Party City Corporate Office Headquarters

Party City Corporate Office Headquarters
25 Green Pond Road
Rockaway, NJ  07866
Corporate Phone Number: 1-973-453-8600
Customer Service Number: 1-800-727-8924

  • hello i worked at the party city in augusta Ga for 0ne day after that the very next day i totaled my car OMG i was Misérable called shne to let him know NO are you ok, No I'm sorry to hear that absoulutly not a care in the world for me are my son But any whoo NO PAY for the 8hrs i did work i called three times after the third time no shane ,Shane's in a meeting or the favorite he will give you a call back i know its not much money but for me at the time it was EVERYTHAING Thanks Natalie

  • I'm appauled at the service I received yesterday, May 15, 2021 at the Party City locaion in Fairfield, Texas just outside of Houston. The manager there gave me a tongue lashing yesterday I won't soon forget when I arrived to pick up a prepaid order. I'd come the day before at 2:00 pm, paid for the balloon order along with additional funds for their signature "High-Float" solution for each balloon and was told by Brayden that the order would be ready at 10:00 a.m.. He assured me "no worries ma'am, it will be ready". Upon my arrival, the manager did not have the order ready and was quick to tell me in a stern voice there were many orders ahead of mine. I told him I'd paid for my order the day before and had a party to get to. Mathew (manager) lit into me letting me know that he'd been up at the store since 5 a.m. that Saturday morning filling balloons and there were many orders ahead of mine placed that Saturday morning. Needless to say, the balloons did not receive the High-Float I'd paid for and the balloons were sinking fast two hours afterwards on the party table. This is not rocket science here, I'm just an average consumer paying for an item I understand is going to deflate within a few days all for the sake of a child's enjoyment on their birthday. A young kid with orange hair, calling himself a manager insults a customer with offensive and pejorative language all because he's feeling the pressure of filling balloons behind schedule ~ sounds about right in this day and age, right? The day before, I'd come in early spending $100.00 on party supplies, balloons, string and of course "HIGH-FLOAT" all because I wanted to be prepared for a planned occassion I needed to arrive on time for at another party location. My husband and I were literally in disbelief at the nasty negative attitude of this employee, and after all that, we still got cheated with a deflated product. Being in business means, keeping your customer pleased with their experience so they'll keep coming back and hoping they'll leave you exceptional reviews, telling their friends, family and neighbors of their very positive experience so they too will give you business. Poor customer service only runs a business into the ground. Someone else will always do it better, and I will search for that business as it won't be Party City.

  • Online order placed on June 9 for 6 Black Polka dot balloons 12 in. to be delivered to my residence. Total =$ 11.33. Also paid for Same Day delivery fee $9.99. Early morning on June 20, received text message to expect delivery from Fayetteville, Georgia store location around 4-7 p.m. Message also stated someone must be home to receive the delivery! I waited & waited. No further communications nor text messages!! No delivery was made so I did NOT receive the ordered items! I am SO mad and will never order from online again!! I want an immediate REFUND!!

  • Copy of my YELP review…..

    Juliette K.
    What a nightmare !!!!!
    I placed an order for balloons that were part of the decorations for my son and his fiancés engagement party. At the store I personally picked and counted the balloons that were needed and watched as they were placed in my orders zip lock bag. This being said I'm not quite sure why such a mess up. My sons dad was at the store at 11:25 as the order was to be ready at 11:30. Yeah no. He was rudely informed by the boy behind the counter that they hadn't even started them yet and he would have to come back. It was 12:15 before they were ready. The balloons were placed in plastic bags so you couldn't see what was in them but being that they were 45 minutes late in being ready he rushed out of the store to get to the venue only to find when he arrived that we were 4 balloons short and of the 26 that we did get 2 of them were a color that wasn't even in the orders zip lock bag. Several of the balloons were barely blown up and were 1/2 the size they should've been and were not usable. I also paid additional money to have a spray of some kind on them so they would last more than 3 or 4 hours. What a mess. It left a runny residue on the balloons and they looked horrible. Being that they were late in being ready we did not have time to travel back and forth the 20 minutes to the store to get what we needed so we were only able to use 2 balloons not the 3 as planned and paid for at the 10 guest tables (and they didn't even all match) as 10 balloons were not usable. This is absolutely unacceptable especially when I paid around $50 for 30 balloons.


  • WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!! I ordered a customized banner for my daughters 1st bday. Ordered on 3/8/18 on the recommendation from 2 of your retail stores that the banner would be here before the party on 3/17/18. Both retail stores stated to me that I would receive the banner within 5 business days. I ordered a Minnie Mouse Banner on 3/8 even the shipping/received was estimated before 3/16/18. I checked on the order status today 3/14 and it stated it hadn't even left the warehouse. I called at 9am and spoke to James, he stated the order was not even printed yet, with made me very very upset. If its not printed yet, there is no way to receive it by Sat for the party. I told him that I want it cancelled since I was given miss information from 2 retail stores. He said that they don't cancel orders once they have been shipped. I told him per your website it hasn't even left the warehouse. James put me on hold and said it wasn't printed yet, I then stated I wanted it canceled since I was lied to about the received day. Even when placing the order was stated to receive before the 17th. I asked for a supervisor about 5 times, one never came on the line. James kept putting me on hold and coming back, he finally came back the last time and stated that he would send the production dept an email asking them to cancel the order since I was given miss information. I asked about a refund, he stated that since it won't ship out I should not be charged.

    I thought this was the end of it…I found another place that I can get a banner from on short notice that will be ready before the party.

    To my shock I get an email at 3:45 pm today that my banner has shipped!!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!!!!!!! I call back in to Party City and get a female rep that never gave me her name. I explained the situation to her and she stated that James lied that he can not tell the order was not even printed. I said at this point it doesn't matter when/if it was printed, don't ship it out!!!!!! All the email stated was that it was ready for UPS to pick it up. At the very least for all the lies that I was told, they could very easily pull the packaged. The female rep says there is nothing she could do and refused to help me. I told her that I don't want the Banner, I already placed the order for another one that will be ready in time and if necessary will cancel payment. She very rudely states "that if that is what you are going to do, then I have nothing more to say to you" Are you kidding me?????????? I again asked for a supervisor, was placed on hold for a very very very very long time. Finally Eric came on the line and proceeds tell me again that James is lying and that it doesn't matter what the retail locations tell me. The shipping on the order are estimates not guarantee's. I said than why not estimate the shipping for longer than 5 days???? Refused to help in any matter what so every. Stating the the order can not be cancelled that it states it on the website. Looking on the website, no where does it states that orders can not be cancelled, all it says is non-returnable. Cancelled and non-returnable have 2 totally separate meanings. According to Eric I will now have 2 Banners both paid for and one that I can not do a single thing with since it won't be here in time for the party.

    This is the worst company every, they will soon be like the others going out of business. Charging higher prices for the same items you can get at Walmart or Target or even the Dollar Store. Customer Service does nothing to help out the customer. So I have now spent money on 2 Banners and can't use one of them!!!!! Worst company, worst customer service, will never ever shop there again. Will not recommend or suggest this company to anyone for any type of party, costume or decorations at all. Beware, stay away from this company!!!!!

  • Fort Worth Texas hulen mall party city… AGM IS WORTHLESS, PROWLS ON THE YOUNGER GIRLS HE HIRES, hires his buddies so they can hang out at work, gives no assistance to team when needed, sits on the office computer, the general manager does nothing about this, has been told numerous times by numerous people the issues with the atm. Supposly your company allows them them to post schedules sitting 12 hours of the new work week, giving no time to plan anything with family, works you 9 days straight, 1 day off but sometimes only 5 hour shifts to avoid over time. The GM and agm both are males and work opening shifts, but put young females on closing shifts that get out between 11pm and 2am… this is a ridiculous and overlooked by management!

  • Hulen store in fort worth Texas, AGm is a joke for an employee. Favors yiungs temp girls and hires his buddies, works ppl 9 days no day off, with holiday works the 6 hr days but no overtime. Doesn't assist other employees and the GM does nothing to coach him and allows this. Such poor service! And you wonder why things going down gradually.

