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Dress Barn Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. This goes back to October 2022. I order two pairs of pants, liked one, and wanted to return the other. No paperwork came with my order so I emailed your customer service. They were currently busy and will get back to me soon. After several times that I emailed them, I got a replacement in December. By this time the 30-day return policy had passed. I received an email last week saying I have a credit of $28.31. Sorry, but I would not order from you again because your customer service is too terrible. So therefor I would like a refund sent to me for the $28.31. I loved shopping in your store, but your online is terrible.

  2. November 13,2018
    Today I received a letter in the mail that dressbarn was closing my account that is over a year old. They said they made a mistake. I am so disappointed that after many years of spending my hard earned money with them they just closed my account. I will never shop at Dressbarn again

  3. I have observed associates stealing merchandise at your dress barn at Pecan Park Blvd. A tall white lady with glasses and dark brown hair has a key and from my workplace across the street we see her and a shorter white male with blondish hair go in with a key and come back out with clothing. This has been happening now several times at night in the evening. Just thought you might want to know. This dress barn is located in cedar park texas..what a shame!!

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