Crowne Plaza Corporate Office Headquarters

Crowne Plaza Corporate Office Headquarters
InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-604-2000
Fax Number: 1-801-975-1846
Customer Service Number: 1-800-621-0555
Reservations: 1-877-227-6963

  • The way Crowne Plaza in kcmo is ran and how they treat their chief engineer is downgrading. The office managers do not support or respect the one they call to put out their fires as initiated by them. It is cruel and unhonorable the way the general manager handles and manages his team of employees that their is no team or chain of command of ordinance because he has no guidence to develop a well working system and also seems to appear neither does the assistant. Take pride in your work and aprriciate the ones who follow upstanding workmenship. Not undermine them and and no leeway to opporate what is required then hold them on the chop block because what you are wanting isnt be delivered to your unmanageable standards.

  • First let me say that we stayed at your Crown Plaza Little Rock Arkansas location located on Shackelford we had the pleasure of being waited on by your employee Aaron ( male black ) he was AWESOME!! Even though we are still in a pandemic we had to get away from the madness we only stayed for 1 night but Aaron went ABOVE and BEYOND with his customer service and I wanted it to be known. Please acknowledge him in some way for his OUTSTANDING customer service skills. We will definitely return to this hotel.

  • Not knowing where else to file this complaint, here it is……
    We just want to let you know that as long as you continue to advertise with, and support, that pervert, Jimmy Kimmel, my friends and I will no longer be purchasing any of the products you make. Thank you

  • Hello Araon,

    I wanted to take time to thank you and your excellent staff for taking such good care of our clients last weekend.

    The Travel Company was asked this year to be the designated travel agency for the University of Pittsburgh Pitt Panther Parents. We do all the travel for the parents, alumni and friends of the Pitt football team.

    The Georgia Tech game was our first true away game. We selected the Crowne Plaza in Atlanta not only for its location, but because of our great success with Crowne Plaza in the past. It is typically our “go to” choice of hotels.

    As expected the Crowne Plaza Midtown fulfilled all our expectations and then some. The outdoor pool/patio area was a great place for the parents and alumni to sit and talk. Your convenient and friendly lobby bar with ample comfortable seating also provided a great area to socialize.

    What truly made our stay however was your staff! In particular, the front desk crew. These are the people who are the faces of your property and they did an outstanding job. Lakisa, Leonard, Raynoldo, Tikira and Marsha in particular always seemed to be there to take care of anything our guests asked.

    We have been in the travel business 26 years and it is rare to find even one member of a staff let alone the entire front desk staff as good as you have. You should be very proud of what they do for your guests. In addition, I congratulate the management of the Crowne Plaza for its training program and your ability to retain such good employees.

    All one hundred plus of our clients complimented us on doing an excellent job. Thank you all for making us look so good ! We appreciate your hard work and dedication.


    Leonard Norwich
    The Travel Company
    814 467-7766

  • I have never been treated like this . In March, 2017 I made 9 different reservations (guaranteed with 2 different credit card numbers) for staying in November 2017, each being confirmed and emailed back by the Hotel with a confirmation number ( 61887807, 61887791
    61887806, 61887760, 63150870, 63150888
    63150927,63150919 , 63150957 )
    Last friday your people from the Hotel in Puebla sent us an email saying that they tried to make another "credit card authorization" (even when they had already done it in the first place, when I initially made my reservation) and supposedly both credit cards were declined, so they cancelled our reservations without contacting us.
    We contacted American Express, and they said that this is not true. They have no records of your hotel trying to get any authorization for my credit card ( neither my other two friends different cards ) attempt for any charges or any decline from Amex to your Hotel.
    We were affected from coming to your hotel on those specific dates and they cancelled all of our 9 ALREADY CONFIRMED reservations. And as I said, we called amex to prove those charges attempts were NEVER made or any type of authorization request or or declines or any intention to charge anything were ever made to any of the credit cards that were held on file for the 9 reservations.
    This was clearly a fraud.
    An attempt to try to cancel my reservations that I had already confirmed with a low rate and take them away from me to allocate to higher rates.
    I even asked the hotel to send me proof of the declined voucher from Amex and they just sent me a voucher with the last 4 digits of my credit card.
    But I told them that they could have intentionally have made an authorization with different numbers on the first digits of my credit card and just making sure that the last digits were the same from my credit card in order to intenionally have a declined voucher with only the last digits of my credit card matching. The hotel manager told me she would send another document with all of my credit card numbers and she never did. She never sent back anything else. Only some phone number of other hotels that of course right now they were full but not in March that we reserve this in advance
    I will be publiciting and posting this because I know they are reselling my rooms at a higher rate and this is illegal practices because they are taking our reservarions away from us with lies. I am amazed on how you can let anyone use your image and brand doing this kind of things . Because I have proof that you confirmed every single room with a number and email to me reading "CONFIRMED RESERVATIONS". And also that you didn't even tried to charge it so that's a bug fraud. I was a huge fan of your hotels! Well, not any more!!

  • Crowne Plaza dumped Sean Hannity? What do they think they are now the thought police! Never stay there again!!!!

  • Please help me understand why Crowne Plaza Hotels has succumbed to pressure to drop your advertising on Hannity.
    Unfortunately, when we are in the market for hotel accommodations, you will no longer be one of our considerations even though we have had excellent experiences with your hotels.
    I do not admire nor have confidence in your business any more.
    I find no likeness between Crowne Plaza and freedom of speech in the USA.
    Unfortunately it appears that you do not value TRUTH and the mandate of the media to go after and report TRUTH.
    As a retired journalism teacher and print media journalist, I find it extremely dangerous when special interest groups can coerce businesses to stop advertising on programs which are investigating and reporting news, in an attempt to stop free speech.
    You and I both know that TRUTH will at some point be discovered.
    I have to wonder with what you were threatened to drop advertising on one of the most highly rated and successful television news shows.  It must have been a biggie.
    Or do you just not stand for TRUTH?
    Where will Crowne Plaza stand when the smoke clears? 
    On the side of discovering TRUTH or trying to suppress TRUTH?
    How very disappointing.

