Marco’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters

Marco’s Pizza Corporate Office Headquarters
5252 Monroe Street
Toledo, OH  43623
Corporate Phone Number: 1-419-885-4844

  • I recently saw a story about a pizza store that puts pictures of shelter animals on their boxes in an attempt to get them adopted. would Marcos be willing to do this?

  • Last night when I bought a pizza in the Burlington, NC, store, an employee was eating pizza behind the counter while working. She was touching everything on the counter and people's pizza orders. The other employees didn't seem to care. What other unsanitary practices do they have at this store. I was afraid of saying something cause the female was black. They'd have turned it around and made it a race issue. If they get free food for their breaks, that's fine; eat it in a lunch area, not while you're working with other people's food orders. I am completely disgusted with Marco's Pizza management. We will never buy any products from this corporation. The Health Department should investigate this company and fine its employees and managers. The employees are all adults who are aware of sanitary practices which are required in the workplace. NO EXCUSES! THEY ARE PIGS! That's what they are — PIGS! Marco's was created in a hard working blue-collar town. I recall the beginnings of Marco's caused I had family members work there from the beginning of the company. THIS COMPANY HAS SUNK ITS VALUES FOR ITS CUSTOMERS. All I can say is: BOYCOTT MARCO'S PIZZA. SPEND YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY ON FROZEN PIZZA.

  • Delivery order: 05/28/2021… Italian Sub/ 10 wings… 4 bites of the sub because it was soooooooooooooooo greasy…. disgusting!!!! It made me sick!!! The absolute worst sub I have ever had in my life. The wings were burnt to a crisp. The sauce was just squirted on top. (took alot of care to do that) The absolute worse wings I have ever had.

    With all that being said, I called the location it came from (Reed Rd., Upper Arlington, OH) and for hours (NO ANSWER) Really??? I completed the survey but definitely not enough because I want NOTHING but a full refund. There is absolutely NO reason a full refund cannot be sent to me. I do not even want an apology because I will never order from them anymore.

  • Went to Marcos here in Roy, Utah 2 nights ago after placing order and paying online. I arrived 2 minutes before order was supposed to be done. The employee at the window was on the phone and there were 3 other people inside who kept coming over to talk to him and then leaving.

    After sitting at that window for a full 10 minutes without anyone even talking to me I backed up and pulled forward again hoping running over the drive through chord would get their attention, they continued to ignore me. I waited another 5 full minutes and tried honking my horn as they were all standing right by the drive thru window next to me. Just like before they completely ignored me. All told, I was at their drive through 17 minutes with a full order of already paid for pizza sitting there just needing to be handed to me.

    They had 4 employees inside and 0 customers this entire time besides myself.

    I tried using the "contact us" button on their website. I got the same exact response, IGNORED…

    Welcome back to our dinner table Pizza hut!

  • Chapin SC Marco's is unreliable. The manager is defensive and needs further training. Go elsewhere and get better service, better pizza, and eliminate the frustration of dealing with Marco's.

  • Called and talked to the manager at the Promenade store in Bessemer, AL to complain that for the second time I had not received the cup of pizza sauce that I paid for. He assured me he would comp my meal, and since I paid cash, he had my address and would drop off the $24 in an envelope in my mailbox and would give me a $10 credit on my account for my next order. We, that was a week ago (Aug 20) and I still have no money. So he lied to me. I will not be ordering from Marco's anymore.

  • Tried to order online, entered all my pertinent data, including CC# but site wouldn't accept the order. Had to call order in. No problem, received food and it was good.
    However, now I get multiple emails everyday. ry to unsubscribe? Good luck with that. Message comes back "Could not unsubscribe. Service currently unavailable. Please try again later. BACK TO ORDERING" Sure. Its been down for two weeks now? Ive tried 5-6 times to unsubcribe but it still says same thing.
    So try calling corporate office to get that done? NOOOO. No one there cares.they just transferred be a few times til I reached customer service voice mail of some very sad sounding woman who didn't have her name on the message. I left a message and haven't heard back.
    I read thru all the complaints above, and feel very bad for the store level employees who unknowingly took jobs working for a group of losers like Marcos pizza. What happened to Underpromise and Overdeliver? THey have a good product and could really do well with principled leadership.

