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Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

201 Trigg St.
Abingdon, VA 24210 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-276-628-5503
Fax Number: 1-276-623-5440
Customer Service Number: Online Only


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  1. I would like to voice a comaint on the pharmacist at the food city in Johnson city ten. He was extreamly rude today to on the phone when I called to see if a RX the needed prior approval had been filled. I was told he did not have time to talk to me anymore and that my mother (who just had surgery and needed her RX really bad) could just have to pay for it if she wanted it. That type of behavior is unexcuseable and will not be tolerated. Mr pharmacist u dont have time then make the time because that is your job and if its not what you want to do then u need to find other employment. You are an extreamly rude and inconsiderate person and I will never get medication at your pharmacy again and I will definitely not recommend your pharmacy to any of my friends or family.

  2. I have a complaint about your Cassidy Blvd store the manager told my daughter she would be written up because she was in the ER and had to miss her shift. She was given an excuse from the ER Debbie Chapman told her it did not matter that she had an excuse that anyone could go to the ER and get one. Who is going to pay for an ER visit just to get and excuse that is insane. Also the lady that does the scheduling Marie changes the schedule when she wants to once you have checked the schedule it should not change. If there needs to be a change Marie or whom ever needs to contact the employee letting them know that the schedule has been changed. This also happend to my daugher while she was out of town and did not know she was sheduled until she was contacted for not showing up. I have shopped at Food City for years but if something is not done to correct issues at the Cassidy Blvd store I will not continue to be a loyal patron. I would like to speak to someone from the corporate office concerning these and other issues that are going on at this store location. They can contact me at 606-794-3698 if I do not receive a call I will assume that the management does not care how their store is being run.

  3. How do you post a pic on these sites? I have a pic of a employee wrapping himself in a plastic bag just for the "fun" of it. All while he is "working"

  4. I am so tired of entering your store on Peavine Rd; in Crossville, buying items and having the prices come up wrong, (higher prices) especially the sale items. If you do not catch it, and show the employee the item and the sign with the sale price, you will get home, not knowing you were overcharged. Then when you bring the errors to the attention of the cashier, after they verify and fix your order, they do NOTHING to change the incorrect price in the computer so all other customers are still being OVERCHARGED! How can you operate such a underhanded business practise? Once it is brought to your attention, you should fix the price in the computer so others do not get overcharged! Also Lindsey a manager at the store was stocking bread and when I inquired as to where the pastry cups where; for the strawberries, the sponge cake cups, she was rude and stated "That is not my dept, go ask at the bakery." I found them on the other side of the aisle; from where she was stocking! She is a manager, and she has NO customer service skills. NONE. This is why I will shop at Kroger from now on….

  5. I have had many issues at your Chilhowie VA store. The latest was tonight when my Bread was placed in the bottm of the cart and I had to ask the guy bagging to take it out and put it in last. Then he was putting way too much in my bags and I had to ask him not to do that because I am the one carrying those in my house not him. This is not the first time I have had issues at this store and I have complained to many of the "managers" several times…especially for putting too much in my bags. After all this the guy was very rude in moving my cart and putting the next in place. The guys name was Dustin. One night I needed a manager and it was around 2300 and when the manager came out he came out of the bakery/deli (don't they close at 2200) with a young girl… hmmmmm. I hope something is done to teach these employees proper bagging manners and self respect

