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Hobby Lobby Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

7707 SW 44th St.

Oklahoma City, OK 73179 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-405-745-1100

Fax Number: 1-405-745-1547

Customer Service Number: 1-800-888-0321

  • I am sure these comments don't get read, but I have to say. THANK YOU for saving me money! I can now walk into a Hobby Lobby and not spend a single penny! Since you took the coupon away I am spending WAY LESS than before! I simply can not justify paying full price for your merchandise and refuse to! So again, thank you! I am not the only person with this mind set either. I have to say taking the coupon away is kind of a slap in the face of your customers. The items you "Lowered" the prices on, aren't items I shop for. I would be tying to bring customers in, instead you have turned a lot of people away. It was nice to know if there was something I needed, and it wasn't on sale at that time, I could use the coupon. Times are tough and you just made them harder on people, crafters and such. But I am sure you at corporate don't care. You should reward people that shop that and want to support your business. Instead you punish them. As a "CHRISTIAN" STORE you really should re-evaluate your ethics and virtues.

    Very frustrated shopper.

  • I was discriminated against for being a single parent then several weeks later wrongfully terminated!!!! Managers lied and HR turned my words around. Now I cant file for unemployment so by the end of this month me and my 4 yearold child will be hungry and homeless!!!!

  • What a joke don’t ever work there!! BS company they are not Christian I think they play that card. Their policies and procedures are so far fetched, and not only that you have a CSM putting her hands on you 2x’s that’s a NO NO!!! You will be hearing from my lawyer!

  • Regarding the recent opening of your store in Emporia, Kansas, may I suggest that if you wish to make this a successful endeavor, you seriously need to remove your store manager (Linn, last name not known) from this position! This man hasn't a clue on what he's doing. Although a lovely store, if people skills aren't present (with Emporia being such a small and friendly town) you have no hope in succeeding. He fails to greet not only the customers, but his employees as well. When posting this week's work schedule, he eliminated 4 employees from his workforce with NO acknowledgement to any of them. You may have founded your company on biblical principles, but trust me, many now believe this to be a phony front. How sad . . . Emporia was so excited that you had chosen our community for your store. Many Emporians have heard that your founder, Mr. Green, is originally from here. I'm guessing he's forgotten where he came from. Hoping you will address these issues and get some management that knows what they're doing. Let's save this store while still in its early stages! Thank you.

  • Is it legal to have your emplyees work 14 to 15hrs a day and then have your manager refuse any breaks after 7:30pm? Knowing they'll be working until 10 or 11pm? then have to return to work the next day to open the store?? If corporate is unaware of this this Is happening in one ofmyerland stores Houston's myerland store. You may want to check this manager and store owner oowner before they discredit the hobby lobby name or have a lawsuit or bad publicity??? a concerned shopper.

  • I represent a homeless shelter, a Christian one that is funded only by private donations. We accept no funds from the government. I called our local Hobby Lobby to see if they could donate some Christmas decorations for our chapel. The Christmas season is particularly hard on the homeless and the working poor and we were hoping to provide a place of beauty as we serve them this season. I was told that only the corporate office could donate but we would be given a 10% discount if we bought them. We can hardly manage to feed, clothe and provide shelter for these folks. Spending money on decorations is not something we can afford. If you want your stores to be supportive of the communities they are in and want the community to support them ( that is, purchase from them) then you need to provide a way for the local stores to be involved in something like this. Very disappointed that a Christian organization that makes a big point of making their values known would not help another Christian organization. Something that would have cost them maybe $50.00

  • I want to know why my sons girlfriend dr instructions was denied he gave her a note for restrictions because she is pregnant and she has been having health issues with the pregnancy she faints and has blackouts so the doctor gave her a note so that she gave her a note for work so she can have a stool to sit when she needs to and it was denied to her, when its my understanding that they did it for another girl when she was pregnant and needed to sit, this hobby lobby is located in Conway Arkansas. do they just pick and choose who they give this accomidation to, I am very upsset its not that big of a deal to give her a stool to help her out, she cannot afford to take time off as you all suggested to her she needs her paycheck. All I can say if she faints at work and falls and hurts herself or the baby and it could have been prevented there will be problems

  • I got a call from my mother almost in tears telling me she and her friend got kicked out of the hobby lobby in Midwest city OK location. They banned her from all hobby lobbies for life and all because they "looked up to no good". My mother is 43 and she has plenty of money but when they went to check out they were approached by the manager and told to leave. They could not purchase their items aND we're not allowed back. And they called the cops on them. My mom did absolutely nothing wrong and this is unacceptable. She needs an apology from this manager and hobby lobby and to be allowed back. My mother is a good Christian and would never steal.