  • I'm writing to let you know that I am joining millions of Hannity viewers in bocotting Crowne Plaza Hotels for your company's decision to pull advertising from Hannity's show over his reporting on the death of Seth Rich scandal.

    David Dietz
    Hollywood, Florida

  • y caving to the PHONY protesters using "bots" to complain about Sean Hannity telling the TRUTH about Seth Rich, you have lost the support of me, my family and those of us out in the heartland.

    You do not support the REAL TRUTH and cave like spineless wimps to the PHONY left, then you deserve to g out of business just as they are trying to force Sean Hannity FROM TELLING THE Truth.

    You don't support free speech and the truth, we will not support YOU!!

  • I recently stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Addison Tx by the Galleria . The experience was very unpleasant . When we arrived there were several cars parked in handicapped parking who were not handicapped with their music playing extremely loud . Hotel staff and management did nothing . That night after we returned from dinner we parked our brand new truck in a well lit area of the hotels parking lot . Also , with the understanding that the hotel had security we should have no worries about our vehicle being safe . The next morning we walk out to our truck to find it sitting on blocks where the wheels had been stolen . So with a well lit parking lot , security cameras , and security guards this should have never happened . If in fact if your hotel's staff/security would actually do their jobs neither would have the other three customers trucks would have had their wheels stolen either . So in just one night your hotel allowed four trucks not just be vandalized …….. they allowed them to have 16 rims/tires removed and wheeled off under your hotels watch . Piss poor to say the least and to be polite . We were addressed by phone only by your hotels security and was told the hotels insurance would be in contact to resolve the matter . Almost $8,000 in wheels and tires from my vehicle alone were taken and your company did nothing . We stay in the DFW area dozens of times a year and numerous other cities through the United States. We will never stay at a Crowne Plaza or any IHG related hotel ever again .

    Thanks so much ,
    JJ VanderPoel

  • We keep getting notices of some really great rates in Pop-up Ads! We have stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Pedro a couple of times prior to going on a cruise and enjoyed our stays.
    We are active on a Cruise Critic Roll Call for our next cruise which is scheduled for Oct. 8, 2017. We are putting together various groups of fellow cruisers for some events and excursions once the cruise begins.
    Currently a sizable group of us are looking to book rooms prior to our upcoming cruise but we cannot seem to find any rates that even start to compare with the advertised rates. I know of at least 3 couples wishing to stay for 2 nights. I recently email the CPH, SP with the following comparisons: Booking a room for Jan. 13 the rate would be $113.68 However to book a room for Oct. 6 thru 8, 2017 the rate would be $170.03. I requested a better rate and while not wanting to be greedy we suggested a compromise of between $135 and $140.
    The reply I received was rather cold, impersonal and matter-of-fact.
    "Good morning thank you for contacting the Crowne Plaza La Harbor Hotel our online rates are the best rates we have I’m sorry I am not able to offer a less discount that what is on our web site. The price online is a good price. If you some of your guest will have a vehicle the best package is the Park & Sail package this package will include the parking while been on your cruise."
    Therefore we are writing to those of you at the Corporate Headquarters, to see if anyone can work with us! Of course we would appreciate the lowest possible rate and it is quite possible that that rate could be made available to other members of our group. On one of our last cruises, after much haggling, we received a decent rate of $141.?? which ended up getting over 23 couples to participate. It makes more sense to have a group of guaranteed reserved rooms that not! But then what do I know as I am just a customer!
    Anxiously awaiting your response to this request.
    Not Anonymous but
    Michael & Betty Baker
    2709 N Crescent Dr.
    Stillwater, OK 74075

  • We stayed the Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor in San Pedro prior to our cruise. Most of our party was stuck in the hotel elevator in the morning for more than 1 hour. To make matters worse, after the initial phone call on the elevator phone to the front desk there was no further communication with those in the elevator. I received a text and a phone call from one of the passengers in the elevator, as my husband was one of the stuck guests, and went to communicate issues to the front desk. The Chief Engineer was passing at the time and was surprised and "happy" that he could finally talk to those stuck. The fire department came, the elevator company representative came and finally they were able to get out. We left on our cruise and upon return, some of the stuck passengers had already received a 100% credit for the hotel room on their credit card. I proceeded to call the hotel manager to get same financial reimbursement. This took me 7 calls to the General Manager. On 2 occasions he promised to call me back once in 10 minutes, and one time in 2 hours. Never did I get a return call. I also left 3 messages with the hotel operator and with accounts receivable. This is totally unacceptable service. On my 7th call, I told the GM I was not going to hang up and that he needs to resolve my issue. He passed me on to a clerk and the credit was processed. I suggested that the hotel change their procedures to include asking stuck guests if they had a cell phone so that any needed communications could continue until they were out of the elevator. She continued to argue with me that everyone was in communication and those that were stuck knew exactly what was going to "free them". That was certainly not the case that day, but your management didn't care to hear that. We will not stay at that Crowne Plaza in the future.

  • We had a conference at the Crowne Plaza in King of Prussia. Must say we had a great event and things went well. Problem occured in trying to get our money back because we overpayed. We settled and concluded the event on June 26th and 25 days later we are still waiting for our $7900 refund.

    Note to the wise – Do not overpay the hotel bill because they take forever to get your money back.

  • Stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Indianapolis airport from July 11-15, 2016 and was truly disappointed. In town for. Union conference that was held downtown Indianapolis This hotel disappointment started with the bug on the bedding the first night of stay. Then escalated to pure discuss the second night when we were getting ready for bed and in my girls bed was blood stains. No they are not old enough to have started there cycle. Then the third night I was told my credit card was declined when it should have never been charged in the first place. But due to the reservation department not following through on making the room reservations properly I was in convinced and missed a very important meeting i was supposed to attend. Then on my last day there I wanted to make sure that the billing was correct and see they have charged my credit card a room deposit. When i tried to get things corrected with billing the front desk manger on duty was rude and she implied the I was lying about charges. This was very stressful and frustrating then to actually be a IHG rewards member and it be implied that I was lying about the charges really left me upset. I will say that there are some very nice and friendly employees on staff at this hotel.

