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Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Food City Corporate Office Headquarters

201 Trigg St.
Abingdon, VA 24210 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-276-628-5503
Fax Number: 1-276-623-5440
Customer Service Number: Online Only


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  1. I have a compaint with the Gas and Go station at the Etowah TN Food City Location 747. I went to the station at 6:00 on 11/14/2021. I was using a gift card, and did not realize that I should not use the card at the pump. So needless to say I had a hold on my card for the entire balance and was not able to get a drop of gas. Now that has been 7 days now and still the hold is on the card. This is extremely frustrating to me. I would like for this to be taken care of because this is riduculous.

  2. I am writing to express my concern for the health of the employees at the Food City Pharmacies during this time of a deadly virus. I have witnessed with my own eyes that the pharmacy at Claypool Hill is too small to allow the recommended 6 ft distancing when three and four people are there at one time. These girls are working in a "petri dish" so to speak. I ask the Steve Smith step up protect these ladies and their families. Call me old school, but in my mind the management has a responsibility to step in when things are to this extreme. Put those high paid induvials on the front counter dealing with the people while prescriptions are being filled behind the glass. Assign each pharmacist one tech and those two will work their days together rather than four and five ppl floating around throughout the week. These techs are not high paid indivuals though that are considered "front line people" No where else in that store do you find employees in such close quaters. This needs to be addressed.

  3. Food City Store #667

    I am very upset that this store has a woman named Marylin Thomas who bullies my daughter….She verbally attacked my daughter a couple months ago…The woman tells my daughter that she will never be a cake decorator as long as she is there and tells her that she has been there for years and that she will not get fired…My daughter wants to be a cake decorator and it was on her application and they hired her to do the deli….Now they have a banner hanging up for cake decorating and my daughter has asked where she can apply for it and they give her 2 different stories because Marylin does not like my daughter and does not want my daughter Amber to be anywhere around the cake department. I am so sick and tired of this woman bullying my daughter…Amber has done nothing wrong to this woman so I don't understand why Marylin treats Amber that way…I know a lot of people that will stop going to this store if this matter is not tooken care of…I don't see any problem with my daughter wanting to do what she has been dreaming of doing and that is decorating cakes at this store….The bully needs to be fired….

    Thank you from a pissed of mom

  4. Please consider a blinking light by the Deli Departments to blink on & off so your associates can see if their are customers waiting.Many times when we come to the Deli counter the gals are busy doing something else and they are not trained to look towards where the customers every 30 seconds or so, so we have several times at the Treasury Dr location and Ocoee Crossing have to wait longer than a minute or two.Or provide buzzer so customers can alert them.Valu Card Member 4-0012-366447.Thankyou Roger Groot

  5. I have been a Food City customer for a very long time, spending at least $100 weekly on groceries there. I will now be switching to Kroger because I am no longer able to use my Fuel Bucks awards towards the purchase of groceries; I have to use them at the gas 'n go. The only problem is I have an electric car and don't use gas. Listen carefully, more and more people will be switching to Kroger unless you reverse this policy as more and more people start buying electric cars. Jim Koren

  6. I was at the food city in Whitesburg ky and was going to get dinner when I was greeted by a girl name Charlie I can not believe how she acted like she was tripping or something I would not let serve my food and refuse to eat there if she is working. I have seen her before and she is very nasty.

  7. Becky at the Food City in Tempe, AZ on Apache called the police on me for attempting to cash a check. Instead of contacting my place of employment first to verify that I was in fact an employee, she decided to call the police, and lied about. I waited in the store for about 20 minutes while Becky told me she had to wait on an "authorization code" (turns out she was waiting on the police.) If she would have let me know, I would have been more than happy to speak to the police because there was no issue with the check (which after an hour, the police were able to verify the check was not fraudulent). I was embarrassed, exhausted and drained after dealing with the situation. I do understand companies have policy and procedure around things of this nature, but to have the police called first, was extremely hurtful and again embarrassing.

  8. Why is it common practice to let your meat mangers to f*** off and harass a meat cutter for not keeping
    Meat dept stocked. Cliff came from Maynardville to Food city on Loves Creek. He's up the store managers
    Rear end instead of ordering enough to keep meat in stock. Plus he leaves not ever working a full day.
    Management sucks and they are unprofessional. Josh is a smart ass jerk.

  9. SeymourTn store manager, Jason Wayman made me work while I was sick with flu symptoms and running a fever. I contaminated everyone I came in contact with as a cashier. I had to call in and quit. 10 months later, I was scheduled another interview so I thought they were going to let me come back. At the interview, the head cashier Terry told me she was willing to give me a second chance and it was good to get me back. She said they would be calling me back in a day or two . Never heard from them. Looking back, I guess it's a blessing in disguise because I really don't know why I would want to work with a cold hearted manager and his 2 sidekicks who lie to people.

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