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  • Reach Out To KFC Corporate Office – Review and Complaints

Reach Out To KFC Corporate Office – Review and Complaints 

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KFC, globally renowned for its finger-lickin’ good chicken, operates its U.S. headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. This post delves into KFC’s U.S. operations, providing key information about their corporate office, contact details, and notable highlights of the brand.

Contacting KFC’s U.S. Corporate Office

KFC U.S. Corporate Headquarters: A Brief Overview

  • KFC Headquarters Address: 1441 Gardiner Lane, Louisville, KY 40213, USA
  • KFC Canada Address: 106 9th Street West Meadowlake, SK S9X 1Z4 Canada
  • KFC Home Office Main Phone Line: 1-502-874-8300
  • KFC Head Office Canada Phone Number: 1-306-236-3731
  • KFC Customer Care Phone Number: 1-800-225-5532
  • KFC Main Office Fax Number: 1-502-454-2410
  • KFC Official Website: kfc.com

KFC Corporate Office

Maps and Directions To KFC Corporate Headquarters

Exploring KFC’s Culinary Innovations

Beyond its classic Original Recipe, KFC has continually innovated its menu to include diverse flavors and options, catering to evolving tastes. These include the introduction of spicy variants, plant-based options, and limited-time specials that have garnered public attention and excitement.

KFC in the American Fast-Food Landscape

As a pioneer in the fast-food chicken segment, KFC holds a unique position. It faces competition from chains like Popeyes, Zaxby’s, Raising Caines, Church’s Chicken, and Chick-fil-A but remains distinct with its secret herbs and spices, commitment to the original Colonel Sanders’ vision, and emphasis on family meal deals.

KFC’s Community Engagement and Environmental Initiatives

KFC dedicates efforts towards community development and environmental sustainability. Their initiatives include supporting local communities through charity and focusing on eco-friendly packaging and sustainable food sourcing practices, reflecting their commitment to social responsibility.

Trusting CorporateOfficeHeadquarters.com

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KFC U.S. Corporate Office Feedback

Your personal experiences with KFC, from their innovative menu items to community and environmental efforts, are invaluable. Sharing your thoughts and feedback helps others gain insight into what makes KFC a unique player in the fast-food industry.

Rated 2.2 out of 5
2.2 out of 5 stars (based on 3,751 reviews)

KFC Bad Customer Service

Rated 1.0 out of 5
January 13, 2024

To Whom This My Concern,

I recently made an online pick-up order for an 8pc family meal with an extra family side of coleslaw at your 3335A S. Crater Road, , Petersburg, VA 23805 location and everything seemed to be fine until my Wife asked the male medium-skin tone /with dreads for some honey he gave her 3 packs and she kindly asked is that all I can get for all of the chicken that we ordered he rudely shut the drive-thru window and started to state smart and inappropriate comment and walked off leaving my Wife’s request unanswered. I sat there like a MAN and watched this unfold in front of my eyes and was trying to keep my composure. Thanks to the nice young lady who was working at the time and happened to see all this take place I was able to keep my freedom and my Wife calm she saw it and heard it all and after the male medium skin-tone with dreads cashier at the time showed no customer service and walked off rudely after shutting the drive-thru window in my Wife’s face in my presents she kindly reached over and gave My Wife’s more honey. I don’t know what the cashier’s issues were at the time and understand life itself can be stressful but when working in fast food customer service comes first. I had to and currently am still calming myself down from this experience and would hope it is addressed because you will lose a lot of business if this continues.

Marcellous Dennis

charging extra

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 24, 2023

The KFC on Riverdale in memphis has not had drinks in several weeks. you pay for a combo but do not get a drink or any money off the combo. This is overcharging customers

rick dell

Main office for KFC - poor service

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 19, 2023

went to k.f.c on s, kings hwy in Myrtle beach, paid for the food and the lady didn’t return my debit card, went back and they said she did not have it.

she lied

christopher james lawley

Attn. KFC Home Office - Did not honor the coupon for 3 piece

Rated 1.0 out of 5
November 17, 2023

Went to a KFC with a coupon. Was told my 3-piece meal for $10.49 was $16+ because I had to buy the big box. Coupon said 3 piece, not a big box. The manager said it’s only $16. Have I lost a lifetime customer KFC.


KFC HQ - Worst chicken pot pie ever

Rated 1.0 out of 5
October 26, 2023

I purchased a pot pie from your location in yulee FL on A1A. The pie was full of bones if a child had this they could have had real problems.

Lynda Lanham
Corporate Office Headquarters