Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Facebook Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
1 Hacker Way
Menlo Park, California 94025 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-308-7300
Fax Number: n/a Stock Symbol: FB
Facebook is located in Palo Alto, California in 2011. Facebook is moving their offices to Menlo Park, California in July of 2012.
Facebook 2011
156 University Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94301-1605
Corporate Phone Number: 1-650-543-4800
Corporate Fax Number: 650-543-4801

Facebook Corporate

Facebook motto

  • I'm investigating Facebook Fraud. CEO Mark Zucherberg, had sent me videos of past winners, documents, photos, and emailed me along with a Facebook online bank who also emailed me.
    this is the 2nd time I've been defrauded, as the first time, was by a woman who was promoted, in 2015; when I received said verifiable documents, and she claimed the funds were in a bank located in New York City. At that time, I paid by Western Union, and 2 of her co-horts who work for Facebook backed her on the fact she wanted me to pay another $1400.00 in order to receive my winnings of $45,000-$65,000 estimated winnings. I almost became homeless by eviction, but by the grace of God, had emergency assistance, to keep from being homeless. Facebook owes me a reimbursement of $600 plus Western Union fee, since 2015…
    NOW this is 2020. Mark Zucherberg contacted me and again sent the same legitimate documents. he had me make payments by Gift Cards.
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  • Facebook (FB), as a private investor with over 3,800 shares I would ask for your help…I don't like the fact that the stock has lost 20% of it's value and I am wondering what your doing about it! I think it's great that your trying to improve things however, I must say I think that your spending is out of control of late, the purchase of WhatsApp was ill advised and your "security" costs? Mark, you need to make a public "motivational" statement or make an appearance on CNBC and assure everyone (especially investors) that everything will be okay and that your company is here to stay…thanks!

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  • facebook support number 1 855 770 7790. this number works for united states for other countries you may contact through skype which is technicalhelpdesk9

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  • In this Sunday's (June 14, 2015) San Francisco Chronicle, I read with interest about the 9-acre roof garden on top of Facebook's new building. Will this ever be open to the general public? I am involved with walking group in Menlo Park and Atherton and this roof garden strikes me as a lovely place to occasionally – maybe 4xs a year – take our regular Monday morning walk. There are only about 5 of us and we're older ladies and wouldn't make or mess or cause a rumpus (when was the last time you read about a "rumpus"?).



  • How are people supposed to contact Facebook to talk about issues that are not dealt with sufficiently online? THAT'S MY QUESTION! Hello??

  • I just received a friend request from Kristy Lordo who claims "Yes Rae
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  • if a lady named kristy lordo tells you you have won in the new facebook loto it is not real. the address they gave me to pick up my winnings was762 n. 2nd. st. vinita oklahoma 74301 google earth shows vacant lot. wounder what happens when you show up. be very carefol.

    • Hi my name is shena, and i was wondering if you can remove one of my accounts under Shena Marie, but i do have two under that name so the one i do want gone has only one friend, it is causing me and my husband to many problems, thanks so much

  • I'm certainly a dummy when it comes to computers and FACEBOOK…I am 89 yrs old, but still enjoy dialogue on various subjects on FB….I look on both sides of an issue. NOW, my problem….I must have gotten blocked from commenting on a subject….."I hate Ted Cruse , Taliband and hate radio…damn, damn " something like that…can you tell me why I can no longer speak my mind on this subject ???

  • Facebook is very unfair an I was just disabled because of no reason an I don't understand how I can just not have a Facebook anymore without any reasoning or explanation on why

  • Report that I mistakenly blocked group "Cargo-200 from Ukraine to Russia", which created Vasilieva Elena, no violations Facebook was neither me nor the users of the group nor the Creator of the group Vasilieva Elena , and this blocking violates my rights of man and citizen, and users of this group and the right Vasilieva Elena which is prohibited under this Convention in the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the universal Declaration of human rights, in dolzhnostnye face site Facebook can be held responsible official site for the court , including Facebook inaction, so I think I have the right to announce the immediate release of these and other features of the page group Cargo-200 from Ukraine in Resupublikas articles and group administrator "Cargo-200 from Ukraine to Russia" and to inform me in writing or via my page on the website"

  • Also Russian moderators. block profiles and need to send a copy of the actual passport. that violates my rights. This is not a valid action. I can send my personal data only for the direct customer support site facebook.

