Maytag Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Maytag was started in Iowa they are now part of the Whirlpool Group. Maytag’s corporate office address and phone numbers are listed below:

Maytag Corporate Office Headquarters HQ:

Whirlpool Corporation


Whirlpool Center 2000 M 63

Benton Harbor, Michigan 49022-2692 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-269-923-5000

Maytag makes washers, dryers, refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers.

maytag corporate office headquarters hq

    Broke again, two days after being “repaired” the third time. Need troubleshooting MANUAL . No one from Maytag can find it. Never spend $1,000 on a Maytag Washer that lasted from Feb 18, 2021 to Sept 1, 2021, six months. Still not working properly.


    Hello Marureen and thank you for the opportunity to respond to your complaint.
    First I would like to address that we do not sell appliances nor ever have.
    We do not deliver appliances and we never have.
    We are a service provider for Whirlpool Corporation and do cover remote areas outside of Grand Junction on a as need basis.
    Parts were on a backorder as is almost everything in supply chains at this point I am sure you have seen reports of that in the news etc.
    The tech was out on Thursday the 21st and repaired the unit and tested before leaving.
    Call was received by us at D3 Appliance 10/25/21 the unit had failed apparently again the first repair was due to WIFI connectivity issues, you might check that by using your use and care guide to make sure the unit is connected to WIFI as this could be the issue.
    I am not sure who DC Alliance or DC Appliance is so I cannot speak for them on this matter.

    Take care,

    Travis Kunau
    President D3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc.

    Better Business Bureau:

    Re: D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc, & Maytag. I believe that the owner of D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc agrees that 70+ days of waiting for parts and service is excessive. My service was scheduled for Nov 8, but as soon as this complaint was filed and received, D-3/A-OK Appliance Service Inc found a "cancellation" the next day. I asked that they service "On or before Oct, 31, 2021. There may be another problem with the Maytag device may need another part shortly, but the service representative will check on the requirements to repair.

    Maureen Blatt

  • I spent extra money thinking that I was buying a quality washer because it was a Maytag. It has only lasted me 4 years! Repair guy came today and said it would cost more to fix it than it would to buy a new one! Of course everthing that was wrong with it is not covered under the 10 year limited warranty :(. I called Maytag and the lady I spoke to said there was nothing they could do. I help teach the special needs class at a middle school. While I do love my job it is not a big money maker! A family of 5 needs a good quality washer that will last! Maytag used to be a brand that represented that! Not anymore? You need to step up your game Maytag!

  • File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. For one year I fought with Kenmore over a lemon side-by-side refrigerator/freezer – phone calls, 9 service techs in 12 months, 4 replaced parts, all to no avail. When I filed the BBB complaint in their home office city they finally paid attention and I had a new appliance within a couple of weeks.

  • Very disappointed with this company. Have a dryer that is burning my clothes- a black tar substance forms on the grate and melts into them. I have had FIVE service calls out to fix. I was told each time they were fixing the problem (changed grates, temperature controls, duct work) and it's still melting something into our clothes. I have tried drying on air only and putting in half loads- even stopped using fabric softener. I have taken off days of work and lost several shirts, blankets and towels due to this. I spoke with the safety department today and they told me there was noting more that can do! The technician over the phone even suggested that it was my fault- that I may be putting rubber into the dryer!!! This dryer was purchased in 2015 and we have been having issues since then. Please advise on how to file a complaint- this was a very expensive dryer- Model number MGDB855DCO costing $1300.00 and we have the 5 year protection plan. Jen Dusak

  • As a baby boomer, I do not believe in voicing my opinion on social media. In October 2018, our LG front loading “he” washer failed, so we purchased a Maytag washer and dryer set from a local vendor. We chose this set because it is made in America and throughout the years, we remembered the Maytag commercials about the dependability of the Maytag products. Additionally, the price was affordable. I absolutely DESPISE this washer!
    1.) No matter what setting I put it on, the whites do NOT come out white/clean. This was never an issue with the LG and we use the same products now that we have used for years. We also have a water softener.
    2.) It does not dispense enough water. Period.
    3.) No matter what setting I put it on, a load of bedding sheets ALWAYS spins off balance so it requires constant babysitting.
    My husband and I went back to the local vendor that we purchased this set from and made them aware of our dissatisfaction but because it was past the 30-day return (December 2018, missed it by two weeks) we were essentially told that there is nothing that they could do.
    They suggested a maintenance agreement. I worked in the service industry for nearly 30 years and I know that maintenance contracts on new equipment generate a lot of revenue for the dealer; that is where the money is. New equipment (unless it is a lemon) does not generally fail and require service for the first two or three years. Yes, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances. There are only two people in our household, so it does not get that much usage for it to be a concern.
    I keep hoping that this garbage washer will fail so that I can replace it with something that performs the way that we want and need it to. I will very likely replace it with another LG front loading washer and never buy another Maytag product.
    I do not expect anything from you. I just want you to know how extremely dissatisfied I am with this product. Please forward my letter to Marc Bitzer, CEO of Maytag.

  • I am very disappointed with the in competent at whirlpool / Maytag . on november23 I purchased a new refrig at home depot with delivery on 12/08. on 11/25 I purchased an ice maker for that refrig also from home depot with delivery by 11/28. well that when the nightmare begins, last night home depot service counter staff spent over 30 minutes with whirlpool, TRYING TO FIND THIS PART at the end all h d could do is give me 8774613376 phone number for maytag . I CALL THIS MORNING SPENDING ALMOST AN HOUR TALKING WITH 8 DIFFERENT PEOPLE NONE WOULD HELP FIND THIS MISSING PART. ALL THEY DID IS SHUFFLE ME TO SOMEOTHER DEPARTMENT WHICH COULDN'T/WOULDN'T HELP I AM GOING TO HOME DEPOT TO CANCEL BOTH ORDERS AND PURCHASE A PRODUCT FROM A MORE RESPONCIVE COMPANY

  • We have a Maytag Neptune front loader washing machine which works fine, but will have to be thrown in the dumpster because the door boot seal is shot and moldy and they no longer make that part and there is no substitute part available. Guess they don't expect their machines to last long enough to have to be repaired. Will not but Magtag again.

  • I've read all these bad reviews, and now, I'd like to post something positive. We have a Maytag washer that was purchased by my husband's grandmother, around 1968-69. I, personally have used it for the past 20 years. I've never had a problem, nor been unhappy with it. Unfortunately, it now has started to leak from the bottom. My guess is, the bottom has finally rusted out. After 50 years, I guess it's time to retire it. In 50 years, the only thing that's been replaced is the belt. I'm very sad to have to replace it.

  • MAYAG SUCKS!!! Don't but it if it is Maytag/Whirlpool. It is all garbage! A total waste of your hard earned dollars! Tell everyone you know to stay away from Maytag/Whirlpool appliances. Wasted money, wasted time in trying to get it fixed, oh, I know why! You can't fix junk!

  • poor quality and product design of the bravo XL top load washer. we have had our washer 6 years paid $1,200 for the unit. this morning when my wife open the lid it came off the right side the glass top is silicone on to the glass and hinge bracket. the service dept told me the part is $300 plus the labor this is crazy how could any one believe that silicone glue hold over time but 6 years and this is now my problem the service tech said that I could try to glue it back on myself and see if that works again why i am i fixing the poor design the worst part is the part is unavailable i wonder why maybe other have had the same issue
    the worst part is that i have always bought may tag our last washer lasted 20 years with little repair problems and don't try to reach the corporate office there is no way to reach out other then post on line.

  • Maytag customer service is a joke! We bought a $1240 Maytag Gemini stove. The $55 oven handle has broken twice, the oven heating element has burned out twice despite seldom using the oven, and now the glass top is broken which is not Maytag's fault but the top for our $1240 stove is "no longer available" which is there fault. We could have bought a $400 off brand stove that would have lasted better and longer if we weren't going to get any customer service and backing on parts. Customer Service transfers to repair, repair transfers to Customer Loyalty who offers a 12% discount on another Maytag they won't back, and they transfer back to Customer Service who did nothing in the first place. WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER MAYTAG!

