Dave and Busters Corporate Office Headquarters

Dave and Busters Corporate Office Headquarters
2481 Mañana Dr.
Dallas, TX 75220 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-214-357-9588
Fax Number: 1-214-350-0941
Customer Service Number: 1-888-300-1515

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    Hello my name is Jhaquel Nicholson, Employee Number 946307, I currently work at the Alpharetta, Ga store that just opened in May. Im contacting you to let you know of a few issues I’m having that the managers are ignoring and not taking into consideration. I usually don’t go to a higher level in a job unless there is a serious problem and I feel this situation is very serious. To get started for the last two pay periods I have not received pay; I get I have benefits and they have to be paid, but it’s causing me injury with my finances. The reason I’m not receiving the pay I should is because I”m only on the schedule 2 days a week and that’s Saturday and Sunday and there are others who are receiving 40 hours of work. I get we are not getting that much business, but I feel that the schedule should be made fairly. Even though we have to pay our benefits through our checks I also feel that we should still be compensated something. Due to me not getting a check these weeks my car insurance almost was lost and got me behind on bills. When I went to talk it over with my Assistant General Manger all he could say was and I quote “At least you got benefits.” I wouldn’t expect that coming from a supervisor at least he could’ve showed some concern. Another problem is how we get to work, and this has happened to a lot of my co workers, we get to work and then get sent right home once we get there because it’s not busy. The least that could happen is to give us a call letting us know not to come in. I a not one to complain, but this job isn’t bringing me a lot of grief and financial problems that I feel could be fixed. These are reasons why this location is losing employees and growing a bad reputation to be honest I don’t even want to recommend anyone to work there because of the conditions we are going through. We’re not making enough tips to where we can suffer not getting a paycheck, those of us who aren’t staying with our parents and on our own these circumstances aren’t helping us at all. We were promised we would make a lot of money in the beginning, but we haven’t seen it yet. In conclusion I would just like to say I love the company, but I feel the management at this location DOES NOT care about their employees or the circumstances we are in, I believe the longer this goes on the more this location will get a bad reputation. If we can get these things resolved on both ends I feel this will be a very promising store.


    Jhaquel Nicholson

  • Shame on your company for recent treatment of our veterans. And disallowing American flag. Truly unamerican. Adding your company to my boycott list. You people are disgusting.

  • Hello
    I visited the Friendswood location a few months ago and there was this guy his name tag just said Dee. Well me and my daughters never been to a dave and buster's before and this guy seen us looking lost and he to the time out to help us with getting a card to play the games and explained the different colours on the card thing. He showed us a great time and I just wanted to say thank you for having some one like on your staff.

  • The proof in my last message is this, how many of you who have filed a complaint here have been contacted by the corporate office of Dave and busters??? These complaints goes back years and no one from Dave and busters has replied to any of them. So when I say they don't care, there is your proof. They feel like if you don't like your experience at dave and busters don't come back because other people will come. If you really wanna complain and be heard, take your complaints to the public. Those who been discriminated against call your local newspaper all other complaints take it to your social media pages. Hop on dave and busters Facebook page. No one is listening here so you have to take other avenues to get their attention and put them on the spot. In fact this link should be copied and pasted on their Facebook page cuz many people don't know it exist and maybe this will force them to acknowledge it. And know this: dave and busters needs guest to continue to operate, the guest don't need dave and busters they're are many other options
    August 31, 2016 at 3:29 PM

  • The proof in my last message is this, how many of you who have filed a complaint here have been contacted by the corporate office of Dave and busters??? These complaints goes back years and no one from Dave and busters has replied to any of them. So when I say they don't care, there is your proof. They feel like if you don't like your experience at dave and busters don't come back because other people will come. If you really wanna complain and be heard, take your complaints to the public. Those who been discriminated against call your local newspaper all other complaints take it to your social media pages. Hop on dave and busters Facebook page. No one is listening here so you have to take other avenues to get their attention and put them on the spot. In fact this link should be copied and pasted on their Facebook page cuz many people don't know it exist and maybe this will force them to acknowledge it. And know this: dave and busters needs guest to continue to operate, the guest don't need dave and busters they're are many other options
    August 31, 2016 at 3:29 PM

  • Unbelievable an 18 year old can't even take his girlfriend out on a date to Dave and Busters.. What restaurant tells an Adult,because he is considered an adult, that he can not go in unless he is accompanied by a 25 year old. If I was of age to get in which is 21 I would be going to a casino not Dave and Busters. You can't even go on a date at 18 to Dave and busters without your mother,or a 25 year old. Does any other restaraunt who has a bar tell an 18 year old he can't eat there because they serve alcohol? You can go to Fridays, Applebees, Texas Road House olive garden they serve alcohol not to an 18 year old but that is the lamest excuse. An Adult at 18-medically,legally he is an adult. Other than movies or eating out there is no where to take a girl on a date and Dave and Busters ruined the fun place to go.