  • I love Marco's pizza. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease I was devastated about losing out on "real" pizza. Marcos has been worth the occasional cheat and pain and suffering. BUT now whoever came up the idea of the pizza bowl is an absolute genius!!!! My husband is a diabetic and shouldn't have the extra carbs. This idea has given us everything we love about Marco's except the health concerns. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

  • I have read all the comments about Marcos. Evidently this company is clueless about customer service and employee training. I tried to order 3 one top medium pizzas for $6.99 as I have done frequently over the past 2 years with no problems. THIS TIME IT WAS A BIG PROBLEM. The employee told me I could not order 3…that it had to be either 2 or 4. I asked really cause I have always ordered 3 in the past. When did this policy change? He said it has always been like this. I complained to the manager and she "allowed " me to get the third pizza at that price. I then said I will pick it up at 4 o'clock. I got there at 4 but it was not ready. She said that I HAD SAID 4:30. I could not wait so I asked them to deliver it. They said we can't because I am not in their delivery zone. I live 1 mile from this location!!!! Absurd! I will not be ordering from there anymore. Papa Johns and Dominoes will deliver to me and will be nicer than Marcos. Marcos does not care. And I don't care about Marcos.
    The location of this store is in Watkinsville Georgia.

  • Marcos you disappoint and anger me! I just found out that you are closing the Marcos store that is closest to me and my family. I speak of the Marcos located on Bigger road, Dayton Ohio. Why have you do the people of southern Dayton area (Centerville, Bellbrook, Kettering) to name three of the affected towns of the southern Dayton area. Closing this store forces me to go to a much less quality pizza. I ask you please don't close our Marcos.

  • Jacksonville FL, frustrated potential customer, having a difficult time finding an on-line menu from Marcos that is not in an on-line order format. Old peeps like to look at plain old menu with prices with easy access, if not available, Bruccis down street.

  • 09/09/2019 – "The following Marco's Loyalty Rewards coupon is about to expire in 3 days: 100 Points: $10.00 Off Your Next Order:"

    My response: I don't like being pressured as a consumer and this high pressure quickly expiring 'rewards' approach functions as nothing more than a reason for me to always wait for buy one get one free coupons, or simply go somewhere else. Another big chain restaurant whom feels it's o.k. to push around, pressure, and deceive consumers. Instantly disappearing 'spending rewards'. Genius! I don't recall that disclosure when I was watching the rewards build, that once they're available you'd have to spend them immediately or they would be withdrawn. We'll make a point of going to Chipotle instead then. And can we have an email coupon setting where I only get emails for bogo deals? 19 out of 20 marcos email coupons are a complete waste of my time. My papa murphy's rewards never expired, they would be there later when I got back around to ordering again. So you know where I'll be and if it's so important to take this 10 dollar reward back, you can keep it and I'll find somewhere else to go. Insulting consumers intelligence with bait and switch tactics, pressuring them to buy is not a good approach. You just saved ten dollars, congratulations marcos corporate. How insulting. And of course, no return email in that email sent to me. Do not email me about my rewards, without a return address. Unsubscribed.

  • I am very disappointed in Marcos Pizza right now. I love this pizza. Yesterday I placed an order online so it would be there when I got home. 2 hours later and 3 phone calls, still no pizza. As a matter of fact, the last guy I spoke to was very rude. Not happy.

  • My pizza was 3 hours late. I called and spoke to the manager of the lagrange marccos pizza who would only say his name was "jak"? he would not tell me his last name he said he is the only manager and you will know who it is. He was beyond rude about the situation and told me he has a headache and does not need this right now. I live in an apartment and the driver said they could not find my apartment. It is not hidden it is an apartment with a number right on. We order from here more than one a week every week and the way i was treated by the manager was beyond unprofessional. I have never spoken to a manager that had so little training on how to handle a situation. This is beyond offensive. I will make sure to note this everywhere i can.

