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  1. 2020. Two pairs of Clarks womens sandals fell apart as I walked in them! Totally unacceptable! And clearly, judging by the litany of complaints above, the Atty General’s office should have come down hard on Clarks & required free replacement or full refunds. Sounds like failed management from the top down! Horrible.

  2. Worst customer service ever! I ordered a pair of shoes for my son that were on sale. They were too big. I returned them for an exchange, but since the price went up, they would not exchange although the shoes were never worn, had the original receipt and box. I paid with a credit card, but they decided to refund me with a gift card. The order for the gift card has been "processing" since 1/7. Repeated emails go unanswered. Phone calls get answered with the promise of a follow-up the next day which never comes. Will never shop here again – notice all the replies to the customer's above. Oh wait, there are none…

  3. I also had soles 2 pair of Clark's mules totally fall apart right off my feet while leather uppers were still new, leaving black stains everywhere, tripping me, and stranding me away from home in bare feet. Called Clark's customer service. Representative asked me to give him date of manufacture imprinted inside my shoes, which was 2005, though shoes were purchased at Belk last year. Was advised to only shop at Clark's boutiques, because, apparently, department stores fail to rotate older shoes out of stock. Wad also advised to wear my shoes more, because allowing them to sit in a closet will ruin them. I was not asking for compensation of any kind – just an explanation and acknowledgement of the problem. Reaction to what I had to say in part of the Clark's representative was bizarre and unacceptable. Have been a loyal Clark's customer for many years, but will find new favorites. Will never buy another pair of Clark's shoes.

  4. I have been a Clark's customer for over three decades now. Today I went in to a local Clark's store to return some shoes. Between the time I bought the shoes and today, my American Express card number was changed due to fraudulent charges. Today I was told that Clark's policy is to not allow returns in such cases – unless the customer can produce the previously used card.

    Not sure how that would work since if the card was stolen the individual would not have it on their person and if it was replaced, would most likely have destroyed the old card, as I did.

    I called American Express who offered to talk to the store manager but the store manager refused. The American Express representative advised that this scenario comes up routinely and the solution was to run the return against the newly numbered card and that would automatically charge back to the correct account. The store refused to try this.

    The store manager's name was Tim (no last name provided). Store #739.

    I was then advised that if I could produce an email with both the old and new numbers, they would process the return.

    None of this makes sense to me. Is this Clark's policy?
    After 30 minutes on hold with your customer service at 800-211-5461, I was disconnected.

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