to say I was not real thrilled.

    Robert Caro

  • I stayed at the Clarion Hotel and Conference Center at 2930 Waterfront Pkwy W Dr, Indianapolis, IN 46214

    My truck was stolen from the parking lot.
    I parked in the middle row under a light post.
    Its not the employees fault my truck was stolen. but the rudeness and unprofessional approach to the situation was very dis-satisfying.
    they would not let me move to a different hotel without forfeiting my payment made for the room.
    Their was an extreme lack of concern for my situation. almost like they didn't really care.
    not a single person offered to do anything.
    at least could have offered a comp for a meal or something. My wallet was in the truck that was stolen.
    They had stickers on all the doors stating security cameras. But none in the lot.
    the housekeeping lady was extremely rude when I asked for a simple towel. Busy or not, the rudeness was uncalled for.

  • I stayed at a Clarion near the Detroit Airport recently and noticed they charge a "safe fee" after checkout. when I called they said it was in the fine print on the document I signed during check in; not business honesty in the way they add this to patrons bills. Crooked in my opinion.

    • That's almost as good as my story. I made a reservation at 6:45pm and realized I had the wrong date. Five minutes later I called to cancel. The chambersburg, pa clarion would not allow me to cancel the reservation. They said because I missed the 4pm deadline for cancellations. The reservation wasn't made until 6:45pm. So they are going to charge me for a room in chambersburg while I'm at home in Pittsburgh. Maybe I can use it as a charitable donation tax deduction.

  • Clarion Inn -University in Hattiesburg, Miss. room #153, Sept 5, 2015.
    Absolutely the dirtiest, most filthy room I have ever stayed in. Carpet had many large stains that looked like blood, oil, and who knows what else. Carpet was damp. Before you could get into the bed you had to brush the dirt off your feet. I would have moved but reservation was made by someone else and they had checked us in during the day—–no other rooms available in area due to So. Miss Football game—-
    the bed sheets looked clean—it was midnight and a 3 hr drive home. I told the desk clerk thy said no other rooms. Clerk in morning was not interested in hearing what I had to say—-he obviously had heard it before.

  • I stayed at your Hotel 2930 Waterfront Pkwy W Indianapolis Indiana on the 16th of October 2015 . The place is filthy! Molded curtains, the bathtub was badly stained and dirty, there were cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and about an inch of dirt on the tops of the pictures that hung on the walls( I have pictures to support all that i am saying here) The manager was very rude and uncaring she was in a yelling match with another guest when we came down to complain , the carpet was gross ! And I spoke with another one of your guest who said her room mate had gotten up with what we think were "bed bug " bites. The doors should be closed or the place overhauled . They have the " CLARION" name on the building so they are representing you !!! I know you are a big money business and may not even care at the corporate level but someone needs to know what is going on. Its inexcusable for things like this to happen. I need to add how poorly the hotel staff actually spoke of the manager to us, the guest, bad business all around. Very Dissatisfied !!

  • I was in the hotel at Palm Parkway in Lake Buenavista, Orlando on July 22 for 1 night. At 9 pm, I turned the TV to watch FOX NEWS, but it happened that this was blocked: had video, but not audio. I called a manager named John, to change my room for one where tv worked completely, but he told me that all buildings in the hotel had the same problem. I told him I was coming from Plymouth down to Miami, Fl, and in all hotels I stopped there was not fox news blocked the way they were doing. That I was paying for all services, even though he said the TV was a complimentary service. He blamed Brighthouse cable company for the situation, and refused to write what he was saying. Next morning on July 23 I left a note with the manager Terry, in the form they had for customers.