  • I'm from Ukraine. I want to file a complaint against Russia moderators. Moderators destroy profiles and support separatism against Ukraine. They destroyed my profile Ladine ArtDesing. They destroyed all of my contacts with friends. I do not work only the creation of the advertising profile page. all of my business contacts with foreigners and destroyed. Job moderators Russia is violating my rights. I can not write my personal information because it is controlled by Russia. please restore my profile

  • Harassment complaint: There is a site called Troll Haven (Troll-Haven/326002174217984) violating your policies by harassing and bullying Peter DiGuado. The policy is "You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user." Troll Haven is bullying Mr. DiGuardo on his multiple sites, including "Kitty" and "Callie the Kitty." Before I send this to law enforcement, which I fully intend to do, I want you to take a close look at it. I am a psychologist. Mr. DiGuardo is "potentially" suicidal." This is not trivial. He has blocked Troll Haven, but if you read the drumbeat at Troll Haven, you will see the bullying is relentless. They believe he is conning people out of donations at Go Fund Me. People make donations on their own will and volition. It is not the "Troll's" business. I'm trying to be succinct, but I believe you must remove Troll Haven for violation of your own Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. As a result of their complaints, you have suspended or closed two of his sites. They haHarassment complaint: There is a site called Troll Haven (Troll-Haven/326002174217984) violating your policies by harassing and bullying Peter DiGuado. The policy is "You will not bully, intimidate, or harass any user." Troll Haven is bullying Mr. DiGuardo on his multiple sites, including "Kitty" and "Callie the Kitty." Before I send this to law enforcement, which I fully intend to do, I want you to take a close look at it. I am a psychologist. Mr. DiGuardo is "potentially" suicidal." This is not trivial. He has blocked Troll Haven, but if you read the drumbeat at Troll Haven, you will see the bullying is relentless. They believe he is conning people out of donations at Go Fund Me. People make donations on their own will and volition. It is not the "Troll's" business. I'm trying to be succinct, but I believe you must remove Troll Haven for violation of your own Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

    • If you are indeed a psychologist, you would refer to yourself as "doctor." And why do you repeat yourself? Good luck getting what you request. I doubt FB can be sued out of their golf pants or whatever they do for kicks besides not doing the job I'd bet they were well overpaid to do.

  • yesterday i got an email from FB, i want to ask whether it's true or not, but i do not know how to contact FB office
    the content of the email is about winning something from Facebook. if you need to have the copy, i will forward it to you. cannot copy paste in this form. pls give me your email, i will send it to you. thanks

  • I have a same situation. Facebook says its not a harrassment but it is. I think facebook does not look at the content before they reply.

  • I want fb to unfreeze my account so I can get my pictures and delete my own account… ive also already sent you my drivers licence for id… can you please stop freezen my account thanks

  • I want to know why I have to pay for winning money on hot lotto, this is a scam. You never pay for anykind of winnings except to the IRS.

    • Dear Face-book and Honourable Members of Parliament

      In Australia it is illegal for a minor to enter into a contract without parental consent. Even in our school system, high schools require parental permission to allow for photographs to be used in school promotion material, media etc.

      Parent are required to sign for their childrens paticpation in movies, newspaper magazine etc

      It seem as if face book operate under a different set of laws please advise which countries laws apply to face book ?

      I am interested in which country you are based and what LEGAL FRAMEWORK is in place with relation to minors( 16yrs and Under) in that country. What is your policy on this dealing with minors?

      I question whether you can legally enter into a contract or agreements with minors knowingly without parental consent and understand this may be in conflict with many counties laws in which you operate and therefor void ab initio

      Awaiting your comment and advice.

  • Dear FB, although I have not made friend requests of anyone I don't know, and I have monitored my own page for any pending friend requests, of which there have been none, and even though I continue to change my password and ensure that no one has access to my account (because I have not given my password to my two cats), you have continued to ban me from making friend requests repeatedly, for months now.