    1. I am just now reading your post Juanita, and I agree with you. There are still problems at the Chilhowie store. I encountered one day before yesterday concerning 2 baggers. I got home and one item I Ipurchased out of 4 was missing. I called the manager, a young guy, and was told the item was left in the shopping cart, which was not possible, since the groceries were paid for bagged and sitting at the end of the counter in the cart, when I remembered the 4 other items. The counter I needed the purchase from was closed, and my cashier had no one in line, so I asked her for those items. She went and got them, she rang them up, and I paid for them. The 1 bagger at the end of the counter, took the items and threw them into the bag containing my bread. When I got home there were only 3 items in the bag. Furthermore, the items were not in the shopping cart as I was told by the manager, nor were they there, when I unloaded my groceries, to put into my vehicle. I wrote the manager a letter concerning this matter, and I took the receipt back to the store and obtained the item that was missing, which meant another trip into town the next day, for one item. The lady that replaced the item for me, didn't say a word, but I did tell her, "the item was NOT in the shopping cart." I took my item and went home. I wrote the manager the letter the night before, and I placed it into the mail. For all I know the manager may have been one of the 2 baggers. I have shopped at Food City Chilhowie every week for a little over 20 years, and have only had one prior complaint during that period, other than rude employees a few years ago, which I didn't complain about, but I am sure many did, since the employees are much nicer now than they were then, so something was done about that situation, and new employees appeared on the scene. I was also treated rudely at that time. In the manager's letter I suggested to pay the baggers more money so they could buy the product for themselves. Also, to have this product bagged separately, and handed to the customer, not just throw it into a shopping bag in the shopping cart. I still believe in right and wrong, and this was definitely wrong. All of us need to stand up against these practices, then, and only then, will they stop. When the employees don't know if they will be next for a complaint of this sort or not. I do hope my letter has helped prevent this situation from happening to others who shop at Food City, and this post will help others as well. Keep and eye on those baggers folks, they may need to be replaced!

  6. I would like to comment on food city 646 in morristown tn. Their managers are liars and do anything to keep their favorite employees out of trouble. The deli manager their(Danielle) is only there because her aunt is in corporate. She fratenises with the employees. And takes her 18 or 19 yr old employees out drinking. Even have pictures to prove it. I have reported this to corporate several times and nothing has been done. She parties with the employees on a daily basis. one of my friends were fired because she was in the hospital with her father in law that was deathly sick and before they gave her a drug test they asked her for her prescription list which is very illegal. but they keep treating her like trash and disputing her getting unemployment after she was their for 2 and a half years. The store Manager(David M) breaks all the rules for his favorite employees and the rest of them are just disposable. Way to go food city!! You have liars and cheaters as managers!! and the employees that work their butts off get fired and the lazy ones stay. Great way to run your stores!! But what goes around comes around!

    1. mi tienda es 104 phoenix az food city hay mucho favoritismo una empleada andaba con uno de los managers el es un hombre casado eya solo por horas y favores a cambio al manager solo lo cambiaron de tienda y la empliada no le isieron nada sigue ayi como si nada eso no es algo bien para la tienda y los manager no asen nada para cambiar eso.

  7. Dear Food City Corporate : I just want to thank you, for all the people you employee No matter there age, race, special needs or religious preference.
    I further like to give thanks for all the community charities and programs that the local stores participate in. Clearly, Food City is a solution to the areas where there local stores are based.
    I would like to know if Food City Corporation, has and in house program for those who they have employed who's family is truly impoverished and clearly struggling financially ?
    I know a young man from a single parent who is part of the Food City family ,who's mother was a former employee that was forced to retire because of health issues. Both Mother & Son Were and is highly regarded in the work place. I know that there are other families like this one that I speak of .
    Please if there is such a program, make it clear to your employees. If not it would be a blessing to implement one to those who work for Food City Corporation !
    I am not and employee .I have no affiliation to Food City Corporation or any of the companies affiliates. I just know of a family that is part of yours that could really use your help in a big way.

    Let's all be part of the Solution not the Problem !
    God bless,

  8. It should be unacceptable for a manager to be dating one of their employees, it is going on at your S Roan store, I cant believe corporate does not see this, they have the same schedule, break together, favoritism, either of them work nights or weekends, this has been going on for months and she be unacceptable, they try to hide it but its obvious, it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't work in the same department and he is her boss, totally unacceptable and very unprofessional, I'm sure customers see one or the other TRYING to sneak in each others vehicle at lunch and breaks and parking up the road in parking lots, what is wrong with the managers at the store, it is obvious something is going on with this employee and her manager.

  9. this is to let you know that we are making you aware for a second time about Food City # 609 in Kodak. I was in yesterday shopping and the freezer section where the pizza's are located was on 45-50 degrees. We have complained to managers and nothing has been done. We have contacted corporate and have seen some higher level management in the store about a month ago. I do not want to be sick or for anyone else to be sick from eating food that has thawed and refrozen. I hope you will take this seriously and something will be done!

  10. I think there should be a change in policy at all food cities. I believe if you have a carry conceal license then you should be able to carry while working. With the way this country is going I would feel much safer carrying. Also if you look at the FBI statistics crime is also a lot lower in this type of environment.

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