  • Well I am not surprised about all the blogs of junk appliances.Had a Lg frontload for less than 3 years and decided after the constant cleaning and mildew stinch that you need more than 5 gallons of water to clean your clothes.(high voltage board burnt and not worth fixing)I have purchased many maytag appliances in the last 20 years and none of them last.Currently I purchased a probably 20 year plus performa(For 30.00) that is all rusty from a moist basement and am happy as could be, because I no longer have to go to the laundrymat and my clothes no longer stink after they come out of dryer.I had a microwave that the door desinigrated twice and replaced.A Performa washer that went through 3 transmissions when they were still a/c motors.Of recent ,18 months ago purchased a Bravo top load,(should have read consumer reports ) and after almost a 1 hr wash it doesn't spin out.Called for repair and want to 75.00 per hr to look at.Doesnt take long to add up that it wont be worth the cost of the 600 dollar appliance that it soon be something else after that shortlived repair.Anyone have Maytag corporate email for consumers?Gotta start somewhere.Extremely unsatisfied with the quality of Maytag appliances built in the last 20 years.Had relatives worked for Maytag 40 years ago.Glad their not alive to see what terrible products that are being put out nowadays.

  • No repairman will come to my area of Arizona. I have been fighting with Maytag since August to repair or replace my 6 mo. old (then) microwave. In Dec. they finally decided to send a co. out of Phoenix to deliver & install a new one with new 1 yr. warranty. That co. stood us up twice without even the consideration of a phone call. I am done with Maytag's empty promises. My next stop is the Phoenix newspaper and television station investigative reporters. Considering all of the Maytag service complaints across the internet, I am also looking into a law firm who may be interested in a class action suit.

  • I was going to write to the CEO of Maytag about the piece of trash our washer is but seeing all of the negative comments above tells me that Maytag knows exactly what kind of trash their product is and all they care about is the dollars they are making off of us. I realize now it would be a waste of time to write to them. We have had so much trouble with our Bravos. We will NEVER buy a Maytag product again, or any other product from any company affiliated with Maytag. Such a horrible company, and the customer service is the WORST we've ever come across. THANK YOU MAYTAG FOR MAKING TRASH PRODUCTS AND FOR NOT CARING ONE IOTA ABOUT THE CONSUMER.

  • I concur, don't ever by Maytag again. Bought a Maytag freezer from Home Depot. It lasted about a year and 1/2 then died. Maytag actually wants more money to fix than I paid for it.

    When I was a kid, we bought an old Maytag refrigerator somebody didn't want for $1. It lasted about 10 years. Maytag has deteriorated to where it is completely stupid to buy one.

    I haven't seen their false ad about Maytag repair persons not have work because Maytags are allegedly so reliable. Maybe they are afraid of getting sued for false advertising, and quit making the ads.

  • Model MMV4205DS-1  We bought this microwave from Sears in Fountain Hills, AZ, in February of 2016. 6 mo. later it stopped working, or works sporadically. The light doesn't come on and the panel continuously reads "open/close door". If we leave the door open and walk away SOMETIMES the light clicks on and we can use it. Most of the time not. We called the Sears store where we bought it and were told "we only sell them, we don't fix them" and that we had to contact Maytag for service. We have done that. Multiple times, for 3 months. My husband has called and I have called. Twice, we were told that a company called Code Red Service in Mesa, AZ, would contact us. They did not. We called them. They said they hadn't heard anything from Maytag and couldn't make a service call until Maytag contacted them. My husband finally talked to a Sears technician who said that if we’d bought the extended warranty he would have been here immediately to fix it. Really?? This microwave is less than one year old and is still under the original warranty – and we were advised when we bought it NOT to buy the extra warranty because it already had a 10 year built in warranty. So you tell me  –  what are we to do?

    Your motto: "Every Home… Everywhere… with Pride, Passion and Performance" REALLY?

  • never buy a Maytag washer.. my is only 8 years old. had it fixed 2 times.
    I'm told by a Maytag repair man that my washer has 3 computers inside and they all burned out.. nothing he can fix. to order a new computer it'll cost more than buying another washer.. see where I'm going with this? I need to buy another washer… and I will.. not a Maytag.. Now.. I have a washer different then my dryer. It look's terrible.. I payed $900+ for my washer and $900+ for my dryer.. Got the best thinking they would last me for years.. It's only two people in my family… Not much use and not much laundry.. Still… the product sucks… I WILL NOT RECOMMEND TO BUY ANY MAYTAG PRODUCT.. UNLESS YOU HAVE LOT'S OF MONEY TO SPEND. THERE ARE LOT'S OF GOOD PRODUCTS OUT THERE.. MUST DO SOME RESEARCH. i PURCHASED MAYTAG BECAUSE IT'S AN AMERICAN PRODUCT.

  • This is update from August 26,2016 post. It is now 8weeks and waiting on third part to be delivered to Goldman in our area. No one can tell me when the part could possibly come in. It is causing me a hardship by having to go to laundromat, could have bought a washer by now. It doesn't seem to matter to NSI as they cannot find out anything. I think I've been more than patient with the situation being they do not offer any kind of restitution. I am paying for techs not knowing how to repair Maytags. It is beyond time to check into other options.

  • Dale Roussel
    I purchase a Maytag dryer Aug. 18,2016 hook it up don't work call to get Tech.
    bad timer.Its not timer now they say its the switch.As a customer we pay lots of money for appliances we expect good products. NOTE I own Maytag products all my life. This is unexceptable for having problems from the first dayi purchace this product. NEVER AGAIN

  • 8/26/16
    I just want to say my Maytag washer is at least 40 years old and going strong. It has handled laundry for my four kids and others that I raised as well. We had so much company I was teased that I was running a motel in the neighborhood. With all those sheets and towels, it has been a veritable workhorse.
    My husband worked his entire Career as a GE engineer and we got sizable discounts on GE products so we first bought a GE washer and it lasted 3 years. I insisted on a Maytag just like my mother had and I've never been sorry.
    Corinne Cazer

  • It's a sad day that Maytag is not what it used to be. I purchased a front load Maytag Maxima in 2012. Now in 2016 that washer broke. It has been a month and no one really cares. It doesn't matter that you have to go to a laundromat twice a week, it doesn't matter that it is quit costly to do so. Everyone is sympathetic on the phone, but that does not help when it takes 2 weeks to approve a part and then 2 weeks to receive that part. This is thru NSI Protection Plus 5 year warranty extension. Not sure where the screw up in customer service is, but I have never dealt with a company that can not overnight a part to do a repair. No one stands behind warranties because they don't want to do what is right. I also have the Maytag maxima dryer. This is the last time I will ever purchase any Maytag products again and I do not advise anyone else to.

  • I am rather shocked at all the negative comments. I used to use Whirlpool for years and realized their quality was degrading as evidenced the lowering of many warranty periods. I do know that Maytag was the boat anchor their quality was poor before Whirlpool purchased them. I switched to LG a few years ago and their quality and customer service is horrible! They argue that some things are not covered under the warranty even though the entire product has a 1 year warranty. We purchased an under counter fridge and it gets great reviews. One month out of warranty the temp was all over the place. I called Maytag expecting the worst and the woman was very friendly and helpful. They sent a tech and covered the repair since it was only 1 month out. The customer service was awesome, far better that I have with any other appliance company over the years. I think Maytag hurt Whirlpool for a while after they were bought dragging down quality and Whirlpool did not help by cheapening their products to keep up with the Koreans, but I think they are back on track now! Thanks Whirlpool.


    Wish I had seen these remarks before I purchased my Bravos washer & dryer, purchased it May 24,2016 washer motor gone already cant return it and maytag is blowing me off numerous emails, contacted corporate spent nearly 4hrs on hold with 3 different phone calls talk to one person for 5 seconds, called repair number there not picking up really. Seems the only way we're going to get true customer satisfaction is a class action lawsuit for the whole country.

