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Hobby Lobby Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Hobby Lobby Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

7707 SW 44th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73179 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-405-745-1100

Fax Number: 1-405-745-1547

Customer Service Number: 1-800-888-0321

  • Love the store, the employees are nice and helpful, the pricing and quality are reasonable, and I respect their values to close Sundays and many holidays. But, someone needs to get the Milford/Orange CT store in order. It is seriously mismanaged since it is often very hard to get thru the lines. There are so few people at the checkout, they are so slow, and seem to have a hard time with their basic tasks. Tonight for about the fourth time, I finally put my basket aside and just left. It’s way too annoying. Someone with some sense of organization needs to get this place in order. Whoever is “managing” this store needs to be replaced.

  • I am sure these comments don't get read, but I have to say. THANK YOU for saving me money! I can now walk into a Hobby Lobby and not spend a single penny! Since you took the coupon away I am spending WAY LESS than before! I simply can not justify paying full price for your merchandise and refuse to! So again, thank you! I am not the only person with this mind set either. I have to say taking the coupon away is kind of a slap in the face of your customers. The items you "Lowered" the prices on, aren't items I shop for. I would be tying to bring customers in, instead you have turned a lot of people away. It was nice to know if there was something I needed, and it wasn't on sale at that time, I could use the coupon. Times are tough and you just made them harder on people, crafters and such. But I am sure you at corporate don't care. You should reward people that shop that and want to support your business. Instead you punish them. As a "CHRISTIAN" STORE you really should re-evaluate your ethics and virtues.

    Very frustrated shopper.

  • I was discriminated against for being a single parent then several weeks later wrongfully terminated!!!! Managers lied and HR turned my words around. Now I cant file for unemployment so by the end of this month me and my 4 yearold child will be hungry and homeless!!!!

  • What a joke don’t ever work there!! BS company they are not Christian I think they play that card. Their policies and procedures are so far fetched, and not only that you have a CSM putting her hands on you 2x’s that’s a NO NO!!! You will be hearing from my lawyer!

  • Regarding the recent opening of your store in Emporia, Kansas, may I suggest that if you wish to make this a successful endeavor, you seriously need to remove your store manager (Linn, last name not known) from this position! This man hasn't a clue on what he's doing. Although a lovely store, if people skills aren't present (with Emporia being such a small and friendly town) you have no hope in succeeding. He fails to greet not only the customers, but his employees as well. When posting this week's work schedule, he eliminated 4 employees from his workforce with NO acknowledgement to any of them. You may have founded your company on biblical principles, but trust me, many now believe this to be a phony front. How sad . . . Emporia was so excited that you had chosen our community for your store. Many Emporians have heard that your founder, Mr. Green, is originally from here. I'm guessing he's forgotten where he came from. Hoping you will address these issues and get some management that knows what they're doing. Let's save this store while still in its early stages! Thank you.

  • Is it legal to have your emplyees work 14 to 15hrs a day and then have your manager refuse any breaks after 7:30pm? Knowing they'll be working until 10 or 11pm? then have to return to work the next day to open the store?? If corporate is unaware of this this Is happening in one ofmyerland stores Houston's myerland store. You may want to check this manager and store owner oowner before they discredit the hobby lobby name or have a lawsuit or bad publicity??? a concerned shopper.

  • I represent a homeless shelter, a Christian one that is funded only by private donations. We accept no funds from the government. I called our local Hobby Lobby to see if they could donate some Christmas decorations for our chapel. The Christmas season is particularly hard on the homeless and the working poor and we were hoping to provide a place of beauty as we serve them this season. I was told that only the corporate office could donate but we would be given a 10% discount if we bought them. We can hardly manage to feed, clothe and provide shelter for these folks. Spending money on decorations is not something we can afford. If you want your stores to be supportive of the communities they are in and want the community to support them ( that is, purchase from them) then you need to provide a way for the local stores to be involved in something like this. Very disappointed that a Christian organization that makes a big point of making their values known would not help another Christian organization. Something that would have cost them maybe $50.00

  • I want to know why my sons girlfriend dr instructions was denied he gave her a note for restrictions because she is pregnant and she has been having health issues with the pregnancy she faints and has blackouts so the doctor gave her a note so that she gave her a note for work so she can have a stool to sit when she needs to and it was denied to her, when its my understanding that they did it for another girl when she was pregnant and needed to sit, this hobby lobby is located in Conway Arkansas. do they just pick and choose who they give this accomidation to, I am very upsset its not that big of a deal to give her a stool to help her out, she cannot afford to take time off as you all suggested to her she needs her paycheck. All I can say if she faints at work and falls and hurts herself or the baby and it could have been prevented there will be problems

  • I got a call from my mother almost in tears telling me she and her friend got kicked out of the hobby lobby in Midwest city OK location. They banned her from all hobby lobbies for life and all because they "looked up to no good". My mother is 43 and she has plenty of money but when they went to check out they were approached by the manager and told to leave. They could not purchase their items aND we're not allowed back. And they called the cops on them. My mom did absolutely nothing wrong and this is unacceptable. She needs an apology from this manager and hobby lobby and to be allowed back. My mother is a good Christian and would never steal.

  • I just want to let you all know tha Andrew Michel is fellow and he has a record because while he worked at petco as a Manager he stole merchandise over 2,000 dollars. He got fired. Right now he currently working g at Hobby lobby and the Manager doesn't know. I think some body needs to know about that.

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