Fandango Corporate Office Headquarters

Fandango Corporate Office Headquarters
12200 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 400
Los Angeles, CA 90064 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 310-954-0278
Fax Number: 1-310-954-0296
Customer Service Number: 1-866-857-5191 

  • I have been buying digital movies from this app BEFORE fandango was ever even a thought.
    Now…I go and buy several movies, one won't play, I rent two and they don't play, and the best their reps can offer are free rental credits!!??? Wtf!?
    I have invested 1000s into my collection and my daughter's birthday rolls around I have a HOUSE FULL of TEENAGE girls on a 16th BIRTHDAY and NO MOVIES!!
    Then when I call back today … THE SAME supervisor I spoke with YESTERDAY gets all high and mighty and says, "all we can do at the customer service level is issue promo credits for rentals." But the movie I am having issues with I purchased and the two I rented last night didn't play and all of them were bought through the website not the roku. I was calling to inform you of this and to tell you that the free rental codes you gave me aren't working. That's bc you're trying to buy a purchase only movie. We can only issue a rental credit.
    So issue a rental credit for 7.49 and I'll pay the difference or give me like 10% off. And then cancel all the like 4 rental promos you guys have given me gratuitously and are now throwing it in my face that's all you can do.
    Just give me ONE 7.49 credit, fix downsizing and we'll call it a day. I've already bought 4 movies before and since. WITOUT ISSUE OR CREDIT.



  • BE AWARE! BE AWARE! BE AWARE! You do not want to buy anything from these people. bought reserved seats for 12/ 28/ for my self my husband and two grand sons. we were shuffled around like cattle so upset they double booked one of our seats I went and got the manager she stood there with two ticket stubs for the same seat. Got sick had to wait to cal them when I did got a very flippant customer rep. at the end I said how would you have liked that day to have happened to you??? He said stuff like that dont happen to me mam. Well it will never happen to me again either. sent several emails they're reply is yu can get the credit dne your self. Ok tried that NO I didnt MISS the show or CHANGE my mind so that doesnt work. the rep told me I could send an email so when I repeatedly did this, which reply doesnt work, oh big surprise, they emailed me finally and told me to CALL. So dead end with a bunch of FLAMING IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont use them! going to paypal next to see if I can force a refund. NIGHTMARE

  • About 2 weeks ago, I purchased movie tickets for myself and my daughter for a theater we don't normally go to. When we got to the theater, there was a note with people standing outside. It read that they were closed down and to call the 800 number. I did. Had to wait a good 45 minutes before someone came onto the phone. She told me she would issue a refund after she called the theater to verify what I told her was true. Then she asked if I can register. At that time, the website was down. That's all she said. I recently received my credit card bill and it's still on there. I did the internet chat. Waited about 25 minutes (3rd in queue). He told me that I needed to register once more then I would get my refund. I registered and then he told me he would he send in my complaint to the headquarters and I would receive an email within 5-10 business days. I wasn't even finished and then he left the session. I am going to dispute this on my credit card and write a letter to the corporate office, telling them my frustration. I don't think they should make you sign up in order to get a refund. They already have my credit card info. This sounds like such a scam. I am also going to report them to BBB (Better Business Bureau). WILL NEVER DEAL WITH THEM AGAIN!!!

  • Hi,

    I accidentally bought a wrong theater that will play in 25 minutes (my house close to the theater that I supposed to pick). I contact you by phone number and live chat. 20 minutes later the live chat was on, so I told her, I want a refund. She told me since the movie started already the refund will be 3-5 days. You have a bad customer service that people had to wait about 20 minutes to get to talk to someone. I'm not happy with your service. Btw, your customer service got an attitude. I haven't finish talking, she left. wow.


  • I have to agree with the other numerous comments on this website about the very poor company Fandango….poor customer service….poor business model….our family will never use a fandango theater again…we have other choices……

  • I have reached out to every possible contact within the company, Facebook, live chat, email, Phone, even messaged the CEO on Facebook. I can't get a response from anyone! The phones are left unattended, the instant chat has been restarting me in the queue for hours! THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE TO DEAL WITH!!!! NOT TO MENTION BEING HUNG UP ON OVER AND OVER!!!
    I will Never recommend ANYONE!!