  • I was at your panama city beach location on June 10th, it was the worst management and kitchen service experience I have EVER experienced. We sat down waitress came over she was very pleasant,she was the only pleasant one we delt with all night. We ordered our food took 30 mins to get out appetizer from the kitchen,placed out order nothing hard macaroni and cheese and wings, and the couple with us ordered prime rib and a hot wing burger as well as we all bought beverages Well first you bring out the incorrect order on the burger was supposed to have no blue cheese well the kitchen got this wrong, so sent it back to get another burger sat all of us waiting for AN HOUR finally we got a manager the manager we delta with said the kitchen switched the burger with another table felt with another manager as we are all still sitting here for ANOTHER HOUR FOR THE BURGER AFTER DEALING WITH 3 MANAGERS AND STILL CAN NOT GET OUT BURGER TO US AFTER 2 HOURS YOUR BEING THE COUPLE WITH US THERE BURGER AND IT IS COLD!!!!!! You offered them a power play card and to take the burger off well one we weren't there to play games we wanted to all eat our food and have a good night on vacation,instead you ruined our night and didn't show any remorse only thing we got was a burger taken off the check did you offer any discounts to any of the rest of us for having to deal with your redness and incompetence no you charged us 84$ instead and no discount for ruining our whole night as we were hungery I'll and in a bad mood I want a call from a manager who cares for its customers to contact me to discuss this. Corporate office would be great.

  • As a previous employee of D&B Philadelphia at Festival Pier, I would like to say that this place is full of issues and is disgusting. We have mice and cockroaches everywhere inclung in the ice bin in the midway on multiple occasions. On a regular weekday including many Fridays , cocktail servers make anywhere from $3 to $40 and are constantly yelled at for kitchen mistakes which managers simply comp all checks where customers have an issue. There is so much drama between employees that management just allows. I was threatened by another employee over a male employee. Although I reported it to managers, none of them communicated. Other managers were completely unaware, scheduling us together in the same sections for 2 weeks. Rather than fire her when she directly threatened me to a manager, I was escorted by security to my car each night and she was transferred to another D&B (like I said, 2 weeks later). This would have never been acceptable at any other job. On top of that employees are fired without valid reason. I put my 2 weeks in to get another job, then missed 2 consecutive shifts, even though I followed procedure and called 6 hours before my shift and one which was covered therefore shouldn't have been an issue at all, the other I had a doctors note, but was never given a chance to give it to my managers due to the fact that when I came in for my next shift I was immediately let go and never given a chance to hand that in. I am now told that I can not be in the building for 90 days, including for a coworkers engagement party due to the fact that I was let go. About 75% of the employees at our location are looking for new jobs. The only manager that is effective and seemingly understanding are Stan and Melanie. All of the other managers fail to communicate, follow company policies, or even act positively during a shift. The restaurant is ran like an intercity high school and it is very unfortunate because this would have been a very fun job if situations were handled properly.

  • Hello. I was at the D+B in Islandia, NY, and we had an amazing experience, primarily due to the Assistant General Manager Daniel Frey. Our children have food allergies, so eating out is always challenging. While we do eat out, we worry every time. Mr. Frey spent time at our table, personally assured that the food was prepared properly, and that it was exactly what we needed. These days we have the option to take our business anywhere, and thanks to Mr. Frey we will continue to visit the Islandia, NY Dave and Busters.

  • I hope you guys go completely out of business for tearing down the Hard Rock Cafe pyramid building in Myrtle Beach.

  • I hope you guys go completely out of business for tearing down the Hard Rock Cafe pyramid building in Myrtle Beach.


  • I'm a d.n.b. employee and was wondering what steps I should take in resolving an on going discrimination issue that has become an every day event. I'm being yelled and cussed out by the km and humiliated for no purpose and now their cutting my hrs. And I'm led to believe their next plan is to completely remove me from the schedule. I'm a very hard worker and don't feel I deserve this kind of brutal treatment. I have 2 kids and I'm their only source of income so I am trying to find out what I can do to keep my job. If there's anyone that can help me in my desperate situation I'd consider myself blessed. Thanks a lot.

  • I visited your Philadelphia, PA location and went there for my birthday on January 30th with 6 people. I called ahead to put my name on the waiting list because I knew it would be busy on a Saturday night. The woman that answered my phone took my name and phone number. Apparently they text you when your table is ready. She put me on hold to go to the hostess station because the hostess station did not have a phone to be transferred to. The woman came back to the phone and said the wait was a hour and I was on the waiting list and to check in at the hostess station when I got there. It only takes me 39 minutes to get there so we would only have a 30 minute wait for the table. When I got there I went to check in and was immediately given a attitude by a short older red head working the hostess station. She was very nasty and told me the do not do call ahead seating and the wait was 2 hours. I told her I called and that a woman took my name and number. She replied with a attitude they don't have a phone at the hostess station and I told her the woman in the phone came back to give them my information. I asked her if she could check the waiting list to see if my name was on it and she completely ignored me and told me the only way I would have a reservation was if I reserved a room. She said all this with the biggest attitude on earth. I said no I did not reserve a room and what does that have to do with call ahead seating? With that she walked away. I immediately went up front and asked for a manager. I explained everything to him and the attitude of the hostess. All the manager did was apologize for the inconvenience. He seemed like he could care less. After he apologized he walked away without offering me any kind of solution. This is very poor customer service. I will be brining this to the attention of their corporate office. I used to enjoy coming here but that was my last visit. I will bring my business and money somewhere else.