  • I guess my comments are not amy different than the ones I have read here, My Maytag front load washer gave the code of F 35, which said it was the pressure switch, after putting in a new one of those, they still got the same code, than deciding it was the mother board, we have the service agreement through our gas company, they sent it in to be repaired. We are taking a chance if they can even fix it, when it comes back we will see it is repaired.
    We have a 40 year old Maytag over at a rental that we own, a little while ago it broke down, guess what the gas company had a part for a machine that is 40 years old….. but the can't have a part for a machine that is 6 years old. We were told that Maytag quit making mother board for the machines years ago. What is wrong with this picture.
    They say to buy American made, America does not stand behind thier products, like they did years ago…. I will never buy another Maytag … or any produnt they make…they make junk so that we can rebuy in a few years again.
    If I have to buy another washer you can guess it will not be American made, even my dish washer is Maytag and it is junk, hard to start, and leaves the dishes wet, and we are always having that serviced to.
    What happened to American made products….come on American Companys get with it.

  • I bought a Maytag dryer 8 months ago and the drum now has paint chipping off and has a very rough surface. I called Maytag and I called their authorized service provider in my area. I was told by Maytag if it was just cosmetic it they were not responsible. The technician came out and called Maytag to explain the problem and was told that the problem was cosmetic and there was nothing they were willing to do. Maytag would only take responsibility if their was rust in the drum. I am having a difficult time with this decision as it seems this is a manufacturing defect and Maytag should take responsibility for their poor product. I will follow up with a letter and pictures to Maytag. If there is still no satisfactory solution I will report them to every consumer protection organization I can locate.

  • Hi Arthur B this is Griffin Anthony Glaze I would really like the old fashioned pink washer and dryer to come back from 50s because it's fun and its really cool it's the best it washes and dries clothes really really good people will say wow that's really cool it think they will use it again?

  • My Goodness…it seems I have become an unwilling member of the Maytag/Whirlpool "We call it new but its really yard sale stuff Club"!My washer stopped working less than 30 days after purchase & all they wanted to do is repair. I refused stating it was too new to be needing repair and demanded replacement.The promised delivery date was not met and I called Jordan, Maytag mgr @ MaytagHomeDepot support. He agreed to have my washer delivered to a local store so I could pick it up or he would financially compensate me for my inconvenience (I had described my having to pay for gas and use taking clothes to a laundry service.) Of course, the machine did not arrive on the promised date so I cancelled the order and called Jordan to confirm my financial compensation. Jordan didn't have the courage to accept my call so another mgr, Kevin, took the call. He completely changed the conversation between Jordan and myself stating the agreement was null and void if I did not wait for the washer to finally be delivered. I had already gone to another store and purchased another washer and picked it up that same day.. Maytag is all about promises and love for their customers until they deposit your money into their bank. After that you don't matter and they will make promises they have no intention of keeping when their product fails. Pat in Hope Mills, NC

  • Maytag/Whirlpool is the worst company that I have ever had to deal with. Do yourself a huge favor and do not purchase products made by Maytag. We purchased a washer and dryer on 1-9-16 from an appliance store, Orville's Appliance in Rochester, NY. It delivered on 1-10-16. The washer produces a loud whistling noise when spinning and it spins at various points throughout the wash cycle. The dryer buzzes for the first 15 minutes of drying. When I called Orville's within 24 hours of the delivery, I was told that they could do nothing about it and that I needed to contact Maytag. The only warranty they offer is the manufacturer's warranty. I contacted Maytag and they sent out a service tech that came into our home and called Maytag tech line with the problem. Maytag tech line told the service tech that a loud whistling noise is normal and that was the end of the service call. Without hearing that this washer sounds like an airplane, they state that it is normal. My two year old Granddaughter is disturbed enough by the noise to cover her ears and ask what the noise is and Maytag states that it is normal. I will never purchase another Maytag appliance. They do not stand behind their products and if this is what they consider normal, their quality standards have completely been abandoned.

  • Good Evening, After looking at these posts, I can see I am not alone with a serious level of frustration. My situation can top many of yours. My refrigerator stopped working on January 18th, the repair man came and said they were going to order parts. To date, my refrigerator has not been repaired. Every week since then I have called for the status of the parts. Each week I was told the part would be in at the end of the week, but to no avail. Today, I was told that the part they were expecting would not arrive until the year 2020. How could a manufacturing company manufacture a product in which they could not access parts. This is utterly ridiculous. My only option is that I am entitled to receive a refund of the cost of the warranty $356.00. My refrigerator was purchased 3 years ago and I paid 1,800. (French doors, double freezer cabinets) They may look nice but they don't have any longevity, and parts are not readily available. My suggestion is to form a class action suit against maytag, and call our local news channel and lodge a complaint. They had a nerve to send me a survey. Can you imagine that???? Extremely Disappointed!!!! Any feedback write:

  • Wow! seems to be a common theme with the Maytag poor customer service. I suppose the problem is the customers are expecting their appliances to last. I too have a front load washer 3000 series that was purchased for $900 and is 6 years old. The bearing is broken and no replacement part is available until 2/2/2016 (over 4 years from now HA!). After extended discussion with customer service and a supervisor, they are only offering me a discounted new machine at an additional cost of over $500. I did not intend to purchase a wash machine for $900 to purchase another for an additional $500 in 6 years. Not sure I really want to spend any more money with Maytag. I wonder if the misleading commercials can be challenged-since the "bored" repairman is clearly not indicative of their real repair efforts. It seems their efforts are merely making the repairs cost prohibitive or in my case not even available by their own company – so customers are forced to purchase new machines. Eventually, it seems the new machines will all be purchased elsewhere as they seek to continue damaging their own reputation.

  • I would like to know why this HORRIBLE company doesn't stand behind their products. I have a Bravo washer that was just declared a total loss after 5 yrs. I am single and live alone. It is not overused. NEVER will purchase anything made by Maytag Whirlpool, Amana, Hoover or any other company that they own. Will continue to pass this on anyway I know how. This is very sad when these companies once had great reputations.

  • I want to know why Magtag has not listened to people's complaints about the Centennial washer. It is a piece of junk that sounds like an airplane even though it is only 4 years old and was purchased new. I had a magtag washer previously that was a good machine so I tried it again. Next time I will not buy a Magtag. There should be recalls on machines like cars. I am sick of the washer. Magtag you should be ashamed to put out such a product for us poor people to buy and try to use.

  • My family purchased a Maytag washer and we are having problems with rust stains around the corner where it says place the bleach. It is so bad it looks nasty. Other areas are also rusting. We need to have answers to solve this problem. What will Corporate Headquarters do to help Maytag customers? WE need answers!!!!!!

  • Maytag washers has a big trust stain around the corner where you place the Clorox. This is not the first washer that has done the same thing.. it is also rusting around the back opening of the door if the washer. The rusting is so bad we are afraid it will ruin our clothing. When the washer are made I believe the working are not placing enough material around these areas to keep them from rushing. We you buy a product you expect for it to last at least ten years or longer.

  • I have owned the Bravo XL washer and dyrer just over 90 days and have called Maytag several times just to get insulted. The customer service representative is not helpful at all, and tells me that I am not using HE detergent or that I am using too much HE detergent. Furthermore, they tell me that if a service technician comes to my home and nothing is wrong that I will get charged. So much for the extended warranty and what is wrote on the Maytag site. I explain each time that I am using name brand HE detergent and the recommended amount. The soap dispenser in the machine provides a fill line that I fill to. I have even tried using less detergent as recommended by the appliance store that I purchased the machine from, and still the washer does not clean my laundry and leaves residue on everything. I have even tried using the extra rinse, and extra heavy soil setting which does not make a difference at all.
    The other concern is that the clean washer feature light flashes weekly. I have purchased the cleaning tabs recommended to clean the machine, and run this clean cycle every time the light comes on.

    The dryer does not work all that well either and shuts off before the laundry is dry. Sometimes the dryer will show an error of airflow restriction or low airflow. This is confusing because the dryer vent and hose are clean, and the lint filter is also clean.

