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Reach Grandy’s Corporate Office 

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Grandy’s corporate office is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Known for its homestyle meals served in a quick-service format, Grandy’s offers a variety of comfort foods including fried chicken, country steak, and sides. This post provides an overview of Grandy’s headquarters and ways to contact the company’s HQ by phone or online.

Grandy’s Corporate Headquarters HQ – Contact Information

  • Grandy’s Corporate Office Address: 624 Grassmere Park Drive, Suite 30, Nashville, TN 37211
  • Grandy’s Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-800-314-4819
  • Grandy’s Official Website: Grandys.com

Grandy's Corporate Office

Map and Directions To Grandy’s Headquarters HQ

Company Overview

Grandy’s has been serving customers since its founding in 1979, offering a unique combination of fast service and homestyle meals. The restaurant is particularly popular for its breakfast menu, generous portions, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Competitive Landscape

Grandy’s competes with other casual dining and fast-food restaurants such as Captain D’s, Cracker Barrel, Denny’s, and Waffle House. Smaller competitors include local diners and regional chains that specialize in homestyle cooking and comfort food.


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Grandy’s Complaints, Reviews, Feedback and Comments

Your experiences and reviews of Grandy’s food and services are valuable. Sharing your feedback helps provide insights into the quality of their meals and the overall dining experience. Feel free to contribute your thoughts and reviews in the comments section.

Grandy's Country Fried Steak Was Horrible - Husband Got Sick

January 10, 2024

We always loved Grandy though it had been a few years since we had been since there weren’t any near where we lived. We were traveling and spotted one and decided to stop. The country fried steak has a horrible twang to it, the gravy was thick, the portion of the sides was about maybe 2 tablespoons and they were barely warm. I couldn’t eat anything but the cold sides. My husband complained about the food but ate it so he could take his meds but he ended up sick. On the bottom of the receipt it had a rate for your experience, I gave my review. I received an email from the manager on Christmas day saying she would contact me the next day, it’s now January 10th and I haven’t heard back from her yet. I can only assume that she thinks if she waits long enough, I’ll forget all about it. We have had our share of bad experiences at restaurants but this was the worst!



November 28, 2023

GM who started ruining the store I worked at was completely HORRIBLE! She wouldn’t treat me like I was a worker, especially in front of CUSTOMERS AND OTHER WORKERS! I was fired because someone else didn’t show up to my shift, and a GM who was working that night called me where he stated he told me this guy wasn’t a reliable person to trade shifts with ( this kid is in HIGHSCHOOL, HOMESCHOOLED ) and some nights he couldn’t close, someone else was there. They took me from being a manager up FRONT to a COOK. Started cutting my hours before they FIRED me and didn’t even CONTACT me to tell me I was FIRED! When they called to ask if I could come in, I stated I was intoxicated and couldn’t drive, my driver also had been drinking.


Grandy's Needs Etiquette Training

December 13, 2022

Michelle at the El Paso Grandy’s needs some customer service etiquette retraining!!!

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