  • We stayed at the Crown Choice Inn and Suites Mackinaw City. Front Lady at the desk was extremely rude to us and the guest ahead of us. Toilet wouldn't flush, called 6 times someone came finally. Had to ask for towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, coffee items for the coffee maker never got those. Out of the three nights we stayed they never changed the sheets or vacuumed the floors. Food was the worst ever. They PROVIDE FOR FRUIT AT YOUR BREAKFAST FRUIT SOUP, WHICH IS WHAT EVER THEY WANT TO THROW INTO A SLUSH OF NASTY WHATEVER. DISCUSTING!!!!! The hotel has a water park but everything was so dirty and discusting we did not use it.

  • I have to say, one of the WORST experiences for a event. I met with the Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina a few months explaining that I was doing a fundraiser for Fragile X Families of Southeast Virginia (a 501c non-profit organization) and the hotel was explained all of this. IHG host many of the National Fragile X Foundations events and conferences. In the beginning, everything was wonderful, they seemed just as excited as me to be helping with this fundraiser. All sorts of promises were made. I will take partial responsibility because I signed a contract based on "words told' and did NOT read the fine print. 3 days before the event, I was 'HIT" with a bill for over $4000.00 and told because I signed the contract, even if I cancelled I was still responsible for the full amount. After going back and forth, I was able to get the "bill" down to just over $3000.00. I had no choice, as they already had part of the money that was raised. Our event took place last night. Now, let me tell you what $3000.00 will get you. A room that YOU have to set up (including tables and chairs), A room that the AC did not work (at 90 degrees outside, many left because of the heat), Many items discussed and promised not there, Food- meatballs, cold chicken wings, burnt quiches, cheese and crackers, enough for about 25 people (many left to go get something to eat elsewhere), A cash bar where the premium brand was on my list provided for $8.00, they were charging my guest $11.00 for a 4oz drink. So now, this "fundraising event" did not raise funds, but instead left us in the whole having no choice but to pay , which I did, I signed the contract. So, I go to the "sales manager", which come to find out all there sales people have the title "sales manager" with no help and very nasty behavior. I went above them to the director of sales and was informed all of this was IHG policy and there was NOTHING Crowne Plaza Hampton could do. I contacted IHG, the only response was the computer genertaed one that said someone would reply within 48 hours, I have gone as far as emailing the CEO on Wednesday when all of these problems began and still have recieved NO RESPONSE from him either. This was the worst fundraiser in history. National Fragile X Foundation gives IHG so much business (conferences of over 1000 people staying 4-5 days, not to mention the uses of all confernce rooms) I was under the impression that using another IHG hotel for a Fragile X fundraiser would be a benefit, maybe at one of their different hotels but NOT at Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina. Our fondation is OUT the 3000.00, not to mention all the people that left before raffles, silent auction, etc…..The event is over, The hotel is paid in full, the only loss is those local Fragile X Families of Southest Virginia families affected by Fragile X. These funds where to help local families be seen at Fragile X clinics, attended educational conferences and any other items that will help. THEY, including myself as MY SON is affected LOST. So, Crowne Plaza Hampton Marina, You have "scammed" our fundraiser out of $3198.98, as well as however much else could have been raised if people would not have left, but I guess since according to you "these are IHG policies" its no big loss to you!

  • ​Dear All concern,

    5 Reminder : 10 Time asking : Urgent: Resend: Reservation requested on 08-10 May 2016 Crown Plaza Kunming.

    I am very surprise that your process to answer my question or follow up what I want . It is just a few question and very easy to get back why your team work very delay and keep silent. I still waiting your team answer but no one action with in 24 hours. It is more than 2-3 days.

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  • My husband and I stayed at the Crowne Plaza-Ventura Ca….1/29-1/31 after noticing that out hang items were not in the back seat after we checked out 25 minutes prior. We called the front desk from the car…We explained what had happen, we were passed to Housekeeping. The person (lady) that answered said she was the manager…we explained she said she would send someone up to check, 15-20 minutes later she called to say yes, she had in front of her a sweater jacket, 1 pair of pants and
    2 white shirts. We explained we can't turn back but we will be there on Saturday February 6 to pick up. Lady said that would be find all will be in housekeep lost and found. We arrived on 2/6 at 9a….The bag was brought to the front desk and the expensive sweater jacket was missing. This is when all things turned from being a honest hotel to a hotel the allow his/her employees steal from paying customers. The tried to cover up by saying it must have drop out the bag to we will search and call you back. We asked for a manager to call us and one to come to the front desk, we were told No manager were available til Monday 2/8/2016…WE LEFT OUT CONTACT # I called @ 9:30a 2/8/2016 after being on hold for 15 minutes, I hung -up I called back lady that answer said her manager was on another call his name is Daniel Quintana (805-648-2100) later that day he called all was shared with him. I had to repeat my proof of conversation to him 6 times…Not sure why he could not understand proper English. Any way.. he calls me back 2:34 with the airy way of speaking as if no matter what he will defend his team. His words I have a honest team and no one here would ever steal from a customer. I shared well someone did and that someone is being protected. Conversation went on until I realized this person was not helping. I explain I will go to YELP…AS WELL TO OTHERS TO SHARE MY ORDEAL ABOUT THIS HOTEL HE SAID OKAY, I EXPLAINED I WILL REACH OUT TO CORPORATE HE SAID OK…this IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. we FEEL WE were disrespected. I hope this hotel would teach their employees good manners and common courtesy especially when they are DEALING WITH guests PRIVATE ITEMS….WE WERE VIOLATED TO EVERY DEGREE. bottom-line THE SO CALLED HELP D Q was no help he was placed there to cover up.

