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  • JR Food Mart Corporate Office Headquarters

JR Food Mart Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact JR Food Mart Corporate Office Headquarters

Address: 4276 Lakeland Drive
Post Office Box 321001
Flowood, MS 39232
Email: n/a
Corporate Phone Number: 1-601-664-7177
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-601-664-7177


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  1. Imagine taking your family out for breakfast, pulling up to the window, ordering your food, receiving your bag, and driving off. When you check the bag, you find that breakfast for four people has just been thrown in the bag and is all mixed up! Unfortunately, this is exactly what you can expect when you order from JR Food Mart in Taylorsville, MS. The employees at this location are lazy and worthless.

  2. Carthage Jr food mart
    5 workers behind counter one person doing chicken no one will help her, the manager there and would not help scared to get her hands dirty all she does talks to the men! Wanted to charge me each piece because they did not have 1 leg and I got dark WHAT if u got over there and waiting on customers she could have dropped it and been done by time I got in line running one register with 5 people 3 getting paid to look pretty I guess cause only 2 working manager said I’m off the clock well last time I checked managers were not on clock on salary and if it’s your store tell the other 2 looking stupid not helping to help or do it yourself I have been going there for years managed business myself u do not talk your customer the way she spoke to me I have left message with corporate office and a friend of mine who is not happy !!!!!

  3. I want tell yall something I went and bought some stuff with my card and it double charge me I need to know how I can get this fixed this makes the second time and I'm not happy about because it caused me to go over on my card it need to be fixed

  4. Abita Springs store has a guy by the name of Dave, working there that never smiles, never greets you and is rude and judgmental about your purchases.
    What I buy is my business.
    I've been a customer for over 10 yrs coming in 2-3 times a week.
    Never been treated this rudely.

  5. @ Jr. Food Mart # 366 Liberty Ms. Sunday 7-Apr-19 3 each 3 pc. liver ,
    2 each 3 pc. gizzard , 6 tenders, bought sprite, coke, 2 each Dr.Pepper
    Rude Attitude . I have been going to this store for 15 years as a special stop while traveling to Natchez to visit Family . the last three times was not pleasant. was told this time no Buns with 3 pc order ?
    We have always got a bun with 3 pc order . we will not be stopping again after this treatment.

  6. On November 22, 2018, I went in to Jr. food Mart in Carthage Ms. There were to young ladies there on there phones. And the one in the deli had her back turned and act like she did not want to wait on me. They both was so rude and did not greet.

  7. Store 329 Carthage Ms. Needs better management.. Its poor management. Very poor.. Somebody needs to check this store out. She keeps losing people left and right. POOR MANAGEMENT. Talk to the workers that's still there. She what's going on.

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Corporate Office Headquarters