  • You just lost another sale today because of your stupid website. How many times are you idiots going to change the site and still get it wrong. Why don't you have regular users tell you how to do it instead of some pricey stupid tech guy you have. I ordered my pizza then ordered brownies and it wouldn't let me go to checkout – the site continually taking me back to order chessy bread, rolls prompt. So, I hit the red X in the corner and went to Dominos. Designing a website isn't rocket science. I'm surprised your pizzas are so good, but not good enough to keep putting up with your terrible ordering site. I'm back to Dominos and/or a local private pizza place.

  • Who ever designed your web site doesn't have a clue as to what they are doing! Why should I have to type in City, State & Zip when you get all that from the Zip. DUH!

  • Convington, GA – Love Marcos Pizza BUT… Today was horrible. I ordered on line at 11:02 -receipt says 11;09, that's fine. It say delivery expected 11:50 to 12:05 ok….12:30 passes, 12:45 I called, manager say he just left. Ok, we have 25 people in the meeting waiting. 1:15 passes, I called and the mananger says he just left, well you told me that 35 minutes ago. I would like a credit, Well you already got the 10% credit for opening your online account. Well, I can give you a 10% credit when the driver comes back in I can't do anything now. So 1:35 poor driver shows saying he's sorry. THE STORE MANAGER, is the problem here! Don't lie to your customers and try to open your store early and prep for the days business. It's not my problem that your P.O.S. system won't print your orders, that is an internal company problem. 2+ hours to get an order … AND THIS IS THE SECOND time with this store. NO MORE!!!!! I called the HQ Office and the lady said she will give me a number to call at the national level….WHAT, I'm calling the headquarters – call our national number for complaints. 419.885.7000 you know what you get there….OH hang on listen to this music, oh are you still there…..hang on. THEN SEND ME TO A DANG VOICEMAIL………PISSED!200.00 later I'm mad.

  • my dauther works for marcos pizza in leander TEXAS and the owner or main manager has not paid them their money on the 28th. he gave them 1/2 money owed in cash and the rest on the 5th and will take that portion out of the main check on the 5th.. THAT IS ILLEGAL!!! I WILL CONTACT THE WORK FORCE COMMINISON.

  • I ordered a pizza from Marcos for the first time as a Valentine's Day gift to myself 2-14-2018 after not have pizza for 11 weeks. I had no cheese or sauce, no feta when I got the pizza it look like a jig saw puzzle. The crust was like eating a cookie with veggies on top. I just spoke to the Manager at the Marcos in Hapeville Georgia and asked for my money back. He said he can give me a credit when I order another pizza. I told him it will not be a next time and asked where the corporate office is located. He told me Toledo Ohio. I spent $19.19 the most for any pizza in my life for a medium and was completely dissatisfied. I had to call twice to have a manager talk to me after I was told that a manager would be given me a call. The manager seems like he could care less. I made my dissatisfaction with the product right away by taking a survey and calling when I got off work. I want my money back and I will ordered from Papa Johns. I wanted to try something new and this is what I get for stepping outside the "box."

  • I work at a Marcos in Ohio. It's terrible. They don't set anyone up for success. They just give you a position and throw you right in. And when you ask for help you get told to deal with it, its fine.. Its not fine. The main bosses are all at other locations and don't really care about the locations that they originally had. The store I'm at the exhaust fan is broken. Its so hot and smokey in the store all the time. Its been like this since Christmas. I literally feel sick going to work everyday.

  • I have to tell you your pizza is not bad. Its your employees. I live in the 43615 area of Toledo and I get nothing but crap from your employees.Thanks for letting me make my pizza choices easy. Anybody but you

  • I frequent a Pennsylvania branch and have not received a bad pizza to date. My only complaint is their delivery service. When I requested the pizza be delivered I was told I was out of the area and would have to pick it up. Not happy, but is was quicker anyway. For the next several times I ordered I tried to have the delivery service and was told no for the same reason. When my sons called and used their cell number instead of our home number the order was delivered. I complained and basically got nowhere. I told the manager that you don't deliver to a phone number, you deliver to an address and she was like Sorry. I have seen the delivery service directly across the street from my house, while I'm sitting on my couch, but am still told "you're out of the area". My neighbors must be really good tippers.