    Cecilia Romero

  • I stayed at the Clarion hotel in New London CT. First and last time I will stay at a Clarion! Upon arrival the hotel staff was seriously shortstaffed and the front desk staff has stains all over her polo. The hotel was in dire need of updating and the back door entrance had a broken glass pane. Upon entering our room the bathrom tub was so disgusting on the floor with stains that I wore my beach sandals when taking a shower. There were stains on my sheets and the room was very old needing major updates. Bathroom was the smallest I have ever seen in a hotel about 6 x6 ! The free wifi was not accesseable anywhere in the hotel and the free shuttle van was quite honestly old and scary! The poor van driver told us that he wore 2 hats and was also the housekeeping supervisor! He drove us to the casino at 4 pm which was a 20 min drive away and then he was also the same person that picked us up at the casino at 12:30 pm. I thought we may die on the ride back to the hotel as he was so tired he almost fell asleep 2x and drove out of his lane on the highway! The final straw was at the continental breakfast when I went to butter my toast I proceeded to find 2 hairs on my toast! Threw our food away and checked out! Gross and unacceptable! I want a full refund! Still grossed out!

  • After reading all of these comments, I wish that I had seen these earlier. We recently stayed at a clarion hotel in Orlando, and had some problems as well. We were booked to stay in a hotel that had shuttle services to all of the parks, to which we had ticket for the fourth of july celebration, When we arrived we were told that our room wasn't ready, to go out by the pool and wait, not really a big problem..Yet. After setting there in the sun, and yes it was very warm, we were notified that we wouldn't be getting into our room anytime soon, but they could send us to one of their sister hotels, for the same money, because they had overbooked the hotel, So why were we moving, we had been booked here for over a month? But whatever. So here we go, we were put into a van, because we didn't have our vehicle with us because we had rode the train to Orlando, from Jacksonville. We were taken to another Clarion, and found out that they didn't have any shuttle service to anyplace, so we had to pay for all of our taxi service that totaled up to over 300.00. We were at Epcot, and went to use one of our debit cards that should have had at least 600.00 on it, to find out that it didn't have anything on it. We get on the phone, and after over a hour waiting, and recalling, because we were put on hold, we finally get someone on the phone, The original hotel had charged us for two nights, to which e were never even let in, and the second hotel had double charged us. So here we are sitting at Epcot with limited funds now, and having to get around, and eat. Luckily we had other funds with us, needless to say, I will never be staying at any of their hotels, or any that are affiliated with them. Oh and after we were already back home, they finally put our money back into our bank, for the overcharge, they sent us a comment site for their services, to which I did fill out and sent back, not tat I am surprised, I have yet to hear anything back…

  • I recently stayed at the Clarion Hotel located in Fort Mill, SC. After extending my stay, we advised management and housekeeping that we only wanted the bed changed and the tub cleaned. After arriving back to our hotel later that day, we realized all of our belongings had been removed from the room and the room had been cleaned for a check out. We then went to report our missing items to hotel management. We were greeted by a VERY RUDE desk attendant named Matt who was very uncooperative in helping retrieve the missing items. After speaking with Matt for over 10 min and trying and pleading for him to help us in some way, he only informed us there was nothing he could do and to try back another day when a manager was there. He then proceeded to call the police to have us removed from our room after we threatened legal action. We did call the following day, only for the manager to tell us to file a claim with small claims court. Both the attendants as well as management were unhelpful in every way imaginable. So now we are left with no belongings, no one seems to have recollection of the matter and now we must spend money to take it small claims court?? Horrible experience!!! Will never go back!!!

  • I stayed at the Clarion hotel and Conference Center in Hagerstown Maryland for a business trip. When I first walked into the room the air was very humid and smelled like old cigarettes. Not to mention, there was a beer can laying on the floor. After seeing how sketchy the room was I decided to just check the sheets and pillows. I don't have any experience with check the cleanliness of a hotel bed, but based on my quick inspection I felt comfortable enough to lay on the bed a read a book. Shortly after (5 min tops) I get off the bed to charge my phone. As I walk back to the bed I notice that there were a few little bugs that resembled brown ticks jumping from pillow to pillow.

    Needless to say, I packed my stuff and headed to the front desk. I told the guy at the front that I saw bugs in my bed and the first thing he did was tell me how he wants to fire the housekeeping. To me, that is very unprofessional; I don't want to know what u think about the staff or anything that goes on behind the scene. He offered me another room and I decided to take him up on the offer. As I walked into the second room the air felt stuffy, humid and smelled like old cigarettes. I stood in the middle of the floor for a few minutes and decided to just leave. I didn't feel comfortable and I'm terrified of all bugs.