  • I got back from being deployed and i went to dave and busters near Baltimore maryland. Service was real bad. We had Stuff in the food left by the cooks. We had our check and divided it between 5 people. Then I got back and realized they charged mye $78 with what was already charmed on my friends account. Is there any way I can get reimbursed.

  • To Whom It May Concern,

    After years of regularly visiting the Maple Grove, Minnesota Dave & Buster's location, I have completely stopped going the last few months. The negative vibe of the management, staff, and overall feel of the atmosphere has become so overwhelming that it saddens me to bring my family there anymore. My children, of course, enjoy the games and food, but they aren't aware of non-tangible things such as the environment and oppressive place that used to be an extremely enjoyable experience. Management play a huge role in creating a compliant yet content staff. From what I observed at my last visit, in late November 2015, was miserable employees and managers that looked like unemotional robots running around with no intention of really helping guests. I really hope that one day things will be better at the Maple Grove D&B, since I would love to go back and see the once smiley faces behind the bar greet me with complete sincerity, as well as management that actually takes the time to get to know their customers and employees. Please if anyone from corporate reads this post, take the time to invest quality leadership in this particular restaurant. In return, regulars, like myself, will continue to stay and spend money, instead of getting that fast money that disappears quick. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

    Warm Regards,
    Where's the love?

  • Over charged by $90.44 on Jan 2, 2016 while dining at Dave and Busters in Vernon Hills, IL. Talked to 3 managers, 2 of which have told me to call a different manager because it's not their job! Still waiting on a confirmation from corporate to allow the refund which was the employees fault. Will still need to wait another 3-4 days for the credit to my account. Total break down in customer service and unethical practice. I have visited this location regularly and will never return. Reporting fraudent charges tomorrow and filing a compliant with BBB.

  • Yesterday did for me at the Dallas Dave & Buster. I had been here once before and the service wasn't so great but I decided to give you guys a fresh start with this visit. My church group decided to have our end of the year gathering at your Dallas location off Central Expressway. The waiter seem like she was having a not so great day but I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She slammed one of our drinks down on the table. I had to flag her down when I got there to place my order. She took my drink order and ran off. Didn't ask if I was ready to order food or anything. Ok fine, then after I finally got my drink, she ran off again and I had to flag her down yet again just to place my food order. She wasn't very friendly and one of the managers wasn't good at all. One of our members food came out wrong and the manager was like so you don't want this? It isn't what she ordered and she told him how she eats her steak so why would you ask "so you don't want this?" As a manager, nothing was offered to her or anyone else about the service we received. The list goes on and on and bottom line, I will NEVER go back to this location. Very unhappy.

  • We visited your store in Jacksonville, Fl. Both my husband and I worked for D&B years ago and we were very disappointed in the way we were treated by management-we were playing a game that paid out and when we took our very excited 6 year old to "shop" we were told that we couldn't use the tickets we "won" because they were paid from a "glitch in the system". My husband and I were made to feel like we somehow stole etickets…if we are paying to play a game I'm not sure how we didn't earn the tickets it put on our card!
    On top of that the bathrooms were awful basic things like toilet paper weren't stocked and it looked like the staff hadn't cleaned or checked stock for DAYS.
    I opened this store and my husband worked there a few years after it openned and both vividly remember how we were made to clean the store and maintain standards that clearly aren't adhered to over the years. Very disappointing

  • We were on vacation in NYC in time square and went to D&B to catch the game and grab some dinner and a few beers…we waited forever to be sat and then Rueben our waiter finally came to our table to get our drink order and it took a long time to get the beers…we ordered food and when we got it, the philly cheesesteaks looked like the meat was burnt and my tater tots were cold. The other couple that was with us complained of their food being warm, and she ran out of tea and had to ask for it several times before she got it….but the thing that really bothers me is the bill..the waiter Rueben was asked to split our bill and he had to do it twice because he kept getting it wrong then we realized the gratuity was already added and there was 2 totals with higher gratuity amounts…our waiter would have gotten a $20 tip and for the 4 of us and he WAS NOT worth that so I minused our $10 tip off of the bill only authorizing your company to charge us the $58 for the food and drinks. We signed that only authorizing that $58, we checked our bank sight and that waiter charged us the full amount of $68…I want my $10 back…not a gift card or a credit because I will never be back, just a check for $10. If cannot get that then I will blast your company on Facebook…we have friends all over the country and our posts will go all over. By all the complaints I have read it seems your standards of hiring are not very high. Someone not paying attention could end up paying double maybe even triple tips to a wait staff that is not worth it. I look forward to hearing from someone from your company soon.

    • Hello,

      Has Corporate replied to you? I was over charged $90.44 and I'm having aweful time dealing with the management at Vernon Hills, IL. Starting to think this is a criminal scam and not just a major mistake.