    This is so disappointing because I thought Maytag had great products. However, as I read other reviews about these machines and the customer service representatives it seems that there is a systemic problem with the machines and the customer service representatives that needs to be addressed by the leadership at Maytag.

  • I have to say I am surprised to see so many negative comments about Maytag products. I have had two Maytag appliances and have nothing but praise. The first one was a water heater that we purchased when we bought our home in 2000 ( the house was built in 1993). It was only suppose to last 10 years and it lasted 15. Actually, it was still working fine, the only problem was that it had a leak. The other appliance I am totally amazed by to this day. The original dishwasher (that came with the house in 1993) is still working great and in the 15 years that we have lived here, it has never been repaired!! How can Maytag stay in business when an appliance can work flawlessly for 22 + years? There is a small amount of rust on part of the rack, but considering how hard the water is out here no big deal. In this day and age when nothing lasts, it is refreshing to have such reliable products. Thank you Maytag for making such reliable products! And no, I don't work for Maytag nor do I know anyone who does.

    Sue Combs
    Magnolia, Texas

  • I sure do wish I had done more research and found all these negative comments regarding Maytag products and in particular, washers. I purchased a Maytag top loading washer in March of 2012. I just found out after it quit filling with water that the computer has ceased to work properly and it will cost as much as $350 to get it back in working order. I purchased the Maytag because according to the ads they would last and last and you never needed a repairman. Well, this turns out to be untrue. Only 2 1/2 years since I purchased it! Didn't last and last. Against my better judgement I purchased one of the "high tech" washers rather than a plain old washer that had hot/cold/small/large and you just turned the knob to operate it. I will not purchase Maytag products again. Very disappointed in Maytag products. Plan on writing a separate letter to Maytag. Will be interested to see if I get a response.

  • I have a Maytag dishwasher and so far so good it has been 2 years now. However I am having a problem with my Kenmore dryer and there web site looks just like this horrible.
    growing up I was told buy Maytag or Kenmore they are the best neither one seem to care about the bad products and reviews so what brands are the best to buy?


  • We purchase a Maytag washer (model no, MVWC300VW1; serial no. C0272077) several years ago and use it at our summer place in northern NY. We take our gray water from the lake and occasionally draw in osome sediment when the lake is stirred up. After the first year of operation while we winterized the unit we noticed that both filters had a large amount of lake sediment in them. No problem, we took them out and planned to purchase replacement parts over the winter. Our search for thes items proved unsuccessful. These little thimble like clear plastic filters are not available. We were forced to go without as you can't clean them, When we first turned on the machine this summer a slight amount of water came into the unit whenever the supply valves were open. A&E came and fixed the machine yesterday. They replaced the inlet valve assemply (part no. 26 110 W10144820) at a cost of $251.50. The replacement part has inlet filter in both the hot and cold inlets. Why doesn't MAYTAG offer these little filters as replacement part saving its customer a large repair cost down stream?

  • I purchased a Maytag Bravo Series 300 Washer and Dryer from Sears back in 2009. In 6 years I've had the washing machine serviced 4 times at approximately $180 per service call. And now, after
    only 6 years the washing machine is leaving stains all over our clothes. So, I have to buy another unit.
    Thanks Maytag for such a wonderful experience. We will never buy another Maytag appliance.

    • Unfortunately the quality of products then compared to now no longer exists. If it's old and has a problem, have it repaired.
      It will be cheaper than buying a new one and less aggravation. Wish I had my old GE washer repaired instead of
      buying a Maytag a month ago.

  • oh my god what a good experience maytag is the garbage in the market. one month no stove, no credits no nothing, i bought a refigerator in hh greg its was hard to change. overall maytag its aheadache' here im no range they guessing to fix it. thats good.its experience buying bad products. and no customer satisfaction. thats suck. thank you all the best

  • My husband and I bought our maytag 3000 front load washing machine at Lowes about 3 ½ years ago. Unfortunately, I have nothing nice to say about it. We are a family that is on a budget and this was a very expensive purchase for us. We used the warranty offered by Lowes a few times to get it fix. But my BIGGEST complaint is that it tears and rips our clothes ALL THE TIME. For a family of 4 always on a tight budget – I’ve had to send my kids to school with HOLES IN THEIR CLOTHES BECAUSE WE COULDN’T AFFORD TO BUY NEW CLOTHES EVERY WEEK.

    I’ve had "technicians" come out and look at the problem and adjust this or that. I've tried reducing the size of the loads. I’ve separated them into piles of buttons vs no buttons. Sweatshirt strings and things w/ no strings. Zippers and non-zipper items. You get the point…

    Needless to say – NOTHING I DID WORKED. All the clothes do is become twisted, ripped, and torn. I will never again in my life ever buy a frontload washing machine OR a Maytag product (or anything Whirlpool makes.)

    if I could give 0 stars I would. the machine we purchased has embarrassed me for the last time. No more holes in the clothes my family wears. This weekend when we buy our new washing machine will be the best day ever. I no longer have to use this terrible front load Maytag washing machine. I'm so excited.


  • IN Jan/2012 I purchased a Maytag washer model mvwc300xw and I am here to tell you this is the biggest piece of junk I have had in my 81 years. First of all it takes forever to do a load, no matter how small it is and if by chance I may want to do something thats a bit heavy the machine goes out of balance and it has taken more then two hours to finish which has caused me to nearly have a heart attack. I paid over $500. for this piece of garbage and I just want to say if by chance you are thinking of buying a Maytag, please think again, you will be sorry. I believe Maytag owes me a full reimbursement for how this has affected my health.

  • I purchased a Maytag Bravo in 2011, thinking I was buying a great product and it would last be 10 to 15 years. The machine is only 3 years old and it stopped spinning and agitating. I called paid $108.53 for the repair guy to do nothing and tell me the control board is shot. He in turns continues to tell us that the manufacturer which is Maytag does it on purpose so that after a few years we spend more money and or buy a new product. I am out $108.53 and my washer STILL does not work. I will NEVER buy Maytag again ever and now I am going to see about this lawsuit that I read in earlier posts and put my name on it as well

  • I purchased a Maytag Bravos in 2011 & have had nothing but problems, I had to buy the extended service agreement after the washing machine sounded like a plane was taking off in my basement. I was told that the bearings went out on the four yr old machine. Diamond Repair came out to fix that problem, however, the machine leaks water from the bottom every time I run a load. I have to have towels on the bottom in order to soak up the water after every time I do laundry. Diamond has been out to my house every week & they can't find the problem. I will never buy another Maytag !

  • Control panel went out on 8 month old Maytag Washer model MHWE950WW01. Parts are no longer available. Washer has been discontinued. (Maybe because it sucks. They replaced the entire drum/tub at 2 months) After 3 months of waiting on hold and for them to call back, Maytag finally agreed to send a free replacement washer under warranty. I wanted a matching dryer, so I had to pay for it. They will not let me keep the dryer purchased with the broken washer. So I had to pay for 2 dryers. Have been waiting 6 months for the replacement washer. They charged my credit card and sent the matching dryer at 5 months. Have made more than 10 phone calls with waits of 30-70 minutes before talking with someone. The department I need to talk with is never available and they will not give me direct line or email. They are not calling me back or sending the washer.

  • I am extremely DISAPPOINTED with MAYTAG. I bought a dishwasher 18 months ago for $648 and it is already broken. My whole life I owned cheap $200-$300 range dishwashers that lasted 8-10 years a piece. At age 45 I was able to afford a nicer one with Stainless Steel inside for the first time ever and it is broken. The warranty was only for 12 months and now the only choice I have is either invest more money into this JUNK or buy a new dishwasher from a REAL dishwasher company from probably KitchenAid or Bosch. Without shame, the only thing that Maytag could over me is for $69 they can send out a tech to estimate how much it will cost to fix my Maytag junk. CONGRATULATIONS MAYTAG!!! YOU SUCCESSFULLY SCREWED ME. I HOPE IN MY LIFE TIME I CAN TARNISH YOUR REPUTATION AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE FOR RIPPING ME OFF. MY NAME IS JAY AKAR, I LIVE IN SAN CLEMENTE CALIFORNIA AND I STAND BEHIND THIS MESSAGE 100%.

