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It’s Just Lunch Corporate Office Headquarters

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It’s Just Lunch Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 75430 Gerald Ford Dr., Ste. 207
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-760-779-0101
Fax Number: 1-760-779-9191
Customer Service Number: 1-760-779-0101

9 replies on “It’s Just Lunch Corporate Office Headquarters”

Only wish I had seen this page before I threw away $2800! What a scam. I have had one date in two years which was a waste of time. The BBB and attorney general needs to do something about this company.

Same experience as above. Do NOT sign up for this service. It is a huge scam. I am going to contact the BBB and the Attorney General to follow up. In addition, I will be contacting the organization who printed he IJL advertisement, so they are aware of the horrible service. I encourage you all to do the same and contact the organization who connected you to IJL. If I need proof, I will direct them here to this website or will contact you each directly to defend my case.

I agree with all of the above, it has been 8 months and only 2 dates both of whom had characteristics that I had said were deal breakers for me, they do not listen at all

After one year of being involved with It's Just Lunch, I feel that calling it "It's Just Ludicrous" might be more apt. After 12 dates I did not meet one person who I wanted to see a second time. The person whom the coordinator described to me on the phone prior to the date was never the same person that I met in person. The whole experience ended up being a very large disappointment!

Wow – good to see I'm not alone – WORST service ever. Trying to get in touch with ANYONE at the company is impossible. THOUSANDS of dollars – 6 Months…ONE date.

This organization is horrible. I paid good money for a personal match maker. I have received ONE phone call in four weeks. I have been introduced to ONE man in four weeks. I told them I was not happy and did not even receive a return phone call. If you have been in business for 25 years you must be helping someone, but your staff in San Francisco are unresponsive and just do not care.

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