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Jegs Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

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Jegs Corporate Office Headquarters HQ
JEGS High Performance
101 JEGS Place
Delaware, OH 43015 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-614-294-5050
Fax Number: 1-740-362-7017
Customer Service Number: 1-800-345-4545

10 replies on “Jegs Corporate Office Headquarters HQ”

Same problem as everyone order parts got wrong parts sent them back never got my refund will not order from them ever again

When did Jegs raise their free shipping limit to $200 Dollars? What is this? What's next $300 Dollars shipping limit? Why bother shopping here for your parts!!!

Having been trying to contact someone for a month now to figure out where my order is and nothing….Terrible customer service

Hello,I would like to cancel my order and get refunded my money on part number 389-17429. American thunder dual cat back exhaust system. When I ordered it show being in stock and I ended up calling customer service and they said the would reorder and was supposed to ship the 27th and still nothing. No tracking number and not a word. I would just like to have my money refunded at this point. Thank you.

Spent alot of money in the past with Jegs. So i ordered a set of front runners with tires. 5 days later tires show up at my house but no rims. I call customer service to find out where the rims are ….Girl comes back to the phone after 10 min on hold and she says the rim order accidentally got canceled. So i ask how and who cancelled it being i didnt.. So she passes me to supposedly someone higher in charge….So know im wondering about the 600 and some odd dollars they charged immediately to my charge card….The girl didnt have answers and never once asked how they can make things better or nothing…. I have to wait 10 days for my money back too….Total crap show and i will never deal with jegs again…Summit has never messed up anything i ordered so there gonna get all of my business from now on…. I was about to order the rear matching rims with drag radials and coilovers aswell.Thank gosh i didnt give them anymore of my money after the last transaction and or experience with all this.I am in retail myself and my customer wouldn't have never…never left my shop until we had a solution!!! I will tell all my racing friends about this and definitely will do all my business with summit!!!

Jegs has a real problem
WE have a real problem! I placed an order for over $2000 on November 24, 2020. Thus far, this order has been screwed up at least three times now by this Melanie LaCount with the last one being within the last couple of days. I have been lied to with regard to delivery dates for my rear wheels and for my aluminum wire looms which were both supposed to be sent out in early December Per the conversation I had with one line staff; I recently received a notice from this Melanie on 12/30/20 advising me that my aluminum wire loom delivery date is going to be pushed out until February; I requested that she cancel that single item on the order as I would get it elsewhere (I have one expected to arrive tomorrow). She responded very shortly thereafter advising that she had canceled the order; I quickly responded asking if this meant that she also canceled my rear wheels and got no response. In looking at my order today, I noticed the rear wheels are not even on the order anymore although the aluminum wire loom is still there. My guess is that she has canceled the rear wheels, not refunded any money, and left the damn wire looms intact. I call her this afternoon and her VM sounds like the same gal that lied to me in early December about the shipping dates of these two items; e.g. 12/7 & 12/12 respectively.

I am well beyond irritated at this point, I have called the bank and I can and likely will reverse the charges and less something is done ASAP. The next person I want to hear from is a supervisor and not one of your line staff. I absolutely DO NOT want this Melanie person to even touch my account anymore. I have tried to be patient and understanding about all the shipping issues around Christmas and whatnot, but this is gone well beyond the line ridiculous. If I do not hear from someone by 5 o'clock tomorrow I will spend the evening making repetitive phone calls and not be willing to spend over an hour on hold and emails until I do get a response. If I still don't get a response I will be making a trip to my bank on Thursday morning. As it stands I have cleared out my entire wish list from your website as you probably lost this customer over this.

I have invested some time into researching various reviews this evening; added a few of my own as I went through each one. Also looked into the Ohio and Idaho AG’s consumer complaint process.

So much for satisfaction absolutely guaranteed!!! FIX IT

I had to return the Coilover shocks for my 06' Corvette because it was not what I needed. I sent the shocks through FedEx on 7 Oct and it was received on 9 Oct 20. I have called three times to see when my refund ($1433.62). This is a lot of money I spent and want back so I can continue with upgrades. I am getting very frustrated and disappointed in the service from you all especially when you had no issue taking my money. Can you please credit my account back the money you owe me?

James Clark

Will never shop jegs again. I will highly recommend Summit instead, where the customer service is eager to help and resolve your issues.

Horrible customer service! I called talked to a sales rep ordered the right parts I needed. Just to receive the wrong parts!!! I returned said item and I have to wait 2 weeks to recieve the CORRECT parts all while loosing money waiting.

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