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InTown Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact InTown Suites Corporate Office Headquarters

InTown Suites Management, Inc
2727 Paces Ferry Rd., Ste. 2-1200
Atlanta, GA 30339 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-770-799-5000
Fax Number: 1-770-437-8190
Customer Service Number: 1-800-769-1670

  • I checked in to INTOWN SUITES Decatur AL. on Nov. 11. I paid for two nights but due to my military duties I had to check out a one early and return back to base. I asked for a refund and was told the Debbie the Manager would contact me the following Monday, after two weeks I called back to the Decatur AL location and was told that I was not getting a refund. I would like for someone to explain to me how am I not entitled to a refund when I didn't stay the 12th of Nov. but I paid for it.

  • Inn Town Suites in Montgomery AL has some serious problems. Let me start by saying I have been living there for over a year now. When my children and I first moved in everything was fine. The Gm was very friendly and very helpful. Anytime I had a complaint or maintenance problem she handled it very quickly and very professionally. Once the new Gm took over the place went down very quickly. He is very rude! He has several different women coming in and out of the office all day long. He doesn't greet you when you walk in and he is just really a rude person. I have reported to him that I have bed bugs! My children and I are being bitten everyday and night. I have pictures to support my claim. There is no laundry facilities here. How can I get rid of the bugs if I don't have a way to wash my bedspreads? I don't have a vehicle so I can't take the sheets and bed spreads anywhere else to wash them. The evidence is also all over my sheets and my pillows! The toilet leaks. The microwave is peeling on the inside. My children and I have no place else to go. I have tried to resolve these issues with the management but he could really care less. Something has to be done and done soon.

  • I've been living at the Intown Suites on I-55 jackson,ms for two months now.When I first came to the business looking for a room I encountered the general manager arguing with a guest while customers was in the office(first mistake). I left cause for the gm to be arguing while new customers was in her presence it would be bad news.Well,I decided to come back and get a room with the hotel.Before I paid my money for the room I asked the gm(Christy parker)did the previous guest have any pets in the room,and she politely said no.After staying in the room about two days I began to see bite marks on my hands and legs.I spoke with the gm about my complaint and I was told oh everything is ok maybe its mosquitoes. As the third day comes around I found more bite marks over my back and feet. Again,I went and talk to the gm and that's when I was told the previous guest did have a cat.Fleas had bitten me so bad over my body it was ridiculous. I had to stay in the room for a week and til the pest control came.By this time it was to late,the damage was done.Next week came and I was finally moves to a different room,but I expected more from the gm to provide to me since she lied about no pets in the room anyway(It didn't happen).Now,I'm off to the second room in less than a week of time I first paid. Upstairs guest with kids walk sun up to sun down,and their kids play with balls in the room,jumping in and out the bed,and the entire room never goes to sleep.Here I go again to the gm for her to address my complaint and yet nothing was done.Well I had to deal with that for a month until recently, I had to move to my third room.My god,this third room was a mess. Head housekeeper didn't clean the room thoroughly at all.My husband and I had to go behind this housekeeper and clean this room top and bottom.Not knowing that the previous guest had a cat in here until we had to sweep the floor and under the bed.In the meantime, the gm(Christy parker)knew the guest had a cat before she accepted my money for this room and I wasn't informed until she seen how we cleaned the room up ourselves. Not only was cat hair everywhere in this room,but food was under the refrigerator and pill valves under the bed.Since I've been here all u see is young thug ppl (Christy parker) renting these rooms to,dogs/cats,prostitution, and drug dealers.This used to be a nice hotel until they gave the gm position to someone who has a problem of their own.Did I mention that our new maintenance guy is also our courtesy officer.This hotel is not safe to live in and very unhealthy……. Its only two people at this hotel that gets the short in of the stick when they work the hardest and try to solve your complaints more than the gm……..Office worker Shunta and housekeeper Tracey…..They deserve way more than the titles they have now……

  • I am currently at the intown suites in baton rouge louisiana. I am a disabled woman that has an esa dog … last night I was assulted again by my boyfriend a second time …. the manager allowed him to enter the room after I called to inform her that he was trying to break in through the window. I called the police and she told him"babe, you better get to your new room before the cops get here" then she looked at me and and stated "they don't pay me enough for this ". I was then called after the police left and told she didn't who I had to call but I had to leave and he was given another key to the room last night by her and he just tried to get in again.I called corporate and got the auto system and marked as urgent they do not come to desk until 11 am on weekends and not til 9 or better on week days.this is crap…. the maintmainte man is so far the only one to show any concern the other young girl u"p at the desk told me I have to say my name is Bennet and I ain't in it." How do you let a disabled person be assulted by a man twice her size on 2 different occasions