    You have failed to respond to my requests under the FOIA for proof of these alleged friend requests. You have also failed to lift the bans or respond to my correspondence in a timely manner.

    Your actions also limit my existing conversations and group conversations with people I know, work with, work for, raise money with or for, to include support groups and veterans groups.

    In short, your actions are not only discriminatory, but also negligent and malicious.

    As there have been no unwanted friend requests made (because everyone requested has accepted) and because you have provided zero proof and zero response, the only real, existing basis for your actions are discriminatory retaliation against my outspoken views on Constitutional Rights, Veterans Affairs, Washington corruption, White House Corruption, and for sharing the firsthand accounts from the special forces veterans on the ground in Benghazi.

    You cannot have "too many complaints" from people you don't know, when you're not making any friend requests to people you don't know… especially when you're barely making any friend requests at all!!

    As promised, my complaints are in the process of being filed with a whole litany of agencies, including, but not limited to, the FCC, the Texas State Attorney General's Office, the California State Attorney General's Office, the Offices of the Governor for the states of Texas and California, the United States Attorney General, and other state and federal law enforcement agencies to investigate complaints of censure, discrimination, violation of freedom of speech, harassment, cyber bullying, interference with national and international communications, and a few other issues.

    I was nice and polite many months ago when asked "What is this all about" What the heck are you talking about?"

    Now I'm well beyond the "WTF is your problem?" stage.

    I am a well-known, easy-going, disabled Army combat veteran who spends time raising money for veterans and survivor families. I put the freedom of the people of this nation first… and unlike press secretary Jay Carney, Freedom is not a "buzzword" for me.

    You have failed to operate in good faith or respond to requests in a timely manner.

    Knowing the system by which the networks develop leads for stories, I am utilizing my writing skills and experience as a journalist, to make sure that my story about FB and how it's either a bully or it's being hacked daily, is out there on every public forum from Facebook to RipOff dot com.

    The last thing I need is to be using a product that is either run by idiots or is being hacked on a regular basis… because it most certainly is one of the two, and I'm done with trying to be nice and work with an unresponsive cyber entity that is nothing more than some rich child's play toy with no more thought about the user than how much ad space can be sold on each sidebar.

    No worries though, I'm due to be in California in a few weeks and time allowing, I can pay a visit to the HQ and settle this in person… since you've simply avoided me and my inquiries-turn-demands.



  • Well I don't see what the whole fuss is about.. It's a free service.. FREE! If you don't wanna use it.. Don't! Firstly, I've been in the tech industry long enough and it's impossible for someone to 'hack' an fb account. It happens purely because of people's negligence. I'd say. Facebook has done a great job of bringing people together. A few glitches (which are not even a big deal) are fine. Don't like it people? Stop using it. So simple.

  • Attention; Patrick Widen Promo Coordinator,
    I would like to verify this lottery of Facebook its Scam or legal.
    because I got a e-mail that I won the lottery in Facebook. just reply about this.

  • I just want my account back Lenee chicka aka Lenee' driscoll I'm getting pissed u people keep calling me a child I'm grown

  • Hi, I am Sharon Waters. My account has been hacked and I have been locked out of my account. My e-mail has been changed, the one accociated with the facebook account. I would like for you, facebook to disable the account. Thank you

  • i can't believe you closed my account. i read your policy and i'm not trying to establish a war group. i'm saying what's on my mind. there are people that post things about their country in a foreign language, and express what's on their mind about their country, and you don't stop them, but since what i'm expressing something it's bad trying to bring peace of mind, that i've only posted once to facebook. all i do is play games on my facebook. i don't like how you are playing my parents or the pres..,, because what's going on in my life i'm suppose to keep quiet….that's not right. what happen to freedom of speech? i guess facebook is not one them. i don't llke people that are using bad language in my facebook, but 'you don't stop that, but you're accusing me of something that people are accusing me of doing, and i told the true online, and you band my facebook? i can't believe it, because someone told you to close my account, i'm to keep shhhhh. this is not right, and i think i should be given the benefit of the doubt, and know what to say and not to say, and should have access to my account!

  • I have 83 likes on my facebook account, and want to unlike some of them. How can I see all my likes at once and choose the ones I want to get rid of. Bring back the old like page!

