Michaels Corporate Office Headquarters

Michaels Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
Michaels Stores, Inc.
8000 Bent Branch Dr.
Irving, TX 75063 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-972-409-1300
Fax Number: 1-972-409-1556
Customer Service Number: 1-800-642-4235

  • Michael's has really gone down hill; the whole store, but especially in Framing. The one framer, that is usually there, doesn't even acknowledge you if she is helping someone, to just let you know she would be with you, and was rude and rushed, and acted uninterested even with the person at her counter. They never have enough staff, but that shouldn't be taken out on the customer. Evidently no one wants to work there. Recently, they don't even greet you when you come in the store. 🙁
    Fortunately, I received courteous, and friendly, help at another store. Oh, and Excellent help as well! So, it was meant to be.

  • On May 2, I went to Michael's #8900 in Federal Way, Wa. My 3 year old granddaughter had to use the bathroom. I asked the salesperson if she could use the bathroom. She told me No and that I had to take her 3 stores down to the Rite Aid. Another customer heard me and said she didn't understand why they wouldn't let a 3 year old use the bathroom. She said she recently had used there bathroom last time she was in the store. When I came back I asked the salesperson what was wrong with the bathroom she said nothing the plumbing is bad in the whole building. I don't understand why they wouldn't let a 3 year old use the bathroom. They have to use it and they don't go 3 stores down to the Rite Aid.

  • I recently purchased the following at Michael's…1 bottle of silicone oil for $4.59, a paint brush for $3.99, another brush at 50% off for $1.50 and a brush washer on sale for $3.99. My total before tax was $14.07. I had a 20% 0ff coupon and a $5.00 voucher. My total, with tax included should have been $6.65. I was charged $11.99. I was in a hurry to get home and didn't discover the mistake until later that evening.

    Also, why can't they simply take the percentage coupons and vouchers off of the total price??? They take a little bit off of each item which makes it difficult to read your receipt. I'm going to be calling the Corporate office on this complaint.

  • Worst craft chain store ever award! Untrained personnel with language problem, no customer service either in the store or online, Pointless Rewards program not honored in store, coupon at store non-acceptance when you can actually get a coupon, lying personnel at register, WHERE IS MANAGEMENT??? All the insulting video surveillance in the store is aimed at customers not staff, most of the store and daily emails geared to kiddie overpriced crafts, not adult hobbies. The Store is listed aa a craft store. Just call it Michaels PaperDoll and scrapbooking store!

  • Kristen, customer service supervisor should not be in the customer service industry. When you are a supervisors and hang up on a customer who is trying to state their case you should find other employment. Shame on you Michaels for hiring such poor representatives!

  • I have had an ongoing issue with coupons Michaels sends by email. They don't work. Not in store. Not online. It will have a message that it has already been used. But I did not use it! I've reported it many times. Likely someone is hacking the code before I get a chance to use it. I received a birthday coupon both last year and this year and neither of them worked. I recently received a 30% off coupon that did not work. Then upon contacting customer service, they sent a 25% off coupon to thank me for my feedback. However the coupon did not work!! I get a message that it was already redeemed! Well it was not redeemed by me! I called this morning and told them the problem once again. The associate said she would email me another coupon. Still have not received it. I guess they are redeeming it before they send it to me! LOL! I gave her the code from the coupon that didn't work and requested they open an investigation and find out WHO used that coupon.
    Does Michaels even care? NO!
    I would not even return but there are a handful of things I can't get at Hobby Lobby.

  • I was in the Tallahassee FL Michael's store on 1/27/2022. I was disappointed to see a Black Lives Matter display. This group doesn't even care about black lives which you would know if you were up on current events regarding black on black crime and death. Their leadership abuses their power and blatantly spends donated money on their personal agendas and projects. I don't feel this group or any other political group needs to be displayed and sold in any craft store.

  • Why do Michaels advertise things that they do not have in stock. I order 2 photo albums on 1/5/2022 and was charged $56.53 for the items. I received an email that items are not available after they charged my account. They are saying funds will be sent back in 7 -10 business days. They are tying up my money. This money that can be spent eleswhere. It would make better since if they would pull the items before charging people. I will never do business with MICHAELS again.

  • Re: 30ct. Silver Crackleball LED Lights by Ashland – This item isn't available in any Michael's store in Pa. I've checked a 100 mile radius of my zip code. Apparently, it's not carried at all. Why then, is it listed? If someone would answer this & also let me know where I can actually get this, I'd greatly appreciate it!