  • Location was CONCORD NC!!! Worst experience I have ever had in a restaurant !!! It took our waitress 30 minutes to get our drinks. We put our food order in before 8:30pm and did not get it for over an hour! We had a party of 16+ and as people came the waitress didn't even ask if they wanted a drink! When she did ask them they didn't get it for over 30 minutes !!!! Our food was still not out so I asked to speak to a manager. He came to me and told me "the kitchen was busier than it normally is on a weekday and we just had a large party so they are winding down from that" what kind of excuse is that? Our food starts coming out, cold, wrong food, one girl in my party ordered loaded tots they were freezing with nothing on them. Sent them back and it took over 20 minutes to get new ones! We got no apologies, I asked the waitress for the manager to come back out and he still has not showed up!!!! This is crazy! Poor kitchen staff. Poor management. Poor wait staff. I will not be back!!

  • I would just like to say the Dave And Busters has gone down the tubes drastically… back in 2007 me and a friend then a concert there …an oldies show. The deal was you gave us the room and you made all the money on the food and the drinks we sold the room out 3 times at 120 seats now times that by $30 apiece for dinner , plus drinks… needless to say you people made thousands of dollars… just yesterday I went back there to inquire about doing another show !!.. this is the funny part now you want me to spend $300 to rent the room and another $20 per person for a buffet that's $2,300 you want me to pay out to have a show there where I only make a thousand selling tickets at $10 a piece which is reasonable for people that are not famous I would have to charge $40 a piece to be able to cover all the expenses I paid $45 to see the real Engelbert Humperdinck !!.. so who in their right mind would pay that to see me… the decisions of what happened in your establishment used to be decided by your manages now you corporate morons have taken control of everything and you going to run the place into the ground because I'm not a corporate business owner they can afford to pay that kind of money and if I could I sure as hell would not go to a game arcade to have a big corporate meeting…. so in closing Dave And Busters you can kiss my ass and I will never go back to your establishment again and I will make sure everybody knows what went on word of mouth goes a long way on Facebook… have a nice day !!

  • Do you think they really care about us. If they did, there wouldn't be a female working in winner circle with green hair. Everybody walking around with body piercings would have been told they are not allowed to have them. The managers that close would take the time to make sure the closers did their job. When we come in to set up you wouldn't find half eaten food under the cabinet in the front of the house. They wouldn't have made that guy maintenance supervisor and all he does is sit in the mall and talk on his phone. I wanted to do maintenance a few days a week until I found out the females wasn't supervisor anymore. I have a second job in the mall and I wish I could upload pictures but I have seen him on several occasions sitting in the mall, chilling talking on the phone. one day I came in and she was walking around asking people if they had seen him. I did!!! The people that deserve hours would be getting them. And they wonder why everybody looking for new jobs.

  • Thank you for your support. At least you replied because corporate didn't so I will continue to post comments until they acknowledge what's placed before them in black and white. Again not only will I point out the issues but I will give a simple solution. In a multi million dollar corporation such as this one, I know there is someone who can come up with the solution but then again maybe not. They're not in the trenches getting dirty so all they're concerned with is the bottom line which is making money but at the same time they're not looking at how much they're losing by letting minor issues linger or by simply being greedy..Every week I will be posting until I have their attention and issues are resolved and like I said I'm not giving
    Just the issues but im giving simple solutions that will cost them nothing but in the long run save them money. So if they're not interested or even bother to acknowledge these issues, it only says one thing to all their employees, they just don't care. Next post coming is an elaboration on how they schedule then the next will be on their test kitchen and the guy that comes up with these new menus items that consist of so many ridiculous and tedious steps in a fast pace busy high volume restaurant. He must be high because no one could come up with these menus items but someone with the munchies.. stay tuned

  • As a employee myself THATS has been there since day one…. I truly can back you on everything you are saying…. You are right on point 110%

  • As an employee of Dave and Buster's in Virginia Beach, I must say after a substantial amount of years in the restaurant business, I can honestly say that I don't know how this corporation has been in business as long as they have. The management staff (not all but the majority) are worthless. Most are more concerned with their personal emotions and abusing their authority by treating this work place like a high school or prison than the actual business at hand. These managers move up the ladder quickly and make the big buck and do nothing but stand around chatting amongst eachother while their kitchen goes down. These are managers put in place to manage employees such as the cook but they're not even capable or qualified to offer the line assistance in time of need (besides placing fries in cans) Dave and Buster's needs to implement a better training program for all departments especially management. Every MTI should train at at least three months in the back of the house before training ends. This way they can learn not only the menu but how to prepare it. This will cause less mistakes when they're on the expo line and continually sending out the wrong food to the wrong tables and also this will help them understand how to relate to the kitchen employees which will in turn make them better managers. Ask yourself how can you manage or supervise if you can not do this job yourself? Can a fisherman supervise an architect? I think not. Another issue that need to be addressed is scheduling. It's unrealistic to depend on a computer program to tell you how to schedule. It's ridiculous. Virginia is a military state, therefore this program can not tell you when the ships come in, nor can it tell you other details that will play a part in having the sufficient amount of staff on hand or sufficient amount of product pulled, thawed and prepped for business. This little details the scheduling program miss are things like when schools are closed, whether, or special sports events, military pay days. These things are missed which leaves us under staffed and unprepared. It seems that this corporation focuses on the minor things first such as playing music or cell phone use than the important things. When the management tell the employees who has children, families etc..that cell phones are not admitted past the
    locker area due to the actions of a small few they should also be prepared to abide be the
    same rule or have the heart to approach these small few and hold them accountable for their actions and not hide behide papers taped on walls and doors. Come on Dave and Buster's you are not in the infancy stage of business so let's not act like it. Alot of money went into opening that Virginia Beach store it would be ashame to see it get shut down due to mismanagement. It can happen ask Jillian's

