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  • Fitness 19 Corporate Office Headquarters

Fitness 19 Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Fitness 19 Corporate Office Headquarters

8110 West Union Hills Drive
Glendale, Arizona 85308 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-623-825-5900
Customer Service Number: 1-623-825-5900


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  1. I am a member of Fitness 19 in American Canyon, CA

    My top
    Reason for going to this gym is the sauna. This Sauna has not been working for months now. Pls fix this.

  2. I was just squatting with no shoes on and one of the workers here that was even on his shift started cussing at me to put my shoes on and he didn’t even ask me he just went to me and started cussing at me to put them on and I’m a minor so I can’t even defend my self and the manager witnessed this whole situation and did nothing about it you guys need better workers im switching gyms

  3. Pico rivera location is charging me 400 for personal training fees that I had canceled when I signed up since I knew it would automatically charge. I requested it to stop because I knew it would charge again. I was told it was handled. I changed gyms due to hours at work since they aren't open 24/7. Was told no problem. However, I'm finished with my contract and here they are charging me another month and the extra 400 for services provided by a club im not even a member of. I'll never go back to this gym and recommend it to nobody. There are too many options to bother dealing with the headaches. Either they are blatantly stealing or their employees are under trained or lazy.

  4. The worst fitness place ever. They have hidden chargers when you try to cancel its like they refuse to listen they take money out of your account with no notice. They have taken over 400.00 out of my account . For that place I dont think so. I tried to talk to Corp. office they say each place has different owner and they have nothing to do with it. After all my cancellation notices to them they now sent me to collections for 20.00 really they SUCK. Please Please if youare smart don't even think k about signing with them. Pico Rivera has the worst customer service there supposedly Mng. Frank is never there, now I know why to many complaints.

  5. My wife signed for 2 month of personal training and gave them the credit card. They charge her for the 3rd month saying that she was required to cancel that 1 month earlier even though she signed had signed for 2 month. On top of this few days later gym charge addition $134 on the same credit card without any reason. Now only thing I can do is to go to small claims court. DON'T TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!!!

  6. My membership with Fitness 19 has been excellent! I've been here for over 3 years and I want to give an A+ for my personal trainer, Lara. Training with her has given me awesome results! She's an expert in helping you with your muscles to make you feel happy and comfortable. She's soft, gentle and has full experience. She will watch you in training and correct you right away if anything is wrong. My results is spectacular and I can truly see a difference! Lara is awesome! She has lots of experience in seeing how your body works. The whole staff and workers at fitness 19 are very friendly and I recommend Fitness 19 to anyone.

  7. I have a membership with Fitness 19 for over 3 years. I started a personal training with Devina Medinas for 3 months now and the results of my training are spectacular! The best results I've ever had in my life, in which I couldn't have done without her. I lost 22 pounds so far and my body is feeling great! I even brought my cousin here who was visiting from Boston and she trained him for 8 days and he even said that she's the best, even the best in the USA. She's patient, nice, good and doesn't waste your time, and she's strong and have power. I can see the results of my body built up in excellent shape within 3 months. I have a family membership with Fitness 19 and I brought 5 people to this gym because of Devina. I even brought my sister to have personal training with her and she experienced great results. I'm a business owner of Kemel Imports. Devina is a winner to your business. I'm nearby to the gym and I want to see this gym successful and keep you in business. Her training is very valuable to your business.

  8. I wrote a review on yelp a month ago. On 10/3/18 the manager called me to say due to my review about him he was canceling my membership. I feel I was mistreated due the manager taking it personally and not looking at the fact that this was a safety issue. He said he didn't remember our conversation nor did he even know who i was. I go in almost 6 times a week and I see him almost every time. When I brought this to his attention I had my 2 year old son. How could a manager not remember something like this as a safety issue. I wasn't looking to get anyone in trouble but to bring up this issue. I didn't know this would cause me to lose my membership. This is what I wrote: I joined this gym because it is on my way home and looked clean. They also have a good child care, however as much as I was happy with this gym the manager Al has slowly been changing it. Not only are great employees leaving because of him, he really doesn't care about safety of his guests. A few weeks ago while I was working out a guy approached me asking me for my number saying he will wait outside for me to leave, this made me very uncomfortable and feeling unsafe since it was almost 10pm on a friday night and i am a young woman. Alan who was working there checked on me, talked to me to ask if I knew him and told me when I was done working out he would walk me to my car to make sure I am safe. I must say Alan was professional and so great about the whole situation and made sure I was truly safe. I couldn't wait to tell the manager, however when I did and Alan was to the right of the manager Al didn't say anything or acknowledge what a great job Alan did, I left feeling like Al didn't care that a paying guest could have gotten hurt, but I guess if I did snd I sued he would have, but all that got avoided because of the great work Alan did.

  9. Fitness 19 Farmington MI, Started to act like planet fitness with grunt and noise. if it was mention in the contract that grunting while workout is not allowed, i would definitely haven't join Fitness 19. This is kind of bad service, i am working in my zone and not disturbing others who already have their headphones on. Why does Management care if i have a great workout.

  10. Fitness 19 Redlands CA continues to charge monthly fees two months after we cancelled and moved to the midwest USA. We requested this account be cancelled and submitted all documentation stating we were canceling yet they still continue charging monthly fees. This is fraud and must stop with all credits being returned to me account!

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