  • Re: Michael's in El Centro, Ca. I regularly go to this store as I make handcrafted jewelry. On this day, as soon as I walked in, the manager was following me around the store, I just ignored him. He then walked up and asked if I needed any help to which I replied, "no". He then said, "Well, that is an awfully big bag you have". (I was carrying an average sized woman's purse) I said, "really?" "Are you accusing me of stealing?" "Do you want to look in it?" He did, so I opened it and let him look. He then walked over to another employee and I heard him say, "I don't know, I couldn't really see". I turned around and said, "really?" He then asked me if I would mind dumping my purse out. By this time the whole store was watching. I went to the register and said I can't believe you are accusing me of stealing. He said, "I'm not accusing you of anything". I said, "you want me to dump out my purse"? He said, "yes". I said, "then you are accusing me". I then turned my purse upside down letting the contents fall everywhere. There was absolutely nothing belonging to Michael's in my purse. He did not help me pick everything up. He did not even apologize, in fact he told me I was no longer welcome in the store. Stupid me, I still purchased the $45 worth of stuff I had in my cart as Michaels is the only crafts store in this area. He did add, before I left, that I was not welcome in the store. Why, because he was wrong? I left the store in tears with everyone watching me. I was totally humiliated.

  • Beware of shopping at Michaels. The employees were very kind and helpful, but. . .
    The other day I purchased 17 photo boxes at our local Michael's for $5.99 ea plus tax. When I asked about labels for the boxes I was told they did not have them and directed me to an office supply store. That proved to be incorrect information as the office store had no such labels. A very kind employee there came up with an alternative. With my mobility issues and the urgent need I felt pleased having found the boxes. This seemed like a very positive experience.

    HOWEVER, today as I was shopping for dividers for the boxes, I was at another store. There I found similar photo storage boxes, for $2.99 each and they came with dividers and labels. Needless to say I was sick! It is my fault for not shopping before the purchase at Michaels, but to be 'ripped off' this badly is ridiculous! Clue number one to me should have been "Rewards" at Michael's. They aren't Rewards-they are a refund of extreme overcharges. I will NEVER shop at Michael's again.

  • The coupon policy is ridiculous! Why have coupons of half of the stuff you sell is an exclusion from the coupon? You get people to sign up with their phone number and email with the promise of 20-25% coupon on all regular priced products, then you bombard them with emails and texts and don’t even honor the coupon you gave! I would understand if the coupon was from a third party but it’s not, it’s a Michael’s coupon! I signed up for all the account garbage and received my Michael’s coupon only to find out that I can’t use it on anything Cricut. Which was the whole purpose of even having an account with Michael’s is to get Cricut products. So what if they ship directly from Cricut? Every store gets products they sell in their store shipped from the companies that make said products. If I walk into a store, pick products in that store, go to check out, I should also be able to use the coupon given to me FROM the store! And Cricut isn’t the only thing you can’t use coupons for, there’s a whole list of “exclusions” so it’s pretty pointless to have a Michael’s account or coupon. Any other store that has in store coupons allows you to use the coupon on anything in the store except clearance merchandise. Which I’m totally fine with not using them on clearance. It’s already marked down. But everything else can be bought with the store coupon. Michael’s is the only one who apparently doesn’t care about their customers and just wants your information to bombard you with tons of emails and texts. Also, quit having your phone reps ask for full name, phone number and email address as soon as they answer the phone. You don’t need all that info for a simple question. Just answer the question and let the customer go about their day. If they have something they need to be gotten back with on, THEN ask for all of their info. You’re just asking that because some people will hand it over easily and then you get to harass someone else with your endless emails and texts. Literally the worst company I’ve ever come across for customer service.

  • Good Morning, I live in Phoenix AZ we have a new store in Laveen AZ, first I want to say thank you. Second the store is absolutely beautiful, and last I was incredibly impress with the customer service received. I was welcomed in the front of the store by a wonderful employee I think her name was Maribell, then as I was shopping she saw me with stuff in my hands and approached me and asked if she could get me a basket. Then I had two oversized canvas and she asked me if she could take them to the front for me so I could keep shopping more comfortable. This lady was absolutely amazing. I went back last night and she was there and I asked questions about the Cricut air explore and she again was incredibly amazing, explained how it works and gave me the information to connect to the website for videos. She has high energy, she was all over the store and greeted everyone the same way, I though she was a manager but when I asked she said she was just a sales associate. I have to say that I am looking forward to being a regular customer. Kuddos to your store!

