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  • Grandy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

Grandy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Grandy’s Corporate Office Headquarters

1717 Elm Hill Pike
Suite A1
Nashville, TN  37210
Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-800-266-2926


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  1. We went to Grandy's in Monroe La. and the customer service was horrible. The young man that was suppose to clean the tables had a very bad attitude. We asked him to clean the table because it was dirty and greasy, his reply was why should I since no one had eaten there. HE PICKED AT US AND MADE SMART REMARKS the entire time we were there. He made bad and smart remarks as were walking out of the restaurant. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible because if he does not want to work he needs to go home. He was very very rude and the restaurant was not very clean neither was the restroom. thank you

  2. For the past 25 years I have enjoyed eating from Grandys. Now this past Saturday July 15th was the worst experience I have ever had.
    The grandys located at regal Row and 35 in Dallas Texas was the worst. The chicken was burnt to the bone the server gave me burnt gravy and it was the worst customer service ever. I demanded a refund. After they issued my refund I told them I was going to contact headquarters.

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Corporate Office Headquarters