  • On 12/30/2016 I purchased two tickets on Fandango website as a guest to the movie La La Land via Fandango website. As I was checking out, the system timed out so I did not finish the purchase. I went back and processed a separate transaction and received the tickets. A day later, I noticed there were two identical charges on my debit card. I went to the Fandango website and started a chat session to ask for a credit for the duplicate charge. I was told I cannot get a credit unless I join the Fandango VIP club even though they were able to trace the incorrect charge. This makes absolutely no sense to me and defies the eCommerce Laws. If you can sell something to me as a guest, you should also be able to credit back a duplicate charge as a guest. I am very disappointed with Fandango and their Customer Service. I already have a VIP account, but it is on a different email address than I used to buy this particular set of tickets. So I did not want to setup a second VIP account, I also called Fandango the very next day and got the identical response that your policy is that you can only do a refund if someone is a member of your VIP club, even if they purchased tickets as a guest. For one, I am not looking to get a refund/exchange of a product, I am asking for reversal of a charge that is incorrect, very different. The fact that your customer service people and their supervisor cannot do this is pathetic.

    This entire scenario should not be the case, if you can charge my credit card without a VIP account when I purchase tickets, you can credit back an incorrect charge. You cannot hold me hostage by telling me the only way to get a refund is to setup a VIP account. I wasted 60 minutes debating this $ 23.20 charge and I still have not resolved it. I will end up calling my bank and dispute the charge, another waste of time for me but probably the only way to get proper credit. I will also cancel my other VIP account and not waste my time doing business with any of the Fandango owned entities. I will encourage others via Social Media, etc. to do the same. Fandango seriously needs to look at their policies and not hold people hostage for a reversal of a bad charge by asking people to join their club which will result in additional emails and unwanted advertisements.

    Personally I feel this is something the Attorney General should look into, this company is scamming people with their policies and bad customer service. This sounds like a class action item to me.

  • Hi my name is Maria and it makes me sick to the stomach to read all the sad story this corrupted company have done to loyal customers we need a good
    attorney and suit fandango!!!

  • I have had the worst customer service experience with your company.

    1. I purchased tickets on your app from my phone , right away, I realized that I had purchased the tickets too early.
    2. While sitting in the same spot, I requested a credit so I can use it to purchase the new tickets. I was surprised how easy the process was, or so I thought.
    3. I try to use the credit three times and kept getting an error.
    4. Call #1: Representative tells me that she cannot help.
    5. Believing there is no way that a representative for Fandango could not help me place a fandango order. I place call number #2. Same result then she routes me to supervisor mailbox. I leave a message. nine days later still no returned call.
    6. I end up having to purchase the tickets elsewhere.
    7 . I submitted a form online. You come back and tell me that I was trying to purchase the tickets out of the country so that is why it didnt work. I inform them, I am in Georgia (USA), I used the same device in the same location on the same network to purchase the tickets just 10 mins prior with no issues. Now you are just holding my money. Then you respond again telling me that I was using a proxy, which again is untrue. I asked for a response 9 days ago and no one responded. Ridiculous.

    8. Today I call back, I ask to speak to a supervisor. Miriam #191 She was no help. and lacked empathy. I asked for a refund for tickets that I could not use and it seems like this is rocket science which is shocking since you are in the ticket business. I am now requesting a refund and a credit on my account for the hassle that I have been put through for having to try to go through so many loops to get my money back.

