Home Goods Corporate Office Headquarters

Home Goods Corporate Office Headquarters
The TJX Companies, Inc.
770 Cochituate Road
Framingham, MA 01701 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-508-390-1000
Fax Number: n/a

Customer Service Number: 1-800-888-0776

  • Your store manager in NJ needs to go. If your a store manager you should be on the sales floor at customer service NOT in your stockroom putting merch out. I had one of your employees call for and waited 10min cause he was putting product on the floor (employee told me that where he was).This isn’t the first time I dealt with this manager. I wanted to see if I could get a discount on an item that was damage and it seem to take 10min by the time I got him. You need to make sure that your STORE Managers in all your store need to be at Customer service.

  • Last night (4/26/18), at the Home Goods in East Brunswick, NJ, I was falsely accused of stealing/eating a bag of chips by the cashier I was checking out with. I did not realize how humiliating and infuriating it can be to be falsely accused of a crime.

    She insisted there was a tape of my alleged crime and of my leaving the empty chip bag somewhere in the isle where she said she found it. She then said she saw me sitting down at a table and chairs next to the isle with the chips, and I explained I was not sitting down there (or anywhere) and that she had me mistaken for someone else. But the more I protested, the more she insisted I was a crook. I asked the manager to please review any videotape with their loss prevention department in order to clear my name as otherwise I don't feel comfortable shopping in their store again.

    I told the cashier (Kristin) — several times — that I needed an apology from her for falsely accusing me of stealing, but she refused to give me one until the store manager asked her to, and as it was completely insincere, I did not accept it. Meanwhile, three ladies in the line were getting impatient and angry, and were berating ME for holding up the line while I tried to clear my name! I had no idea anyone was waiting, else I certainly wouldn't have been rude and would have stepped aside with the manager. This was extremely aggravating and humiliating. And why only one cashier?

    This was a truly HORRIBLE customer experience experience in a store I've always had a great time shopping in. I was preparing to furnish my new THOW (tiny house on wheels) by shopping there with an interior designer friend tomorrow, but was just informed by another manager I spoke with on the phone today that Kristin is on the schedule tomorrow during the time I was planning to shop there, and I don't want to see her face or hear her voice again, so I told him I'd be shopping elsewhere unless she was given the day off.

    It's such a shame when a great store reputation gets SEVERELY tarnished by 1) A very poor hiring decision, and 2) A manager who initially sounded like she was siding with this very rude cashier against me! Not good.

    I feel a little better after speaking with this same manager again a few minutes ago and she was extremely apologetic and offered me a 10% "VIP discount" for having my reputation dragged through the mud publicly. 10% is a bit insulting, given what I just went through, but at least the apology was sincere and that was very much appreciated.

    I've contacted HG corporate and a customer service rep took down my information and said she was submitting a formal complaint to the regional manager. Hopefully they can at least send me a written apology for this humiliating, infuriating, and stressful situation that actually resulted in my having ulcer-like stomach pains for several hours afterwards, which I've never experienced before, but this was deeply upsetting as I'm an extremely honest person and I've never been accused of stealing before.

    Hopefully Kristin can be relocated to a new position in the stockroom away from people. With her shockingly rude and demeaning tone and attitude, she does not belong on the cash register or on the floor dealing with people in any way, shape, or form.

    -Peter M.

  • I am an octogenarian contently residing in an a small condo apartment, however, when I visit Home Goods I wish I were a bride decorating her new home. Lovely selections.

  • I Live in Hot Springs Arkansas and absolutely love our HomeGoods store spend many hours there a week I am very saddened that it is supposed to be moving or leaving and they're opening one in Benton that is an hour and a half from my home I won't be able to go to Benton to home goods it's just too far away I know there are a lot of people in this town that frequent home goods and I wish they could see that it is important to keep a HomeGoods store here as there are a lot of people like me that can't travel that far .