  • "Whatever happened to Corporate Management?" If I was the CEO of Maytag, I would be so embarrassed to read all of the complaints listed above and if you knew how to manage your company no one would be reading all of the horrible stories about your company. You might want to take classes from Marriott, use the inverted pyramid process, where customer service starts from the bottom up, so you're problem is solved way before it gets to the CEO's desk. Shame on your company, you SHOULD be embarrassed! I'm embarrassed for YOU!

  • Worst customer service. DO NOT buy a Maytag refrigerator… even when it has been declared by their service person, they have refused to replace it!!! Not a reputable compnay!!!!

  • My old upright freezer only lasted 24 years and we made the mistake of buying a 22 cubic foot Maytag on June 5, 2012, Last Thursday, June 5, 2014 the bloody thing died a very painful death and we put a couple thousand dollars worth of food out on the curb for trash pickup. Wish we could have kept the food and put the Maytag on the curb. 2 years old and I was told sorry but that's tough. That is so dishonest of this company and if they can't make a product that lasts more than two years, they should get out of the business. Their adds claim they last short of forever. And on top of that, they are liers. We're 74, live in the country and count on a freezer. Now we have no freezer or frozen food. Maytag anything—- never again.

  • I bought a Maytag range, model MGS5752BDW, a couple of years ago. Within a few months, the tips of the grates on my Maytag range began to blister, chip and peel. I bought new ones, but they have the same problem. I don't use acid or any other harmful substance on the stove. Apparently the finish (whether paint, porcelain or something else) can't stand up to heat.

    I've read many online posts about this problem from other consumers.

    A dealer from whom I just bought a new dishwasher suggested that Maytag might have better grates. Otherwise, purchasing new grates over and over again doesn't make sense to me. What alternative products can you suggest

  • I bought a Maytag range in the USA and send it to Jamaica but the oven does not keep hot temperature. I don't know what to do.

  • I am truly disappointed with my May Tag washer, guess thinking that May Tag was a trusted product was a sad mistake. I will not be recommending this product to anyone. May find me a old wash board and tub as could get things cleaner with less stress to the clothes and me.

  • My husband a retired Navy Veteran,bought a brand new Washer and Dryer at the Billings Montana Store.That is a total of 250 miles Round trip..We, have been told it was to have been on the store truck last Thursday.It was not.Now we are being told it will come in this next Thursday.They will not deliver outside 25 miles.We travel 250 miles to get it ourselves and now it is the run-a round.That is not right nor is it fair.

  • Bought a maytag dryer less than a year ago and already is broke down. Every time a tech is scheduled to be here they call and cancel. Talking to customer service is a joke and am truly dissatisfied. And corporate office is just as irresponsible. Never again will I buy a maytag

  • Okay, I will also complain to the BBB, but first I want to vent. Lesson learned. Never buy a product based on their advertising. The era of trust is over. Research research research before buying. I too was fooled by the "past" reputation of Maytag. Bought washer & dryer last July for the apt we were moving into. Didn't get the remodeling finished until Nov. Washed the first load in the new washer in early Dec. In Jan. the computer went haywire and we called in the repairman. He put in new sensor component. Washed one load, okay. Today when I went to wash another load, the sensor lights were flashing (I had not touched the washer). Went ahead started a load. Washer filled, sat there, then partially drained. Nothing else. Tried twice. The sensor is messed up again. NOW WE KNOW. MAYTAG IS A LOST COMPANY. NO MORE. I will bring my old washer from the house we put up for sale. It has worked for 20 years and is still working fine.

  • I think it pretty obvious that Maytag could care less about it products and its customers. The fact that you can read so many bad reviews about their products and their service speaks for it self. I also believe that everyone is wasting their time posting on this web site. If you really want Maytag to pay for not caring take the time to complain to the Better Business Bureau. That's where you will get their attention.

  • I am unhappy that I keep receiving Maytag extended service plan letters addressed to my deceased husband! He's been gone for 7 years and I have repeatedly asked Maytag to remove his name. Apparently the person today said it takes 60 days! Why? All you have to do is go into your main computer and remove his name and reinstate in my name! Please answer me or I will file this with Attorney General's Office as apparently you don't care about pleasing customers.
    Margie E.

  • I am having an issue with the electronic defroster control on my Maytag refrigerator. Third one failed in four months, $200. per replacement. Part is $150.=/-. Received NO help from cust. service. I was told if I bought the part, it is guaranteed a year. If an 'authorized' service person purchases it, it is only guaranteed for 30-90 days. SENSELESS. THIS IS ANOTHER SAD DAY FOR OUR COUNTRY, Maytag always has had a stellar reputation for quality. In view of the problems I have encountered, lack of cooperation from a representative, and considering the comment thread, reputation is no longer important to the company. Neither is customer loyalty. I shall never purchase another appliance from 'Whirlpool' and vocally share my experience. This is an enormous disappointment from a once respeced brand.

  • Bought a Maytag microwave hood combo 11 months ago. Had it repaired 3 tines and asked for a replacement. They deemed it irreparable and refused to replace claiming it was cosmetic damages when clearly it was a faulty part. Im infuriated by the lack of customer service skills the perspn on the phone had and i will never purchase another Maytag appliance again.

  • I am seriously wondering if Maytag Headquarters is not in the computer age yet…have looked high and wide for the email address for this company to converse with them regarding a perpetual problem with my refrigerator. Even the address on the bill of sale is incorrect and the snail mail came back to me…want to eliminate this lengthly route again and use the web to converse..Help! email: if you have an answer for me..thanks

  • Do NOT purchase a kitchen range with the AquaLift Self-Clean technology. It simply does not work. The only area that gets clean (and not very clean) is the area in the very bottom of the oven where you pour the water. The sides, inside door and ceiling are not cleaned at all.
    Maytag and Whirlpool will tell you that you cannot use oven cleaner or steel wool or you will void the warrantee. A total nightmare – you will live to regret this purchase. KitchenAid also uses this cleaning method on some models. Our Maytag gas oven does not always light when turned on, which is really scary. The other day, the handle on the oven door fell off. We are scrapping the Maytag, and going to litigation under Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 93A, Section 9.

  • I bought a portable dishwasher and the part hooks to sink .has a round ring in it to lock it on to the sink .cant just buy ring for it. they wont me two buy a new hose coast 100.00 and labor and the plastic ring got to coast .20 cent .cant buy the ring just the hoses. maytag sucks .I bought a washer and dry maytag have no problems with it had for 5years its a maytag centennial commercial technology. everybody trying to screw everybody this days

  • WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My under warranty refrigerator has been broken for almost 2 months, and all I've gotten is the runaround from Maytag. I've done everything they've asked me to do to replace their faulty refrigerator that broke 1 year after purchasing, and all the keep saying is "we are working on it", "we are backed up", "someone will get back to you". This is not right, it's sick. I will NEVER purchase a Maytag appliance again, because even if it breaks and wither you have a warranty or not, the help you TRY to receive is unreal.

  • I putchased a Maytag Gas Range in January 2012. Ever since then when the oven is turned on there is a gas smell that lingers in the kitchen for 3-4 minutes. Repair men were out twice and stated that smell is not gas but the new components need to burn off. Gas smell is a gas smell and there should be almost no detection of a smell when the oven is lit. Very disappointed in this product. Should have read all the complaints for the other appliances before considering purchasing this product.

    • I agree. I had a horrible gas smell that filled my kitchen. I had a repair man out twice. Again, I smelled gas. I told him I need to depend on a range to bake things and not find out at the last minute that my oven doesn't work. Their response was "so, do you want us to come out and take a look at it or not? I don't understand your line of questioning." I'm never going to own another Maytag appliance again!!

