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  • Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

How To Contact Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Yum Brands – KFC


1441 Gardiner Lane

Louisville, KY 40213

Corporate Phone Number: 1-502-8748300

Fax Number: 1-502-454-2410

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-225-5532

  • I am a little upset to say the least. I was in St Vincent and the Grenadines about a week ago and was appalled to know that your company is into slave labor. The employees of KFC in ST Vincent make approximately 25 EC (Eastern Caribbean dollars) a day which equal to about $9.29 (US) a day no matter how long they work. I have a family member that worked from 8am to after midnight during the Christmas season with any overtime. The bad part about the whole thing is they can’t even afford three pieces of chicken because it cost more than their days pay. I was shocked. I will never eat at your restaurant again and I will make it my life work to let everyone know what is going on.

  • 130 Baltimore Pike, Bel Air, MD 21014 (410) 838-1455 . Deliberately shorts order and pisses customers off. This has happened so many times it is unacceptable any further, Rip off artist. I will NOT be returning as I am tired of wasting my GAS @ almost $4 a gal to go confront the thieves. Stop hiring kids who are worthless and STOP stealing from the consumers.

  • Its hard to believe that a corporate would run a company the way they do. The kfc at Macon Mo is so bad that I wish they would just shut it down and start over. The manager at that store has no ideal of what she is doning. Ive been there twice to eat and the food was bad and the inside was nasty. The floors looked like they havent been cleaned and there was food still on some of the tables. I had to ask for the food since we had ordered the buffet…its was hard to believe that when you order the buffet you shouldn't have to ask for the food. The people where to envolved in what they did instead of the customers. I have read most of the comments of others and i do agree with them. Customers come first not the all mighty dollar. If you have a clean place and happy workers then you will have happy customers. No company should loose that insight of there company.

  • the store at 520 main street Lewisville TX is the worst. If this is who KFC wants as there partner they should investigate this store. This store gives KFC a bad rep. I grew up on KFC from Chula Vista CA. Iv always enjoyed the meal. But the one i speak of in TX is well they are always out of things no matter what time of day they treat you like your one of there friends on the street. yo hey that's the way it is. iv talked with the workers and they are very nice it's they have no work ethic. It seems like they have no upper management to show them how to run the place. I highly encourage you to look at this place if this is who you want representing you then you have lost site of what your company was built on. I know money is he bottom line but when a franchise isn't doing well you loose money there too. Sandra Chandler jnschan@verizon.net

    • The kfc in Springfield mo is horrible all of them the chicken has no crust batter still on chicken and it's way undercooked the managers are rude and the employees they care nothing about the food or the customers they need too close all locations down the corporate office does not answer and seems not to care either I done with kfc

  • Ive been eating at KFC for years, The USA stores are great, the Canadian stores taste terrible, and bland, it doesnt even taste like chicken, and your right you cant talk to any one at head office or any one who will talk to you on a phone, there is no email address any where, is this the biggest kiss off or what, you would think they would want to know what there food tastes like,
    and why cant you get the chicken pot pie , there great too, good luck any one else trying to get in touch with any one, John D Kennedy kennedyslanding@execulink.com

  • i have tried for two hrs to get through the phone line at the kfc on vernon avenue in kinston n.c. it just rings and rings and nobody bothers to answer. i know they may be busy but come on how many employees are there working there. this is poor service that they can't answer the phone

  • The service at store #23139 in North Manchester, Indiana is always very slow. I sometimes go inside and sometimes drive thru. Every time my wait after I order is at least15 minutes. Today I went inside and ordered a four piece dinner with the usual no wing. About 20 minutes later a lady came to the dining area with my food and explained that they put an extra piece of chicken in because of the wait. She handed me this huge party pack. I told her I only ordered 4 pieces and she said she was told a 12 piece is what I wanted and just take it as I didn't pay for it anyway. While I was eating other people came in and ordered, not many so there wasn't a huge rush or anything. They were getting very impatient and was making comments about the wait. This is normal for this location. It's a small town so they aren't usually very busy. The food prep area was very dirty in full view of the customer. Not good. All employees were very confused as to what was going on. Nobody was able to step up and take control of the situation. Definite chaos was going on. I have always loved your product and will continue to go there. Is there anything anybody can do from the corporate level to correct this ongoing problem? Something really should be done. I'm very tired of this.

    • Actually I worked in a KFC in the past, and it is chicken, unless you want undercooked food it's going to take 25 minutes. That's how it is made, there is no short cuts for cooking it. SO Yes, FAST FOOD CAN take this long.

    • Went to KFC in Norwalk Ohio Monday, ordered fish got home and the batter was still raw called them and they said bring back receipt.Went back mother's day ordered chicken got home no mashed potatoes,gravy,called again and they said they would put me down for one when I came back in.I don't live close to town and it didn't help trying to feed ,8 people at the time.They have screlwed up so much in just one week, will not go back there very inexperienced people!

    • the kfc chicken in Kingston ny on foxhall they say there fingering licking box chicken that saids 11 spices..well that's a joke!! it doesn't have nothing but batter and is very blah tasteing..I don't know what happen to kfc must be the lazy people in there, nothing taste like it use to be

  • is there a way i can email the corporate headquarters? i see alot of people asking for this type of contact information yet ive not come across of it . i have a complaint about one of the kfc locations in florida and i want to make sure im getting ahold of the right persons.

    • Don't bother; they don't reply. I used the contact form and never heard from anyone. Appearantly they don't care.

    • I again found no one on the other end of a ringing telephone, same a last month. I had no ice in my cup and had to wait 5 minutes for the drink……it was lousy service and no sauce for the 3 tacos I ordered or napkins and at 7pm there was no tator wedges……

    • Who selects the Actors for your Commercials? The last 2 have been totally unprofessional. Why can't you select a nice older Gentleman who looks the real Colonel did and talks decent? I love your Chicken but your Commercials are not accurate to the true Colonel. I'm sure the real one is rolling in his Grave.

    • I have tried multiple times to get an answer to a problem I had at two different locations and have yet to get an answer from anyone, even after I called direct to customer service.

    • I tried your new chichen sandwich.the comercial was misleading anyone could put cheoetos on sandwich / it shows crusten not topped with chetoes.

    • Please cook your chicken a few minutes less. I will not buy your chicken again because it way too overcooked and dried out. I have told every location that I have bought chicken but they don't seem to care. At one time your chicken was the best. Now it is the worst!

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