  • To whom it may concern,
    I have a regular facebook account. I use it to talk to family and friends who live far from me. I play games and have met some nice people on there. The other day i tried to log in on my phone, fb stopped me. When I got home I tried to log on on my computer and received a message that I had been temporarily locked. I could open my account faster if my three trusted contacts would click on a link I sent them.. however I didnt know I had to have these contacts and you cant add them when youre locked out. I also reset my password, which took a day to get done. But its done, and yet, when I log in it still gives me the same message of being temporarily locked out. Why? Maybe fix this, ask me if I logged in, dont just lock it automatically. And when I have reset the password, let me back in.

    I figure time could be better served possibly locking out/blocking or deleting pages that are against all human morals, rights, ethics, and simple manners.

    Thank you

    Therasa Oliver

  • just got this today in my email!
    Ok facebook pay up now ! i need my beach house in santa cruz cal.

    We are pleased to inform you of the result of the DRAW held on (1ST MAY 2013) by
    Facebook Company in cash Promotion to encourage the usage of Facebook users world wide,
    your Name and Email was among the 50 Lucky winners who won $600.000:00 USD (Six Hundred
    Thousand United State Dollars) each on the Face book promotion Award Attached to Ticket
    Number (5647600545189), Ref No (2551256002/244) and Serial Number (55643451907).

    so we need your fast response so that we can proceed with the delivery of your fund. You
    are required to contact our dispatch dept ( award_facebook2013@yahoo.it ) and please
    remember to quote your Ticket, Reference and Batch Numbers in all correspondences.
    Furthermore, if there is any change in email address please contact us on time.

    Note: Do not reply to these Facebook Account for security purpose reply to the payment
    department in charge and if you are not interested please do not bother to reply.


    Patrick Widen
    Promo Coordinator.

  • hi is this real he sent this to me



    We wish to inform you that we are in receipt of your Verification Form along with your mode of payment in receiving your winning;
    application has been submitted on your behalf for the issuance of Accreditation letter to back up your Claims. It is of this note we employ
    you to contact us via Phone or Email should there be any alteration on your Certificate which will be Couriered to you as soon as you meet up
    with our terms and conditions.

    On behalf of the board of directors of this organization, we want to congratulate you on your winning once again. As I write to you today
    your Winning Parcel will contain:

    * The covering letter.

    * A congratulatory letter from FACEBOOK COMPANY containing its instructions, terms of payment, liabilities and obligations.

    * Your Winning Certificate.

    * Check ( $300,000.USD) the first installment of your total winning.

    It is important you note that, there are Two ways your winning can be paid to you:

    (1) You are to appear before us here in our office in person within Five Banking Days to finalize your accreditation modalities with the
    board of directors of this Organization where we shall hand over all the above listed documents of your winning to you.



    Menlo Park, Menlo Park, CA. 6053

    While Coming you are to come with Two Valid Identities that is :

    *Your Current International Passport or your driver’s license for identification purpose.

    *Your winning information’s as depicted on your Verification Form.

    (2) In a case where you can not come in person or travel over due to time factor then, your winning will be sent to you at your residential
    address through Courier Company and Please do confirm that you will take responsibility for the cost of Delivery, Insurance and Vat as
    this is the only financial requirement requested of you before we can proceed with your settlement, so that the FINANCE HOUSE will know how to proceed with your payment file immediately.

    NB:Note however that, you are not to send money to any one for any processing in order to receive your funds as the authority is against that, This action is sanctioned by the last clause of Section 14 of the Federal Reserve act, which describes the authorized functions of the Federal Reserve banks in open market transactions, And don't let people, impersonator fool you or scam you, otherwise you will regret it after wasting money and effort.

    So you are to choose from the options above and get back to us ASAP as we anticipate your quick response. Thank you.

    Accept our warmest congratulation!!!!!!