  • I went to the Frisco location last night with my daughter and her friend. While we were playing games, the card that the girls were using stopped working, saying it had trouble reading their card for some reason. We took the card to the front desk to ask what was going on. The girl working the front desk could not access the card so she got who I'm assuming was her supervisor named Rochelle. Rochelle was the rudest most unprofessional person I have ever had to deal with. I am not one to take the time out of my day to complain about things. but this is someone who needs attention called to her. When the situation first happened she asked me probably 3 times if I was sure the card was ever activated, even though she had the receipt RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER!! I told her that they had been playing with the card for about and hour at that point. She made us wait for 45 MINUTES before she finally came to the conclusion that all the data was just lost on that card. I asked her if there was a way that she could make up for the tickets they lost and she told me no. The girls were upset that had won all those tickets and now they were just gone. Keep in mind that Rochelle did not apologize once! Absolutely NO APOLOGY!! She had an incredibly bad attitude the entire time, she rolled her eyes at me, and she even walked away from me more than once IN THE MIDDLE OF ME TALKING TO HER!!! She was disrespectful and rude to me in front of my child and her friend!! She finally says that she is going to put all the coins that I originally purchased back onto the card which was like giving me my money back, however, after already playing for an hour and then waiting 45 minutes for this situation to get resolved, they were tired and ready to go and pretty bummed about having to try and win their tickets back. So Rochelle puts 125 coins onto the card. Well I originally put 250 coins on their card, the 125 coins were what I originally put onto MY card, not theirs. So when I told her that they should have 250coins she basically told me I was wrong and treated me like I was trying to scam her or something. I do not look like someone who would try to scam people nor would I ever try, my fiancée is a police officer for Christ's sake!! So when I kindly told her to check the receipt again that was still right in front of her, she did and realized that I was indeed correct in saying they should have 250 coins. She put the 205 coins on the card, handed it to the other girl at the front desk to give to me, and walked away without saying another word. Let me please just remind you that in absolutely no way is it my fault that your systems lost all the data on our card! So why in the world was this woman treating me so poorly and having the worst attitude towards that I have ever experienced?! She clearly does not care about her job or the people she comes into interaction with. Her customer service skills were non existent. Not only should she be fired but whoever hired her should be fired for their poor judgment skills. We will not be visiting this location again if we even decide to go back to any location at all. I do not like to complain, in fact, I never do. But she really needed to be brought to someone higher up's attention. She will single handedly run off your customers..starting with me.

  • Dear headquarters,

    I am writing you to tell you of my unfortunate event that happened to me on May 17th 2015 on sunday night in one of your restaurants in Arundel Mills Hanover near Maryland Live casino. I dined there with friends, my phone was stolen right off the table and I never left the table when it was taken it was taken secretly by someone and that someone had to have been the waiter that was serving me, I was texting on my phone and then placed it on the table and never moved the food came out and drinks and when I went to reach for my phone it was gone right after. When I asked my waiter Josh first thing he said was I didnt take it guilty conscious. Unfortunately I talked to management and he said he couldnt do anything about the situation. I said is there cameras in the facility and he said not over the tables. This is rediculous that there is no cameras. this problem would have been taken care of if there had been cameras to catch whoever took my phone. I have brought this matter to the authorities and set my iphone 6 that was stolen in lost mode. And the authorities have a location on my phone from the find my iphone app. Currently whoever took my phone it is in Glen Burnie. Which is located really close to Dave N Busters. I believe my waiter Josh has taken my phone and he is a suspect in my case that has been opened and is currently under investigation. I know you are not responsible for stolen items but the fact that I never left my seat and my phone was swiped right off the table while I was sitting at it is rediculous and especially how there is no cameras to end this matter really quickly. What I am asking for is for some sort of reimbursement, of some sort from Dave & Busters. If I do not receive any sort of reimbursement or courtesy It will leave me no choice but to leave bad reviews. Please if there is anyway that you can contact me with a reply or by email please do my email is crocco07@yahoo.com

  • I just recently visited the Manchester Connecticut Dave and busters and this was my third time at this location. First of all let me start by saying my family and I love Dave and Busters. We use to go to the one in Nyack NY all the time and that's 3 hours away so when we heard one was being built 20 minutes away we were excited. Until we went the first time the second time and now our third experience. The service there is horrible. All three times. This time our sever was not attentive at all. Our food came out wrong. And it took him forever to fix it. Second any question we asked seemed like a bother. He never checked back on refills for our drinks. Then we asked for boxes for our whole table he brought one back. There was five people. Now I thought that since the first two times I went it was because they just opened but now it's been awhile. They clearly haven't got their act together. It's not cheap to come either. So when I spend a lot of money I'd hope to get great service. The server also messed up on a cards to load chips and then said they couldn't fix it. Really??? This visit was extremely frustrating. We got there fairly early and because of the mishaps we didn't leave until after midnight. We love Dave and busters but not sure we will return.