  • I am coming to say since hobby lobby came to Winston Salem NC it has been a success. What I as a customer dislike is how the co manager and one of the assistant manager treat the employee. I am a regular and I tend to deal with one employee. This employee tends to go out of her way to help. Yes she is a African American, I see no point in disrespecting her when she is doing her job which is customer service. She has done an excellent job in assisting me as much as I come into the store. On this last occasion the co manager said somethings I didn't like. "That nigger" rude and not Christian like. We are all one. Love thy brother and thy sister. This young lady should be checked on to make sure no one is disrespecting her. But manager covers thierself very well. Just know that this young lady know what she is doing as well as she knows how to up sale for her store. She is a beautiful African American that loves her job.

  • I just want to let you all know tha Andrew Michel is fellow and he has a record because while he worked at petco as a Manager he stole merchandise over 2,000 dollars. He got fired. Right now he currently working g at Hobby lobby and the Manager doesn't know. I think some body needs to know about that.

  • The Manager at the conroe Texas location. Tells people thing like well if you don't like it here you can find another job,she also makes employees that call in sick still come to work. She talks about employees behind their back to other employees. In the past two months three full-time employees one that's been there 15 years one that's been there for 7 years and the other for 5 years quit because of the way that she speaks to people she needs to be demoted reprimanded or fired before any more good employees decide to leave because of one bad manager.

  • Recently I went into your store looking for Scrap mats used in framing. You use to sell a large stack of 11×14 mats there were going to be thrown away. I understand you do not do that anymore. I am requesting you go back to selling the scraps. I know teachers and artists that use to buy them on a regular basis. Please save the scraps and the planet by recycling these mats. We don't mind paying for them. Please don't throw them away.
    I shop at the Georgetown, Texas Hobby Lobby.
    Thank you

  • Good afternoon. A new Hobby Lobby is opening in Albemarle, NC (28001). My wife was asked to report to orientation 1 September. Unfortunately my wife showed up at orientation 7 minutes late according to the time specified on the paper she received from hiring official. My wife "thought" the orientation started at 0915. When she appeared, materials in hand, the person holding the orientation specifically stated that Hobby Lobby does not tolerate lateness. Understood. However, my wife told the representative the truth that she thought the orientation began at 0915. She had the same time on her calendar. THIS WAS AN HONEST MISTAKE! Now, Hobby Lobby stores and facilities are open for business every day with the exception of Sunday due to Christian beliefs so employees to have more time to spend for worship, rest, and family, even at the expense of profits. I ask you this…a woman who made an honest mistake was immediately punished on the spot without an ounce of forgiveness or understanding. SEVEN MINUTES LATE because of a misunderstanding. I am asking that you contact the Hobby Lobby manager in Albemarle, NC, and let my wife have her job. Being selected was a blessing to us that should not have been taken away because of a misunderstanding. If you are truly Christian based, then forgive my wife for a minor infraction that quite frankly didn't cost anyone any money. Thank you.

  • Could you please supply store with Air Force products!!! Son is Airman. And very proud, but stores do not carry products in this military branch..PLEASE !!!! Support all branches of our heros!

  • I am greatly disappointed that hobby lobby would make their employees work a 10 hour day on truck day. Calling the day an event. Pushing your employees who are already working their butts off for you. We never had a problem before when we worked 8 hours. I love my job but some people just can't work that long on their feet.

  • I don't understand how a company that claims to be a Christian Company can treat employees the way they do. Managers can lie & treat employees like dirt & get away with anything & brag about how many complaints he has & still a Manager at Hobby Lobby. What does that say for the company that hired him & keeps him employed.

  • You need to do investigation on a assistant manager Carla twilly…in Alabama…giving several of her friends discounts and using her discount

  • Seriously, Christmas is taking over the store in July, what a disappointment for a Christian store, let's do one holiday at a time – my friends and I will not shop any longer at your store this soon before the holidays – you have completely lost the meaning the "Christmas" – all for a buck. Sad, sad.

    • I believe the reason that craft stores put out their holiday items so early is because crafters like to get started on their presents for Christmas and also Autumn. How about people stop being so ignorant and close minded, and realize that there is a world of other people out there with needs that are different from their own? So just because you are offended that a store puts out its stock too early, you want to demand they put crafters in a situation where they can't get their supplies in the time they need to get all of their holiday projects finished? Really? How selfish can you be? Does the world revolve around you and your self righteous, pretentious friend? No….it does not. Get a life.

