Cracker Barrel Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 

Official Address:

307 Hartmann Drive

Lebanon, TN 37087 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-615-444-5533

Fax Number: 1-615-443-9818

Customer Service Number: 1-800-333-9566


  • I was a employee at the winter garden fl store for 3 1/2 years. I left in June 2017 and as if march 23,2018 I still do not have my w2 to file my tax return. The law says the employee is supposed to receive it by January 31. I cannot get it from the online wage None of this is a surprise, also, the automated number is no help either.

  • had breakfast in the Kerrville tx store and had to sit in front of a swinging door with staff going in an out. was worried they would drop something on my hubnds head!

  • We hadn't been to Cracker Barrel on Maysville Rd, Ft. Wayne, IN for quite some time because of the lack of service. We went back last night to see if anything has improved, it had only gotten worse. Portions were small, but we expected that (back on a diet), but when we asked for condiments, that was even worse. The waitress didn't provide very good service, looked like she was spread terribly thin. I WILL NOT initiate another visit to Cracker Barrel !!!!!!

  • This is one of the worst places I have ever worked for. Favoritism and discrimination is a huge problem at my store, and the managers do nothing but use the good employees. If you get something nicer than they have, for example a new car, your hours are immediately cut so you will be unable to continue to pay for your new investment. There is no considerarion for employees or their personal situations as I have been discriminated against and treated like I am trash because I became pregnant. As soon as they found out my schedule was immediately cut to only the most busiest days, which is Friday through Sunday. I am constantly being forced to carry trays and ice bins that are well over 25 lbs. Three different employees have actually told me that they have miscarried because of cracker barrel's inconsideration. Today I was told that I was disrespectful and rude and that I thought I could walk out of there without doing anything, even though I had stayed an hour and a half over my shift and was not being allowed to leave, despite having an important appointment to go to. Cracker barrel and their corporate offices should be ashamed of themselves for treating their employees the way that they do.

  • We happen to stop by cracker barrel in Elizabethtown ky. And meet a nice young lady in retail she was very sweet and helpful she is good for the store bad for our wallet. Very good sales person. Cracker barrel gets good employees like Nancy and sadly manage to not keep them they have a high trun over. We hope some one in corporate notices this employee and others and do better to keep them.

  • there is bulling happen in the retail store to at least one of the ladies that works there. the retail Manger knows but does nothing about it I* think they are going to fire her .She may have a case against the store and the people involved.

  • I for one, believe you caved to A&E and the Robertson clan who are only out for celebrity and MONEY, as you apparently are as well. They and you are very hypocritical and I have never seen one act of selflessness or charity out of this whole situation. If Phil loves everyone where is his TRUE Christian spirit of giving instead of receiving? You have pandered to the cons.

  • You caved to A&E and the liberals. I have news for you, your customers support Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty Family. Liberals and New York Intellectuals think your food is hillbilly roadkill trash.

  • I would like to take this opportunity to applaud Angie S. who works in the Cracker Barrel in Caseyville, IL. After a
    very trying and miserable day at the office, I decide to stop at C.B. for dinner. This young lady was absolutely fabulous. By the time I finished my meal, I decided to take another dinner home for tomorrow. I felt as though I had been to the spa. She was very attentive, caring, courteous and more should be like her. Carolyn

  • i agree wholeheartdly with the above complaint,i've lost over $2000 lately because management are screwing up everything with the schedule,they are getting people who know nothing about cooking and the most experienced one are lft with very little hrs,on top of that i've injured myself at work because of a lack of safety by the gm,and now they have reduced my hrs even more,no wonder they are loosing 10.000 customer at week,they don,t deserve good hard working staff,this is not a very good company to work for,may be they don't deserve to be in business at all

  • Hello to whom it may concern. Someone please handle the lack of management for the cracker Barrel in lawton. I know the managers want to make their bonuses, but your killing your employees by underscheduling staff when you need it. And then expect the employees to perform at thier best when you run them into the ground. And the biggest problem is the inconsideration and unappreciation for employees scheduling. When i was hired i told them and as well as on my application that closing wasnt an option for me due to being a single parent and still i am getting scheduled. If someone doesnt fix the management. I will goto channel 7 as well as the department of labor. Another thing my parents eat there on occassion and when i see cooks running and washing dishes when they are supposed to be cooking. To me is very unsanitary. As soon as the big boss leaves. Stuff goes right back to the way he wants it run. Maybe you guys should check all the complaints you guys are getting. I know its not coincidental.

  • the douglasville, ga cracker barrell is a sorry place to work , they have stupid managers that only use good employees and keep them beat down
    i hope they get together and file a class action law suite

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