  • In December 28 to 30, I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Memphis East. Miserable 2 days. The hotel is filthy and neglected from top to bottom. Not what I expected nor payed for. I will never trust the name again

  • I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport. As I checked in the front desk staff was rude. I asked to speak with a supervisor or manager and found out the woman I was speaking with was the manager on duty. I was there for three days. During my stay I was outside walking around the hotel. I noticed four women that I took for housekeepers smoking what I believe was weed. I went back inside to tell the GM. He acted as if he would handle it, but I believe that he was not going to do anything because he looked high himself. When I left I forgot my Ipad. When I realized that I did not have I called the hotel to tell them. I was told that the information would be passed on to the housekeeping manager. I never heard anything more about it. I would never stay there again nor would I tell anyone else to stay there.

  • I just returned from my LAST stay at the St. Louis Crown Plaza. After my car, and 3 others waited 15 minutes for a valet; I went in and got someone. Next, upon checking in, my requests were denied. I contacted the hotel a week prior to my stay and requested a king bed, lower floor and non-smoking. I received an 11th floor room with queen beds. Lastly, as I started to shower this morning feces (YES!) started coming into the tub from the drain. Never again.

  • I recently took my family to Brownstone Park in Portland ,Ct. because of the best wave we have been experiencing in New England all week. We stayed 3 nights at the Crown Plaza Cromwell ,Ct. and had the WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. We asked reservations for the biggest suite the hotel has to offer. The booked us in a suite that we later found out didn't even exist anymore. The suite they have us had a living room and bathroom with a twin pull out sleep sofa and a loft with a king bed. We told the hotel that we needed two separate areas, one for my wife and I and the other for my daughter and my niece. Clearly the two girls couldn't share a twin bed so the hotel brought up a roll away cot. That would have been fine however, the loft was 90° because there was not an air conditioner in that area. The only air conditioner was on the first floor. The second day the hotel moved us to a single floor suite that actually had air conditioning however, the maid decided to slam her vacuum into out door at 8:30am ignoring the do not disturb sign we hung. We didn't sleep at all the night before because our bedroom was hotter than outside. Now we are disturbed by a rude and ignorant maid on our second day. Like all hotels now, smoking is not allowed except in designated smoking areas outside. The entire staff saw me using the smoking areas many times during my stay but decided to charge my credit card an extra $230 dollars insisting I was smoking inside our room. Again, the staff saw me smoking outside many times. I explained and showed the service manager whom is the person in charge of the hotel they claimed my half smoken cigarettes that I had in my Pall Mall pack. Because it was so terribly got outside, and the expensive cost cigarettes are, I would smoke one half of a cigarette at a time and save the other half for later. I insisted that the service manager refund my credit card for I never once snowed inside the hotel. He agreed that he saw me smoking outside, after he saw the half smoked cigarettes in my packs and understood that any tabbaco smell in our room came from half smoked cigarettes but still wouldn't refund the $230 they charged me for smoking in rooms. I of course was furious. First, they booked us in a room that didn't exist for years, then they put us in an expensive suite with no air conditioning during a heat wave, plus expected my kids to sleep on cots even though I was paying for their most expensive rooms, $400 per night, then offered no help moving out stuff from one room to another, then the maid woke us at 8:30am even though we had our do not disturb sign hung and finally charged me $230 because he could smell tabbaco. I told the manager that they need to change the rule from no smoking inside the hotel to no tabbaco allowed inside the hotel if he is going to charge people for bringing in half smoked cigarettes. The entire stay at the Crown Plaza was an abomination. Their Manager and head maid insisted on arguing with me even though we had such a terrible experience and charged me an additional $230 dollars for brining in half smoked cigarettes. Nowhere does their rules state that tabbaco can not be brought into the hotel. The rule states no smoking which we followed to the letter. I seriously recommend that anyone thinking of staying at the Crown Plaza in Cromwell Ct. Consider a different alternative. They rate themselves as a 4 start hotel. No ac on the second floor, no ac in the bedroom suites, no consiegers, no one working there went to a hotel school and they completely disregard their customers attempts to enjoy their vacations. We hope this post will help to keep future guests from becoming future guests. You have been warned.

  • $1200 STOLEN! I wish negative stars were an option.
    My stay at this hotel on July 26-27, 2015 was a horrible experience due to one housekeeper stealing a large amount of money from my room. I file a report with the hotel security director Mr. Webster on July 27, 2015 who told they looked in the room, asked the housekeeper, checked in laundry, no money was in my room, she didn't see any money, she has been with the company for 2 1/2 years, she wouldn't steal and her or her belongings will not be searched. I then received a email yesterday from the manager Mr. Frasca on July 29, 2015 stating "We have conducted an intense and thorough investigation regarding the money that you allege came up missing in your guest room. This included a comprehensive inspection of the room and interrogation of any/all Crowne Plaza associates that entered the room. Please know that we intensely regret that this money is missing and empathize with the hardship this is causing you. However, there is categorically no evidence to suggest that Crowne Plaza and its related associates had any involvement in or is responsible in any way for this missing money. Moreover, it is a well defined policy that the Crowne Plaza Detroit is not responsible for money or property that may lost while you are in the hotel. We do everything in our power to locate and retrieve lost or allegedly stolen property. Again, after our methodical examination of this matter, there is simply no factual information to support that the hotel had anything to do with this missing money. I am sorry for your loss. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you and best regards".
    Of course there is no evidence days later because the housekeeper took the money home. I do not understand why no one checked your housekeepers belongings and or locker for my money. After basically feeling like I was being called a lier I have filed a police report against your hotel on July 29, 2015 because no one would give the housekeepers name for me to file against her. I am heart broken, upset and very disappointed in this hotel.
    Still following up with the police, hotel and now lawyer. I'LL NEVER STAY HERE AGAIN! PROTECTED THIEVES WORK HERE….

  • I stopped into one of your hotels to use the restroom ( I had to go really bad and couldn't hold it). This was the location on 44th street and Washington in phoenix. Some worker asked me if i need it help and I said no just going to use the restroom. I used it before to use the restroom and had no problem. No sign saying "No Public Restroom." I don't take kind to some jerk saying that to me. Very rude!! He should of said nicely saying "No sorry cannot use restroom! We don't allow that only for guest." He approached it like I was homeless and I am not homeless. So you guys need to train your people better on handling guests and put signs up so people know! I would never step foot in a Crowne Plaza or Holiday Inn ever again. Your people are rude!!! I have worked in retail for 18+ years now. I know how it feels. SO FIX THAT PROBLEM AND PUT SIGNS UP!!!!!