    Yours Faithfully,

    Patrick Widen

  • I'm starting to understand why Facebook is losing more and more of its membership these days and a good part of the social media market. For the second time (one year)I have been advised by some FB people (ie. ivory tower) that I was being blocked from "sending friend requests" as FB interprets this action as harassement which is wrong…when I'm only trying to contact people in the same field of interest (art & painting). If we can't do that on FB because of their "policy" then FB is no good for me? I'm putting a term to my participation on FB and eliminating my own activities on FB. Moving on to Twitter and other networks.

  • someone is hacking my facebook and, using discrimination tactics to keep me from accessing my facebook. They are stealing photos and accusing me of violating facebook policy. I am not! my name is Michelle kroll I am telling my story on facebook and, the people who are harassing stalking and threatening me are hacking even my facebook. please help me. I am asking old friends on facebook for help and, these harassers are harassing me! My son was kidnapped and I have a legal right to post this on facebook. please help! thank you! Michelle kroll!

  • your help site stinks and so does your phone numbers either corporate and a fax number that does not go to a fax but back to your general account this is wrong and not only as a member but also a stock holder thisis no way to run a business fix it and contact me asap to repair my problem with facebook

  • I think my Facebook account has been hacked. Getting some real nasty ads on my FB page and can't stop them or get rid of them. What can I do?

  • Facebook is crap. They unjustly blocked me
    And callede vulgar names and will not do anything about it. Good luck trying r

  • Think about it, facebook is banning people for being hacked yet they want us to provide the hackers with our phone numbers too, lol


  • Hey FB,
    How do I get rid of the VERY annoying 'suggested page' that keep appearing in my news feed and just won't go away from my page. Better still, cut it out. Not good FB… You start pissing people off and they will loose interest in your product. FB is not essential.

  • Only a blithering idiot should think that ANYONE at Facebook gives one ounce of a crap about ANY of the above complaints.

    In fact, don't be surprised if someone there is responsible for your problem. The hacking, the phishing, the ID theft AND the BS spam that hits your email address once you signup.


  • Why can't we email FB Security directly? I was contacted by someone that I thought was my friend. We were chatting and they told me that they had received $100K and that they saw my name on the shippers list for delivery! I continued the chat until I realized that they weren't my friend. Instead of clicking on the "Report/Block" link on the fake page, I told the person that I was going to report them to Facebook Security. They ended the chat and deleted both FB pages they were using. I want to send the dialog of that chat because there is an email address and a phone number for me to contact the person who would take my personal information, if it had gone that far! Please respond, because my friend is still under siege and I would like to help by making this information available to you!

  • My name is Dan Thomason and I am old and don't understand a lot about facebook. Lists of people come up saying we have 28 mutual friends, or 11 mutual friends. I send a friend request the facebook locks me out for sending requests to strangers. I am now locked out for 30 days, and believe this to be an abuse of power. If I shouldn't send these out, don't post them. How do I solve the problem?

  • Congratulations Facebook and Blackberry between the two of you have managed to wipe out my entire facebook with your stupid mobile app. You boasted that it'd make FB faster, well it certainly has…

    I don;t have friends list anymore so I don't need to go and read anything. My homepage is now my timelines and my timelines page is still my time lines page.

    Have you ever heard of software testing and testers and analysts. I think you should invest in them big time because without them you are the laughing stock of social networks.

    Oh but then you don't care your listed on the stock exchange.

  • Between Black berry and Facebook they have stuffed up my FB profile. I uploaded my mobile app and is has wiped out my friends and group lists. My home page where I should be able to see what my friends are doing is now my time lines page. My time line page still remains my time line page.

    Who are the developers who are the software testers – oh I'm sorry for it to be so messed up, there couldn't have been any end to end testing done.

    Thank you for your incompetent work!!!!!!

  • When I called FB customer service I realized that you out source your customer service and I was given a number that is no longer in service. Aren't there enough out of work Americans!

    I just want to know why is it taking so long for FB to download. This is not fun anymore.

  • Facebook has the worst customers service ever… No one can get the help they need abd when they can get support they want to charge 60 dollars through there support team.. I am jus very disappointed in you Facebook. I been without my facebook for s week because you guys temporarily locked my account it I could of still be usung my account but you sending the security codes to my old number. Help facebook I need to talk to a live person..


    • I agree whole heartedly. It seems an abuse of power. Perhaps we should encourage all our friends to change networks. Fb continually changes the rules without regard to the consumer.