  • Hulen store in fort worth Texas, AGm is a joke for an employee. Favors yiungs temp girls and hires his buddies, works ppl 9 days no day off, with holiday works the 6 hr days but no overtime. Doesn't assist other employees and the GM does nothing to coach him and allows this. Such poor service! And you wonder why things going down gradually.

  • I'm not sure about publishing a comment here as it seems like that are not answered. I shopped at the Littleton Colorado location today. The staff was nice but I left very irritated with my purchases. I wanted to leave without purchasing anything when I was told that it would cost me $1.19 per balloon in my package to blow them up. I had picked out a package with15 balloons for $5.99 and then they wanted to charge me almost $20 more to blow them up! That is ridiculous! So instead, I chose a $2.99 Mylar balloon and left with that. I am extremely irritated with this policy. The staff was apologetic and agreed that it was crazy to pay that much more just to blow up the balloons. In WILL NOT shop at Party City again unless I hear that this policy has changed. Today you lost $3 due to this policy and even thought that is minimal, I'm sure I am not the only person to leave dissatisfied. That should mean more than $3.

  • I'm a team lead or merchandise specialist and this is a daily Hell. The general manager has me working 7 to 9 days straight before getting a day off.that whole time I'm put under unreasonable dead limes and have to cover for my manager. This D bag even has me making up fake customer e-mails to cover his own ass . I was promised benefits I have never been given and my G.M talks to myself and the rest of the crew like we are brain dead. This has become a horrific experience for me being a team lead here. I've never in my life been lied to and treated with such disrespect.

  • Attn: Party City Corp.

    I live in South Florida, It has recently come to my attention that you happen to stock decorations for several countries represented here. However, I found there was nothing for Jamaica, Haiti, Bahamas, Panama, Nicaragua just to mention a few. All of these nationalities make up a large portion of our community and have been established in South Florida for decades. Is there a reason for this? Think about it.

    Please review the demographics of the areas in which you place your stores. Perception is everything and you should either represent all or none. We have several international celebrations here and my company was interested in doing a large party for our employees. We have been patrons for quite some time, but have now chosen to use another vendor out of respect for our employees. I hope you take this into consideration.

    Resident – Pembroke Pines, Florida

  • Heartbroken. I hope you never have to experience the stress I'm experiencing with this company. I doubt anyone reads these comments. Their is no leadership in this company except for maybe an employee at the location in Fort Collins, CO. She is disgusted with the fact that her company will not do anything to help me. The website has a default to ground shipping. And if you do not catch it, you are out of luck because ngetting your item. I knew something was wrong when I kept seeing my item at the warehouse. So I called the 800# and was told there was nothing they could do. I offered to pay extra to upgrade shipping since that's what I wanted but the website never gave me the opportunity to change it. Nope, can't help. I asked for a supervisor and was laughed at. I asked for the corporate number and could still hear the laughing tone in the CS voice. I telephoned corporate and left a voicemail and still have not received a return phone call. I called again and was immediately transfers to the same 800 number. I have attempted to call the corporate number 12 times and immediately get the 800 number. I do not think real people with hearts work at the company. My times will arrive late. I told the employee in Fort a Collins that they will be mailed to James Harrison, CEO with a piece of my daughter's wedding cake. No much of a party with out the napkins. So I'll take the blame for their terrible website navigation. You need to update it so that a window pops up to select expedited shipping, not some tiny print labels "estimate shipping" off to the right side. Put it under shipping address and label it "select shipping options." Mother of the bride.

  • Heart broken. The CS at the 800 number are not helpful at all. This company doesn't not have leadership. If you cannot change things for the better then why are you employing people that can only say "no." You are waistlng money. Laughed at by CS #. I think the corporate operator is out to lunch all the time. Out of ten calls to get a real person, she answered the phone once. All other times the call went straight to 800#. The website has a bad navigation. The shipping defaults to UPS ground and according to everyone fromCS to store managers and DM's there is NOTHING anyone can do to fix it. So it's my fault that their website does not have a pop-up to select faster shipping? It's ok for their website to have it in the smallest font possible label "estimate shipping?" I would recommend that you have a section under shipping address label "select shipping options" The items I ordered will arrive after needed. They will be mailed to James Harrison, CEO with a piece of my daughter's wedding cake and the 50 personalized napkins. Disgusted!