    The guy at the front desks didn't charge me for the rooms. I staying In that hotel for no longer than 30 min. before I decided to leave and find other hotels.

  • My wife, 5 month old son and I stayed in the Clarion Inn located in Lake Jackson, Texas last night (4/17/15) and the list of things wrong is endless. We chose to stay here because the power was knocked out to 75% of our town and they were the only pet friendly hotel in the area. We got to the hotel around 9:30 pm and were immediately greeted by a group of drunks right outside the door screaming profanities and talking about doing cocaine in their room. I ignored this because drunks often brag about things that aren't true. We checked in and soon after realized that the phone in the room didn't work. OK, no big deal, we use cell phones for everything nowadays anyway. My wife decided to take a shower. Cool, go do that. Nope. The handle to control the water was laying on the side of the tub with the O-ring exposed and hanging halfway out of the fixture. That sucks, but we don't need a shower tonight. The toilet was running the entire time we were there. Ok, sure, it gets a lot of use and just needs a new fixture. No big deal. I started to make the baby a bottle and noticed ants trailing in and out of a small hole in the wall onto the counter space. Now things are getting out of hand. By this time it is around 11pm and we decide to just call it a night and find a different hotel in the morning. Before laying down, I did as anyone else, and locked the door. The deadbolt on the door does not lock. It just spins. This is just outrageous. After a pet deposit, I paid $150 for what I would consider an almost worthless hotel room. Upon checkout, I told the hostess about these issues, knowing that they likely had nothing to do with her. She had a smirk on her face and said I'm sorry and pretended to type something into the computer. No offer for reimbursement, no offer of a genuine apology, no offer to get the manager, nothing. I will NEVER use a Clarion or any of the hotels owned by this "business" again. I will be posting reviews on Yelp, Expedia, Travelocity and any other travel website I can find. I would report this directly to corporate, but whenever I call the number I get a robot on the other end, go figure. Maybe those robots can go fix the issues with their overpriced roach motels.

    -John Lowman
    Lake Jackson, Texas

  • On Friday, December 12 at Clarion Suites Hotel in Anchorage, Alaska, My 13- year old son, who had $161 in a money clip zipped in his backpack (as witnessed by my husband), returned to his hotel to discover that only $1 remained in the clip. Our many detailed reports to management, both local and corporate, were met with polite smiles and veiled attempts to accuse my son of lying and/or misplacing the money. They'd questioned the maid in the room after all and she predictably denied seeing the money. The fact that my son had earned this money chopping wood in sub-zero temperatures to earn Christmas money to buy presents for his siblings made the incident especially heartbreaking. He is still troubled by this situation and the fact that adults would steal money from a child. My husband and I both coach in Alaska and consider it our civic duty to warn teams throughout the state to stay away from Clarion Suites in Anchorage, as it would be tragic for something of this nature to happen again to a child. Please be advised if you live in this area to either steer clear of this hotel or lock up your belongings.

  • We booked a presidential suite at the Clarion Suites
    18456 Interstate 45 S
    Conroe, TX 77384 ,
    The sheets and bedding were filthy with both seamen and blood. We had help from the front desk changing the sheets and the attendant, Richard, was apologetic and understanding. We were told that the charge would be adjusted. There was an air purifier in the room that we did not order or request. When we later checked our bank balance we found out that we had been charged $202 for the room and also a charge of $184 for the room. We called manager ( Serena ) she belligerently told us that we smoked in the room and the $184 charge was for the ozone machine. We did not smoke in the room and did not order an air purifier. We found out that an ozone machine can cause death to occupants and should never be used in an occupied room, it ran all night. We did not know how dangerous this was, and frankly too tired from our travels to even think about turning it off. It has been over 2 weeks since out visit and we have received nothing but road blocks and refusal from the owner and customer relations to refund the wrongful charges. the owner her name is Grace, has told the customer relations that we are not to be refunded either the $202 charge or the $184 charge. We consider this Fraud and theft. The customer relations for Clarion Suites is nothing but a sham. I will never stay at a Clarion Suite again I would strongly discourage any one else to never stay at this nasty filthy and fraudulent group of hotels.