  • i have a complaint. as of 11-28-12 my account was temporarily not available for a site issue. i have never did anything illegal or inappropriate on this site. i have had someone log into my account on several occasions and had to send my D.L. twice to resolve this. i am not happy about this either. Come on faceook, please get it together or you are going to be losing a whole bunch of people on your site.

  • Hi Facebook, I would like to report a harassment situation using your social networking site. I have Facebook account however someone created another account named after me & taged my picture also and the description on the profile are damaging me I don't know how to report and block my stalker from using my name & picture as her profile please help, &

  • Good Morning My name is Martin Jacobs, I am having difficulties loging into my facebook. The e-mail I used to use was from my previous employer and my cell no changed. I tried the alternative by selecting 3 friend but only one of them got the link to the security code. Now when I want to try it with 3 different friends it says there is already a request in progress. I URGENTLY NEED TO LOG INTO MY ACCOUNT. I have tried all possible passwords that I might have used but it does not work. I believe someone must have hacked into my account and changed the password. Please contact me

  • doesn't help if fb blocked one's access and no longer recognises one's e-mail address alternatively if e-mail address no longer exists.

    i tried sending messages to permanently delete my account using the links you refer to, but just get ignored. so what's the point? i need to liaise with a human being. but how??!! please post answer here


    TRY IT

  • Hi Facebook, I am having issues with my ex wife posting things that are damaging to my work in law enforcement, my and my children's safety, my character, and my relationship. I told her if she didn't stop I would obtain a restraining order. She then stated that she can post whatever she wants to and I can not stop her. Will you intervene, or do I have to file a complaint?

  • Someone that says on their profile page wants to take me on working trip with him. I need to know if he is for real as a member of your Headquarter staff. Contact me and I will discuss this issue with you.

  • Yous are making me to convert my timeline for what to make me moret angry cause you have nothing else to do stop playing games with me and stop forcing me to do something I don't want to what the hell don't force me cause you want to force damn you you freaks you can't force me to convert mu timeline damn you

  • I DO NOT WANT YOUR TIMELINE,, People look into google+ 🙂 I like it. It look to be better than facebook, But facebook out like we did myspace.com aAnd thay can keep there timeline, I hope there stock is going down down down

  • What you people don't answer ?your first to boot people I think it's time to boot Facebook I will do it through the federal courts

  • I JUst want to know how to close my Account on facebook! And why is it so hard, to get this done? Is it because the goverment dont want us to close it ???? You decide.

  • What do I do,there is a friend profile on my account that is in black and will not allow me to remove it. I have been trying to find a number to contact this company and have failed and/or gotten "you need to pay to use this service". This is b.s. We just want a simple answer. Can anyone help us?

  • You don't abide Bullying, but , you insist on changing my page to timeline! I DO NOT WANT YOUR TIMELINE. NO means NO, right? Tell me how to keep my page just as it is. without timeline. If you can force your advertizing on me, then I must have the right to keep the original format!!!!
    Morgan James, Las Vegas.

  • Michael August13,2012 12.45am Melbourne Aust.
    It has just come to my attention that Facebook members can not have their Spouses name recorded next to the relationshipstatus status,ie married spouses Name on their time line page, unless said spouse is also a Member of facebook.Showing or displaying the name of one`s Husband or Wife is and should be completly at the discretion of the person who is the member and is operating the account.I do not see that facebook can or should make rules were the corporation would force both spouses to open accounts just so the member can add their spouses name to their status,it would seem this rule is self seving for corprate profit and forced growth".What G-d has joined together let no man put asunder," A powerfull corporation of your size would do well to tread carfully when dealing with the basics of life lest you find yourselves in a situation where you become irrelevent .Just chasing growth can`t continue exponentially,there are and will be competing social network providers .Consider consolidating and attempting to hold your users, engender good will, consider anti trust legislation.Have a heart or cultivate the concept as an idea .What GOOD REASON is there to restrict a user from mentioning thier spouses name adjacent to their reltionship status.I keenly await you timley reply.

  • Facebook, Inc.