  • My husband had a $25 gift card. We decided to go see a movie and we purchased our tickets online. On the way to the theater we couldn't find our tickets on our email. We called fandango, they gave us a long confirmation code and said we accidentally entered the wrong email address. Well as we were confirming the number given and the phone lost connection. So we have no tickets and no confirmation number. Keep in mind we called BEFORE the movie started. We didn't know what to do so we came home and called them again. We said we were unable to see the movie and if the could just credit our money back that would be great. Well long story short. I've called 6 times. They are refusing to give us our money back because the SECOND phone call was made after the movie started. This is unacceptable, unprofessional and I feel like they stole our money. I will be filing a report with the BBB soon if I do not get our $25.00 back. It's not a lot but now it's the point of the matter. Oh by the way the operator accused me of lying. I will NEVER USE THIS COMPANY EVER AGAIN.
    Incident # 160724-000-964 spoke with Adrian who needs customer service training ASAP.
    Incident # 160724-001120 spoke with Sasha ( very professional and actually seemed remorseful)
    Can someone please explain to me how this is legal? We called before the movie, fandango was completely aware we had no tickets and couldn't see this show yet had no problem stealing our money. At this point I strongly believe a class action lawsuit needs to take place. I've read other reviews. Fandango has stolen money from a lot of people. I need some answers.

  • To Whom it May Concern,

    My incident number is 160513-000797 (

    • Used Fandango credits to purchase 3 tickets to see Captain America “Civil War” on 7 May 2016.
    • Was not able to make the show due to an urgent business matter.
    • Attempted to refund or exchange the tickets through the Fandango website, instead received an error message stating that the refund could not be executed because it was paid for through a credit.
    • Attempted to call Fandango after the business matter was resolved, Fandango was closed
    • Called Fandango customer service on 10 May 2016. I was told by the customer service representative that he could not execute a refund because my request occurred after show time and it would need to be escalated to a manager. No manager was available and was told a manager would call me back within 24 hours.
    • Did not receive a call from a manager
    • Called Fandango customer service on 13 May 2016. I was told the same information about not being able to refund the purchase because my request took place after the show. I again explained the situation and was told a manager would reach out to me within 24 hours.
    • Did not receive a call back from a manager.
    • Received the following email message from a Customer Service Representative on 14 May 2016

    Dear Jason,

    Thank you for your previous contact and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Our Corporate Office has reviewed your request for a refund.  After their further investigation into this situation, we are unable to offer a refund or exchange for Fandango credit.  We are sorry for any disappointment caused by our inability to grant your request, but when it comes to granting refunds or exchanges we are limited by our ability to process those requests at least 2 hours or more before show time.  Since your request was initiated after that window of time had run out, we no longer have that option.


    • Called Fandango customer service on 14 May 2016 and was again transferred to the supervisor line. No supervisor picked up and was asked to leave a message.

    This level of customer service is unacceptable. I recently started using Fandango because a fellow consultant informed me that it was a great service and since I go to the movies, it’d make the experience easier. This has proven to be false. I will not only cease using Fandango, but will tell this story to every North American employee that will listen. It is not only Fandango’s inability to follow up as promised, it’s the lack of customer service and flexibility when it comes to isolated incidents.


    Jason L. Butler


  • as Christmas gifts we received gift cards for Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Fandango. When I went to Starbucks I gave them the gift card and received my coffee, no problem. The same for Dunkin Donuts. However, when we went to the Fandango theater in Manville, NJ, the clerk said she couldn't accept our Fandango gift card and that we would have to go online to get our tickets – really, how stupid! Why doesn't your gift card work the same as everyone else cards? Outrageous, I will tell my friends to NEVER give us a Fandango gift card. Get with the 21st century, please!

  • First time I used FANdANGO to purchase my Regal theater tickets. I filled out the movie form thinking I would get a screen to indicate the date, time, and name of the movie I was purchasing tickets for, however it soon became evident that the current date was the date I purchased the tickets for and that the time I had specified had already passed. I live 1 hour from the theater. Shellian was on live chat and was no help, in-fact I thought she was arrogant. I will never use Fandango again and intend to tell anyone who will listen just what I think of my experience with them. My wife and I have no income other than Social Security. We could not afford to purchase another set of admission tickets. If you are going to provide a ticket order website, you had better give the option of a date for the customer to indicate when they will be able to see the movie.