  • To whom it may concern:

    My name is Jack.

    Lucia Chen whom has a commercial property and seeking an experienced HOTEL LEASER,

    if interested for additional details please call me at 212-966-4363 or 718-727-8557.

    Thank you

  • We stayed at the Bonney Road Crowne Plaza in Virginia Beach at the end of April 2015 — a family member was gravely ill and passed away during our stay.

    While at the hotel, I was rudely and in a very confrontational and unprofessional manner, accused of not paying a $16 dinner bill — I left $20 in the billfold on the table as payment. It turns out, an employee was suspected of stealing the money; apparently, the same employee was suspected in an attempted theft of another employee's phone.

    One of my family members was listening to music (at 2:00 am) in the lobby — his mother had just passed away. The night desk clerk ran the vacuum cleaner to drown out his music after rudely telling him he would have to leave — he had already told her his mother had died,

    A few days later, the same night desk clerk rudely confronted my nephew and told him he would have to move the car — he was waiting for us to get bags from the room — it was about 2:30 AM. There was a very loud group of people drinking alcohol in the lobby. They were certainly making more noise than one person listening to music.

    After going back and forth, the front desk clerk said my nephew would have to leave the hotel. We went upstairs and began making calls for another hotel. When we were walking to the parking lot at 3:45 AM,, a police car pulled up along us. Apparently, the night desk clerk called the police. She was aware that we were leaving — I called and told her so. This was completely unnecessary and scary.

    I have called the head office in Georgia and written to Damon Kershaw (head of guest relations in Salt Lake City) about my family's disgusting and disheartening experience. They apparently do not care how guests are treated — I have had no response, despite their policy of the "executive office" responding to complaints in 20 days. It has been well past 20 days. Needless to say, I and family members will not give IHG hotels any of our money in the future.

  • My wife and stayed at the Astor French Quarter on June 14-16th. The only problem we had was checking in. Their system or lack there of for checking in during peak periods was simply atrocious. Instead of clearly marked roped areas there were basically two lines, one to check in and the other to receive text messages when rooms were available. Yes, when you checked in you had to wait and receive a text, we waited an hour. It was mad chaos and absolutely horrible check in service. Thank goodness, the remainder of the stay was uneventful but I had never seen anything like it in all my travels.

  • I reserved a banquet room for my Daughters high graduation party for this June 13, 2015 we got a call from the office at the crown plaza on Friday May 30, 2015 telling us that the banquet coordinator was fired and that whatever contract we had with her they were not going to honor and that we had to come up with $4500.00 more, well we couldn’t do that in that short of time we are so heartbroken for my daughter and that whatever deposit we had we weren’t going to get that back and or the rest of the money we couldn’t get back for like three weeks or so we have relatives coming from out of state as far as California their flights have been confirmed or else we would find another date we are not rich by no means no one wants to help us from the hotel and you know what the crazy thing is I used to rent from them and worked for them we it was the Hilton management is really bad over there they don’t care about you or anyone else it just about the money how much richer they can get …

  • I recently stayed at the Crowne Plaza Riverfront Jacksonville Florida.It was by far the most disgusting hotel I have ever stayed in.First impression of a city I am considering moving to was a total bust.The a/c was so caked with dirt and dust that it would not cool our room.The hairballs that were left in the shower were a real disappointment.The sheets that were not changed for four days were still cleaner than the 1/4 inch of dust on the headboard.And to top it all off,coming from the worst winter in new England to a warm climate destination,one would have been very happy to spend some time sitting on his balcony watching the action on the river(but there were no chairs)and a possible swim in the pool which looked like it hadn't been cleaned for 6 months,and was undergoing a poolside renovation,which we were not informed of at the time of booking.Other then that Jacksonville was very nice.There will be no next time at the CROWNE PLAZA ANYWHERE

  • Crowne plaza in Dayton OH. Very very unprofessional. Stayed 3 days, had a problem with the sheets on the bed, they were stained and dirty. Then went up stairs to the restaurant they have, my food was mediocre. not bad, not good. The service was okay, could since tension in restaurant. And half on the staff was being very unprofessional.

  • Stayed at crown plaza Syracuse on March 14 we won a free night stay we were very excited once we came in front desk was nice but we checked into a dirty room came back down they gave us floor 15 wasn't bad until we realized we were next to the ice machine and elevators lots of noise . We went to the bar ordered drinks and food the bartender was amazing but when we received our food it was burnt the bartender comped our meal she definitely went above and beyond to make sure we were content. We went back to our room few hours later we ordered pizza and chocolate molten cake once again food burnt and cake not baked so we went out to eat. spoke with front desk supervisor she was very nice. Once it was morning I wanted to take a hot shower but couldn't because there was no hot water I couldn't believe it spoke with a man at front desk said it should be back in minutes we were fine with that we went to get breakfast we were seated and that was it we ddidnt know it was a breakfast buffet so we eventually found where the food was we went to a station where a chef should have been to make omlets but no one was there I asked the waitress if someone was suppose to be there she said only if we wanted him to be what kind of response was that then she rolled her eyes and left . we usually stay in a Hilton or marriott property and now after an experience like this we will continue it overall stay horrible. Michael vangorden

  • Wow after having our car broken into while parked in the vallet of the Crown Plaza in downtown St. Louis, and the hotels refusal to follow up with us compounded by the hotel manager Da'sha Pork making us feel like it was our fault and refusing our kids any refreshment while they made us wait an hour for them to do their report. We were told that the claims department would contact us and nothing happened. So today I called the customer service line to file a formal complaint and was hung up on in the middle of my explanation.


    And considering legal action for the damages to my vehicle.

  • Crown plaza Hollywood fla staff very rude room dirty toilet broken stained carpet and pool not accessible after 10 pm would never stay at crown or any sister hotel !!!!!!!