  • I am wondering why Marco's demands all new employees to take a SAT test to work in their stores how much brains does it take to make pizza and delivery it. To be a delivery driver all you need to know is how to read an address and how to make change and how to use a GPS. I know a girl who applied in the local Marco's Pizza and was not hired because she could not pass the SAT. Hell if she could of passed that she be in college now and not need a job. But I know that Marco's will never reply openly to this

  • I live in Loganville GA, order a pizza at 2:42 for lunch, 4:30 no pizza, unconcern manager and Dist manager name Rocky. They offered me a store credit with no pizza. NEVER will I buy anything there again. customer service is the worse. I used to order from them a few times in one month….never again….

  • Yes, it seems to be true at other locations for Marco's. I think it's just the way they do business. I live on the East Coast and saw the same thing mentioned by the other commenters in other locations. Managers at Marcos–they're rude to their employees, like to hire high school kids so they can more easily abuse their staff. Stay away from Marco's!!!

  • Just one more thing to add (after having read the other comments.) When you treat your employees badly that's what you attract. Only terrible people will want to work for you. Good employees who are cheerful, courteous and hardworking have more choices of places where they can work and they will not choose to work for you. So…your rude, condescending attitude toward your employees just becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Treat people well and with respect and dignity and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how well they begin to treat you.

  • I applied for a job at Marco's in Buffalo, NY. While waiting for my interviewer (who I believe was a district mgr), I observed the employees working in the store. Their mgr was rude, condescending and abusive to his staff–mostly very young, high school or college aged employees. It appeared he was taking advantage of their youth and felt they were somehow inferior and stupid. I felt bad for the employees. Having been a supervisor myself, I saw this as poor mgmt. Then my interviewer took it upon himself to be available to interview me. He asked me questions that weren't pertinent to the job and gave me the impression he thought there was something wrong with me for applying. (I'm older than most of his employees are and have a college degree, so I suppose he thought I was "overqualified" for the job.) Fact is, I needed another job, enjoy being around people and thought it would be fun to work part-time at a pizza place. Why is that a bad thing? Age discrimination is supposed to be against the law. I felt very insulted really, but didn't express it, of course, as it was a job interview. I maintained my composure, remained polite (unlike Marco's management) then was told I needed to take a test…

    The test was essentially an IQ test. Why is an IQ test being given to employees at a pizza place? My guess would be that most of the employees didn't do well on the test–not because they're stupid but because one would need a college degree to typically do well on a test like that. I'm pretty sure I passed the test (as I do have a college degree) but don't see how the test was relevant. One of the questions asked for the square root of a five-digit number! Seriously! There's no way I could answer that question without a calculator, and, of course, I didn't bring one with me to the job interview at the pizza place!

    I can only conclude that the test is given in order to allow Marco's to get away with legally discriminating against people it doesn't want to hire (by age, race, etc.) Everyone who takes the test fails or does poorly, so they can always use failure of that test as a reason not to hire. I'm pretty sure I passed the test (not being arrogant, but I actually have teaching experience and recognized some of the questions as those used on either IQs or SAT types of tests.) I know I didn't score 100% because, as I said, the test was designed to be impossible to pass.

    So again, I can't help but think that Marco's uses the test to exclude some people they just don't want to hire.

    What's also interesting is that by coincidence my coworker at my other job told me she'd had a similar experience when she applied for a job at Marco's. She said they were so rude to her that she called the corporate office to complain. I'm considering doing the same, though I have better things to do.

    Please, people–do not buy anything from Marco's! I boycott the store because they treat their employees badly and practice discrimination. Idon't plan on ever buying food from them. There are lots of other pizza joints in my area anyhow and, frankly, their pizza doesn't even look appealing.

    To the management of Marco's: you think you're superior to your employees? I hope you go out of business. Rarely do I see anyone buy food from your restaurant and you have had a "we're hiring" sign up for over a year now. Gosh, I wonder why no one in their right mind wants to work for you? Oh, but you're the smart ones, right?

