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Hibbet Sports Corporate Office Headquarters

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  1. My package has been in transit for 4 days with no updates. i contact customer service only to be told they do not haandle that but they have a 3rd party insurance company. I file a claim a through the insurance company still no update on my package. I call back and request to speak to manager i am met with a very rude Manager named Daniel #72546 who basically states this is no longer Hibbetts problem. But last time i viewed my bank statement that payment was made to Hibbett not Route. At this point i just hung before i said something i would have to pray on later. I have spent so much money in Hibbetts sports and probably still will but this is not how you treat loyal customers. I guess business is business as long the big compaanies is the winner.

  2. The radio music playing 24/7 is extremely mind numbing for just the 5 minutes I spent in that store, I assume it would be even more pain inducing for the employees, allow them to choose music instead of piercing my ears and I might be more inclined to give you my hard earned money.

  3. Went to Hibbett's in Wilmington, NC this past Sunday, November 8th. The associates were playing basketball off the walls and poles in the stores while customers walked around shopping. The music they played was horrendous. Every other word the F bomb. With small kids in the store. Left immediately. What a disgrace. Spent my last dollar with this company.

  4. I had a horrible experience in Columbia SC at a store on Garners Ferry Road. The salesperson was extremely rude and the so called manager when I called back was not very nice either. They were dressed very unprofessionally and did not seem to care about the customers.

  5. I have 2 grown children and 5 grand children. Every year I buy all of them items from Hibbetts. My grown children I usually buy Nike Hoodies. The grand children I buy Nike or Under Armor pants and hoodies. I buy sports bras for a grand daughter. I use gift certificates and give to them. My son tried taking a jacket back with a gift certificate and they would only give in store credit. Why offer gift certificates? You need to state upfront when a gift certificate is offered that returns will only be store credit. You can add up the money I spent with 7 people. Plus my husband loves to go to your store. Not anymore. I am done. That is no way to treat customers. Linda Cotter

  6. if you don't want to do your job, quit!!!! Instead of playing on the phone acting so damn childish!!!! I keep hittinf 0 to speak with someone and you continue to send me back to damn automated system!!! Your office needs to be shut down!!!

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