  • Crowne Plaza has terrible customer service. Not the kind of customer service you would expect from such a large company. I recently stayed for an extended amount of time at a crowne plaza and was charged for missing items from the room. Nobody seemed to want to help. Not corporate and not the hotel. They seemed to have thought it was funny or some kind of joke. Ive never had a worse experience from a hotel in my life. I stay in hotels and travel quite frequently.

  • DEN Crowne Plaza Airport hotel
    I stayed here overnight for work purposes. I've only just been here 1 time before and didn't notice anything amiss. This time however, I noticed that the room and shuttle weren't kept up at all. My room, 640 hadn't been vacuumed in what would seem a very long time. There were sunflower seed shells all over the floor. Disgusting to step on them and get one stuck in your foot.
    The hotel shuttle seemed to be in dire need of overhaul, I was afraid to sit on any of the seats, they were shredded and filthy, covered in hair and lint.
    I never complain but this was just gross. Not good customer service in my opinion.

    Leslie Johnson

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  • just got home from the crowne plaza westshore tampa florida- i was accomodated in their highest suite with a living room with a convertible sofa bed and a seperate bedroom- the first suite we could not secure the door with the security lock so we were moved to a 2nd suite which had a convertible couch that was torn up and missing a cover for one of the couch pillows, the third was better but the carpeting in these suites were skanky grey and looked dirty and worn- the refrigerator banged all night and the air conditioner in the bed room was so loud that every time it went on the noise woke us up- we opened the convertible couch and it has a piece of unwrapped yellow candy on it plus the bed covering was stained- we had to call the front desk for sheets since none were provded in our room- my 9 year old grandson asked me what were the stains- i called corporate customer relations to find out that what i thought was correct- these hotels are privately owned under the crown plaza name- so i blame the corporate office and whoever is supposed to oversee theses owners because they failed on this one- do not stay here or any location with the crowne plaza name unless you check them out thoroughly since whoever goes out into the fieldd to check quality controll needs to be fired!!!

  • We stayed at the Crowne Plaza southwest in Houston, Tx August 1 to the 3rd, 2014. The group sales rep and staff were great. Housekeeping and maintenance were great. The problem began when the 2 year old on our trip woke up from her sleep screaming to the top of her lungs and trying to get out of the bed. She was terrified of something, but we didn't know what at the time. We went on with our day, but noticed bite marks on the baby. Figured it was mosquitos, but the bites looked peculiar. We decided to pull the linen and bed skirts off the bed. Low and behold, we were greeted with bed bugs. We immediately reported the problem and called for management. They tried to say we brought them in with us, but we arrived on a charter bus with a party of 38 people. One other person was impacted by the bites. They finally agreed to comp 1 of my rooms. I had 3. Our family reunion weekend started out great, but ended poorly. No one could take their luggage in the house. We had to wash and treat everything that was exposed to my luggage and decontaminate the bus. On top of all that, I found that my bank account was double charged. The baby had to be taken to urgent care also. We have never expereinced bed bugs in over 30 years of travel. This was a scary experience.

    • I woke up to be greeted by a bed bug crawling my pillow and it bit my arm and back and they tell me we have to have some one come out and make sure that's what it was this is so gross and I'm at the one in independence Ohio and I killed the bug and showed them it smh I'm at a loss for words

  • I stayed at Crowne Plaza in Atlanta. At checkout they tried to say I owed an extra 100. We finally got that straighten out only to find out two weeks later that they charged my card 324. When I called and spoke with the manager she stated that it was done by mistake and that the charge would not go through, however, it did and it ended up messing up my bank account. Call corp office, did not get a response. Please do not stay at this hotel. I will be reporting them.

  • Family and friends stay at the crown plaza in Memphis in may 2014 my daughters dress was stolen and my friend uses a master card gift card to pay for part of the room we shared at least that we thought when I look at my bank statement they charge my card for full price of the room. I guess they stole the gift card. Has left a really bad taste in all of my family mouth. I did contact the corp office and they did nothing about it .BEWARE of this hotel

  • I stayed at crown plaza in miami near the airport…and it seems like no one thought the employees in the restaurant what is customer service…Who ever cleans tables needs serious training..the tables are sticky the floor are always dirty and papers on the floor..I was there for two days frontdesk awesome but restaurant I was in shock how who ever is in.charge of the restaurant is never out side..the service was horrible …there was one young lady that was the only good thing about the restaurant….would not recommend this hotel.

  • Dont stay at the crown plaza at 9090 southwest freeway hou tx 77074 .I took five little girls for valentines weekend cause i work in the mayors office we have meetings there
    I stay in new territory so this loction was close to me so i decided to go there big mistake.I had to call the police on the manager Matthew Wong

  • Crowne Plaza Albuquerque's banquet kitchen has a lot of mold growing in it. Asst. banquet managers have been alerted, and ignore the problem.

  • I was charged twice by Crown Plaza St Louis, one of the worst Hotel stays EVER. Filed a complaint 11/13/2013, if i dont hear anything by 11/15/2013 from customer relations i am going to the Better Business Bureau. Paid for the two suites at checkout, one with cash the other with a friends credit card, only to get home and find oujt they charged me 350.44 and 340.44, not even the price of the rooms. Oh, and yes i have my reciepts

  • attended a wedding reception at crowne plaza in foster city, ca. they have provided us with a rude and lazy female server. considering that we were a bunch of registered nurses and physicians in one particular table, we were all disrespected. I hope this hotel would teach their employees good manners and common courtesy especially when they are serving guests who are there to have fun and not be treated like we "were nothing".

  • We stayed at the Crown Plaza South in Independence, Ohio Saturday night. This company literally stole money out of my bank account. When I called to ask why, I was treated with absolutely no respect. As a matter of fact, the general manager actually laughed at me when I demanded that my money be put back in my bank. They claim that we smoked in our room with absolutely no evidence of that. Not one person that stayed in the room smokes and we definitely did not smoke in that room. They refused to work with me to provide me with any proof that we smoked in the room but just laughed and proudly declared they have my money and there is nothing I can do about it. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a hotel and I highly recommend that people stay away from this place unless you want to get robbed. They can take money out of your account with absolutely no reason and just say we smelled an odor. This has got to be the most despicable racket I have ever encountered and people need to beware of Crown Plaza at all locations. It seems that this is their practice to generate revenue.