  • Wow everyone is so pathetic I have been ordering from Marcos for years and not once have I had a problem maybe it's u and they don't like dealing with rude people

    • You must be an arrogant franchise owner or one of their gung ho corporate "personalities." You definitely represent their kind. BTW, learn some better vocabulary, you might get your message across better. You obviously cant read, because these complaints outnumber your type of "praises" by a long, longshot!!!

  • I was in Marco's Pizza located at 1855 East Main Street in Spartanburg, SC. I had a clear view of the kitchen and I saw a blonde woman in there making pizza wearing regular clothes and flip flops. I was very unnerved by this. Is this not a health violation or does Marco's not care about sanitation? I'll be thinking twice before eating there again.

  • I ordered two pizzas at approx 740pm. I was told it would take 30-45" to deliver them. At 910pm I spoke with the manager who finally found my pizzas in an oven that was not even turned on. She assured me that my pizzas would be remade and arrive "shortly". It is now 1010pm and I still have not received my pizzas. There is NO excuse for service this poor, none whatsoever. I can assure you without a doubt that I will NEVER AGAIN order food from Marcos, something that I have done frequently since this location opened. It has now been 2 1/2 HOURS since I placed my order and still no sign of a delivery driver. I have never seen service this poor in my life, and I will be sure to tell everyone I know to avoid Marcos at all costs.

  • On March 28, 2015, I called the BBD's location in Tampa because I ordered online about 5 min before 11a and I wasn't sure if my order went thru and I was instructed by the online site to call the store to make sure. A young girl answered, I explained my situation, with an attitude she said "WHAT IS YOUR NAME", I asked if everything was ok, again she said "WHAT IS YOUR NAME", I said it seems like you have an attitude and at that point she lightened up and informed me my order did not go thru and to do it again, I thanked her and hung up but I realized that I didn't want to take the chance of her doing something to my pizza so I decided to go somewhere else and at this point even though I was a loyal customer I will not return to Marco's again. The person you have on the front lines represents your store and if you can't put someone there who is courteous to your customers you do not deserve my money…..

  • Why is there still a problem with online ordering?? If you order for delivery, you get a server error. This has been reported numerous times but still not fixed

  • Here in Ohio ,Garfield I walked in to buy a pizza I notices no one wear gloves and they do not do hand washing I saw a worker put her hands in her face then continue to make pizza then one was cleaning the floor never stop to wash hands and started to make pizza I turn around and walk out I am trying to find a place I can report what I saw to get that place to wash hands

  • You have the best pizza. But, you have incompetent idiots running your online site. Cannot get the site to recognize a special you have and are advertising on TV. So screw you. I won't order from a company that has incompetent staff and incompetent management.

  • My family usually enjoy Marco's Pizza. We were regulars when we lived in Tampa. When we moved to San Antonio, there was only one location. Disappointment. We ordered to go once and they forgot the crust toppers. We ate at the buffet for the next round and there were no pizzas ready.
    But that's not why I'm writing. We recently found a new location nearby in Helotes and have had terrible experiences trying to order online. First from my iPhone I was unable to see the entire screen no matter what I did. So then I went to the laptop (using safari) and was unable to order. I was about to give up when I tried my phone again and somehow it worked. A few days later we went to order more and had the same problems. As the wife was trying to order from the computer and her phone, I downloaded the app only to find that the store we had just gone to isn't listed on the app. …so we went to Pizza Hut.

  • I ordered two medium size pizza and received two small pizzas. I called the store (Store# 8051 location) and informed them of the mistake. The person on the phone, who claimed to have made my pizza, stated that they were medium size pizzas. I told them that I ordered a pizza from them before and that my pizza was small. He then stated that since I used the coupon deal it came out to the same prize. He appeared to have an attitude with me when I told him of his mistake. He never sent anyone back to get the pizza nor offer to charge me for the small pizzas instead of the medium.

  • I have had the most horrible experience with the marcos in Midwest city, oklahoma. Had a order for delivery and NEVER received my order. Night crew and night manager are horrible! I will be letting everyone I know, know about my horrible experience.

  • Help me understand why you are given a credit for a wrong order from your last order…. but you are unable to use it the next time you place the same order. Instead of the GM getting on the phone and trying to resolve the problem…I hear him talking crap in the background….So unprofessional!

