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  • Loblaws Corporate Office Headquarters

Loblaws Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact Loblaws Corporate Office Headquarters

Loblaw Companies Limited
1 President’s Choice Circle
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5S5 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-905-459-2500
Fax Number: 1-905-861-2206
Customer Service Number: 1-888-495-5111
Email: customerservice@loblaws.ca

  • I have a beef, and it has nothing to do with meat. I am really annoyed to see this high pressure sales tactic of 'buy less than two' and pay a higher price. There are many people who can hardly afford to buy one decent loaf of bread, or some other item, without the added charge because of it being a single single purchase. I shop regularly at NoFrills and Loblaws and there is no way that I will purchase two packets of bagels (or some other item) just to save money. If they feel that charging more for less is the way to go, then I choose to go,,, and will buy my bagels or bread, or some other item as single units elsewhere. Giant Tiger is a decent alternative.

  • Re items from your instore- Are items in your liquor store issue PC Points for all products in store? some clerks say yes, some no, some only on sale items. Please clarify by return. Thankyou, David Yeske.

  • My girlfriend went to the NO Frills here in London Ontario on Southdale and went to buy some diet pop Presidents Choice and brought it home to me so we can have some before the long weekend. I was looking at the bottle of diet cola at the date before it expired the both bottle of pops were expired on May 2019 I am wandering why the store is selling bottles of pop that is expired also I told one of the store people who works there and it seems they didnèt care at all about it and I was not very happy at all when they are selling expired stuff at full price to me that is not the way business is to be run since I have been in business myself.

    • Maybe you need to look up "collusion" to understand it means that several different grocery store chains agreed together that they would fix the bread prices. When you have few different stores to choose from, and the bread is the same price everywhere, then essentially they are forcing you to buy bread at those prices, unless you have the time,
      resources and knowledge to make your own.

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