  • Comments are for review purposes ONLY. What Michaels actually DOES, is nothing. They simply do not CARE about you or their employees. They do NOT train, they demand more and faster. EVERY employee is expected to work as if they have already been there for a year or more (most do not last a month). Because they obviously do not care about us, they are always short staffed. The stores are always a mess, because we are not allowed time to straighten or put things where they are supposed to go. Customers complain all the time, but nothing changes. I could tell you more, but if you work or shop at Michaels, you will see it yourself.

    • I have personally witnessed one of the store managers yelling at an assistant mgr in an unprofessional & bullying manner. It was absolutely appalling that someone in that position would conduct themselves in such a manner in front of customers. The girl asked a simple question and looked as if she was about to cry. What kind of corporation are they running here. I'm sure these stores have a high turn over rate.

  • Hi,
    I am currently unemployed and really having a difficult time trying to find a job. I saw a job posting on Indeed this morning for a stocker at Michaels. I proceeded to fill out an application. Initially it asked if I was under or over 18 and it explained they need to know because of safety reasons. Ok. But as I went further to the actual application itself, it immediately asked for my date of birth.

    So, I pulled my app and signed out. Why? Because I know for a fact the the law says it is illegal to ask for your birthday, until AFTER you are hired. Why? The law states that if any employer asks for your age prior to hire, it will be assumed that it is being done to simply and only age discriminate.

    So, I am extremely disappointed. As an older adult, it is already difficult to find employment. But your application proves to me what I've been finding out for myself. That employers do sometimes age discriminate, in a society that no longer values older working adults, and the experience they bring to the table. Your loss, not mine.

    Mary H Runge

  • I brought a Seth Curry autographed jersey into the Woodside Plaza store located in Redwood City California to be framed.
    I spent $180.00 for that service which included the frame.
    It came out HORRIBLE… The person I gave the jersey to as a gift then took it to the San Mateo store and the manager was apalled at the horrible job Redwood City had done. It had to be re done and I am embarassed with the whole situation.

  • I went to Michael's in Bellevue Washington where a sales associate named Michael was very knowledgeable and creative with floral design I was so very impressed. He spent time with me helping me pick and choose beautiful spring flowers to make an arrangement with. I asked could he help me put it together and he said he would love to, however he was not allowed to do so because his manager told him that Michaels had to be all the same and they didn't have a designer to do that in any other stores. As I approached the register area to pay for all the items that Michael helped me with i was very upset when I over heard his manager scolding him like a child because he spent too much time helping me. I left my shopping cart full of merchandise right there. I have never been treated with such wonerful customer service and kindness as I did with this " Michael at Michaels" my heart was broken for him to see the sadness on his face as he was told he spent too much time with customers. I think people need to be more like Michael at Michael's Craft store instead of the management that was very unprofessional.

    • The truth is, NOBODY ever has the time to spend with customers. Michael's does not hire Customer Service reps. Cashiers handle your money, Stock people change things around and stock items, and then there are a few who are supposed to float around, tidy up, and put returns back. Every employee is given at least one task they are required to finish within a set amount of time. We are constantly watched, questioned, and rated by how quickly we get tasks finished. Helping customers is NOT factored in to the time limit. Managers HAVE to sell set amounts, so they are extremely demanding at all times. I understand having goals and setting expectations, but Corporate is to blame for all the issues customers complain about. They are strict, unfair, and unyielding. Notice the complains stay the same over several years. They simply do not care. If they heard you and cared, they would change. Money talks their language, that is the only thing they hear.

    • I have replied to several complaints on this site, and none of them have been "approved". I told the truth. You are not supposed to know the truth. Since when does a corporation have the right to pick and choose what people see and say about them?

    • I have not had this particular problem at Michael's, but did at another store. I am known as a person that will stick up for others and that's exactly what I did. It was a similar situation as you had. I stepped in and basically told the department manager what I thought of him and in no uncertain words. I then spoke to the store manager and let her know what happened. She was shocked that the situation took place out in the open. She then called the department manager and the employee over and she spoke to all of us. She let the department manager have it good. He then apologized to the employee and me. I think he got fired or transferred to another store. The employee is still there.