  • Really, i ordered a thin crust pizza three times w/marcos. it was good w/ingredients. have no problems w/the product but set up an online acct………tried to access the acct and it didn't recognize me. i've been trying to connect w/marcos online support but i think it doesn't exist. good product, but no damned support.

  • The System Administrator for Marcos Pizza must be on a 5.00/hr salary. Then, may be overpaid. This is the most ridiculous online web site I've ever encountered. Years back, NCR Corporation, if I would've introduced code like this I would be walking the streets. I sent a message to these homies, last night, explaining my dilemma, Marcos said we our sorry about your experience. They offered me cheezy bread with my next order. I had to LMAO. I said truly this is a joke. That was their email reply to my query. After going thru all the trouble of satisfying all their fields to input my data, this was my reward. Rate Marcos a one star.

  • I was appalled as I stood in line at the Garden City SC store and watched one employee assault another. The manager stood there as if nothing ever happened. I left without placing my order as did several others. I am pretty sure this store is doomed just as the previous pizza sore did. Bad food,bad service and a hostile environment.

  • Why cant I email a complaint through your website? I'm going to guess it is because your organization is a joke and you receive more complaints than Doris at the front desk can handle. I will never order from your company again. The employee i spoke with was pissing his pants trying to explain why there was no manager at the store to log my complaint. after 2 hours of waiting for my order to feed my family, I called to ask where my order was. It was raining, so I expected things to be delayed a bit. When I was told that my order never made it to the restaurant, I asked why i got a confirmation email. No one was able to answer that question. Don't offer online ordering if your restaurants are not able to fill the orders.

  • Complaint for location at 1590 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell, GA 30076. I ordered online through marcos website a large 2x pepperoni with sausage and cheddar cheese and half light sauce and half heavy sauce, well baked and cut 8 slices. The order was confirmed along with 10 wings and i paid and order was sent. 10 mins later the store calls to go over my order and i reexplain how we wanted it. 30ish mins later the driver brings the pizza, he was perfect and the pizza was in perfect condition also but it was made completely wrong. It had toppings only on one half and only cheese on the other, was cut in squares instead of 8 slices and i have no idea about the sauce proportions. I called the store back was given to a really rude lady who said she made my pizza and was made correctly which completely contradicts the way the order was made online. She said they cant cut the pizza into slices or put light sauce on one half and heavy on the other half and the driver would come back get my pizza then she would make another and have it sent back. If they cant do what is on the website then take the options off. She kept arguing with me about the pizza being correct that after the 4th time explaining to her she didn't she just hung up on me in mid sentence. The sad thing is i have enjoyed Marco's pizza for many years and its been a while since I've ordered but after this evenings issues I'm not sure ill ever order from that location ever again. I'm sorry.

  • I ordered online through marcos website a large 2x pepperoni with sausage and cheddar cheese and half light sauce and half heavy sauce, well baked and cut 8 slices. The order was confirmed along with 10 wings and i paid and order was sent. 10 mins later the store calls to go over my order and i reexplain how we wanted it. 30ish mins later the driver brings the pizza, he was perfect and the pizza was in perfect condition also but it was made completely wrong. It had toppings only on one half and only cheese on the other, was cut in squares instead of 8 slices and i have no idea about the sauce proportions. I called the store back was given to a really rude lady who said she made my pizza and was made correctly which completely contradicts the way the order was made online. She said they cant cut the pizza into slices or put light sauce on one half and heavy on the other half and the driver would come back get my pizza then she would make another and have it sent back. If they cant do what is on the website then take the options off. She kept arguing with me about the pizza being correct that after the 4th time explaining to her she didn't she just hung up on me in mid sentence. The sad thing is i have enjoyed Marco's pizza for many years and its been a while since I've ordered but after this evenings issues I'm not sure ill ever order from that location ever again. I'm sorry.