    • I am employed there and needing to speak to Corporate before filing my lawsuit and can't even do that for that reason!!

  • A little SHOCKED that the video games, especially the motorcycle racers, have very scantily clothed girls dancing . These are not small, my two small children 10 & 12 were fixated on them from across the isle. Just saying, this might not be appropriate for children.

  • Every year we have my sons birthday at the Ontario Mills D &B in Ontario Ca as it is typically our celebratory go to. When we checked in with the hostess, she told us that it would be a three hour wait to sit 19 people. I asked her if it would be easier to sit 14 people and just place the others at a separate table. She said Yes that would make it doable. Then, she glanced over to the floor and said that she could actually place all 19 of us together at a table, as long as she could take an small end table eventually to accommodate an incoming group of 40 (which by the way she said they were a "mean group", not professional). I said "Sure, when the kids get done eating, they run off to play games, so it will be no problem condensing the adults to give you that table".

    We ordered appetizers and drinks, which took a considerable amount of time to get back to us. Five people from the party showed up right as the rest of the group had ordered their main courses. Our waitress took their orders with no issue. It took FOREVER for our food to arrive. About 1.5 hours to being there, barely still enjoying our meals, the hostess was being loud, making comments about how I had made a deal with her to give up a table (that sits three once connected to another table). She was going back and fourth from the podium to where the now party of 40 was sitting, about 7 individuals standing. Here we had just gotten our food, and the girl is going to coworkers talking about the deal we had made. Not to mention she then took it upon herself to throw us under the bus to the party of 40. Two employees stood right in front of our table and told us "were taking that end table". And I told them, we just barely got our meals, which is why people are still using it. "No, their not doing anything, just sitting there". "You made a deal with ———(I will find out her name)" " Yes, I did, but it is not my fault that we barely got our food". "Well were still taking the table". Which of course set off the men in our party, making them less inclined to give them the table. Then the waitresses went on to say we had already been there two hours to which I answered with so, this restaurant doesn't time patrons, not to mention the only reason we were still seated was because WE HAD JUST BARELY GOTTEN OUR FOOD!

    The manager did show up, told us that she told those two waitresses to "stay away from us", that she had nothing to do with it. Which is funny how considering we saw the manager speaking with the two waitresses right before they began harassing us. All the while, the original hostess was overheard to be making rude comments about individuals in my party, more so me, waving her hands, laughing when the bigger drama unfolded, and continually went over to the larger party to reiterate how it was our fault that they didn't have enough seating for them. So, in the end, I gathered my sons cake, gifts, etc. and had them taken out to our car because I sure wasn't going to sit there any longer watching that rude hostess laugh and listen to her comments. The manager pleaded for us to sit tight, to continue with my child's birthday, but I told her there was no way. It was uncomfortable and honestly a hostile environment. Sadly, we had just put 29 dollars on two play cards for our boys, meaning we had to walk around using up the credits prior to hightailing it out of there. The manager once again found me and my mother-in-law walking the game floor and attempted to give me a stack of 10.00 vouchers as well as an endless supply of sorrys. I told her "Look, what's happened is done". She told us that there was no time limit on guests sitting at a table to which I told her that's funny considering the time had been thrown into our faces by the two waitresses. I told her "It is what it is" and that we will never step foot in a D & B establishment again as our friends and family intend to do the same.

  • I'm a AAA member and I saw on the AAA website that they give you a 10% discount in the restaurant and they have other discounts for large parties for game cards. Well my family and I went to the San Diego D&B and I showed my AAA card and the girl at the front desk told me that they don't offer discounts to AAA members. I asked another employee about the AAA discount and they looked at me like I was from outer space.

  • Where: Maple Grove, Minnesota

    Minnesota nice?!?! Not at all! I came to D&B to celebrate a promotion with my family and friends. We are loud Asian group that wanted to have fun at a place known to have a fun atmosphere. Well, all we got was rudeness and derogatory remarks! There were two ladies (I could call them something else) their names: Michelle and Ashley. I can’t begin to tell you how bad they were. I heard them using some very nasty and derogatory remarks towards my group of friends. I have never encountered people like them before. I don’t know how they chose to work with people when they don’t have ANY people skills. I will NEVER go back to D&B again!

  • Where: Maple Grove, MInnesota

    Minnesota nice?!?! Not at all! I came to D&B to celebrate a promotion with my family and friends. We are loud Asian group that wanted to have fun at a place known to have a fun atmosphere. Well, all we got was rudeness and derogatory remarks! There were two ladies (I could call them something else) their names: Michelle and Ashley. I can’t begin to tell you how bad they were. I heard them using some very nasty and derogatory remarks towards my group of friends. I have never encountered people like them before. I don’t know how they chose to work with people when they don’t have ANY people skills. I will NEVER go back to D&B again!

