Loblaws Corporate Office Headquarters

Loblaws Corporate Office Headquarters
Loblaw Companies Limited
1 President’s Choice Circle
Brampton, Ontario L6Y 5S5 Canada
Corporate Phone Number: 1-905-459-2500
Fax Number: 1-905-861-2206
Customer Service Number: 1-888-495-5111
Email: customerservice@loblaws.ca

  • I was just at the super store at the corner of Woodroffe and Baseline in Ottawa. The doors to the Joe Fresh section at the far right of the store are still closed. That is not far to a whole demographic of people, the elderly, the disabled and people with other health issues. Now that masks are no long required the think it is time to open the doors to make life easier for everyone not just able bodied people.

  • I have a beef, and it has nothing to do with meat. I am really annoyed to see this high pressure sales tactic of 'buy less than two' and pay a higher price. There are many people who can hardly afford to buy one decent loaf of bread, or some other item, without the added charge because of it being a single single purchase. I shop regularly at NoFrills and Loblaws and there is no way that I will purchase two packets of bagels (or some other item) just to save money. If they feel that charging more for less is the way to go, then I choose to go,,, and will buy my bagels or bread, or some other item as single units elsewhere. Giant Tiger is a decent alternative.

  • Re items from your instore- Are items in your liquor store issue PC Points for all products in store? some clerks say yes, some no, some only on sale items. Please clarify by return. Thankyou, David Yeske.

  • My girlfriend went to the NO Frills here in London Ontario on Southdale and went to buy some diet pop Presidents Choice and brought it home to me so we can have some before the long weekend. I was looking at the bottle of diet cola at the date before it expired the both bottle of pops were expired on May 2019 I am wandering why the store is selling bottles of pop that is expired also I told one of the store people who works there and it seems they didnèt care at all about it and I was not very happy at all when they are selling expired stuff at full price to me that is not the way business is to be run since I have been in business myself.

  • These are shopping trips number 3 and 4 since no longer shopping at any Loblaw's stores: $248.96 and $369.38 – all going to other stores. I hope and pray all Canadians who have choice in their communities will do the same. I like many of the PC products, but can certainly live without them. I liked Galen Westin's "boy-next-door" persona, but I'm no longer fooled. Should Loblaws decide to donate the 12 million to something other than the Trudeau Foundation or the Liberal Party of Canada (or some other political entity), I will reconsider. I do have grace when there is contrition. Until then, Costco, Sobey's, Save-On-Foods, even Walmart….


    • Maybe you need to look up "collusion" to understand it means that several different grocery store chains agreed together that they would fix the bread prices. When you have few different stores to choose from, and the bread is the same price everywhere, then essentially they are forcing you to buy bread at those prices, unless you have the time,
      resources and knowledge to make your own.

  • low blows made money off of us poor people with there bread scam ,your c.i.o should comite suicide if he was any kind of a man

  • Hello, after reading the article about Loblaws price fixing bread prices, I have decided to no longer give you my business. In addition, I will no longer shop at any other stores owned by Loblaws. It is ridiculous that a large company such as yours would participate in this action. Bread is a staple and I find compared to the States, the assortment of different types of bread is poor. I had loyalty to Loblaws and used my pc points card, which offered minimal advantages. Too bad, because Loblaws has made such a good name for itself. It is dependable.

  • Your bakery department has a slicer machine for bread, that makes the slices 5/8 in thick. When I put two slices together with some yummy ingredients, and i am not talking peanut butter or jam, the sandwich becomes to large for the opening of my mouth. I would need the mouth of an elephant or alligator or python, to be able to take a bite. I suggest getting a slicer that makes slices 1/2 in thick and I would bet that you would sell more bread. I have heard others complain about the thickness of your slices.

    • Is this all you have to complain about? How about working out that mouth of yours like inserting your hand, start small, a couple of fingers first then work up to your hand. Do you know how many people would kill for a slice of bread. Get a life.

    • They sell more bread by slicing it thicker. You'll always use 2 slices to make a sandwich, this way you use up the loaf faster.

  • You spent a fortune building a Superstore at 100 Country Village Road NE Calgary, and you can't come up with a few dollars for a water fountain? A mother should not have to buy a bottle of water in the middle of her shopping in order to give her child a drink.

    I was open to cupping my hands and drinking some tap water in the ladies room but your taps automatically provide warm water for hand washing with no option for cold drinking water.

    I trust my next trip to this store will allow me the option of a drink at a drinking fountain. I can imagine that would have been appreciated by many during our hot summer days…

  • Fortinos (Maple) at Jane and Major Mackenzie is closing the Community Room to make way for an optical store.
    Disappointed kids across Maple as great birthday parties, cooking classes, PA day, summer and March break camps no more.

    The Maple community will be losing their "community" room.

  • The superstore scarborough sell the milk a month old and the manager refuse to say sorry. If this is the way Loblaws Corporate how to do the business. I would say that is why the sell is down.

    • I also have trouble with the superstore in Rothesay New Brunswick. the cashiers seem to think that while they are at work it is the ideal time to talk about other customers to people in the line up giving and discussing personal information , when brought to the attention of the Manager nothing was done. This same cashier told me that the rats eat the corners off the chocolate bars and she needs to replace or take the eaten ones off the shelf. I do not plan to shop in a superstore again.

  • I deal with Zehrs for about 10% of my grocery shopping. The rest is elsewhere. Problems with Zehrs occur about 1 trip in 5.
    In the last 25 years, 100% of unresoled disputes have been with Zehrs. The other stores heard my occasional problems (one trip in 50) and acted appropriately. Zehrs rarely does and boy are they agressive and abusive.

  • When paying with cash I still have some pennies to use. Not all of your cashiers realize that they are still legal tender. Today I bought some cheese which cost $7.94. The cashier rounded it up to $7.95. i paid her $7.94 and she asked for $7.95. I asked her to call the head cashier and she did. The head cashier said "Just take it from him." Their attitudes were not customer friendly. A memo should be put out reminding all staff that pennies are still legal tender and stores are obliged by law to accept them

    • Does that make her attitude to the client acceptable ? both reply's make no sense if we are talking customer service. I strongly hope neither of you work with clients.

  • Did grocery shopping – my loaded offers included spend $100. and receive 10,000 pts. This was not calculated on my card. I am disappointed with the system because this is not the first time points have not added in but this is the first large one.

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