    • I know that you made an executive decision to close the Hot Springs store but I truly belief it was the wrong decision. I went by the store to find it closed. Walked over to Tjx and they told me about your decision. I have decorated my home with that store. Now about an hour to travel to the Benton, AR is not an option. There is a market for Home Goods in Hot Springs and I ask that you reconsider your decision. praise2hym@ sbcglobal.net

  • I live in Hot Springs Arkansas and absolutely LOVE going to Home Goods there. I was utterly shocked to hear the store there is closing because one is going in in Benton. That is 45 min from Hot Springs. I feel feel cheated and betrayed. Every time I go ther it is busy. I know a lot of people personally who shop there frequently as I do. I do most Christmas and holiday shopping there as well as birthdays and wedding shower shopping. I have spent a lot of money there for things like rugs, dishes,furniture,toys, wrapping paper,cards,yard and home decoration you name it I have purchased it there. I rarely go to TJMaxx that is next door any Moore because they don't have the variety as HG. I don't need that much in the way of clothes and that is mostly what TJ has. I am so disappointed in how our area has been done after our patronage to your company. I will not be going to Benton to do my shopping as it is to far and I am loyal to my area. I'm sure the store will do well on Benton but you will not be keeping your customers from our area as people I talk to say they won't be traveling that far and that if you wanted our business that you should stay in Hot Springs. You will be losing customers. Why can't that's be a store in both places so you can benefit from all of the customers.

  • I live in Clermont, fl. The closest store to Clermont is in winter garden, fl.
    When ever I go to winter garden, 1-you can never fine a parking space, 2- you will always stand in line to check out 3- customers are on top of each other. I have been to three other homegoods in the orlando area, there not as bad as the winter garden store. When will there be a home goods in Clermont?

  • sex harassment to employees at mesa stapley store. please stop so state of Arizona will not have to. folks forced to leave to san tan store to escape from male manager.

  • Store located on Cooper Creek Road in Sarasota, FL. never has enough cashiers but lots of employees stocking shelves. IF there is a manager, he never calls for additional help at check-out. This store is not as well managed as the one on Bee Ridge Road. Hire a new manager for Cooper Creek.

  • Please look at the property at Lincoln & Touhy Ave. in Lincolnwood, Ill. It would be an outstanding location for one of your stores. TJ Maxx or Home Goods. Please do this for our
    Thank you

  • Home Goods in Plattsburgh NY 10 a.m. Thursday 7/28
    five customers in line, ONE cashier. manager and another
    cashier shooting the bull nearby!! I finally asked her
    to have another cashier help out. Manager said, "I didnt
    see all the people waiting" w.t.f. ?? why are YOU a
    manager??? get new glasses!!

  • I have always enjoyed shopping in the Home Good store in Yorba Linda Calif. Their displays are fantastic and the merchandise is very designer driven. I purchased quite a few unique items there. When the store in Orange opened I was very excited to spend money and to find that one item that would fit in my home. When the store first opened it was designed beautifully, it felt as if you were in a designer showroom. However, as the months rolled on the store become very disorganized and merchandise was thrown around, that upscale feel was disappearing, however, I wanted to give the store the benefit of the doubt so I returned to find the store looking better and purchased some items. However, today June 20, I returned to shop and found the store with a different feel all together. All the beautiful items that where displayed in the front of the store, was now replaced with stationary and some inexpensive looking merchandise. And these items as well were thrown around. I finally found the designer items in the middle of the store, however, they were just tossed on shelves and stacked on each other as if they were of no value. It looked like a 99 cent store and so did a lot of your merchandise. Unfortunately, I will not be returning to this store and will drive a little further to shop at your Yorba Linda store.

  • I recently purchased a canvas print as a gift. A major problem was it took me 45 minutes to remove the price label off the face of the print. Why would there be price tags placed on the face of the print when there was a price tag on the cardboard corner guards. Prices should "never" be placed on the face of any item. Tags should be placed where it can be easily removed without and not deface the item.