    David Selk

  • Its christmas night December 25,2015. I spent $45 on fandango gift cards for my children. I took them to the theater and purchased the tickets while i was there. The first ticket was mistakenly purchased at the wrong theater the second was purchased at correct theatre. I called fandango customer service was on hold for over 20min the first time only for the agent to tell me she could not refund or change my ticket to the correct theater. I asked for supervisor was placed on another 10min hold only to get a voicemail.

    Hung up and called again no one absolutely no one was willing to HELP. I was transferred again to a supervisors voicemail. Left a message. Unfortunately i lost $16 because one ticket was wto.g the other was right but my two teenager's was not going alone to the movies so they went home. Talking about a horrible ending. Fandango messed up Christmas night that my 13&14 yr old daughters were looking forward to.

    To add insult to injury they gave me the wrong address to corporate office and told me there is no email or telephone number. They are bad bad company and people and will. NEVER EVER in my life use them again. I will tell everyone i no the same thing not use them. They take your money with no problem but refuse to help you with their product!������

  • After reading other comments, in addition to my own problems, I am wondering if it might be a good idea to contact the media to run a story on their fraudulent and unfair practices? I think I will do that. I am going to copy everything I can now and send it to a local news station to investigate. Clearly they know they are cheating people and don't care. Someone has to make it well known.

    • Hello Athena. Merry Christmas. Im thinking the same thing all night!! I'm going to write my news station well email them because this seems to be a big scamming business! I am going to do it tomorrow morning

  • I am very disappointed. I have used Fandango many times and expected better. I accidentally purchased tickets for the wrong theater in less than two hours from the show time. Because the tickets were purchased less than two hours before the movie they refused to refund them even though I asked for a refund less than 5 minutes after I made the mistake. The customer service has been awful. Would not take a call to a supervisor when denied twice already through the customer service. Clearly Fandango does not care if they are ripping people off and does not care if they have a bad reputation. I would not purchase another thing through them ever. It's companies like this that give corporate America a bad name.

  • What an awful company!! They know nothing of customer service. They are impossible to get by phone even at a corporate level. They don't deserve to be in business. I will never use them again and I will spread the word.

  • Hello, I have been a member of Fandango since 2004. Granted once my children grew up , I didnt go see films very much but recently my grandson wanted to go. I have never bought tickets online before and decided last minute to get tickets to "Shaun the sheep". I had trouble navigating the website and while trying having 2 (two) tickets in shopping cart, I never checked out but tried to look for loyalty card and website took me in circles. I saw my shopping cart was empty at that time once I gave up on loyalty card, so I put back the tickets that disappeared. I then checked out and thought all was okay. We rushed to theater for the customer service gentleman pulled my name up and he printed up ONE SET of TICKETS. Once movie was over, I happen to see TWO CONFIRMATION numbers in my inbox so I immediately contacted customer service. I tried to provide all the details. I just recieved a " SORRY" cant refund due to the timing. That was not apparent to me especially being my first time ever purchasing tickets online. My disappointment comes from the CUSTOMER SERVICE REP would have seen there were extra tickets purchased and didn't let me know?? Surely he would have seen this to possible alert me. I'm retired disabled on a fixed income. I do not have extra $16.00 to toss out window especially when it costs $22.00 approx for popcorn and drinks for me and a 6 yr old. Im so unhappy with this entire transaction, I will post to everyone how this event occurred and will discontinue my membership with Fandango since 2004 and will not return to any of your events in future. Hope your $16.00 serves you well and please make it CRYSTAL CLEAR to us who are first time users purchasing tickets online so we KNOW EXACTLY what policy is even when we find out we have a show in less then 1-2 hrs as I did to keep my grandson happy. Not a way to keep customers happy. I was looking forward to seeing more movies, but will take my business elsewhere. Newport News Va