  • While attending a wedding yesterday at the crown plaza in Pittsfield Massachusetts, one of your staff members named Janet, acted in an extremely inappropriate manor and began yelling at the children of the wedding guests. When you have a wedding party that is comprised of mostly early education professionals, mistreatment of children is something that we will not tolerate or ignore. I myself have already face booked, blogged and tweeted about the experience, as have several of the other guests that witnessed the deplorable actions of that staff member. Not sure what your corporate policy is on delivering a tirade to a group of children, but what a poor reflection on your organization as a whole.

  • Crowne Plaza Hotel – 123 W. Louisiana Street -Indianapolis, Indiana August 31- September 2, 2013
    I just had my worst hotel experience ever and I have been renting hotel rooms for 40 years including many in third world countries so, that is a very hard to achieve rating a WORST EVER rating. 1) no air conditioning in hotel room for both nights just for starters 2) untrained staff trying to make a bad situation better actually, made it worse 3) loud construction beginning at 8:00 am Sunday morning. 4) direction to rooms mismarked
    I could go on and on and on but I think you get the point and I would rather sleep in my car (would of at least been able to get some sleep) than to ever stay in a Crowne Plaza Hotel again.

  • Just returned home from a weekend stay at the
    Crowne Plaza Hotel 2712 SW Freeway, Houston, Texas. The hotel rooms and environment was good. The restaurant has an awesome chef in the morning that makes a "mean' custom omelet. Valet and concierge service was very good. HOWEVER, hold on to your credit card and the identifying information. Beware of people calling your room and saying they are with the management. My credit card was compromised by a call to my room from someone pretending to be with the management. After reporting it to the hotel staff and management no one from management or security contacted me. Second – No hotel staff or management asked if I wanted to file an incident report — I had to request that one be filled out. Third – After completed the report I still was not contacted by a manager. When I talked to the staff about it – they weren’t told any details about the incident. Fourth — I requested a copy of the Incident Report Form that I completed. I was told that it was the property of the hotel and they would not give me a copy of that form. If that wasn’t enough after checking out of the hotel – I called again to speak to a manager about the issue. I was told to refer the matter to the Houston Police Department — that it really was not an issue for the hotel. Because of this inconvenience and lack of concern from management over something as critical as breach of a credit card — it's very unlikely I will stay at this or any Crowne Plaza again.

  • We really expected to enjoy our stay at the crown plaza white plains,but not a good time had by any!As my husband and I go away once a month for the wkind,this was a waste and we should have just stayed home.But I would like to say,housekeepoing did a great job cleaning and the bedding was great! I would have liked if housekeeping had completed thei job before 6pm carts were in the hallway for hours.Not a nice sight to see when you check in.
    The room was very noisey,they had a few weddings and family reunions going on that night/wknd and the noise was very disturbing.The garage is under renovation ,and their are no signs explaing where you go and where to park.Nothing and no one to assist in how you get to the elevator from the garaqge.Signs would be very helpful and better lighting in the garage.I can only imagine how I would have felt if I was arriving by myself.The parking attendant was horrible and spoke little engish,and had the worst attitude EVER!!! The next morning I asked about breakfast as my husband and I were up all night with the noise,and the front desk said no you received the aaa rate so no breakfast is included,you would think after the night we had they would have given a little breakfast to help smooth things over?The pool was dirty and honestly considering the rating of this hotel you would think they would upgrade the pool area and atleast try and keep it cleaner.Do yourself a favor and stay at another property until they get their act together here at this location.As for the front desk,a smile and looking at your customer really would go a long way!!My first and last stay at this location.Thanks but no thanks Crown plaza!

  • I will never stay at a crowne plaza again. We stayed in Burlingame, CA in order to be close to the San Francisco Airport. The staff is very rude and they hate children. We got up at 345AM in order to catch the first shuttle to the airport. We were the first in line because we had a 6 o'clock flight and the shuttle driver, MIKE, refused to let us on but let all of the other passengers on first while we stood at the front of the bus. I complained to the front desk and they gave me the name of their manager. They were so unhelpful and outright rude. The drivers pick and choose who they want on the shuttles and if you have children with you, you are out of luck. I felt like Rosa Parks in 2013 and I'm not Black. I have filed complaints with the board without a response. Crowne Plaza discriminates against children!

  • Crowne Plaza Chicago Metro – My parents 80 years old, were treated like dirt from staff members at the hotel who said they had no business staying at their location without help.

  • booked a 7 night trip at the crown plaza in Hampton VA for what i thought was going to be a nice vacation at busch gardens and VA beach. Our room was dirty, prior occupants hair ties all over floor, and worst yet we had roaches in our room. My wife and I have an infant, 4 year old and a 9 year old with us on this trip. We attempted to get ice outside but were told ice was not available on any of the floors, which was such an Inconvenience. We gave up and have left this rotten, despicable hotel. The hotel manager Latonya Whitney 757-727-8917 hasnt called me back today along with the rooms manager Brigid?? Since it will take 3-5 days to get reimbursed for only 4 nights we decided to pick up and go home to Philadelphia. My kids have not stop crying since we left. We beg that headquaters reviews our stay at Room 801 under and considers reimbursing us for all 7 nights, Check in was on Saturday
    July 20th–and check out early on Tuesday July 23. Room 801 should be shut down until someone gets rid of the roaches. How can they allow for this to happen? this is an absolute disgrace we again we are broke and wont full reimbursement for all 7 nights.

    • You wont they don't care. You will have better luck contacting the General Manger of the hotel. I would file a BBB complaint as well.

  • This weekend my husband I stayed at the Crown Plaza in Williamsburg, Virginia. We generally use this hotel, when staying in Willliamsbuarg. I was appalled at the rooms, the furniture was old and peeling and it didn't make for a very pleasant atmosphere, while in the room.
    This hotel needs some major renovations, (especially furniture). I do not plan to use this hotel again, until they improve furniture.