  • Party city in Memphis on Poplar Ave. Needs to train their mangers on the procedures of speaking with employees and letting them know up front in a brief orientation on the rules of the corporation about missing work etc. Their managers/supervisors should not be speaking with other employees about other employees. If you want to retain employees send your managers to a managers/supervisor to a conference or class.

  • Very unhappy with party city how can you have a store manager as bad as the one in Durham NC. There are some great employees there. But overall she is very rude. Never will I recommend anyone to shop there again

  • i was recently a employee for party city in fairfield ca. the way i was treated was terrible. i contracted a fungal infection that i am still trying to get rid of from cleaning there store/bathrooms.they didnt have proper cleaning supplies at all and there janitor room was filthy. terrible customer service and the employee's do nothing at night but play around like children, eat up the candy, place items where there not to belong and the break room is always filled with old food in the refridgerator.

  • I made a purchase online to receive next day only received one item out of ten call in spoke with some rude lady. She wouldn't let me speak to a manager. She refuse to give me a refund and told me to call my bank for a refund.. Then she hung up on me… Very disappointed. And I paid 40 for next day shipping

  • I am a long time party city customer. The employee at your Pleasant Hills, PA store should be fired immediately for refusing to serve a customer who had ordered balloons for a memorial service for a fallen police officer. You will never see another dime of my money or my family's.

    • Wish I had a Party City near me so I could NEVER shop there. Hope the police officers will forget this insult. But your customers won't.

  • I came into your store in Lee's Summit,Mo with my 10 year old son and my daughter and her friend both 17 years old. We had came in the store on Friday night and as we walked down the 2nd aisle a store employee approached us and said the store was closed and that they had already shut down the registers and they were waiting on us to exit. I apologized as it was 910pm and I thought the store was open to 10pm. She said to follow her and she would let us out the door. Who says this to a customer?? Who shuts down registers with customers still inside.
    So it is Sunday night and we are ready to make final selections on what we want. The girls had gone and looked down the aisle by themselves. My son and I were looking at the tombstones and the ones he wants he seen on another aisle the night on the visit before. I told him he could go get them. He did. I look at them they are a little smaller than what I'm looking for and place them where the store also had them on an encap in the area. The girls have joined us. We are still in the first aisle. My son has not left me he is right there with us. We are not loud or destroying anything. The same associate that asked as to leave on Friday night approaches us and starts cleaning up the the other side of the display we were looking at. Not even there a minute and she says,"Is he with you??"I replied,yes.She then say,"We'd like to ask you to stay together in a group and keep him with you." Mind you he hasn't left me. I said,"I'm sorry but he's right here with us. She replied,"No, he's running up and down the aisles." The item I had in my hand got tossed on the display. I told my kids to drop everything they had and drop it on the floor. We were leaving and they just lost a customer. I can not believe this is the training you would give this twit!!! I don't care if he was 5 aisles away and destroying the store. He was with me and not doing anything to warrant this associate to confront us. We walked out of the store while my daughters are telling me that she is laughing at me. I stop go back in tell her I want to speak to her manager. She points her out and the manager says she is sorry but she can't be sure what anyone said to me. Really?? You have a livid customer and a immature child associate standing behind me laughing. After seeing you have more than one twit working for you I walk out. As I'm going to my car, I realize I have the managers name, Caressa but not the associates because she wasn't wearing a name tag. My daughter's friend went back in to ask her name. She was told she didn't have to give her name. When I'm told this I go back in. The manager Caressa,the twit associate and a few other associates are together laughing about it. As soon as they see me the twit takes off. I tell the manager Caressa that I need the corporate number and the twits name. She informs me that she will not give me that associates name because she is a minor and that corporates number is 1800-PARTYCITY!! Now I'm going to think that a first name would be okay.
    Now as you can very much guess I won't be making other purchases at this store and you need to give your managers and associates customer service training. They just cost you money and a return customer. I will tell everyone who likes our Halloween display were we made our purchase and how horrible your employees are. For that associate to say that to us and then for them all to laugh about it is very unprofessional. I've worked retail and I would have lost my job if I was ever stupid enough to say this to a customer even if it needed to be said. And if your associate has a problem having to do clean up every second of the day she better realize it's a type of retail store and it sucks but it's your job. If she's still to dense to get it maybe she should go outside and look at the name of the store she is working for. I will be calling the Corporate office in the morning at the correct number!!