  • HomeGoods Mansfield, TX – Managers Susan and Jordan both treat their employees very poorly. I used to work on their Marshall's side (combo store) and Susan can be very rude to both employees and customers, in front of other customers! First time she raised her voice at me, was when I was working at register 10 and I had a customer who needed help. I called for her nicely and expected for her to help with my customer. She didn't understand the transaction that I was doing and raised her voice at me in front of everyone. I told her this (Marshall's) is how we do things and I was only doing my job. She just pretended nothing happened and went about her business. Second time it happened, April 19, 2016…I called for (person's name) customer assistance in Homegoods, twice. Person was on break, so I called "HomeGoods" for customer assistance. Susan rushed to my register and told me next time to call who's in the list. When I said I did, she interrupted me very rudely and was mad in front of my customer, "I heard you call HomeGoods twice, instead of the name!" The customer just looked at me and shook her head because obviously, Susan didn't hear my first and 2nd page. When I was going to explain to her, she got angrier and left abruptly. I mean, what kind of manager does THAT?!? Not only to me, but to other employees too! Her own employees are too scared to report her for the fear of losing their only job. I have worked there to earn a little money for my family and for fun. I know it is not a good paying job, but I have enjoyed meeting lots of friends through my coworkers (both sides) and customers there. She does not have the right to be treating employees so poorly. I have heard a lot of stories about her and I could only hope that they'd have the courage to report her as well! She lies and covers her own mistakes and makes you look like a liar. She doesn't file accident reports because she feels she is NOT OBLIGATED to do so. Eventhough half of her employees are teenagers! These managers don't care about their employees. They only care about not having to file any accident reports, even if their employees are truly hurt and don't know anything better. Sad to work at and to see these employees being unhappy.

  • I was at Home Goods with my wife and kids last night, shopping for furniture for the store. We have always had great experiences with the staff until last night 3/28/16 with the night manager Angie. I was really taken back by the way she treated her sales associates. The cashier was so helpful and sweet. She came up and yelled at her, and told her "to hurry up". As I said before, I've always had amazing experiences with your Home Goods in Plattsburgh NY, as we have continued to go back.. But this experience, to see how the managers treat there associates, really makes me not want to go back to this store.

    John W.

  • I love Home Goods. We could use a Home Goods in Sycamore or DeKalb Illinois. I have to go at least 28 miles to the one closest. Sycamore,Illinois is growing. We have a perfect place to put one in. There used to be a Barnes and Noble and they left. Beautiful building for Home Goods. Please consider this.

  • At first, my main reason for writing was to complain about the lack of diversity in advertising your company. However after reading comments, it seems that your corporate culture is not only insensitive to the diversity of your customers, but also your management is unconcerned about your employees as well. This reflects very poorly on your company. While I generally like the products in your Miami stores, I will no longer spend my money at a company that seems clueless about diversity in advertising and taking care of your workforce.

  • After looking at the homegoods website I was excited to see that homegoods sells a good selection of rugs with beautiful colors. However when I went to shop for a rug at my homegoods store in Norcross, Ga I discovered the large size rugs that had to sell where no where near the colors that are displayed on the website. I understand that all the colors displayed on the website might not be available I just expected a better selection that this store had. This was my first time shopping at a homegoods store. I decided to visit the other homegoods stores near my home and discovered the same was true of all the stores. I sent an email to customer service to ask about this discrepancy and was told that the buyers look for rugs that they can sell at a lower price and value than the big box stores. In my opinion these buyers are not looking for the type rugs that are displayed on the website. I was also told by customer service to keep checking back as they get new rugs in all the time. I asked could one be special ordered and was told no. I just don't have time to keep waiting weeks and hope this store gets in a rug that I can purchase. I will just have to move one. Because of this experience I will not become regular customer of homegoods and will most likely never visit another store.

