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  • Les Schwab Tire Centers Corporate Office Headquarters

Les Schwab Tire Centers Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Les Schwab Tire Centers Corporate Office Headquarters

1408 Main Street
Lewiston, ID  83501
Corporate Phone Number: 1-541-447-4136


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  1. I purchased a set of tires on 11/21/18 in South lake Tahoe, and by 11am the next day, (Thanksgiving)one of the tires went flat. it was thanksgiving and I could not get the tire replaced. I work as an uber/lyft driver, and was unable to work on one of the busiest days of the year. I lost about $300-$400 due to not being able to work. I'm not seeking any compensations, I just wanted to let you know how frustrating my experience was. Regards, Erik Dahman – erikdahman@yahoo.com '

    (update: I dropped the car off at 8am on nov 23rd, the customer in front of me in line also needed a new tire, and was told it would take 1 hour… I waited 3 hours before calling and my car still wasn't even looked at.)

    (update 2: I was called at 11:30am and told the car was ready. before enrtering the office, I checked the tire and noticed that it wasn't studded like it should have been.. I entered the office and the manager told me the car was ready and asked his colleague to give me the keys… I told him it wasn't studded and only then did the manager tell me that they didn't have the correct tire, and it would be there on monday, nov 26th. this is the worst experience I have ever had with a tire company)

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Corporate Office Headquarters