  • Where: Desert Ridge, Phoenix.
    Were in a waiting list for a pool table for about an hour. And surprisingly, there were two tables "free" for about 40 minutes waiting to be occupied by some careless guests who just gave their names at the counter for a pool table and did not care to come back on time. They were like 40 + minutes late. We asked one of their staff if there is a "time limit" for the guests to show up and after which you can pass the table to next guest in waiting list. Did not get any good response. In fact, the response was kind of rude that "we are following the process". I am sorry, on a crowded Saturday evening is it really a good process that makes your customers wait and look at the empty pool table for an hour? We do appreciate the kind of importance you are giving to the guests who have given their names in the waiting list. But it has to be logical. I mean you can certainly wait for 15 or 20 minutes. But waiting for an hour seems a bit illogical to me. It just promotes a wrong culture of unnecessarily booking the tables even when you don't need them. Please do take a look at such practices.

  • I just wanted to tell you guys that I lived down in roseville ca for two years and loved going to your restaurant. I recently moved back up to Washington and have bern trlling everyone about it. We get your commercials up here and the clisest one is that california location. A local albertsons location closed down in Bothell, Wa and I think it would be a great spot for one of your locations. There is a demand for a dave and busters up here in wa. I feel its a great oppurtunity for you guys. Thanks

  • I just wanted to share what an awful experience my family and I recently had at Dave and Busters.

    I’ve been going to Dave and Busters for years. It’s usually a pretty good time. About three years ago, though, we moved, and now the nearest Dave and Busters is an hour away. We decided to make the trip to the Wes Nyack Dave and Busters on September 14, 2014. It would be our first visit in a long time.

    I couldn’t believe the ineptitude. I ordered the Tomato Feta Soup and the Bistro Steak and Shrimp with Lobster Alfredo. My wife ordered the Crisp Apple Pecan Salad and the Philly Cheesesteak. We thought about ordering the Grilled Cheese for our 6-year-old, but then decided we would just share our plates with him instead.

    I loved the Tomato Feta Soup – that is until I ate the French fry that was at the bottom. I assumed it was a vegetable or something – maybe a slice of avocado. Nope. It was a disgusting tomato-soaked French fry in my soup. That was just the beginning.

    I asked for the steak on my Bistro Steak and Shrimp with Lobster Alfredo to be cooked medium. I even discussed what I meant by medium with my server (pink in the middle). What did I get? A dried up flavorless well-done steak that hurt my jaw to even chew.

    The server also brought a Grilled Cheese for our kid. Of course, when we ordered we said we didn’t want that – but she brought it anyway. Well, of course once a 6-year-old sees that, you can’t tell the server to take it away, so we ended up paying for that, too. Our server also had told us – several times – that the Grilled Cheese and Philly Cheesesteak would come with “seasoned fries”. There was no seasoning on those fries. Those were just plain old French fries that needed more salt. Definitely a far cry from what one expects when told he or she is going to get “seasoned fries”.

    So, in the end, we were quite happy with the Crisp Apple Pecan Salad. That’s about it. My soup had a disgusting French fry in it. My steak was dry as a bone and overcooked. My wife’s Philly Cheesesteak and Pink Lemonade were underwhelming. The French fries were lame. And we ended up paying for a Grilled Cheese we had told our server we didn’t want.

    I showed our server the not-medium steak and she apologized. I told her about the French fry in my soup and she sarcastically said “wow, the kitchen’s really helping me out today.” Of course we reminded her we didn’t want the Grilled Cheese when she brought it, but our kid saw it and would have thrown a fit if we had then taken it away. We didn’t even bother mentioning the unseasoned French fries because – based on her previous responses – it had become obvious that our server wasn’t going to offer any solutions to make us satisfied. She barely came around to check on us as it was, and my wife was never able to get the free refill for her Pink Lemonade.

    So, I ask you this: How would you feel if you drove over an hour to take your family out and this was your experience? And how would you feel when you see the server made absolutely no adjustments on the $83.69 bill for this debacle?

    Table 201/1
    Check # 9385
    September 14, 2014 7:28pm
    Dave and Busters #15 West Nyack, NY


    Tim Barnes


  • Recently I chose to go to Dave and Busters in Orlando, FL on International drive for my birthday. I also brought 5 other paying customers. I informed the server that I was celebrating my birthday. In the booth next to us was a family in which the teenage son was also celebrating his birthday. They brought him a piece of cake with a candle on it and sang "Happy Birthday". However, they did not bring me a piece of cake nor sing "Happy Birthday" to me. Maybe I shouldn't expect anything, but I have to say I was disappointed since I specifically chose to come there as opposed to other places on I-Drive. Next year I will go somewhere else and it will be a long time before I spend any money at Dave & Busters.

  • Dear Dave and Busters, Im sure that i am waisting my time writing this but maybe by chance someone will notice. I have a family of 6 and we really enjoy your establishment. I must say though that since moving back from Denver CO back home to Houston last year and taking the family to your 7620 Katy Freeway #100 location in Houston TX i have lost the desire to go back. It really has to do with the servers in the bar area near the games. We could not get a server to come take our order so my wife complained to the manager and he said he would get someone right over. Well after another 10 minutes and no one even acknowledging we where there a family of 4 sat down at the table behind us and apperantly knew the manager because they visited for about 5 minutes a waitress instantly came to that table and still no server for us even though we complained about it to the very manager that was laughing it up with the people at the table behind us. Needless to say me and my family left the location extremely frustrated and vowed never to return to that location for sure but are considering never returning to D&B's again.