  • Remember the old ads – the Maytag repairman bored because Maytags never needed repair? We bought a Maytag washer and dryer for a house we are renovating. On the third load it flooded the laundry room. The earliest repair date available was two weeks later. We made arrangements to be on site. I just got a call – the Maytag computer had way overbooked the repair reps, and they can't make the date. The earliest next available date is another two weeks. Translation: A brand-new machine broke on the third load, and it will be a month for repair, if we are lucky. That doesn't consider the damaged wood floor or all the construction-dusted bedding that had to be carried to other machines. We have always before had Kenmores. They rarely needed repair, and when they did, Sears was right there. We made a mistake buying into the Maytag fairy tale. We won't be buying another of their products.

  • I just got off the phone with a corporate office complaint lady. I told her that my 8 mo. old Bravo washer was not getting my cloths clean. Also chewed a hole in my sheet.
    She said that they will not replace it. They will simply have a repair man come out. I said that this will not remedy the problem. I had a agitator washer before and was happy with it, but it old and wanted a new one. My model #mvwx550xw. Please do not buy this. A very unhappy customer.

  • I purchased the Maytag commerical washer Model MVW400XW4 Serial C24636425 on January 4, 2013 in Tarboro, NC at Video TV and Appliance. The day after they hooked it up I called the store to complain of the awful noise it made. The owner said all of the machines made loud grinding noises. I have continued to use the machine because I was informed I had no other option. I was using Tide Pods as my detergent but had to stop and go to liquid form of Tide because the machine would not melt the pods and I would find part of the casing and stains on my clothes where the pod layed and did not melt. It starts it cycle grinding, bumps loudly during the cycle and I feel the clothes are not getting clean. I own other Maytag appliances but will never purchase another one with this experience.

  • As an ex Maytag District Manager you should know that when Whirlpool purchased the company the basically shut down Newton Iowa, where the good washers where made. The fired off all of the sales force, closed all the good factories and now place a Maytag name on a Whirlpool product. The Maytag of old is NOT what is being sold today.

  • Nearly 2 hears ago I purchase a Maytag washer from Home Depot (on line) tin Roseville, CA. I was told Maytag is dependable, reliable and no repairs (as your commerical shows).

    I though I would contact you first before news media. I am disable and in a wheelchair, on a fixed income. We smelled a burning odor from the garage-IT WAS THE WASHER. My grandson unplugged it. I have pictures-see the where it happened and the tub dropped all the way to the bottom.


    I want someone to contact me ASAP in regards to this-I want it replaced with no charge to me.

  • I too am having the same problem as several people above. I have a Bravo X washer that quit working after 8 months. They have been out 3 times and it still doesn't work. The repairman blames it on the electronics. They have no clue how to fix it, and obviously are very poorly trained in electronics. I will never, ever, ever buy another Maytag product.

  • I cant believe this: I went to my sons house for xmas dinner which I cooked at my house and brought it to his (he has 7 children easier to be at his house). They told me it was good that I cooked it because their oven doesnt work. Not only the "4 year old Maytag oven" doesnt work, but their 4 year Maytag dishwasher has a crack and leaks and doesnt clean, 4 yr old Maytag refrig ice despenser wont work, and the handle on the Maytag over-the-oven microwave is broken. Remember the commercial of the bored Maytag repairman? They trusted Maytag and thought buying all their new appliances from Maytag when they bought their new home. And now the appliances are all crap and they can only cook on top of the stove for their 7 children because they dont have the money to buy new applicance again or even pay to repair them. They never consulted with me on appliance purchases. I would have recommended Sears Kenmore. I have always owned Kenmore. Kenmore has always been excellent and easy to fix yourself if you are handy. When I got married 30 yrs ago my mother told me always go with Kenmore, great products and they stand behind their Kenmores. Great advise but not helping them!

  • I also purchase the Maytag 4000 series Washer and Dryer. What a waste of money. The dryer has steam refresh which leaves big water spots on the article being refreshed. The dryer does not dry on the automatic sensor settings. Constantly turning off because the sensor is blocked by the clothes its supposed to dry. It also rattles now because of the constant supposed repairs done by Maytag service men. Never in my life will, I purchase Maytag again. I did not learn in 1986 with Microwave that lasted one year and a built in oven that the clock stopped working in the same amount of time. I really got took big time on all these appliance especially the washer and dryer.

  • Definately upset with Maytag,Bravo.18 month's old.Water will not fill the tank.I have had to make trip's to the washeteria,hauling wet clothes home to dry.Maytag has lost their value's.We work hard for the money we spent on this product.You ought to be ashamed.Yet your not,The money is all you all want.Who care's about the people that trusted you with their money. Look's like someone's stock is fixing to go down.Maytag better fix my machine.This texan girl will not purchase another one.

    • We purchased a Maytag Bravo less than 12 months ago and from day one has not not cleaned the clothes, they look as dirty as they did when they were not washed. Maytag people are the most inconsiderate people they are. No respect or feelings for the victims (customers) who have brought they bad products.

  • i will never ever buy maytag anything again. i purchased a new refrigerator in july and 5 months later a week before christmas it stopped cooling and freezing. i called for repair and they first said they could not come look at it until after christmas. i got alittle upset it is christmas week and all three kids home from school so they moved me up to two days later. then the two major components of the refrigerator were bad. they ordered the part to be in a few days after christmas and on christmas day we got a call saying we needed to call and reschedule the 800 dollars in parts were on back order. we were unhappy so my husband called to speak to a supervisor and the man was plain rude. they do not care about thier customers and now we are on three in a half weeks of living without a refrigerator in the kitchen. thank god for the 22 year old ge refrigerator i still have working in the garage. maytag cusomer service is terrible. they over nothing. we will not ever buy a maytag again.

  • Shirley from Chilliwack,b.c. Purchased a new electric range with the Aqualift oven cleaner, DO NOT purchase one as it doesn't work, I have tried many times to clean it and it still comes out dirty. The bottom of the oven cleans after you scrap it but the sides and back DO NOT come clean. Have contacted Maytag with no results. I will NEVER buy Maytag again.

  • The sensor on my Magtag series 2000 dryers has never worked. I had repairmen out twice during warranty; they claimed nothing wrong with it. Now, a few months over a year old, the sensor has totally failed, adding anywhere from half an hour to 7l minutes to a labeled 55 minute drying time, shown on the indicator, just NEVER stopping when clothes are dry. Before it would stop early and leave them wet. Maytag was once the gold standard of appliances. Now it is very expensive junk. Never again will I buy a Maytag, and since they are part of Whirlpool, no Whirlpools either.

  • Type: 580

    Do Not Buy Cabrio Washing Machines – Our Lid Broke After 1 Year. It Has a Design Issue!

    In March 2011, I purchased a Whirlpool Cabrio from Lowes in Gaithersburg MD. The lid of the washer broke a the hinges due to poor construction. I have researched this problem on line and it is a known issue with the Cabrio model I purchased. I called the Maytag customer service line and they stated it would cost approximately $270.00 including shipping to replace this defective part. It is outrageous to think that we, the consumer should have to pay for the replacement of a defective design problem. I would appreciate and expect Maytag to do the right thing and replace the lid free of charge. I am a loyal consumer of Maytag / Whirpool products and I hope that you honor and stand by your products. Design flaws should not be the burden of the consumer.

  • I just bought a Maytag washing machine without the normal post. The information calls for dry soap and I am so glad that I didn't do this. There isn't enough water to wash clothes let alone dampen soap. I have to stop the washing machine and put in two quarts of water for a small white load. And do the same for the rinse cycle. Is there a way to get more water to my clothes? Phyllis Heitkamp

  • I am totally in agreement with all of you my Bravo Washer is a piece garbage. It is expensive and doesn't clean.Yes 75% of the time the clothes are somehow all wrapped up like a stuffed pancake, how does this clean anything? Wish my husband had read reviews before buying.And the wrinkles are pretty much there to stay.Not even gonna call Maytag as I read, the results will not be helpful anyway.