    Per FTC File No. 092 3184 (Privacy), I have contacted the FTC in regards to several messages and complaints i have sent to you in regards to my location privacy. You have failed to respond or acknowledge my complaints of my "Living" location privacy concerns and/or ability to change it. I have formally filed a complaint. Everyone needs to know that your lack of concern for complaints will not be tolerated.


  • Facebook. why do I have to see pictures of skantly clad women on my homepage? I have children here and I have no interest in dating Europian woman or Russian women yet there is constantly popups that I can't block appearing on my home page.

    • go next to the post with the curser and hit hide on anyone that you do not wish to see on your homepage and also you can go into your settings and have friends only post on your wall and or no one post on your wall.

    • go next to the post with the curser and hit hide on anyone that you do not wish to see on your homepage and also you can go into your settings and have friends only post on your wall and or no one post on your wall.

  • To Facebook, you recently contacted me on one of my accounts and said that you recieved info that i DO NOT KNOW PEOPLE that I am be-friending on FB, Instead I believe my account is being hacked or watched for some reason-if that were the case how come no one from fb ever contacted me. I have numerous people that don't know- I have spoke to some people on my account they said they never contacted you!!!

  • Dear Facebook, My name is Terrence Hayes and I am alerting you about harassment on my page two users by the names of SE Trill & Dee-jay Mack. I think you need to look into this cause they have tried to ruin my comedy career in Wichita,Ks and had a woman who I was dating by the name of Jessica Lamber commit suicide as the were harassing her also. This is very serious, I already alert local authorities in Wichita now I'm alerting you. Do something before someone else gets hurt

  • Face Book, will you PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASe permanetly DELETE my account? I mean, I hate I have to friggin beg you todo this. Everytime I delete it, I get status updates… HOW? DELETE THE DAMN PAGE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I have two facebook accounts: One is for Family and the other is Professional. I accidentanly added the same gmail address I use from my Facebook Family into my Facebook Professional without deleting it first from Facebook Family. Then, I deleted the gmail address from Family, leaving the only e-mail that Facebook automatically provides (…@facebook.com) – without adding an extra e-mail first because it is supposed to have a primary e-mail other than @Facebook.com. I did all of this with the hopes to receive e-mails from only the Professional in the marcia.quijada@gmail.com, and not from both different Facebooks in one e-mail. I tried to fix this problem by trying to add a different e-mail into Family, but it does not allow me to do this change because the Facebook Family's system is already supposed to have a primary e-mail other than katanawife@facebook.com. I've tried to set katanawife@face… as the primary but Facebook does not allow their e-mails to be set as primary. I want to keep my Gmail address into the Professional one, and I do not want to give up this e-mail to make another Professional Facebook page. This Gmail address is really important because it is connected to my professional social media channels and social networks. Please, help me.

  • FaceBook, I am the General Manager of a Timeshare property two of the members created a facebook account as The official facebook account for the property, It is causing issues with other members. I need this page removed. They can have a facebook page but not one that appears to be representing the clubs views officially I woudl apprecaite it if you would contact me at the earliest opportunity as to how do go about resolving this issue.

  • On my FB I see tons and tons of home-based-business ads. In one 24hr period, I counted 6 ads. Maybe these people are paying for their ads. If not, why isn't something done to stop it.

  • We transfer of shares of FB that were purchased in the private market cannot be transferred to a broker because FB will not give authorization to iniate the move. This type of procedure should not move at glacial speed. It only involves the change of ownership from the private lp to the shareholder and should be done expeditiously with the lock up period having no bearing on it whatsoever.

  • How can I get the mid-stream ads to stop posting on my FB page. I have gone to Account Settings, changed viewership to "no one" but still they pop up. Very annoying!

  • If anyone is interested in Facebooks corporate contact numbers, here’s a partial list of office numbers for their main office in Palo Alto California.