  • very bad customer service at Oswego, Illinois I went to the store to buy a party package set the lady suggested online have a more selection and if I order it from there location its free shipping. I told them that there is the one I wanted to buy but I have concerned about how the balloons getting filled they told me its free I just need to bring the receipt from online and they will fill it for free so I went ahead and order it. during the day of the party I have my friend drop the balloons with my receipt because I'm to busy running errands when he got to the store they told him they will not fill it unless he pay 1.00 extra for each balloons he doesn't know what to do, he said the lady is now being nasty with him, so he end up paying. I wont mind paying extra if they let us know early, they don't have to be nasty with anyone. I wont go back on this store again I paid 99.00 plus tax for a party package that doesn't come with anything and got a very bad service.

  • Untrained staff! They overcharge and underchange be careful. Spent a lot of time trying to tell the cashier but had to go back to see the manager as they messed it all up. Wonder why simple calculations are hard for them to understand. Waste of time!
    I got two bouquets and they fell flat to the ground in less than 24 hrs and the lady told me that there warranty is good for only 24 hrs. Had balloons many times before but never do they fall to the ground in a day. Infact,one of the bouquet is looking great the other one is flat to the ground… Same balloons same day and time delivery. She was talking about instructions that were never delivered to me at the time of delivery like, the balloons should not be in the bag for more than an hour. I hope i have some other place that can cater to the party balloons and I don't have to go there ever again. If there is an alternate choice please take that but don't waste money on this money grabber place. My little guy is sad and i am very disappointed.

  • I was in the Party City in Watertown, NY and was treated very rudely by a manager there. I went to buy a hat and it rang up a different price than what was marked. The girl behind the counter was very polite and radioed to find the price. Over the radio someone said the price and they were mis marked and I said okay I doubt need them that badly. The price was offered to be changed but I didn't really need them so said no thanks. Well as I was paying for my order the manager, Bryan, canned up and hold up 2 hats in my face and snappingly said this one is that price. See the difference between the 2? Then he wouldn't stop after we said I didn't want the hats. Very rude! I didn't even want the hat badly!!

  • Where to even begin…I was throwing a surprise 40th birthday party. I went into the store to purchase all of the decorations and balloons. I spoke with a lady at the counter and she was very helpful. I explained that I would be taking the person the surprise is for to the party so I needed a friend to pick up the balloons and decorations. She assured me that all would be fine. She wrote a note on the printed till receipt and on the handwritten receipt to make sure the bag of party supplies goes with the balloons. I spent over $100. We arrived at the party for the big surprise and the big surprise was on my. The only thing they gave to my friend were the balloons. They assured her everything was there. I need to mention this. The store closed at 6pm. I made it clear that my friend would be picking up very close to their closing time. The reason is because the space that was rented was not available to decorate until 7:30. She had to kill an hour and a half before she could even decorate. Not the stores issue at all. Just needed to mention. Basically the surprise party had balloons. Nothing else. What a huge disappointment! I had a really nice sign for people to write a happy birthday note and show they were there , banner, table topper set and some 40 gag gifts. None of it was there. I had to just let it go. The next day the store called me. I had to call them back because I missed the call. Basically, they told me that we forgot to grab the bag of decorations. We were blamed for their mistake. I asked if anyone bothered to walk out the door and give it to the person that picked it up and they didn't have an answer. I asked to speak with the store manager. I was told she will call on Monday. I said that would be fine. That was after the fact I was told I needed to come and get my bag of decorations. I asked for a credit and she said I could get one if I drove back to the store. They store is not close to me. I went to that store because it was closer for my friend. Anyways, I finally spoke with the manager today. She told me that the bag was with the balloons. That is all she would say. She didn't apologize. She didn't take any ownership with the issue. I asked her how she would feel if the same happened to her. She said and I quote, "I would have made sure I had everything when I left the store." Are you kidding me. I was able to get the refund for my party supplies. No apology nor an offer to add a little extra to my credit. I spent $101 in there store that day. I will NEVER spend a penny more in it again. The store manager's name is Paige. Paige needs to go to a management training class to learn how to deal with her customers. I was not an unruly customer. I was not yelling. I was calm. She was RUDE!