  • Just spoke to Diana her employee number 412 a supervisor I had asked for a manager to speak with, But The Customer Service person addressed me to Diana a supervisor she would not give me her last name only her employee number. Not even her managers name. I mention to her poor people skills very bad Customer service and very unprofessional with not even trying to solve this matter for refund nor for another time showing date! I as a customer! I'm Very Upset! Also I mention to her she is working for very poorly company! I did not what this matter to be towards her! For she was doing what this company Regulations. My Situation is this Saturday 7.18.2015 had reserved tickets 2 of them for this new movie showing around 5:00pm to see batman I received a confirmation number through the Internet that I purchased them. I tried letting them know to a customer service representative no luck then I asked to speak with a manager, They said he was not there until in thirty minuets that he will be back? I realized that at first is this person for real? I was wondering back from what? Then My wife recieves the rules? By email? When seeing the very small print notice that supposedly you must cancle prior two hours before of any excuse? Realy Now? What kind of games are you the corporate inventors from Fandango Inc. Are you stilling money from customers everyone that can't make it at the last moment! Is this good Customer service! Relations Really! Mr Chuck Davis you are the Chairman of CEO Why do you not have a better system! I'm Very A-shame of you! Never will I purchase from your Fandango you should change it to fraudango Inc.

  • My bf purched tickets using my bank card he put the wrong email Address and it went to someone else who Exchanged the tickets for credit i have been waiting a week to hear back about my Refund i call everyday. I will never use fandango again never i am currently contacting the better business Bureau


  • I purchased tickets through this site because I had promo code that came with a DVD. The promo code was for $7.50, the balance of the tickets came to $13.88. I contacted "customer service" to see if I could move the date of the show. They canceled my order and emailed me to let me know that my Fandango account was credited the $13.88 and that they can't refund me the $7.50 for the promo code that was used. My email was VERY clear that I didn't want a refund and that I would make do with the time I purchased if nothing could be done.

    I contacted "customer service" again and got told that customer service can't reverse that transaction and that only the corporate office can. Fine, I will talk to the corporate office then, I was given a mailing address.

    Their customer service rep canceled my order and I have to wait 3-5 business to hear back from the corporate office to see IF they will let me have my promo code back. I was told repeatedly that it would be expedited but nothing could be done beyond that and that the corporate office would be in contact with me.

    While I am aware that the amount I am out is not really that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, it is to me and it's the principle. Their rep cause the error and I have to pay for it.

    VERY poor "customer service"

  • 100% worst company and customer service I have ever dealt with. NEVER AGAIN will I use Fandango and I will make sure everyone I know never does either. No words to describe how awful this company is when it comes to customer service!

  • Now in the second time where they have charged my card twice after saying the movie had no tickets. The first time it happened about 4-6 months ago and they only refunded one of the two charges. (Not two tickets, 3 tickets charged twice for same movie, but the site said there was an error and no tickets were available at that time).
    This time we went to a different theater that doesn't use Fandango after the one that did showed as sold out by Fandango. They then hit my card for the tickets twice.
    I sent one of their contact forms in where it says they will contact you within 24 hours and it has now been over 72 with not even an email. I also contacted the bank the card is through and am filing a complaint with the TX Attorney General. That and class action lawsuits are the only thing people like this will listen to unfortunately.

    have bought movie tickets from them for years and everything was fine until when in the middle of ordering a ticket their website went down and the money was taken out of my account and no ticket was sent to my email. i've called over a dozen times, emailed, ect. Finally the customer support people told me that if i faxed my bank statement to them after THREE MONTHS of not getting the imaginary "hold" on my money taken off then they would send it to the corporate office and i would have to wait another several business days until i get a refund. then they gave me a fax number that doesnt work. both by email and telephone they told me the same non working fax number. their email system doesnt accept image attachments either so basically THERE IS NO WAY OF GETTING A REFUND EVER even for a ticket you've never even received. i'm almost to the point of flying down to LA myself and bombing their building. you have no idea….. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IVE EVER EXPERIENCED! at least hire people who can understand English!!!

  • Buy tickets at the theater and not from Fandango!!!! What a rip off!!!!!!

    I purchased tickets and was told within minutes that due to flooding in Virginia, the people that wanted to attend the movie would not be able to make it here to the movie. I called to cancel the transaction within minutes and told there were no refunds by a machine (not a person) ! How absurd. Fandango is a black hole and there is no reason for anyone to use their ticket service. Just go to the ticket window for god sakes and get tickets a few minutes early!!!!!!!!!!