  • My name is Brian Cashes I own a Maytag Bravos washer mod MTW6600TBO ser. CU40870454 everyone forgets to remove change and other small items from pockets from time to time . With the Maytag bravos this can /will cause the recirculation pump to fail. the fix a bigger pump with a better impeller to handle coins and such to past though the system . I mentioned this to one of the managers' over the phone Lucas #6387(he also thinks hes and engineer, desiger,and builder,but not someone that can help you and his response Maytag will never redesign ,what is a major flaw. The butt heads all they can do is say empty your pockets to the point that you Will go off on them. Did not even offer to call service for me. this would be the second time with this pump. or even a straner basket . Bootom line your Custormer service people are robots and don't care. seams like Maytags motto. you can contact me with the info I gave you mod &ser #

    • I am also a Retired/Dis. Vet. and I even talked with the Corprate office and the WOmen I talked with has a chunck of coal in her butt.extermly rude. They need to let people know what will happen if YOU don't take the change out of your pockets.

  • I too was taken by Maytag. A Centennial Commercial technology washer is shot after only 2 years. Customer service was no help except they wanted more money for an extended warranty. Never again, although I am writing a letter to corporate. Not that they will care. They already took my money. Anything to do with Maytag, Whirlpool and anything else they own I will never buy again.

  • I would also like to add my dissatisfaction with Maytag. I will never purchase another Washer from these creeps. Had it for 2 years and now I need a Motor Control Unit. I had lawn mowers last longer. I wish I had read these comments before I purchase it. Do not and I repeat do not buy Maytag.

  • So I finally found out the Maytag man is not bored at all. I purchased a Maytag front load washer 5000series with steam and all the bells and whistles. I finally had my first Maytag, It is my first and for sure my last Maytag I will ever buy and I am telling everyone I known. I have a very loud mouth! In less than 3 years I have had to have service on my machine for a number of problems, and today was the last straw. I was inform the bearings are almost worn out and it may last 2 more weeks if I am lucky. I waited so may years to by the very best and got duped. I paid good money like everyone else and am so let down! If someone with any integrity from the Matag company feels like I deserve compensation for my loss please feel free to email me at. I have no money for another washer. UNEMPLOYED IN THIS ECONOMY! NEVER AGAIN WILL I PURCHACE MAYTAG OR ANY OTHER OF IT's undersigned brands. IF SOMEONE FROM THE CORPORATE OFFICE FEELS I DESERVE

    • I feel your pain. We purchased 1 and it lasted about 16 months – the seal broke and water leaked into the ball bearings and rusted them and then shot the motor. You are right, customer service has done nothing. I am considering a lawsuit. Are you in Colo. by chance?

  • I am so sorry I didn't read these reviews before I bought my maytag washer and dryer. After 13 months the drum on the washer broke. After 6 different repair men checked my washer out it is still broken. I have gone back and forth with maytag and still have a broken washer. The service men are rude and nasty and the customer reps at Maytag are useless. I can't believe that a washer is made to last 1 year. This product sucks. DO NOT BUY MAYTAG ever!!!!

  • Chris L
    Middleport NY

    I purchased a new refrigerator on 7/1/12 it is now 8/3/12 and it is not in working order went round and round with customer service about fixing or a replacement. The repairman stated that there is no parts to be found. They tell us that if it is fixable we have to wait. At this point I'm not a very happy customer and I'm considering contacting my local news station. There is no way I as a consumer should have to wait any length of time to get my appliance fixed or be told that I can not get a replacement. At this point I'm not sure I will be a repeat customer I think I should of just stayed with Sears.
    I think I will contact the corp office

  • I received a Maytag Centennial washing machine as a gift in March 2011. I have had nothing but problem. First of all the start button pushed in and wouldn't pot out. The clothes are wet after the cycle has been completed, as well as dirty, which makes me have to repeat 3-4 times and then do a rinse and spin. I am very disapointed in this machine. I had a older Maytag and it worked out, but this has made me really disappointed in this brand. I have recently read to review and could clearly see that others had the same problems that I have. Will make me really thing twice, before I purchase in more of your brands.

  • We bought a new Maytag Centennial HE Washer and have been dealing with soapy, uncleen clothes since. Repairman says the machine is workig within specs. So I blame the engineers who developed a product that perhaps meets specs, but fails at doing the very function it was developed for: WASHING CLOTHES!!!!
    Customer service lives within the confines of their video screen instructions and are not able to value consumer loyalty. It would be funny if Sales and Marketing were to cost out the dollar loss of turning a customer away from the brand. Then they could bill Customer Service for each customer they turn to other brands. But Customer Service has no idea how to build brand loyalty, they are good at apologizing while reading the teleprompt on their screen.
    Sorry Whirlpool, whose corporate strategy is it to want to capitalize on brand loyalty buy purchasing Maytag and then pissing off the most loyal customers so that they change brand. That is either very clever…… or idiotic,I am not sure yet. Stock price will tell.
    Upset and disappointed once a loyal customer in Georgia.

  • I , too have been screwed by Maytag.I purchased the 6600 series bravos washer/dryer only to have the washer take a crap and the repair cost is over 800 dollars. Don't buy maytag

  • We have also been had by bad Maytag products. Refrigerator freezer with ice and water on the door. BAD BAD BAD design. 4 yrs old and worthless /So far we have spent $500 on repairs and still no ice.

  • Oh wow. I know I am in trouble now. I can't believe the comments, (BAD) comments about Maytag. They used to be a household name. I do not see any comments about a Maytag heat pump…that is what I have…Nothing else in my house is Maytag. thank goodness. I have not had the heat pump 4 years yet, but have had the repair man out just yesterday and he found there was a leak somewhere, leaking freon. He could pinpoint the leak as it was so small. Of course there is a 10 year plus warranty, but you can bet anything that goes wrong will not be a part that is under warranty. But that is with any item. But I am just so shocked to read all of this about the Maytag company. I was getting ready to contact them about this unit, but I can see what I will go thru. this is heartbreaking to see what we may have to go thru to get things resolved. Customer service these days is something else.

  • Again it seems Maytag is not a quality product like it used to be. My 84+ year old mother-in-law purchased a $700 gas Bravos dryer from Lowes on April 12, 2011 to replace her 23 year old unit that STILL RUNS LIKE A CHARM! She washes ONE load a week, and hangs clothes on the line in warm weather rather than dry them in a dryer, so that equates to less than 52 loads a year. A week before Mother's Day 2012 the igniter went out. Lowes was not helpful with resolving the issue other than giving info on who could work on it. One week after that part was replaced, a fuse blew and the thermal cut-off valve and thermostat went out. Cost is now close to $300 for an elderly lady on a fixed-income. I called Maytag corporate today. The lady in cust svc was very friendly and sorry, but there is NOTHING they can do for her since she didn't buy an extended warrenty. She had to get her old dryer and use it until this one was fixed. It's pathetic that someone spends that much money on an appliance that became so successful on it's name and quality (obviously from the past!), use it so infrequently, and be stuck with the costs and hassle of a shoddy product. No one in our family will ever purchase a Maytag product again, be it from Whirlpool, Maytag, Kenmore, or any other company-owned name. LG or Electrolux may be it for us!

  • I too have a Maytag disaster story! Less than 2 years ago (August of 2010), I purchased a Maytag Bravos washer and dryer set. Because of the Maytag name, and having spent around $1,700.00, I thought I would be set for many years to come! Not true! A couple of months ago the washer started making a loud whining noise. Low and behold after installing new tile, the first load of laundry I did after the tile was installed, black grease spewed from the bottom of the washer! After having a repair man come out, he informed us that the seal was blown, and the bearings were bad. The cost to repair would be $400.00, but he said it wasn't worth it! Of course I didn't purchase the extended warranty (once thought to be a waste of money), so I am stuck! Customer service reps and a supervisor were cordial, but not overly concerned or apologetic, and of course could do nothing for me. I have and will continue to spread the word to not purchase any Maytag products. When I went shopping for a new washer, Best Buy said they don't sell Maytags anymore (probably for obvious reasons)! Home Depot tried their best to convince me to buy Maytag again. Really? I think not! My next phone call will be to the corporate office.