  • The Ridgecrest Carriage Inn has SERIOUSLY GONE DOWN HILL since becoming a Clarion. I stayed at the Carriage for 4 years and it is now a Clarion. The rooms are nasty, debris on the floor, really wrinkled sheets & pillow cases, smelly room, furniture half demolished, NNO MORE BREAKFAST, I could on. THE QUALITY HAS GONE WAY, WAY DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • A reservation was made by my best friend for her & I at this hotel awhile ago. My best friend sent an email with her reservation request explaining we needed a ground floor unit because one of us (me) was disabled and one of us had problems with stairs (actually both of us). Our reservation was confirmed. When we got there, the desk clerk told us a ground floor unit wasn't available. There wasn't anyone there to help with the luggage, so one disabled person and a partially disabled person were forced to get our luggage up the stairs however we could. She had to drag our luggage up the stairs to the 2nd floor. I couldn't do this, so my friend had to physically exhaust herself because she wouldn't risk allowing me to try to bring up my own luggage. We found out the next morning that 4 ground floor units were available, but the desk clerk chose to put 1 disabled person and 1 person who couldn't do stairs, on the 2nd floor, even though there wasn't any elevator, and he had ground floor rooms available, because he knew she had asked if they had a smoking room. This treatment by Clarion Inn is inexcusable. We will never stay there again. This particular place is located at 951 W. Main St., Mesa, az, 85201 and I strongly suggest that any disabled person avoid Clarion Inns like the plague because they will not be treated with dignity nor respect.

  • I have a good one, my family and I stayed at the Clarion in Rock Hill, SC outside Carowinds Amusement Park on the night of July 4, 2014. We provided a card over the phone for them to hold room, we arrived, checked in, hotel was not clean and dated. When we checked out, they told us they would bill the card. On December 9th, 2014 we received a charge for the room from July. My wife called and spoke to the manager, she indicated they had done an audit and the manger said to bill the card. Really, 6 months later, don't even have the courtesy to send a letter or call to inform us………… bout as unprofessional as could be. We have stayed everywhere in US and Europe and I have yet to have the non caring attitude of the locations management. THUMBS DOWN to CLARION!
    They might want to read the rules of OLLIES (Good Stuff Cheap) of all places, 1. The customer is always right……………..2. If the customer is wrong, revert to rule #1. I don't work for Ollies but they have the right attitude.
    Andrew White

  • Attention Clarion Hotel Corporate
    Hi I recently stayed at the The Clarion Hotel Birmingham Alabama close to the Airport. I checked in 11/15 and checked out 11/18/14. Later in the day of 11/16/14 I noticed red raised areas on my face, neck and left wrist that was itching. I did not realize immediately that the room had bed bugs but by the morning of 11/17/14, I was sure of it because I now had red raised itchy areas on my upper left thigh and hand and the itching was intense. I notified the staff that morning and they immediately changed the room, later we went to the front desk and showed them the pictures of the bites on my body which we forwarded to the manager. The manger took notes and offered to send me to the doctor however I had business to attend to that morning. Later that evening the staff made arrangements to have me taken to Trinity Hospital where I was seen in the emergency room, I was given an injection of decadron and given prescriptions for vistaril and cortizone cream. The staff assured me that they would pay for the hospital bill and they also reimbursed me for the prescriptions that I filled. This incident was very sad, distressing and unfortunate I am still dealing with the itching and I am trying to avoid scratching myself for fear of breaking the skin and getting an infection. I hope that the hotel uses the incident to implement protocols to keep the rooms bug free on an ongoing basis because this should not happen and it is a serious public health issue.