    I called the customer service number and the hold time was at least 30 minutes. I pleaded for a refund with on line "chat" and they told me to get a refund from the theater, which will probably never happen.

    I hope you go out of business and I will spread the word as I can.

  • They stole 199.25 on a multiple charge in a 5 min period, claiming my BUSINESS cards zip was incorrect, 3 times we tried wiith no avail, then next day after going direct to the theatre and buying tickets, i discovered an email from my bank of many simmilar charges! Cant contact a human who knows anything about anything even told me they were "not allowed" to give a corporate number! A COMPLETE FRAUD, A HORRIBLE BUSINESS, AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL! Im discusted , the young girl on the line told me its a " test lto see iif the funds were avail" well if the web page says "NOT PROCESSED" its very suspious they still are holding 119.25 from my account. Its been 3days i will contact an attorney if my funds are not back by day 5. They try to blame everyone under the sun , the bank, my zip, the site, the "test". Ill do my best to spread the train wreck of a story about this FRAUDLENT F ANDANGO!

  • Absolute horrible support, cant get person with any information on the line, the support i did get told me they could not give out a corporate number,. The website STOLE yes STOLE 119..25 out of my BUSINESS account! My husband and i decided to try it for the first time, well after it said my card was NOT PROCESSED due to the wrong zip code, we tried it two more times within 5 mins, again same responce , so we just went to our theatre and purchased the tickets. Next day a e mail from my bank of multiple drafts, they still charged my account saying it was a process to see " if the funds were there" but it was not processed,,,,,well guess what my account was 119.25 less in pending so someone had the money! Im still awaiting on the refund 3 days after. Its a frad factor in my eyes, horrible business to work with and no way to get to a person who has any authority to do anything,. Ill do my best to spread the word of this train wreck of a company.

    Sheena, lakeland fl

  • This company has THE WORST customer service ever! Had my card stolen and $90 worth of tickets were bought on the website. I waited on hold for over an hour to speak to someone only to have them tell me to leave a message!!! So I email them since calling didn't work and after several generic email responses they tell me they can't help unless I call them!!!! How does that help since no one answers the phones?!

  • I agree with the dissatisfaction expressed above and only wish I had read it before ordering a $50 digital gift card for my sister. The card was delivered ten days prior to the date I had submitted. The only offer I received from so-called customer service was to get a refund. What good would that do once she received the card? If I got a refund the card would be rescinded too. Now no one responds to my request for making it up to me. One of the CS's said they would refer it to "corporate". A lot of bull. On top of that I keep getting emails with the gift card sent to me. Useless. Don't use Fandango.

  • To say that I am disappointed with Fandango is putting it less than mildly. I purchased two sets of gift cards for Christmas, two for my boys and two for my niece and nephew. The cards for my niece and nephew were never delivered. I contacted customer service to be told to go to the post office to see what happened. That was not doable since the local post office is in Bowie, MD and I am in middle TN. I responded that it was Fandango's responsibility to see what happned. You provided a tracking number that you couldn't track anything on. Fandango had the burden to prove delivery or either replace the product or issue a refund. It has been three weeks and I have had no response from this company. Fandango is COMPLETELY happy with keeping my money and not issuing anything in exchange. Because I have not worked for six months and wanted to give my family some sort of Christmas, $30 for two gift cards was a sacrifice with the amount of unemployment I recieve. Fortunately, my bank reversed the charges, hopefully they get that back from Fandango and don't just eat the charge. Fandango has no regard for customer service and I hope that anyone who considers patronizing you, will reconsider after reading this. Bad company!!!

  • No way to contact them for a refund. Their phones are not atteneded. They make it easy to buy tickets and impossible to get a refund. A one-way black hole.

  • Hello;

    I have to say I am a loyal fan and customer of Fandango.

    I think by now you are all aware of the tragedy in Colorado and I know your emails are auto-generated but in light of the tragedy at least for the next day or so can you not send broadcast emails reminding customers to buy tickets to the Dark Knight movie?

    It's just bad form.

    Thank you.

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