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Comcast Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How to Contact Comcast Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Comcast Corporate Office Address:

One Comcast Center

Philadelphia, PA 19103-2838 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-215-665-1700

Corporate Fax Number: 1-215-981-7790

Corporate Email: info@comcast.com

Corporate Stock Symbol: CMCSA

Comcast is famous for communication services. Comcast’s products include wireless voice and data, broadband internet, video, and data and phone service. Comcast is one of the premier cable tv and internet providers in the USA.

Comcast’s competition includes Verizon, AT&T, Dish, Charter, T-Mobile, Centurylink, and Optimum.

Comcast’s toll-free customer service number is 1-800-266-2278. The company does encourage users to use its technical support system and help forums on their website.

CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com is not associated with Comcast. This website is for information, reviews, feedback, ratings, and complaint purposes only. Information was verified by a live person on April 2023. Please report any errors to the webmaster.


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  1. This is a complaint about Comcast and how this company trying to rip people off. We’ve been a loyal customer of Comcast since 2014. We signed up for unlimited Internet. In October we received a bill with one time 100$ charge for additional usage without contacting us with their explanation about changes in charges. I was on the phone with representative Twra from Comcast in October for three hours she promised to waive one-time charges 100$ and my next bill with unlimited Internet will be 104.51. I received a bill in November for 246.13 with 100$ From the last bill + 12,09$ partial charges and $30 one-time charges for this bill. On November 13 I spoke with Julia, she promised a lot but didn’t do anything. On November 21 I spoke with Sarah, and she waved 100$ One time Charges and promise to waive $42.09. My bill at this time is supposed to be $104, 04. Today November 23 I checked my balance and 42,09 still remains. I called again and spoke with Jay who did not help me and promised that supervisor Nelson or he will call me back in 30 minutes with explanations of my situation. I waited for one hour and did not receive a callback. I decided to call again this time to the billing department and spoke with Kelly, she helped me with $42.09. Finally, on November 23 I paid my bill of $104.04. To resolve this problem I called customer service five times and spent on the phone around 10 hours. This is an awful experience with Comcast and I would like to discuss moral and material damage with a representative from the corporate office. Please contact me by email.

  2. comcast has been a horror. i am disabled and an elder and they have screwed me around for over a year. i have main box that keeps saying voice guidance is not working. we are working to fix it. please try again later. for weeks. and my box doe not always work. the other two boxes one hs been changed out 6 times, still doing the same thing. new tvs, not the tvs. the other has been changed 4 times, and still not right. they go off and on. the kitchen one goes off every little while all day.plus other things. i took video and photos of all of this. same with the other box. not as bed but still a problem. wrote for corporate for 3 weeks. never got a corp tech. they kept having this cj suarez or angela castillo call me from miramar fl. after i told them repeatedly that i will not speak with miramar. they have abused me and my aide who takes care of me said she will not let them speak with me again. and i tell that to them every time and he keeps calling from different numbers. now my kitchen box says not supported. and in ADDITION, THE EMAIL I HAVE SHOWING THE DOWN GRADING I DID ON JUNE 12 A MONTH AGO. WHICH WAS A COMFIRMATION FOR THE NEXT YEAR OF THE NEW PLAN RATES. GIVEN TO ME BY SOME GUY NAMED ROGER ANGALADE AT 954 534-7220. TODAY I GOT A BILL REMINDER FOR $178. MY PLAN IS ON THE CONFIRMATION $116.82, SAME FEATURES, ONLY THING THAT CHANGED IS THE CHANNEL LINUP. I WENT TO THE DIGITAL STARTER BUNDLE. WITH THE HIGH SPEED INTERNET AND THE PHONE . THIS IS NEVER ENDING NORROR OF MY LIFE! I HAVE NO OTHER CABLE I CAN USE HERE IN THIS AREA. IT IS MANDATED BY THE COMISSIONERS I CAN USE COMCAST ONLY HERE. THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!!! AND AFTER THE SCREWED UP MY WIRING AND CABLES THEY CAME OUT AND REDID THEM, THEN PUT THE NEW, BUT NOT NEW, X1 BOXES IN. NOTHING HAS WORKED FOR ONE FULL MONTH. NOT EVER. AND THE CORPROATE REP IS NOT GETTING CORPORATE INVOLVED BECAUSE HERE IN SOUTH FLORIDA THEY WANT TO PREVENT CORPORATE INVOLVEMENT. I WANT THIS FIXED NOW!!! AND I HAVE SENT PHOTOS AND VIDEOS TO THOMAS PIGEE, THE CORPORATE AREA MANAGER, AND TO TONY ONOFRIO, THE MANAGER OF MY AREA TECHS AND THEY ARE TOTALLY IGNORING ME. THEY SENT A GUY WHO WAS NOT CORP. HE NEVER FIXED THE REAL PROBLEMS. HIS NAME IS GIANCARLO. THIS IS THE BIGGEST SCAM AND ABUSE OF CUSTOMERS THAT I HAVE SEEN YET. AND I WILL TAKE THIS TO THE FCC AND THE GOVERNOR. AND TO THE BBB. I WANT THIS FIXED FOR ONCE AND FOR ALL AND NOT WITH MIRAMAR JERKS CALLING ME ANYMORE EITHER. THANK YOU.