    • I forgot to mention the address for this store.
      Party City
      6.9 mi · 640 County Hwy 10
      (763) 792-4508
      Open until 8:30 PM

  • I currently work at a Party City in Louisiana while I'm waiting to start my real job and I can tell you part of the reason there are unhappy customers who call is very likely that when you called, the store was very busy and the cashiers are expected to handle ringing up customers, do balloon orders, and take phone inquiries..all for $7.25 an hour..Party City is an evil corporation that only cares about their bottom line..the management is subpar at best..I was hired as a part time stocker but was also thrown behind the register with no training..It was horribly embarrassing for me to have to hold up customers because I don't know what I'm figures as long as there are bodies behind the counter all is well..if I was in the customers position is be displeased too!..I cannot wait to tell them I quit!!!!

  • I work for party city in
    Huber heights ohio i was a very hard worker i was even your general manager for halloween city i was raped and beaten for 6 hours on november 9 th went to work after trama the following day with a swollen face stiches in between my legs and in my chest i was very dedicated to my job i even opened up my store in 2 days after being hospitalized for a month from a atv accident the day i was released from hospital in october i went straight to work i love my job at party city did exactly as asked and provided all documents that was required for my family medical act to assure while dealing with my dramatic ordeal that i have my job that i love so much secure but yolonda the h.r. officer seem to target me for unknown reasons and paper work magically disappeared i miss my job and now party city is refusing unemployment as well said i refused work no you told me i was rerminated if i did mot show up when i was still on leave. And was asked by my assistant if i was able to work through text i advised her i was not i was out of town my h.r. told me was high school to text but my assistant manager text thats how we communicated and you told her it was unprofessional she has been there before you were in diapers very kind and loving for a big corperation that thrives itself on being for families this is bu far not so

  • Wanted to buy a football necklace for a school football themed day. Thought about party city right off the bat. Went to the Fairfield CT branch with 15 minutes to spare, only to find out they already locked their doors EVEN THOUGH THE SIGN CLEARLY SAID OPEN TILL 9. There was another person standing outside next to me looking in pointing to his watch, but the 3 employees we saw putting things back on shelves etc, wouldn't even look at us. Not happy

    • Cedar Park, TX is the worst!! I had to return two large purchases (made together but paid separately) today. I have the receipt and nothing had been opened at all. I saw Kristin, the MOD, and she could not have been more unpleasant and utterly horrendous. She was rude and unprofessional and accused me of not only trying to scam the store but of stealing because there was a discrepancy in how many flutes I was returning versus how many was on the receipt. I never took anything out of my car and brought EVERYTHING back, and she refused to contact the manager, Janet, that had helped check me out. Instead she became argumentative and accusatory, and upon completion of the partial return, she told to me to get out of "her" store. That is not customer service. It is appalling behavior and even worse for someone in a supervisory position. When I requested the contact information for the district manager she told me that she doesn't know his name and doubts she could find his information in the manager office. That is total bs by the way. I am so offended and angry and may file a lawsuit tomorrow for defamation of character because she accused me of attempting to "put one over on Party City". Seriously?!

  • We went to the party city in concord nc Alton ridge to buy things for my sons birthday. We knew what we wanted but every five seconds the manger or one of the staff members would come down the aisle we were on and watch us. They were acting like we were going to steal something or my kids. We watch our kids they just look and act like not normal kids touching things we do not steal. Then we went to the balloons the girl asked to help we were looking the manger called her over and told her to wrap this up. In other words get us out of there. We bought 35.00 worth of stuff and we were coming back Thursday to get the rest of stuff for the party because we did not have a lot of money on us at the time. They were not friendly and no thank you or come back. This was at night. The night manger needs to be fired. He was rude and made us feel like criminals. We will not back. They suck!!!!