  • This is a review about the Modesto California store. I was in the store on Friday June 7th and at closing . I left my sunglasses there in the bathroom. I called the next morning and spoke to ASHLEY (a full time employee) she asked me to describe the glasses. I described the glasses in full stating the name of the expensive designer brand and all, she stated that she had the glasses in her hand and she would put them in safe keeping for me to pick up. I explained to her that it would be sometime during the week and she said they would be in safe keeping not to worry. I was so happy thinking that I was blessed that they are this Religious based company and there honest. WELL THAT'S A CROCK!!! My husband gets to the store only to find out that they no longer have the glasses and show him a pair that are not mine. Then and there my husband calls me and puts the female assistant manager Jolisa who says that she will speak to ashlee and call me back. I ender up calling her back and she said that Ashley described the glasses to me and that I said there mine. THATS A LIE !! I described them to her , I even had someone that was sitting next to me hearing the whole conversation as t he phone was on speaker phone in my car while I was driving! I was told there is nothing they can do and the store manager Jerry would be in Monday and I would have to wait until then! Monday roles around and I receive a call wanting to know the exact time I spoke to her (Ashley ) and what the receipt time was . Jerry final say was that the glasses Ashley had were not mine and there is nothing he can do about it. I called corporate ony to be told by LESLIE that there is nothing they can do that the manager said those are not the glasses I have described. AFTER READING ALL THE POOR REVIEWS ABOUT THE CHAIN OF STORES THIS SITUATION DOES SURPRISE ME. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO CONSIDER WHERE YOU THE CONSUMER WANTS YOUR HARD EARNED DOLLAR SPENT. I PREFER TO SPEND IT WHERE THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS GOOD AND THERE IS SOME FORM OF HONOR AND HONESTY! IT'S MY SOLE OPINION THAT HOBBY LOBBY DOES NOT FALL IN THAT CATEGORY. MICHEAL'S I'M COMING BACK TO YOU!!!

    • I believe it is your responsibility to keep up with your personal property. How can you be certain that you actually left your glasses in the bathroom? You didn't miss them until you were away from the store. You may have dropped them in the parking lot for all you know. Calling up a store and attempting to crucify an employee for your lack of care with your own personal property is asinine. One pair of glasses looks pretty much like another these days. So to carry on in such a blithering manner and attempt to turn away customers from a store because you can't manage your belongings is quite petty and ridiculous. I suggest you learn to more responsible and not blame other people for your mistakes.

  • I am a jeweler. I am opening a store in Memphis in a few weeks. I have always enjoyed purchasing products from your store until today. Whenever I make the trip to Jackson, Tennessee I always stop in at the store there. Today, I made the 1 hour drive for two doctor appointments. Before my first appointment I visited your store and made multiple purchases. I am making gifts for my store for Valentines Day. After my first doctors appointment I returned to the store and spent another hour in your store coming up with new ideas and making more purchases. After my second doctors appointment I returned again to my favorite store and made several more purchases for my projects. The store was busy and had many employees and customers at the checkout. Upon checking out one of your employees stopped me, asked me in a loud voice why I had been in the store "4" times. I stopped and politely told her that I enjoy the store and can't make up my mind on what to buy. I even began telling her about my project using metal foil to create roses for Valentines Day. She kept saying "4 Times you've been in here" in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. Obviously, she had made up her mind that I was up to nefarious deeds and was trying to make me uncomfortable enough by insinuating in public that I was a thief. I finally politely said "Only 3 times" as I walked off to which she loudly responded "4 times". I am tempted to return and speak with the manager and ask for her termination. I ran a security company for several years which included loss prevention and I would not have tolerated this behavior from an employee. I spent a total of $177 dollars today and have spent thousands in the past. I had enough class and decorum to not make a scene in front of your customers. Your employees should have such traits. I will not be making future purchases from your store in Jackson, Tn. Whether I visit your stores in the Memphis areas depends on how your company feels about an employee intentionally trying to shame a return customer.
    Cecil Norwood
    Norwood Diamonds

  • Dear Hobby Lobby
    I am writing because I would like to see if I can get in touch with David Green. I am a fan of the store since they opened here Mcallen, TX. When they open the new on the Southside of Mcallen, I was super excited. I have shopped there a least 3 to 4 times a week. Well I think its been about 5 months that there has been a new Co manager who started working there who doesn't seem very friendly with customers when they ask for help. Instead of helping the customer he looks at them and tells them to wait until one of the store employees come to help. Also I personal have see some ugly glance at hispanic people. I also have seen how he treats his employees too. I thought this store is based on Christian family. There are other things I can say but will not because I strongly believe that David green didn't know what is going on in thisTexas store. I would love to be able to speak to David Green but if I cannot,than speak to someone higher. Thanks

  • I love Hobby Lobby but the manager in the Cleveland Tn store is the devil. She belittles her employees in front of customers and when checking you out she talks to you like your a uneducated idot, she has also cursed her employees. The title Christian Company needs to be removed because God doesnt like ugly. I was told by several employees that she has been reported several times but no action has been taken. Mr Green you need to wake up and take action.

  • I have been a customer of Hobby Lobby for many years spending at least several thousand dollars a year. After hearing of your bigoted stance against your women employees by suing so you can keep from providing contraception insurance, I have decided to not ever shop at your store again. Hurting a woman's chance at good health is not a christian act. You have allowed your political ideas into the work place. Your act is a selfish one insuring higher profits by not spending money on insurance and giving your women employees their legal rights.