  3. Called in regards to a no show for a per site visit and installation of business internet and phone. Received the run around as to why it happened and was given the "escalation number of 140708-00167 and told someone would contact me with 24-48 hrs. 72 hrs later..NOTHING! Got on online chat and what was offered as a resolution?? Another "escalation"!! Really??? Filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau.

  4. Comcast/Xfinity is hopeless. There services is equivalent to the services of the worse impoverish third world country. There ought to be an oversight board to find unscrupulous companies like these. Our security system went over a month ago, but we continued to pay them for this non-service. Now, it's the televisions, each time they fix one, another goes out or the internet goes. I have been told its the association, next the neighbors. I have had it with them. The problem is that we paid part of the monthly fee through our association and another $195.00 to them each month. I am a senior citizen and a third of my income goes to them. This is shameful, unfair and more significantly disgusting to say the least. I pray this company fail someday, and it will.

  5. We had comcast for a very long time. At the beginning the cable TV service was great. We then decided to go from dial up internet to Comcast high speed internet service. What a mistake………………………………

    We would loose inter net service at all time it would seem. I once lost service for 32 days straight because comcast wouldn't repair the lines.

    ATT DSL and direct TV are much better options over comcast. Have been using both services for a year and no complaints at all. Direct TV has even called me on the phone three different times just to see if I had an issues that needed to be addressed! They didn't even have a "sales pitch" when they called!

    I never once received a phone call from comcast asking me about my service. Every call recieved from them was a "sales pitch".

    I wouldn't accept any comcast services period, even if they were offered free for life! I would much rather use smoke signals for communications or read a book for information.

  6. comcast broke my computer and the tech admitted it but they wont pay for my repairs so i dont pay my comast bill.got a lawyer ready for when they shut me off.

  7. Obvious;y NOBODY ever reads these, Customer Service is snotty. Notice this is the only place you can post your complaint, not reach anyone @ Comcast Sales & C. Service need major IT upgrade! Give subscribers a place to respond w/o going to the Corp. angry file to ignore!
    I've been a successful sales manager by listening to my customers!
    You've got an IT problem, a closed loop where you don't hear about Problems you need to address NOW!
    Once in a rare while calls to service get someone who cares in their drudgery attitude, they get paid for showing up; how about a reward for customer service based on instant/email feedback, not waiting longer for survey!
    Get real, NOBODY who's been on hold for your service will EVVER volunteer one more minute on HOLD1
    Get your accounting in line unless there's something less savory going on!
    I got an email @ 1;38 AM my bill was overdue 7 I owed $447, well, my checkbook. snotty rep (cab't call her service) came up w same amount due on 06/03/2014!
    Are you harming my credit W BAD emails?
    Are you defrauding seniors regularly w bold face bulls in excess of $400 for paid and not due until June, or is this a serious IT and Service problem you need to address

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