  • My husband and I and 2 friends stayed at the Clarion in Modesto, CA.
    First of all we were lied to about Queen sized beds in each room. They were regular beds. The desk told us they were Queen and so did the registration person on the phone. LIES ARE NO GOOD PR
    the room were small and the bathroom made you feel like you were in a basement. The carpet was off the floor with cords coming out to plugin the TV. The Middle curtain spots were looking like blood and the carpet was wet and you could smell mold!!! Outlets didn't work, the valance was coming off at the window. Wiring noted for heating/air conditioner unit hanging out. Refrigerator was in the so called closet and it was frosted over. Ice machine was across the lobby from our room.
    The game room was one game and it was unplugged.
    The carpet was coming off on the stairs in the pool area. That could be a law suit if someone fell.
    You have lost 4 patrons. We stayed in room 156 and 115
    The breakfast area had exposed electrical cords connection to outlets on the floor. It is a fire hazard. How did you pass fire inspection?

  • The Clarion in Murfreesboro is a joke! My commode was stopped up when we arrived! Had to hurry to a football game and got back to room late that night. Called front desk and they said it would be fixed in the morning. I asked for a different room as I had to use the bathroom! They told me there were no other rooms. Needless to say after being rude to me and telling me to deal with it till morning, my six foot 300 pound son went to front desk, and wouldn't you know they found me a room. Never been treated so rudely by a hotel staff in my whole life.


    I have gone to the Clarion Hotel in West Springfield with my children for a few years. I went to college in Springfield. The hotel has been completed renovated now. This recent stay was awful, embarassing and quite honestly, a disgrace to hospitality.. I have a rotten taste in my mouth from the weekend. This is a very difficult letter to write but things were so unacceptable, i need to. I will break it up into 3 sections.
    Financial- I stayed 2 nights at $140 a night. The total was 301 as they take a $20 deposit upon check in. When I checked in Friday, my card was authorized for the full amount and was on my Santender online pending charges so the money was out of my account on Friday. On Saturday morning, I bought 6 flag tickets for $108 from the desk and an additional $301was charged to me in addition to the tickets! I showed the front desk manager my online banking thru my phone with the additional charge (I believe her name was Iris) and instead of taking responsibility, she said to call Santender and figure it out because it was not her problem because she did not show the 2nd $301 charge on her end! I had my banking info online in real time and showed her and she still denied it and was being extremely rude. All this was done in front of my kids. I called Santender and (Iris) proceeded to argue with the Santender rep saying she did not charge me twice and then Santender Supervisor got on the phone and was explaining to her that there was a 2nd charge. It was a mess. Finally after about 15 minutes of this lady arguing with the bank, she released the hold. Once the money was returned to my account, the front desk supervisor (Iris), told me I want MY money now and wanted cash. It was unacceptable to treat me this way in front of my kids when this was clearly her fault. Mistakes get made, but the Customr Service was horrific and uinacceptable.
    Waterpark–When my kids and I went to see the new waterpark, we were looking thru the window onto the waterpark. . One of the teenage lifeguards approached me and asked me what i was doing. I said I just arrived with my kids and we were looking at the park because it was brand new and we had been previous guests. He looked at us as if we were criminals. He said we need $10 per person to come in and it had to be cash and would not let me look around without the cash. This was terrible. My kids were horrified and I was too. One lifeguard was guarding the locker room and one was guarding the gate. What is this? I asked if i could look around as I have stayed here multiple times, and he said I couldn’t even go in the gate without giving him $10 entrance fee. Needless to say, my kids were uncomfortable and did not go into the park all weekend. The fact that a teenage lifeguard is acting as a security guard is offensive as opposed to watching the kids in the pool. This is supposed to be an amenity.
    Room–The room lamps had a inch of dust on it and 2 outlets were not working and the bedspread was dirty
    This really was a horrendous experience and I do not appreciate a grossly lack of customer service in front of my kids in 2 crappy situations. I will not be treated like this, especially myself being in the business as a Customer Service Manager. I am just disgusted with the weekend and would not come back to this place the way it is being run currently.
    I want my credit card immediately refunded for the 2 nights with a response from corporate. If this is not rectified within 48 hours with no action, I will be going to the Better Business Bureau and the Massachusetts Attorney General. I will not be treated like this under any circumstance.