  • I have had a Maytag washer and dryer for 30+ years. The dryer finally gave up so we decided to get a new set of appliances from Maytag. I just washed my FIRST and LAST load of laundry in the new Maytag top loading BRAVOS XL. The clothes came out of the heavy duty cycle with actual dirt on the waste bands. The last rinse cycle had dirty water visible and the clothes actually did not smell clean. I was extremely careful to read the directions carefully and did everything exactly as listed in the brochure. This expensive product stinks and I think Maytag Corp. should be embarassed to have this on the market and destroy the great reputation they have enjoyed in the past. The washer goes back tomorrow and I'll try another brand that will actually get the clothes clean or, maybe I'll have to go to the river and use a rock.

  • I bought the newest model Maytag refrigerator (3-door, freezer at the bottom) in June 2006 for almost $2,400.00, S/S exterior. About 6 months later the computer went out. With luck this was a warranty repair. Not 2 years later I was having problems getting water and ice thru the door and items in the refrigerator were frozen.The local dealer came and told me to turn off the unit for 3-4 days (I was allowed to pay for a loaner) Nothing happened. The unit was suppose to defrost. They them ordered a new bladder. After a few days, again no water or ice. One more I called, now the unit had to be turned off for a whole
    week. In the meantime I placed thermometers in the freezer and refrigerator compartments, both areas are much colder
    then the numbers on the computer. My local Maytag dealer
    assures me, that that can NOT be. The next service call came and went: I was told, that there is nothing THEY can do. In the meantime I found out, that the ice maker compartment has a huge "blister" bulging out.
    Well, I will never buy Maytag again and I have it all,
    W/D, slide-in stove, dishwasher.

  • Okay on March 2009 we bought this brand new microwave due to our major remodeled.. we didn 't move into the unit until Feb. 2010 so the microwave was in box for 11 months.. after we moved in our condo… my husband and i had to traveled for work for almost a year so our brand new microwave is very slightly ,gently and barely use… well, for the passed 2 months it had been acting up.. sometime it heat sometime it's not…. for a 2 years old microwave which paid over 400 $$ i would assume it would last… it no longer heat up.. so i called Maytag customer service to hear she tell me it's not cover under warranty and would cost 269 for repair and nothing she will do for me unless i pay technician to come and repair it !!!! no way…. i swear it probably get use 5-10 times a month to heat up coffee for about a year… i am sure there 're some major quality issue on this model because when i Google Maytag microwave all i see is the same magnetic problems ,i spoke to a group of my lawyers friends… if you're interested in joining a class act law suit please e-mail me… i hate that people are being taken advantage of by these terrible company.. i can't believe how low quality their customer service and products are… believe it or not… my 30 $ old microwave lasted me throughout my college years until we decided to replace it with the modern stainless steel one with the totaled of 14 years. It get noisier in time but not broken and still heat up just fine… this 400+$ one lasted me in only a few use… Shame on Maytag…when i have time i will be sure to write complain to the consumer department as well… i will dedicate my life spreading out the word about their low quality product… don 't buy Maytag… !!!!!! unless u only plan to use it for a year or 2 …

  • I have a Maytag 3000 Series Front Load washer that has destroyed nearly every article of clothing my family owns. I only fill it about half full for each load, and it still manages to tear holes in a repeated pattern in the clothes. It has been serviced several times for a defective circuit board, and each time the service tech claims there is nothing wrong with the drum or seal where obviously the clothes are being torn as they spin. I just had an on-line chat with a Maytag customer service rep., and she ended the call with "thank you for buying Maytag products" – obviously not really caring about the issue I am having. What a piece of junk this machine is – thanks Maytag for everything. Barb Y. – Rochester, NY

  • My Name is Rita Trotter, I only wish I had read all of this before I went out to buy a MAYTAG washer & Dryer.I raised 4 childern and had 1 Kenmore for 21 years, with only having minor repairs.On 2/26/11 we bought a new maytag Washer & Dryer.. On 2/26/12 I started a load of cloths and it filled with water. well it would not spin or drain, I call the service center on Monday 2/27/12 and the lady said that our warranity went out on 2/22/12. Now that is not a year past the buying date. I am so disappointed. she said I can send someone out for $129.00. I said no you can not. I know the motor is burnt out I can smell it. I told her I am going to take black paint and write NEVER BUY A MAYTAG ANYTHING!!!!!! and drop it off at the Homedepot for everyone to see. I will spread the word. what a mess, I do not have the money for a new washer. so hats off to you maytag. what a LIE!!!!!!!

    One disappointed consumer Rita Trotter

  • I purchased a washer and dryer, the 9000 Series, in October of 2010, from Home Depot. The washing machine seemed to work fine until about 1 month ago, when the washer became loud in the spin cycle. Finally, last week the noise and vibration became intolerable. We called Maytag (we have a service contract) and a service man came a couple of days ago. He was in the house five minutes, when he spun the tub by hand and stated that the bearings were shot. He said that it would take about ten days before the new parts would be installed. The bearings in a 16 month old machine were SHOT? How can that be? According to the service man, "it happens". Really? It happens if the product is defective. Two days latter I received a call from Maytag's service people, and was told that the bearings would cost $689.00, and the the prorated value of the machine was $629.00, therefore they were not going to replace the bearings, but would instead reimburse me $629.00 instead, since the value of the machine was now less than the cost to repair it with new bearings.
    The cost for the washer was $899.00, the cost for the washer's service contract was $186.31 for three years. Maytag is sending me a check for $629.00, for all my troubles, on a machine that is 16 months old. Get this!!! They will not reimburse me for the remaining 3 years on my service contract. They claim that it is part of the claim total. So here is how it breaks down: #$899.00 (excluding taxes and delivery) for the washer, $186.31 for the service contract until 2014. That brings my out of pocket total to $1085.31. I am getting back only $629.00. Do the math! I lost $456.32 in the whole process in less than 16 months. Way to go Maytag. You will not see one cent of my money ever again, and I make will it my life's work to bad mouth you and your products, every time I pass by a sellers appliance section. I will tell everyone in my development, in my city, in my state, and anyone who will listen, to avoid your products like the plague that you and they are. Your products, business model and your customer service, are the worlds worst. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice? Well, you will never get that chance again. Personally, I will work toward making your company and its products extinct. It is what you deserve for your shoddy products and your bad business practices.

    I wish you nothing, because that is what you deserve.

    Paul Borriello

  • I hate Maytag. I was told one price on an extended service offer for my washer. Once I actually received the offer form in the mail, the price had more than trippled from the price the Maytag Rep quoted me on the phone. I spoke with the supervisor abouth the matter. Even though I had the rep's name and the confirmation # of the conversation, I was still told "Sorry we can't honor that price". That's piss poor customer service. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER MAYTAG PRODUCT AGAIN !!! And I'll tell all my friends not to as well.


  • Purchased a Maytag top load washer 11/23/11. It broke 61 days later. I contacted Best Buy and Maytag. Both companies schduled a service call. Best Buy's Service D&J appliances called and cancelled without proper notice. My husband is DOD at Keesler AFB and he took off of work to be here for the appt. We lost time and money. But it would've been okay it the washer got fixed. Maytags company Appliance Teck didn't show today. I have 2 small children, 4 cats, 1 inside dog and a husband. We have a lot of laundry that we can't wash. We live almost 20 miles from a laundry mat. I work and my husband works my kids have piano and guitar lessons and basketball games and practice. I just need a reliable washer machine. I purchased a Roper 5 years ago before anything went wrong with it. Believe that! We finally were able to financially purchase a washer more than $200 and it breaks in 61 days. And the extended warranty doesn't help because noone has bothered to show up to fix it. I have gone round and round with Geek Squad and Maytag. Please help! I know that noone thinks it's been a long time and I should deal with it. I can't I bought a product from a trusting business that has failed me. 6 days without a washer machine seems like a month at my house. I just need what I paid for.

  • Do yourself a favor and don't ever buy a Maytag product!!!!! I had to have the motor in my Maytag dryer replaced just after 2 years and the service from Maytag was less then desirable!!! Now the control panel has died!!

    This dryer has been my worst nightmare!!!!