  • Michael's is no longer for the customer. They are here to make the almighty dollar so money is all they care about! They don't schedule enough people to cover the store. They don't schedule enough hours for employees to complete tasks assigned. Disappointed in Michael's.

  • Greeting Michaels Corp. ~ Your New Store opening here at 154 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201 is a wonderful addition to the Community. I searched around store for Soap Making Supplies and found none at this Location??? I would Appreciate if this Store could Start Carrying SOAP MAKING SUPPLIES, like your other stores. Here in Brooklyn we have a large Artist Community be it Fine arts & Crafters. It would be great to also have some type of Event to show case Local Talent or invite to write up a proposal for an art workshop to give. Best Wishes~ Darlene

  • I am a teacher in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. My class painted a water color. We decided it would be a great Mother's Day gift. One teacher found frames at Michael's on line on clearance for $5.00. The frames were gone when I tried to order them for my class. My budget was $5.00. I told my problem to manager Sara Vanhorn. She went beyond the norm to help, I needed 27 frames. She discounted a clearance frame from $8 to $5! She called other stores to make sure she could get 27. The other stores didn't ship them so she personally picked them up. They were great quality including at mat. Sara also gave me another 20%'off for customer appreciation and my teacher discount. I stayed under budget thanks to Sara's commitment. Our mom's were thrilled. I will shop Michael's first for every school item I need. Thank Sara. I hope corporate acknowledges your work ethic. It was a blessing. Dianne

  • This is the second time that I have purchased the same items, the same day and the amounts I'm charged at the two stores are different. Why are the items calculating differently? I bought four picture frames at $29.99 each with one of the frames being discounted at 40% off. One store charged me $144.85 and the other charged $145.90. Like I said, this isn't the first time this has happened.

  • I have taken 2 painting classes at my local Michaels store.Both times corporate cancelled the classes. I am done with your store, do you realize the amount of product your store sells due to these classes? Thank God for Hobby Lobby and AC Moore. Not only will this whole class, which was always full never take another class there, we will purchase all our class goods elsewhere.

  • What has happened to the Michaels store that I have shopped for many years??? On Jan 19 I purchased, in a Lansing Michigan store, $200 + of single stem flowers for a Wedding because the local paper stated "ENTIRE STOCK of Floral Stems…..%50 off". Also there was signage all over the store stating , Floral~ 50% OFF!
    When I questioned whether I had been given the right discount, the Cashier told me, that 50% saving was only for a select few floral stems.
    To me this is dishonest and false advertising!!! Guess Hobby Lobby is my new store for Wedding Items, which I purchase on a regular basis for my business!!

    • this is happening here in BC Canada. I am just about finished with Michaels
      It seems to be that they don't care if buy from them or not, so, I will not.

  • I was just at the Michael's store in Troy, Michigan and waiting for the doors to open as it was 8:59am. An employee appeared at the door and let the women ahead of me in also waiting at the door (perhaps an employee but did not seem to be). As I proceeded to enter behind the women, the employee preceeded to close the doors on me and said, "oh I'm sorry hon, we're not open yet because the cashier just got here". It was now 9:00am and I was bewildered on what just happened so I started to walk back to my car. This couldn't have taken more than a minute when I looked back at the door to see another women (a customer) walk up to the doors and they opened!!!

  • A few months ago I bought 8 packages of 10 french fry/boxes for party favors. When I opened them I had to struggle to get the 10 boxes apart because they were stacked on top of each other. The boxes were so tight and made it even harder to get them apart because I have tendinitis in my hand. I wrote a letter to Mr. Rubin CEO mostly to inform him of the problems and for him to be aware. I actually did not ask for anything. A very nice young lady from the corporate office called me and said she was sending me replacements at no charge. I was very surprised. Today I received them in the mail and to my surprise there was a letter of apology from Mr. Rubin and a very generous $25.00 gift card. I couldn't believe it. First it was surprising and very generous of Ms. Sarter to send me replacements. It was even more of a surprise to actually receive a letter from the CEO himself. Receiving the gift card from him was over the tops! I will never forget this.

  • Yesterday my wife went to work at your Burlington Vermont store #2012. In the course of her day she was verbally assaulted by the manager in front of customers at her register. The customers apologized to her afterward for what they were witness to. I'll talk with my lawyer on Monday, he may contact you.