  • During business hours, I was trying to get SOMEONE to pick up the phone. Its a long drive for us to get to Dave and Busters. I was bringing 75 people wanted to get some pricing on the game cards and to play pool. Every time the "phone recorded" operator told me to press 0 for a live person, I did and it was a vicious continuous circle of monotony disappointment because it just kept bringing me back to the same recording " Hello, thanks for calling Dave and Busters ". I was beyond livid. No one would pick up the damn phone!! Wheres the customer service? What about the people wanting to come spend there money at Dave and Busters but had a few questions first? Do we not get the benefit of our questions being answered before we drive hours to Dave and Busters? SCREW THAT. We went somewhere else and spent our money. And I will tell you what, 75 people , all very wealthy people wanting to drink and eat steaks, well you idiots missed out. That trip alone could have paid your electric bill and rent for a month or two. Not to mention , HOW LAZY OF A BUSINESS!!! Why would you not have someone answering phones? I am still to this very moment beyond pissed off at you guys. I called probably 8 or 9 times before I moved on to a different place. I want a manager to speak to me ASAP. This even happened in Saint Louis ( Earth City ) Missouri .

  • Hey D&B:
    We visited your Homestead, PA location today. Upon entering & only after we dropped 200 bucks we found out the A/C unit was not working!!! It was absolutely unbearable to say the very least. So much so, once we sat down after playing games to order our meal I lost my appetite. Needless to say we stayed at your facility even though we should have been informed upon entry about the A/C not working. That is just bad business! There should have been a sign upfront or the hostess at the ticket counter could have informed patrons beforehand. It was a VERY UNPLEASANT experience!

  • I think Jeff mayger at the Dave and busters westminster,co is the biggest jerk I've ever seen also the management staff is so unprofessional because there always on their cellphones and eating where as a guest could be enjoying my meal but no cause their just sitting there eating and taking up space



  • I am interested in marketing suggestions involving Dave & Buster's addition to the west side area of Jacksonville Florida near Orange Park area. Hopefully it will be a great investment for your company to add Dave
    Buster's in my westside area. I am most grateful that companies like these exits for families. It is convenient for other areas of town to enjoy family fun at Dave & Buster's and associates. Thanks

  • Dear Dave and Busters.
    You're rule of anyone under the age of twenty one is not allowed in unless accompanied by someone twenty five or older, is crap. I am twenty years old, there were children five six years old running around in there. Seriously, what crap. Some of us just wanna go I'm there and enjoy your arcade. Quite frankly, I don't want your over priced drinks and food. Seriously, you're gonna deny access to people before eight O clock on a week day? If your gonna deny access to anyone with an id that shows they are eighteen or older, then you should deny access to children. Even with parents. You don't want anyone in there under twenty one because of the alcohol/liquor I assume, so why allow children to be acquainted with it if I can't even be?

  • Dave and Buster. I have never visited any of your business but I have heard a lot of good things about your business from friends and family. I would like one day to visit your Atlanta location. With that said, have you considered opening a Dave and Buster in Chattanooga, TN?

    Thank you

  • Today while entertaining a cousin from out of state my Mother & I took her to lunch at Dave & Busters. My only complaint was the restrooms were located completely at the other end of the building. Apparently Dave & Buster's is more concerned with Sales, as anyone that patronizes this business, must walk clearly thru &/by the bar area, then the center of the gameroon to get to the mens & ladies restrooms located at the Otherside of the corner of this building. Unfortunately, my handicap Mother was unable to use the bathroom as she could not even use the stair case provided, lest the distance from the restaurant was absurd & innappropriate for her to walk. Even myself with a slight breathing condition, found it tiresome and much too long for people in general. I cannot even believe that the Town would issue a permit for a Corporate business this size with one set of restrooms & with their most inconvenient and ddifficult locations to open to the public. I would think D & B, should have been reasonable & at least placed a restroom off the restaurant area as well. I understand they want people to use their game room & make LOTS of money, but when it comes with the price of their patrons convenience health & welfare they are WRONG! SHAME ON YOU DAVE & BUSTERS! We had a great lunch but will never visit your locations ever again because of this FAILURE in design.

  • I was in one of your stores in laranceville Ga. It was the worse display of professional ship i have ever seen Waitress playing with other waiters,Waitesses with there hiar hanging down serving food…..waiters talking at the top of the lungs i was not impressed with what i saw.I found it VERY unprofessional.As being a server my self we always wear our hair up of our collar and looked very nice…THIS WAS AWFUL

    • Well my story is different. Im an ex employee from the new California location & the place is a Gold mine but is managed very careless. I would of love to continue my employment there but i couldn't take the neglect from management. So i quit & i was sent my last pay check in a ADP card which is not registered, so i attempted to notify the store & received no help & no im attempting to call the cooperate office its Voice mail, as well as the 888 customer service number. So im wondering with multi million dollar operation, the cooperate office cant afford a receptionist.

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