  • Well I am currently in a room of the intown suites in baton rouge louisiana my boyfriend assulted me. He was drunk and I asked for help the manager told me to call catholic charities … he assured me again last night after leaving and getting abother room in here. I am disabked and have a service animal. She came to room when I told her he was trying to break in the window. She then allowed him entrance into the room. When I called the police she told you better leave babe before the cops get here and then she told me they don't pay me enough for this. I explained that I was stranded until my sisters cat gets put of the shop on sunday. It is a 9 hour drive from ga to here so I would have to have the room until Monday morning. She told me that I had to leave today.

  • I'm currently residing at the Inn Towne Suites Extended Living facility located in Mobile, AL which is being run by the General Manager. I made my reservation by phone on January 25, 2016 to have lodging from January 28 – February 9, 2016, and was given a price of $289.99 along with a reservation number for reference. I checked into
    the hotel on Thursday, January 28, 2016, only to be informed by the Front Desk clerk, Kisha, I would only be allowed to stay until Thursday, February 4, 2016 at which time I would have to check out or pay more to accommodate my already confirmed reservation until Tuesday, February 9th. By Saturday, January 30, 2016, the problems only continued.The toilet in the bathroom started flooding the floor because of it leaking from the wax ring, which caused an awful sewer like smell in the room. Next, the electric burners offered in the kitchenette for use were sparking fire everytime the timer was turned on to operate the heating elements. I immediately informed management of my concerns, and was told the issues would be addressed promptly. Needless to say, it took until Tuesday, February 2, 2016 for these issues to be corrected. Only after being interrogated by the General Manager about complaining about living with sewer exposure from the toilet and the possible fire hazard from the stove. The corporate office is a joke as well, being as you only have the option of an automated system to speak to when calling what is advertised as a Customer Concern phone number! Hopefully enough clients will speak out against these terrible conditions and services so that this company will realize that huge companies/corporations "DIE" when they lose sight of their revenue generators, "CUSTOMERS!"

  • Intown Suites on Tara Blvd it's okay the housekeepr are nice and EXCEPT the head housekeeper I think her name is Belinda she come at you rude as hell talk to people any kind of way I been here at this Intended Stay for a while and I have seen some good housekeeper come and go I'm glad the other manager is gone but I hate to see and hear good worker get fuss at about little things but on that note I could go on about a lot of things that I have heard and seen but I will not. I like the new manager Mary she OK and the maintenance guy Edward is nice and the other housekeeper Trina she nice to but what I'm saying is I love staying here but it's just that one rude person that will really make you want to move, I hope y'all stared working on this problem!

  • Weve had to see an eye sore of a garbage filled trailer, homeless people in an empty lot right next door..no secured entry doors due to people breaking the doors. People leaving garbage in lot, not enough parking. We have to park on opposite side of building where our room is. People smoking weed strong enough to smell in hallways. Bums sleeping in the stairwells. 1maintenance worker, punches in when boss comes in. Vehicles broken into. Residents stealing a/c units. Laundry room trashed, not enough washers and dryers. People take out other peoples wet laundry throw it on folding table. .garbage company not coming out enough. Bags everywhere. Need smoking recepticles. Cig butts all over. Cars parked at gas station thats trying to be sold. Some families have over 4 people staying in a room. People breaking vending machines. RENT GOES UP AND FOR WHAT?? NO SECURITY, some housekeeping dont like their job. And paying $654 biweekly

  • Me and my husband had a stay at In town suites on Rolling Creek in Houston, TX it was TERRIBLE ! . there was a roach in my room, the dresser was broken, there was an ashtray in our nonsmoking room, and That same night we moved in we got locked out our room because the door was broken ! The next morning we asked for a refund and the manager wouldn't give us anything back !! Even though it happened the same night ! He didn't fix the drawer and nothing was done to make anything right ! I call the customer concerns line 3 times and nobody has gotten back to me ! I am definitely writing a letter because this is so unfair, unprofessional, and the manager is a liar ! Worst experience ever !! I definitely want my money back

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