    650-543-4800 public contact number
    650-543-4801 official fax
    650-543-4802 office number
    650-543-4803 office number
    650-543-4804 office number
    650-543-4805 office number
    650-543-4806 office number
    650-543-4807 office number
    650-543-4808 office number
    650-543-4809 office number
    650-543-4810 office number
    650-543-4811 press contact number
    650-543-4812 office number
    650-543-4813 office number
    650-543-4814 office number
    650-543-4815 office number
    650-543-4816 office number
    650-543-4817 office number
    650-543-4818 office number
    650-543-4819 office number
    650-543-4820 office number

  • Hello, i would like to report some one whos using a friend of mine email adress to send me facebook up dates after i clicked on the url for an aupdate to unsuscrive, io still get the same spam, i hate face book, i never had bace book nor i want it now, it looks like face book has to resort to sending spam now that some one thought it can make money, please unuscrive me

  • I want you to be aware that Clear Wireless is stealing money out of customer accounts. You should close their Facebook page. I have filed complaints aganist Clear Wirless. I also found out that there were several people at my credit union with the same problem. Thank god my credit union got my money back.

  • robert steckley 5/22/2012 8:45 pm I would like to know why facebook keeps blocking my friend requests? meeting people from all over the world is what facebook is supposed to be about isn't it?

  • Robert Steckley May 22 2012 My complaint to facebook is how can i make friends with people i don't know when faceboo says that i'm creating a problem! isn't that what facebook is all about? If there is no stalking or harassing then whats the problem with building your fiend list from around the world? social media,Ihave 13 people on my friend list, how does that compare to someone whohas hundreds? I would like an explination!

  • I have facebook account and i was wondering as a social media how it is possible to build friendships acoss the country and for that matter around the world and be criticisedand threated to have a block put on my account.Ihave at this point 13 people on my friend list. how does that compare to someone that has hundreds of people listed? Do you read the riot act to everyone of these people? Iwould like an answer as to how I'm supposed tomeet different people from every where. Can't possibly know people in Japan, but maybe i would like to meet someone there. Your threats are taken with a grain of salt.I would like your policy explained if there was no thearts of any kind set against me.

    • there is a controller monitoring u when u online and its up to this person who u should meet and what u should see this is pure control of your mind please let everyone know about this problem because if this controller doesn't like u he/she could make your experience on facebook very negitive

  • Melinda Slaughter Attention Facebook I've been lock out of my account since the beginning of March I've written my complaint on the help line several times, and I'm getting no help, I've called corporate today and left a message, the Facebook team asked me to send a copy of my ID, I've sent it to 1601 willow Road Menlo park, CA 94025 as of May 16, 2012 I'm still lock out of my account!

    • Melinda, Hi,

      I just began encountering problems with FB. 1st I was already online on FB, then a dialogue box surfaced in front of my page which is always on "Keep me Logged in",, The Dialogue page told me I was not logged in so I went to do so, could not recall my password, so requested another, got email back to add a code, did so, up pops the dialogue page to select new Password: Did so, then I am still waiting and a page for Security comes on & wants my phone #. So I give my phone number, then there is, in small print, a message telling me I will get a text with a code & under that is a blank box where, I suppose, I was to put this code. Well, unlike many, I do not have anything but a landline phone, have this computer, am over 66 years of age, disabled and on early Social Security, so it would be impossible for me to get a text when I do not have the ability. What kind of game is FB playing? This is not set up to be accessable to all with this form. Secondlly, I got a similar email that you were told in person over the phone to devulge this private information to them such as your Driver's License, a Legal Name Change Document, and other private info that does not, should not belong in the hands of any free online social media site. This, I fear, is as illegal & is interferring with account privacy for each & everyone of us. Facebook does not belong asking for such a request, they are not governmentally connected. Furthermore I was online on my FB page when this all occurred & had been deleting unwanted Shares on my Page, inclusive of, what I now know is a business that sells Pitbull Sprem. I have not a darn thing against Pitbulls, they are not naturally vicious, but cruel owners are, and I felt this site I was deleting may have been the beginning ofmy problems since I am against BSL as well as an animal rescuer who wants to see dogs adopted and not bring anymore into the world until we protect the poor dogs still living and needing homes. Anyway, sorry, got off track, I am wondering if this business hacked me or someone did on Facebook… I will attempt to call FB during their workweek but I will be blunt and tell them that they have no rights to secure any private information from their account holders except what is acceptable… Just thought I'd contact you since your problem seems to be similar to my own…