  • I won a gift certificate and gave it to my son who called and made the reservation at the location in Wyomissing near Reading in Pennsylvania. At no time was my son told he had to be 21 years old to be a guest. He and two friends drove over 2 hours and went shopping and ate before checking in. Basically as most 19 year olds do they spent most of the money they brought with them. My son called me to tell me they wouldnt give him the room because he isnt 21. At this point there was a very bad snow and ice storm so I wouldnt allow him to drive all the way home. He gave his cell phone to the attendent and I explained the weather and that at the time he made the reservation that he was not told about the age requirement. She was very snippy so I asked to speak with the manager. He was in the background but refused to talk with me right then he made me call another number where he proceeded to tell me the same rule. I asked for his name and he asked why I wanted that? I asked for the owners name and he refused to give me that. Asked for the headquarters phone number and he said they are located in Conneticut and the office hrs. Finally got his name Eric Brown but still refused to give me the owners name. Called their customer service line and although Sharon was nice and very empathetic she cant help me. Looked up headquarters info and surprise they are not located in Conneticut. Left a message and received no call back ever. My son went across the street to the Econo Lodge where their rule is also 21 years of age but due to the weather she was very concerned for their safety and let them stay. Dear Eric VmBrown your telling me that you would have to drive in yhe bad weather so what? There are many rooms please tell me that you wouldnt be allowed to stay in one of the rooms for free? This mgr seemed very shady and too young to understand that part od your job as a customer service oriented position is sometimes dealing with irate people. Thank thank thank you to Econo Lodge for having some decent human beings working for them.

  • Crown Plaza St. Louis downtown April 4th to the 10th 2013. I just spent a week in the hotel during a trade show. Matter of fact we had rented 6 rooms. Half the time you would not get any clean towels, or the the garbage was never emptied. The kleenix box was never refilled and the carpet never vacuumed. The breakfast was horrid so we all went to the hotel next door to eat everyday. I will never spend another evening in a Crown plaza again. The problems I had was the same with each of our rooms. Their service was fine as we were greated and treated fantastic. When it came to cleaning the rooms and breakfast well that is like we were dealing with 2 different hotels.
    Never again will I get our company book Crown Plaza

  • The week before Christmas is hectic enough; add in a business trip, a visit with family, plus weather & airport delays and you might as well put your blood pressure on speed dial. Here's what made it worthwhile. The staff at Crown Plaza Denver International Airport. They listened. Room service was great and the restaurant is top notch. Here's how I know it's not a fluke: The day before I left there was a biizzard; the staff must've gotten there by sled; and the service was still excellent. The evening I was supposed to check out – an area traffic accident caused a power outage in the area. With no prompting on my part, they came to my room, escourted me down to checkout, made sure the airport shuttle was ready & waiting, and off I went. Five Star. I wish you guys were in all my city destinations.


  • We stayed in the Crowne Plaza in Concord, CA. First mishap was my husband's personal cell phone was taken from his hotel room. I used the GPS tracking on the phone and it stayed in the hotel for 2 days then was taken to an address. I gave the hotel the address. HR is checking their records to see if an employee lives at that address. Then my husband's PG&E truck was broken into. We found it — security didn't find it. There is a serious problem withe security at that hotel. Staff was not considerate and was rude to us and other customers. The staff was indifferent and didn't offer assistance. Stay away from this hotel!

    • We had a similar issue with the Crowne in St Louis. Our 5 year old daughter put her ipad in a night stand and after we checked out and got about 3 hrs down the road we realized we didn't have the ipad so immediately called the Crowne Plaza in St Louis and informed them and asked if they could send someone to the room to check because it was left there in our room. My wife Locked it and put in in lost mode so when it got turned on it had a message that it was lost and our number to call to return it. The front desk said they could do anything right now cause that are busy. After many many calls over several days with no help from 3 to 4 different managers. we filed a police report with the local PD. After about a week that ipad was turned on and it ping exactly to the address. That address was given to the PD and to Crowne and it was in fact and employee that had taken it. He lost his job as well as the front desk person that said she was to busy and a couple more. The police have searched the mans home and he has admitted to having the Ipad but destroyed it since he knew he was being tracked. Agreed to pay for ipad for it but needed 2 weeks. 2 Weeks has come and gone and still nothing from the thief or Crowne Plaza in St Louis.

      This is the second time we have had items stolen from us while staying at a Crowne Plaza. First one was in Little Rock.

  • I have stayed with Crowne Plaza many times and have always had a great experience until My St. Louis stay. I have stayed in Pensacola, Houston,Memphis always great, always booked online never any problem. So I booked 2 rooms in St.louis and was emailed a confirmation and my total was 979.60 .. So total for both rooms entire stay. Get there and they charged me. 1556.40 I went down and confronted them and got so many different stories and none that made any sense .. Finally after going round and round they said the best they could do was 1073.84..if I have a conformation saying my total is a certain price I come expecting to pay what I was quoted not a 600 dollar difference .. They had already run my card so I had no money left I was away from home and broke..everything was paid for all I needed was eating money so after the 900 and something was paid I would have had 600 left for eating but they wiped that out… And even the final amount of 1073.84 I was told would be fixed by the next day and I would be credited back my funds and that didn't happen either .. Needless to say Crowne plaza lost a loyal customer .. I am Daniel Fox my email is

  • We stayed at the Bloomington, MN location and have a wonderful 4 nights there. The customer service was fantastic, beds were great. There were only 2 things that needed help – The carpet in the room was either very stained or very dirty and the pool area – the floor was very slippery. I saw several adults fall while trying to walk in the pool area. I have stayed at other hotels and they said they used a company called Sure Steps that helps with slippery pool areas.

    • I was an employee and the lack of detail by the staff is directly related to the Hotels accounting practices. I worked in the banquet department and they never correctly paid there employees.

    • I was in housekeeping and boy what a experience and by that I mean really bad. If your not in the click your hazed out. Even though you are doing your job. Management should use camera systems for the truth. Call your past employees and they will tell you.this is taking place on Engle road in brookpark Ohio 44142.

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