  • To whom it may concern I was at the Marcos in flowery branch ga and one of the mangers wasn't in uniform she lookee very un professional for been a manger

  • A friend of mine works at the marcos pizza in Irmo, SC and i can't tell you enough how mortified i am about the manager john that works there. He confides in me the stories he tells about the manager John that works there. I have also heard the same stories from other employees there. He flirts with underage women, gives them more hours and has been said that he has given them the hours because "they are cute", talks down to all the employees, fires them for small things, and the list goes on. My friend is a hard worker and loved his job at first, now he fears for losing his job every day he comes in for any minor situation. this guy has got to go! ive seen the way he speaks to his employees just by being a bystander and ive just wanted to go over and punch him in the face.

  • I placed an order for delivery to my work from Marcos in Raleigh, nc on falls river ave. it was late in the day and I didn't want to leave work and it was raining then. So I called them (after trying their website that didn't work at all!!) and got the "general manager" to take my order. He tells me it's gonna be about an hour and 15 minutes to deliver your food. What?!?!? I'm literally within walking distance of your store and it's gonna be over an hour??! He then tells me it will be like 45 minutes, I'm like well, ok, and place my order telling him that I want my order in 45 minutes or I won't be ordering from them anymore since this store has had a very bad problem with delivery times being too long and food getting there cold. He immediately asks for my manager, when I tell him it's me, now he wants to speak to my store manager! Nowhere did I tell him where I work at up to this point and he has the nerve to do that???? Now, after I hung up, waiting for my food he personally brings my food in like 10 minutes to me and has the nerve to yell at me in front of MY CUSTOMERS IN MY STORE WHERE IM WORKING!! Saying like "it concerns me that you are a manager after the way that you talked to me on the phone, and we deliver in rich neighborhoods that complain about speed all the time, and we push up the delivery times when it's raining. And that's not how you represent a company on the phone" WAIT A MINUTE!!! It's not ok for me to just say a fact on the phone, but ok for you to be yelling/trying to correct me in my store in front of customers?!? I don't think so! I think you, sir have made a fool out of yourself and Marcos pizza in general and if anyone should be worried it would be you! Acting like that representing Marcos in public. If I had never had ordered anything from there before and saw something like that happening I would NEVER order from there. Just think, people see that in public and wonder if your like that out here, what are you like yo your employees?! Maybe that's why the food quality has slipped pretty good at this location. With that said, it will take major discounting and apologizing to me for me to EVER go to this place again!

  • hello my name is angel rosado i live in waukesha wisconsin i recently became a father to a healthly baby girl which i love with all my heart. i was currently working at a restaurant as a cook a career that ive had for over 10 years, during my paternity leave of 3days because thats all that i took i was fired during my requested days off, other than that i immediately started looking for a job to maintain my new daughter i applied at marcos in waukesha wisconsin, i was told on the spot to come in for a interview due to my great resume and customer interaction and knoledge of cooking, the manager jake was great he loved everything about me and my resume and how i handled myself during the interview, as with all corp stores he told me that there is a test that well must take and that test will determing my fate. i was scheduled to take the test after 3 days, while taking the test the time given per section was only 4 minutes, the problems given to solve requierd more than 4 minutes to solve upon that some of the questions asked were completly out of topic for a person thats applying for a cook position….the terminology used was a terminology that will never be used on the job, example why would i need to use the word omnipotent in a pizza place?…or its meaning? which is the following:

    (of a deity) having unlimited power; able to do anything.
    synonyms: all-powerful, almighty, supreme, preeminent, most high; More
    having ultimate power and influence.
    "an omnipotent sovereign"
    noun: omnipotent; plural noun: omnipotents

    upon this i didn't get the job and im still seeking employment, i am a very dedicated worker willing to travel will work under any situation very understanding and honest i have an extensive resume and 10+ years in the field of restaurants i am cpr certified i have a serve safe license for food safety and handling in the state of wisconsin i have references from top corporate managers and owners that i am the right candidate for the job.

  • Marcos pizza in Marrero Louisiana has very rude & nasty workers & I don't recommend anyone to eat there. Even the managers are very rude and disrespectful. After being mistreated I asked for this # above & they would not give it to me and one worker even hung up on me and didn't want to give me her name. I will never eat there again and will let everyone I know not to eat there. Its really sad because they really do have good food just poor & nasty employees that don't care about your food or your opinion.

