DTI Properties Corporate Office Headquarters

DTI Properties Corporate Office Headquarters
1907 Dartmouth
College Station, TX  77840
Corporate Phone Number: 1-979-693-8922
Corporate Fax Number: 1-979-693-5201

  • prior to 2018, dti cared who they hired. major management changes at the corporate level made good property managers leave. mean and ugly staffing since 2018. Terrace Heights.

  • Been here over 5 years at Terrace Heights in Killeen. Great manager and maintenance. Clean grounds and safe neighborhood. Excellent online services.

  • They falsify documents. They are extremely rude in every way possible. It's uncalled for and unacceptable. But like everything else, there is nothing that can be done. They truly hate the residents.

  • Forest Gate Apartment in Huntsville Texas was nice when we first moved in and now. Management Deborah and maintenance staff act like you are bothering them when you ask any questions. The washers are always broken. The swimming pools are GREEN not Blue. So you ask when they are going to be cleaned and they get mad. The supposedly tennis court is nothing but weeds. There is nothing for the families to do. Can not swim pool due to being gross. I am so glad we are moving out of this place. Honestly ya'll need new staff that cares and does their job. I was going to report them for the pools but have decided to let you know what is going on.

  • Abusive residents are allowed to harass and intimidate other residents, including damaging property. Management is totally ineffective. Police do nothing. They are hiding from coronavirus.

  • Residents can be violent towards you and damage yoyr apt. It is still just you complaining. They want the money. Nothing will be done.They just think you are the problem.

  • I lived here (Terrace Heights, Killeen) for just over 12 months with zero issues, I now have had issues with the office now that there is a new person in the office that took my deposit and put it against my rent and a month later she is demanding that I pay the money back to cover up her mistake, she said that if I do not pay today or make arrangements on that day the manager would start an eviction process. Spoke with the manager and he said that he was not going to start eviction, was ok with my pets, he would review my file and get back with me. Found a note on my door from the manager stating what I do owe to fix her mess, she added more money on the paper w/o an explanation…day 3 that she has knocked on the door and no manager to be found. 131 months here all was ok…2 months of her and I can't get out of here fast enough.

  • Tenant at Heritage Village, Temple. Rent is due on or before the 1st and is not considered past due until closing on the 3rd. Got a note today, 2nd, that I had an unpaid balance and to remit immediately. This angered me. I had paid the account on line, an extra $15 that I do not have to just throw around. Went to the office. Confront the leasing agent who became extremely defense, which is highly unprofessional, in front of a potential renter. I was in there a whole 3 mins, maybe, at which point when I was leaving the leasing agent told me never to come in a "yell" at her again. I turned around, told her I was not yelling but I could if she wanted me to. She made for the phone. Wouldn't be surprised if I don't a visit from the local police or an eviction notice. As for maintenance, I put in a request on the 3rd of July to have my kitchen sink fixed, again, and it still has not be taken care of. Water has been dripping down between the wall and the wood paneling in the living room for sometime but no one seems to care. It was that way when I moved in and has only gotten worse. I try to live a quiet life and not make waves but this was just wrong.

  • Water leak issue causing water damage and mold in bathroom of apartment. Initially reported May 30,2018 with NO ACTION TAKEN AFTER ALMOST 1 MONTH and several requests in writing and in-person follow ups. Need action taken immediately, involving Austin Tenants Council starting Monday 6/25/18. Chevy Chase Downs Apartments.

  • To whom this may concern I am a former resident at forest gate apartments in Huntsville tx. When I report my maintenance issues it takes weeks to get tend to or receive emails saying that the maintenance issue has been fixed when there not and no one hadn't even came to fix it. And have the nerve to raise rent 30$ more and paid on the 1st when you have maintenance issues that's been ruining your home for weeks that's not fair. I have seen maintenance walk around here doing absolutely nothing literally walking around doing nothing. I went up to one and asked him when can you fix my problem he told me to talk to the apartment manager. The manager is rude and will talk to you any kind of way very unprofessional. Please help thank you

  • Terrace Heights in Killeen Texas. They will not do repairs in a timely manner. Always enter with out knocking on the door to ensure all tenants are decent. doesn't not show any concern for tenants. No sense of security when it comes to mail packages. Staff will not check identification to ensure its the right person picking up the right package. Will not complete work orders to standard. also will not order thing needed for living quarters.

  • They just seem to want to collect money and that's it. Tenants are very noisy all hours of yhe night. Heavy traffic of guests. I've seen and smelled drug usage. Children have trash all over the yard into others yards; 3am in the morning they're slamming doors causing other people windows to rattle. Their yard looks like backwood garbage. Parkway Circle isn't following up on complaints. All other residences on Leona is quiet, clean and respectful of others. Something needs to be addressed with these people in 1703.

  • I am also having a terrible roach problem they are in my couches, microwave, refrigerator….I'm miserable I have a baby due in December and I don't know how this is going to affect his health.

  • The Eagle Crest Apartments are terrible I have lived here for a year
    maintenance never comes to fix anything. Office staff terrible lies about
    everything. Bed bug and roaches, residents kids making noise and tears
    things up. Can't wait to move.

  • The Kingsville Tx. DTI properties are unbearable to live in, do not rent with DTI. The properties are underfunded facilities win no room for improvement.

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