  • Michaels on-line operations is less then imperfect. Option selection, customer service email, & 80% of all items for sale are sold-out and have been for months. Who ever is the lead manager of your on-line operations needs to replaced or did Michaels choose to rush their on-line operations just to show it's up and running and Michaels is suffering their image by this very important part of operations that is diffidently effecting revenue astronomically monthly… Not surprised but shocked it's been the same for the past 6 months that I have checked….

  • The Woodbridge VA store is great. The store is usually clean and well stocked. The employees are helpful and friendly. Prices are reasonable. I've been shopping there for about 10 years now. Yesterday I had a senior moment. I locked my keys in my truck, left my cell phone at home, and had no one I could call. Several of their employees went out of their way to help me and keep me calm. I don't know what I would have done without their help! The store is nice but the real gem is the caring employees. Keep up the good work.

  • I believe Michaels is making a very big mistake removing a Michaels store from a very small mall area in Syracuse, NY to Destiny, one of the largest malls in the country located in Syracuse. There is no way I would go to Destiny to buy glue sticks or any other craft items. Destiny is a destination mall and not a quick in and out shopping for just craft items. Guess I will now go to AC Moore or Hobby Lobby.

  • We had a shipment of candles sent nearly 100 bucks worth and they arrived in a box to large for the order, poorly wrapped or not packaged at all. We refused shipment on 5th of month and were told credit would be applied that day. 3-5 business days was the time frame we were informed it would take banks. On 12th money still not credited. Then we were informed that it would happen that day and again take 3-5 business days. We were given every excuse under the sun and 2 supervisors threw sales agent under the bus instead of taking responsibility for Michaels' poorly training staff. Not good customer relations or service.

  • A friend of mine visited a Michels in Panama City, Florida, yesterday to purchase matting for a picture frame. The employee in the store became very smart and agitated with him. My friend asked to speak to the manager and she told him to go to the front of the store and find the manager himself. As my friend was walking to the front, he was approached by the manager who was very angry and would not listen to what had taken place and yelled at him to leave her store or she would call the police. My friend's daughter had already called the police. Needless to say, nothing was done to my friend, thank goodness. However, I am outraged that a employee would treat a long- time customer in such a rude way and the manager would do nothing about it. That manager better be glad that my friend didn't have a heart attack while all of this was going on. He is disabled and has a severe heart problem. My friend was so upset that he left and went down the street to Hobby Lobby where he was helped without any incident. I personal will not be going to that particular store again unless that manager and employee are terminated.

  • I have visited a Michaels in Florida and I don't like the fact that some of the stores have one cashier and the coupon policy is really bad some stores let you use 3 coupons and some stores only let you do one this needs to be fixed

    • you people with yr coupons to save .50 cents. really ?? it's people like u that hold up the lines. it;s not thier job to give u a coupon stop being so cheap and buy the paper it has thier copupons in it. jew bag

  • I was in Michaels in St. Catharines Ontario today. I was really disappointed to find a kid's craft book listed on the back of the book as $24.95. On their shelf and at the cash register it was $26.95. A raise in price of $2.00. This is not right, it is cheating the customer. When I spoke to them the answer was that they could just remove the sticker and no one would know. How honest is that? It's bad enough that the American price is so much cheaper even when our money is at par or more than American money and then they add more money to the price of the book. Someone who didn't check that back of book would have paid the extra $2.00. Probably will happen now as they will remove the sticker and you won't know that your are being charged more than you should.

  • I signed up for an in store crochet class and paid my $25.00 at the Guelph store for December 11. I set the time aside to go and showed up on time. The instructor did not show up. They called her and asked if she was coming and she asked if I could wait 45 minutes for her to get there. You have to be kidding me. This is so unprofessional, what does it take to call someone to cancel if you're not coming. I am very angry. Never going to buy anything there again, ever.

  • I was amazed that a simple return with a receipt, could not be completed because my husband's credit card wasn't present. I spent an hour of my time speaking to management who refused to assiste me or give me corporate Office infomation. Micheal's personnal made it clear that they don't value their customers time or loyality. I will NEVER shop at Micheal's! OTHER RETAIL STORES SUCH AS BED BATH BEYOND, TARGET,kOHLS WOULD HAVE SIMPLY GIVE ME A CREDIT TO KEEP AS A CUSTOMER!

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