  • We live in Brighton MI, and many choices when it comes to pizza take out. We used to order from Marco's all the time because family had owned and operated Marcos for many years BUT I have not ordered from the Brighton MI store on Old US 23 in over 2 yrs (until 3 nights ago) and I remember why now. They SCREWED up the order ( a $57.00 order, everything BUT the breadsticks). We order a Steak and cheese sub (2 of them the exact same way) without mushrooms because one person is allergic to mushrooms and neither sub was without mushrooms HOWEVER the ticket said without mushrooms (go figure). You cannot talk to the management/owner they are rude and hateful and carry the attitude that "this is not Burger King". This place was so much better run when the original owner of Marcos owned it…:(

  • I live in vero beach florida and I decided to try marcos for the first time.I had called in my order and a young man named ron asnswered the phone. From the minute he answered until the second I hung up he was very kind and I felt his good energy the entire time. I was very pleased with the way he treated me.when my food got to my house I noticed it was the same man who I talked with on the phone and still he was very sweet and really seemed to be happy to help me, my food was nice and hot because he got it there in very good timing.. This young man will be the reason I keep ordering from marcos. That is the kind of service I don't see very often. Thank you ron I hope to come across your kindness more often.

  • I was in the Indian Land store on 12/22/2012. I ordered my Pizza to go at 8:29pm. After waiting 20 minutes i witnessed the cook in the back take a dirty knife and wipe it across his apron, that was filthy!!! i was disgusted and told the manager, Sam, I expected a new one. He said he would have it delivered to me but he was not willing to do any more. he stated i was getting a "good deal". When the delivery guy brought my pizza, it was the wrong order!! at this point i called the manager back. He acted as if were no big deal and had no concern with it. he said the guy would be back shortly with the right order. At this point i was so upset i asked him for his bosses name, as i felt he was not running things the way he should, and had very poor customer service skills!. He was completely smug and told me i could call 1800 Marcos… obviously this is not a real number, as it is not even enough #'s. So i called back, and told him i wanted his bosses name and the real number. Sam said he had no bosses name for me. the only contact he has is corporate, stating when he has a problem he has to call a corporate office. then followed by telling me to look it up online! When the delivery guy got back He told me the main guys name is Gary but had no number. When i finally got my pizza It was 9:57pm. I am completely disappointed in Marcos and very concerned about the possible growth for this store when being run by such a person like this. The manager Sam never offered a coupon, a discount or even my money back… which at this point i think would have been the only option. I will never order from Marcos again as long as this guy is here!! the smart business move would be…

    • I usually order pizza from my usual pizza place, but thought I'd try Marco's one night, they messed my order up. I called them, talked to manager…he was so rude! He asked me what I wanted him to do about it? That they were extremely busy, the girl messed up, it happens! I went speechless. First and last time I ever will order from Marco's. Good way to lose customers.

    • Now I'll be afraid to eat the pizza my husband just went back to exchange for actual pizza slices instead of the chopped up pieces like you get at Domino's. The "manager" was very unhelpful and, after I explained all the circumstances and expressed my dissatisfaction (all their advertising pictures show regular pizza slices) that one had to ask for such, he agreed that we could bring the pizzas back and exchange them. We normally don't buy two pizzas and I might not have bothered at all, but they had a "special" and we got two of them. After "manager" agreed to the exchange, I asked for his name so my husband would known whom to ask for. He REFUSED TO TELL ME HIS NAME. This is unacceptable. If I manage to eat any of the pizza (following the event above about the uncleanness), that will be the last bite of Marco's pizza that ever goes into my mouth. As for the person who advised you to quit whining and eat at home, to him/her I say, I eat where I want to and, to the extent possible, WHAT I want to. That was not a helpful comment, and I wouldn't be surprised after my experience today if it were posted by a Marco's "manager" or employee. One last thing, I have tried every search engine and page I can find, and cannot find the corporate email address so I could complain to them and tell them what store it was. It is on Perry Hill Road in Montgomery, AL, in case corporate is interested in the activities and customer "service" of its franchisees. A manager refusing to give his name? Customer service has gone the way of civility within the entire nation. Shame!

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