  • Today i went to party city in Palmdale and there was something on a top shelf that i couldn't get to so i asked for assistance. the girl at the counter said she would call someone. nobody ever came and we had to ask someone else! i then had to use the restroom and there was gang writing all over the walls and there was no toilet paper, no seat covers, and no soap! The store was completely dead at this time.we then got everything we needed and proceeded to check out. we simply asked if there was a coupon going on this week because we were spending a lot of money. she then gave us attitude and told us no you have to be a member.then the two girls that were up front were talking about there boyfriends and inappropriate things.the girl was still checking us out and was giving us so much attitude. i then bough a bouquet of balloons and they didn't put any weights or didnt even clip them together! i then left and the balloon popped while while i was driving because the girl blew it up too much! i was very disappointed with the customer service at this store! i will never return and i hope this store goes out of business because everything about this store was horrible! they need to be trained to be more professional!

  • Patrick (Store Manager at your Chesterfield, MI) store was a little more than put-out when I needed to get some glow in the dark party favors. There were boxes all stacked up in front of the whole neon section making it impossible to get to what I needed. Patrick, whom was right there 5 feet away from me says to me "Can I help you with something?" I said "Yes, I need neon party favors but I can't get to them. (he could see all the boxes stacked up 5 high)" He rolls his eyes and hesitantly starts moving boxes and then says to me "Normally I wouldn't move these boxes out of the way." I said "what do you mean?…he says "we're in the middle of a complete store re-vamp." As I was stunned and didn't quite know what to say, I said "would you rather I shop somewhere else?" What kind of customer service is that?

  • Rude service at the conyers Ga location will never do buisness, with such a negative store such as this one. The company definitely need to do a full scale analysis on their leadership staff.

  • WORST STORE EVER!!..I'm sorry I ever spent my HARD EARNED money at this store full of rude hateful axxholes!!!!.I will NEVER buy anything from PARTY CITY again..and I'll make sure all my friends and family pass around what a horrible store this is…I agree…this store should go out of business..I'm also reporting you jerks to the BBB!!!!

  • I was fired from party city in alabama because of a family emergency, if I was a rude person I'll go to the store and knock everything off the wall, he better be glad I couldn't find the CEO email address because he would get fired!

    • I quit because of the manager Ashley at the Delran store in NJ she is a horrible manager who plays favorites especially with Cora and Drew and im not the only one who left the worst part is that i really loved my job and wanted to move up but Ashley told me it was never gonna happen was with them for almost 5 years. My name is Russell Knight i dont want to be anonymous

  • This company is by far the worst place to shop! I did a return and the money was never credit back to my account. Every time I call they advise me that it cleared on their to contact my bank. I have contacted my bank and they do not show any transaction of the money pending. This place is a rip off!!

  • September 20, 2015

    i wanted the corporate offices to know that i had an experience that i never imagine at the party city in Miami, Florida store located at 87 Avenue SW Coral way. I've been looking for costume no. 340 for days now, and Ray a store employee that handles the boxes decided to go out of his way and help me. The costume was due to come in and he told me that when he had it at hand he would contact me. Well sure enough he did, i was not expecting it at all, normally they say that to get the phone call out of the way. But Ray or Rey I don't know how to spell his name properly, he made sure that I got the call and it makes me real happy to know that anyone would do that for me. Great costumer service and very polite, I think he deserves to be manager someday, he has the skills to be one 🙂 Ofelia Gonzalez
    in Miami, FLorida…

  • Boycott party city. shop anywhere but there when you treat what appears to be a great guy for what appears to be a no good reason according to enployees and store management then i think some should take a look at the person who handed down that order and find out why and how they can make such a terrible dicision i hope they. Lose there jobs the way this man did not even in person but by a phone call from coperate loss prevention office from someone that sit on there ass behind a desk i am an employee of that store in avon ma and i am writting this with three other employees we cant use our name ms because we woukd be fired as well. PS WE ALL MISS YOU HENRY. YOUR STILL OUR FAVORITE GUARD EVER WE HOPE YOU COME BACK TO US SOON ��������☺����

  • Shoped at party city in avon ma in the past there were fights people throwing things vulger laungage being used by both customers and employees aprox 2 months ago things changed they have the nicest gentleman security guard at the front door he was very social and kind to all the children they seemed to love him my daughter adored him each week we would go in he always greeted us with a smile and remenber my daughters name and made a point tell the cashiers who made her balloons that she was his little friend and to make her balloon special she lived that this week we went in only to find that he was no longer there and was informed by mire than 4 different amployees that he was.discharged and the all said it was totally unfair to him because he was rhe best guard we ever had and that it came from there loss prevention department i was so disturbed to he that and my daughter cried the whole way home shame on you in loss prevention you lost a very good man and a loyal customer the wmployees said mam you are only one of about a hundred that feel that way and we all feel the same henry was all miss him he was not just a guard but he was a loyal caring loving gentleman we all want him back party city loses a very goof man when they discharged him i wilk never shop.there again and i will.tell everyone i know to do the sane god bless you security guard henry we all love and miss you hope to see you sime where soon god bless you and SHAME ON PARTY CITY FOR THERE UNFAIR TREATMENT OF A GREAT.GUY.

    • I agree he.was.the city sux for treating him that way i asked two different manager both.said he got fired for nothing he was.awsum guard never missed a day and treated us family coperate office called his boss and had him removed no one will.replace henry he was the best he made us all feel safe he is the best at his job and everyone loved him never even.met.him.seen him work or even came in and talked to him.they just as his boss to remove.him without warning.all of a sudden withiut even saying a word to him or telling him or anyone why we miss you guard henry we.will never shop.there again

  • I purchased items on June 28th for the Fourth of July at the Medallion Center location in Dallas. I was assured that if I couldn't use them that I could return them within 30 days with my reciept. However, the clerk said that since my name was in the system, that I wouln't need my reciept. I re-iterated that I may not need the items for the Fourth and the clerk said that she didn't care if I wore them and brought them back. Well, that wasn't the intent anyway. We were not able to make it to the celebration, so I tried returning the merchandise and the clerk who assured me that I could return it stood there and lied in front of other clerks. I wouldn't have purchased if there was no guarantee of return! I walked out and two days later tried calling corporate, to no avail, as they put the caller in a loop. I tried again on 7-14-15 and managed to talk to a rep., "Lauren" who has assured me that someone from store operations would email me within 24-48 hrs. I will comment again after 48hrs from 3:10 central time and add a comment accordingly. I would like to think that we who have commented negatively are very few. We'll see.

  • I recently went to buy some party decorations for my Baby first Birthday at Corona Crossing California, I am really disappointed these people really need to work on their customer service, they don't very helpful, they don't very friendly, they were just two girls at the store, when I was ready to pay my party supplies the girl at the register asked me to pay for a cheap small yellow ball because she said my 11 months baby was playing with it, I refused to pay the ball no because I didn't have the money to pay for it, but because they were rude and they don't know anything about manners. I asked to talk to a manager and one of the girls said she was the manager and she insist to me to pay for the cheap ball I was spending lots of money alredy on my baby 's party needs she was really rude and throw the ball to a trash can because I refused to pay it!, both were really mad and I have really bad moment and shopping experience!! I'll never go back to this place again! I'll should read all the bad reviews from this place before and I'll go to a different place!!.

  • The manager at western hills store is rude very lazy is always late leaves early everyday and when he is there he sits in the office this is why he loading all his team leads nobody wants to be his dog and then he always says do it or I get you fried not a good way to run a store but he is one of the worse manager I ever seen hope something is done before the no worker left at this store .

  • I hope corporate actually reads these comments and takes action. The Party City on S Eastern ave in Las Vegas, NV is the worst! The manager, Tim, is rude, nasty and downright mean. He has long, grey/white hair that is falling in his face, bad first impression. He is abrupt and acts like I am bothering him, wanting to purchase items from the store! I will never patronize this store again. With social media being what it is, yelp, twitter, Facebook etc, hopefully millions will read this and this man will be fired. Corporate!! are you listening??????