  • On 10/15/15, I was at your Hilton Head Store and notice several people worried about this young man who was in a car turned off with the windows partially down on an 80 degree+ day. I came to Hilton Head for the Special Olympics Tennis Event from North Carolina, that is held on the Island every year for the last 16 years. I was surprised to find out that the young man who I came to find out is a special needs young man who is 21 and is on the higher side of Autism who has always had a shadow at school. The mother apparently is a Home Goods Cashier and I found out she has done this a couple of times before at her previous job. I was told management allowed her to leave her son in the car and I find that despicable as people get in trouble for leaving their dogs in the cars and this was a human being. Why wasn't this lady sent home or better yet fired. I know this as Home Goods had an employee who was their area coach and they have a Special Needs young man who was playing which was nice to hear who had said so far nothing happened that the lady wasn't sent home or fired. I thought Home Goods had better values but I guess they don't value the Special Needs people. The gentleman from the Tennis said he would look into it and see if Adult Protective Services will do something since Home Goods and the Police didn't. Hilton head Police and Home Goods treat dogs better then the Special Needs community as I notice dogs are allowed in that store which I find disgusting as my kid is allergic to dogs and dogs ride in your carts which don't get cleaned up.Hope Corporate does a better job handling this as your manager on duty didn't and from what I was told she is the Store Manager. I can tell you a lot of the Special Olympics families know about this now as well your Special Needs Charities locally. This is bad for Home Goods to allow that employee to do this to her child especially since she did this before at her previous job. Have some dignity and do the right thing and fire this lady as she endangered her child.

  • I love the Fontana store. Please consider opening a store in the Victorville High Desert area. Our population is booming and everyone loves you.

  • Many people up in the Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia and Barstow would love to have a Home Goods in our area. We don't have any stores comparible with your store. Home Goods is the best place to decorate our homes. We can't often visit your store in Fontana the way the frwy is and gasoline prices. Please consider opening one up here.

  • Can you please open a Home Goods in Downey, CA. There is a new shopping center being build called The Promenade and it would be perfect for a Home Goods store. There is already a Marshall's in the Downey Landing shopping center next door so it would make sense to open a Home Goods there. The closest is in Lakewood, Ca 10 miles away and we need one in this area. I was trying to find an email address for your corporate office but there was none so I am sending this message in hopes that you would see it and consider opening a Home Goods in Downey. We really need one in this area. Thank you

  • Home goods store in ft lauderdale has gone way downhill. Not much merchandise what is there looks like items moved from other stores to this store. Long lines, poor management.

  • Blue Springs Missouri store is terrible. Choice of merchandise, quality, and price are suffering. Customer service is poor. Have never left a store angry until today. Doubt I will return.

  • Homegoods in Margate, FL has the worst customer service and the store looks like they are selling trash. It's completely disorganized and dirty. No one there seems to be accountable for anything or anyone. I've spent thousands at Marshals, Homegoods and TJMaxx and am from MA and know that your stores are not supposed to look this way and have such rude and irresponsible cashiers and manager. You need to look into that store because you will be loosing a great number of customers and will close.

  • I just worked at a new home goods store in Rockford Illinois. I had never shop there . 4/4/15 my wife and I went out for dinner and there is a home goods store in Channahon Illinois right by the restaurant. My wife wanted to get some candy dishes for gifts and we went in . Wow was I embarrassed!! This store was so dirty !!! I don't think they have ever washed the floor,cobwebs all around doorways . First and last time I will ever shop there again. Very Disappointed ��

  • I'm very disappointed in the treatment I received tonight at homegoods in El segundo. I tried to pick up my PAID purchace and was denied even tho I had my driver license and a picture of the pick up invoice. I feel so disrespected, belittled, and humilated. I believe the only excuse for the cashier and Manger behavior was discrimination and the only thing I wonder was it because I'm young or black? Maybe both! After begging nicely for my items and constantly being denied I had to get out of character and recieve my items in less that two mins. Nobody should ever have to go through what I went thought tonight the Manger and cashier were both disrespectful, PETTY and rude

  • I went to return a purchase from 12/14 at your Home Goods store in Brooklyn, NY 3/21/14 but the cashier reg. #1 assisting seemed moody and her affect flat. The cashier went on to ask the manger on duty how to proceed with the return so the manger directed her to give me a store credit. As the manager walked away the cashier reg. #1 told cashier reg. #2 that she has only processed store credits this morning and that's why the manger on duty is no longer the store manager. Cashier #1 then asked me to sign a return slip and did not give me proof of transaction. I later returned to cashier #2 with my items for purchase I saw that I was over my store credit so I asked the cashier #2 to take off an item. Cashier #2 seemed to not know how to delete a item so she called the manger and stated "How do you deleted an item I guess the customer can not afford it". I was so put off by this treatment. As the cashier put my items into a black bag I asked her if she was going to say "That you for shopping at Home Goods?" The cashier rolled her eyes at me and rested her arms on the counter. I shop at the Brooklyn – Home Good store 2x a month and this is the worst treatment I have received from a retail store yet.