    I am appalled at your treatment of women!

    Michaels and Old Time Pottery will now receive my business and your profits.

    Diane Gates Robinson

  • Iam not sure who talk to, we were told if we talk to anyone outside the store we well get fired.
    Are manager at hobby lobby 127 something might be going on, not sure he has this lady friend that comes in alot, buying alot of stuff, not sure if its going out the door with out paying for it or he is giveing big discounts to her,
    What get us there an Employee there that rings her this lady up. Thats the Managers A team employee . The Manager and the Employee are really close and there both married. they text each other all day on there cells , thought we are not allowed to have cell phones on the floor, but she can,she can do what ever she wants,
    she hid in the warehouse wrapping up this ladys items in sacks hiding behind the camera, we all saw it,
    Andwhen in fabrics the employees do not do cut ticket for her,
    we saw the manager walk out with a 9 foot tree no knows if she payed for it.
    alot weired things going on
    Another manager knows whats going from another store. he talks to her and some employees at work to.his Ateam he calls them. 4 them, and well do what ever for him to get what they want, Better hours more hours than alot employees he even cut some employees to 32 hours so he can give his Ateam 35 to 40 or over time, thats not fair.
    The whole store sees this but were all afraid to talk to anyone. told if we do were fired or are lives be a liveing hell.
    When the lady returns items whe doesnt have a recepit. alot employees wont return her merchandise they know whats going on. there afraid they well get fired or something.
    Shes get free items or discounts. and brings back the stuff for full price. this what we saw or heard,
    Not sure if this all True. but something going. on and were all afraid, for are jobs, what do we do Employees at 127

  • I have shopped at Hobby Lobby since they moved to my city and I am proud of their decision to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration. As Christians we are to obey civil law unless it goes against God's Laws. Keep the Faith Hobby Lobby!

  • Anonymous (9/12/12), I don't think they need your patronage…..plenty of us Christians will be visiting their stores on a more regular basis. What happened to freedom of religion? Why is it not okay for Christians to stand for their religions convictions? Our Founding Fathers were Christians and relied on the Bible to form this perfect Union. They would be rolling over in their graves if they saw what liberals are trying to force down our throats. It's time for Christians to stand up to tyranny. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Hobby Lobby. I am thankful for your willingness to stand in our place legally.

    And, anonymous, no one said women should be prevented from contraception……I just don't think we should HAVE to pay for this out of taxpayer dollars. The pill is cheap. Give up a few meals out and you can buy it yourself. Government needs to quit trying to control every aspect of our lives! Socialism doesn't work in a free society. You GO HOBBY LOBBY!

  • After reading about Hobby Lobby filing a law suit against the government over free contraception I cannot in good faith do business with a company that has so little regard for it's female employees. Keep religion out of business.

    • I came here to find contact info to let the corporate office know that neither I nor any of my family will shop there again until the company is under new ownership.
      I will never support any company, man or woman that wants to fight against my rights as a woman. Never..

    • I feel birth control should be covered, however; the morning after pill is a whole different issue. I work in a pharmacy and see the same girls over and over buying the morning after pill. I do not fell a company should have to be responsible for the actions of irresponsible people.

  • I can not understan how a company that claims to be a Christian Company can treat their employees the way they do, the Chattanooga, TN (Hixson store) needs to be investigated. This manager has not paid one of the employees there for more than a full pay period, using the excuse that her check did not arrive with the other checks. This person lives pay check to pay check and cannot pay rent, etc. without each and every check on time. The manager could have paid this out of petty cash and then the employee pay it back, after all the work has already been performed, it is not a loan just a payment for work performed. It seems obvious that you don't choose managers who really know how to manage. I have been in management for many years and have also owned a business, so I know this is not legal. I am not related to the person of whom I am speaking, but I am very upset that a company that claims to be Christian based could tolerate this kind of treatment to employees. Due to this treatment I will not be shopping at any Hobby Lobby and will also pass this on to many other people.

  • i can't understand how a co. can claim to be a christian co. and treat there employes the way they do, the jackson tn. store needs to be looked at.

  • I am writing regarding the removal of the beautiful Christion greeting cards and related items from the Manitowoc WI Hobby Lobby store. I was very distressed when I went in to purchase the greeting cards that are the best in the city to find the shelves empty. I learned that the removale of this department was a Corporate decision and I pray that you will reconsider

  • I a regular customer a Hobby Lobby in Manitowoc and was distressed that they will no longer stock the beautiful Christian cards. Please reconsider returning the greeting card stock. I am unable to travel to other Hobby Lobbys sites I am very disappointed with your decision. I pray you will reconsider this decision.

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