  • I have always enjoyed shopping at your Home Goods store in Riverhead NY but lately your seasonal supply of gifts for Easter, Halloween, Christmas etc. have left much to be desired. Very limited supply of these holiday gifts have left the gift card $50. still in my wallet not used. Please bring back this section of holiday gifts back I am tired of looking at all your pillows in this store.

  • Store: Granada Hills, CA. The place is a zoo, everything is everywhere. Highly unorganized. I went tonight and my son opened a little jar with gel balls which wasn't properly sealed and Debbie Carruzo (probably the store manager) had the nerve to yell at my him while I was right down the aisle. I asked her what was the problem and she said that he shouldn't be sticking his finger in there because that's what people will buy. I told her that it shouldn't even be open because it is toxic and kids can think it's candy and eat it. Her answer was "we received it like that, so we have to sell it that way" I said: "no you need to remove it from the floor". I mean seriously? Does she have a brain or just air? And whatever the problem she had with my son, she should talk to me. She didn't apologize, was extremely rude and no customer service skills whatsoever. I feel sorry for her, the old lady screaming at little kids. What a shame. I will definitely write a complaint at the headquarter levels.

    • Hi there I currently work at homegoods and was curious if you could elaborate? I've been there pt for coming up on a year. Thanks!

    • I agree they are terrible to work for. I was fired because I was sick for several days. I over heard one manager bragging about how she liked to fire people. Another manager was just nasty and insulting to other employees. They have some very good employees there but they get treated like they are S#%#.

    • You are so right!!! I quit after 3 weeks at the Closter, NJ location. The Gm & manager's are horrible, they talk to people like they are nothing!!!! I reporting them!!! I have them in there shoes shaking as I speak!!!!

  • I LOVE visiting my HomeGoods store off of Westheimer in Houston, Texas. The entire staff there are such wonderfully helpful people. I always enjoy my visit there so and because they keep the store stocked with beautiful things, I spend plenty of money in this store. it's always so well organized and one person in particular, Quinton Allen, who is the best employee in the world, keeps the front line buzzing. He keeps the wait down to a minimum and the laughs coming! He is what custom service should be like always … I truly can't sing his praises enough! Management should give him a look for their team. Quinton is both professional and genuine. He would be a quality asset anywhere he's planted!

    Always a satisfied customer …

    Leah H.

  • can we please have a homegoods in broadsheadville pa? I live in Effort pa and have to travel 45mins for the nearest
    homegoods store. PLEASE GIVE US A HOMEGOODS when I go to vist my sister in nj they are all over the place out there.

    L Clark

    • Hi I currently work at a home goods location, can you elaborate? Just wondering why you feel this way and if your experience is like mine or totally the opposite.

  • I was involved with opening 4 franchise tcby stores 20 years ago. I see your going to open a new one in North Kingstown down the street from me. Hey Put the huge banner up within the next week or two and get the residents exhilarated,charged up with your new location. Even if its 3-4 months down the road get them use to the new location. That what really will give you a edge over the other guys.We did this with our stores and I think it helped at that time.

  • The TjMaxx in Longview is lacking bigtime!! The store is a terrible mess!! There is no selection in the home department. I moved from Minnesota to Longview Tx. And the Minnesota stores blow it away! The EauClaire WI store is better than Longview! I'm so disappointed when I go there I want to organize instead of shop. I've quit going! We could really really use someone from corporate to come and shape it up, and we could use a HomeGoods, the closest one is an hour and half a way. I hope you can shape it up, when family and friends come to town we by pass it, I'm seriously embarrassed to bring them to the TjMaxx

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