Menards Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

Menards Corporate Office Headquarters HQ 


4777 Menard Drive

Eau Claire, WI 54703-9604 USA

Phone Number: 1-715-876-5911

Fax Number: 1-715-876-2868

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-871-2800

Contractor and Commercial Accounts: 1-800-880-6318

menards corporate office headquarters hq

  • There's no comment for me I always enjoyed my visit & find what I want to purchase no problem. But, I just want you to know that you should have a Menards located in – City of Monroe, NC 28112 just like I have mentioned to you years ago to adjacent stores in GENESEE COUNTY, MI & you did it informed me that it was a good suggestion. So, letting you know that you can get the ball rolling on your decision to make sure it happens here in Monroe, NC & reap the sure benefits. Lowe's & Home Depot is a joke for you always had great 👍 merchandise. I moved from Michigan to NC.

  • It's a real shame that Home Depot and Lowes are not in Sterling. We are stuck with Menard's. Menard's has the rudest, most incompetent people EVER, and corporate will not reply to inquiries or emails. We are ready to get a lawyer if they don't get off their butts and respond to a legitimate complaint. Maybe when people are sworn under oath to tell the truth, something will be accomplished.

  • All these complaints just validates what we think of Menards as well. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!
    And of course you can't talk to corporate. And written emails go unanswered

  • I have no idea who designed your stores but who ever it was, in my opinion was a moron, specifically your building materials department!!! To be able to get lumber or anything our of your yard one has to walk a mile (twice) to get their goods. I would have several suggestions for a different and more convenient layout for your customers and your employees

  • Why is the Lumber so High!!$$$ You get it from Wausau,Wi. Dont tell us its because of the Pandemic or gas prices..Your making triple the amount. $9 2x4s This is the second year you are doing this. I'm going to stop buying anything from you guys until the prices go down…You can have all the 11% deals you want. Doesn't even help… You are going to lose a lot of people because of what you are doing…I went to Burlington Wis Menards. Harldy anyone in the store..SAD:(

  • My husband and I were remodeling a bathroom for a customer, went to the Bolingbrook Illinois store @29 Bolingbrook Dr to purchase a toilet and had to bring it back 4 times for missing parts, advised the person at the front desk to remove all the boxes because of this, she did and next day went back they were all back on the floor, we also purchased a bathroom faucet and had to return it 3 times due to missing parts and dirty parts that someone took what they needed and returned the the box with their old parts. I am so disappointed with the lack of quality products this company is putting on the shelves for customers and not looking at what they are restocking when products are returned. I will NEVER purchase ANYTHING without opening the box and accounting for all parts. The last faucet was installed for the 3RD time and the water was spraying all over, took off the screen and it was USED. We own an installation company and it cost us every time we need to run back to your stores to get items needed to complete our customers rooms.

  • Menards is known for there lack of pretty much everything when it comes to customers. I have the pleasure of living in the corporate area and he is a cheap you know what that does not care as long as the money keeps coming in. Boycott. It may be the only thing that works on him. Cut off the funds. He is not a very nice person at all. I know.

  • Well from the comments above I am not hopeful of a good response from Menards management. On Dec 2 I sat down with Dan H at Menards store #3320 in Wixom, MI to detail a slightly custom order of a laminate countertop. When it was all spelled out we asked and were promised that the countertop will ship directly to my house. Great! Well, checking on my order today with the manufacturer I found out that it will likely ship out Monday and a few days transit to the store. NO! They never ship direct to homes! Grrr. Called Menards requesting a manager. Chip communicated professional, but did not care about the employees mistake or customer satisfaction. I could figure out how to pick it up or pay an $80 shipping charge! Refused to absorb that charge after I spent $565.24 total including a must have #35 design template I had to approve. Bite me Menards

  • Your employee Cheri Stark at your Cheyenne WY store is very rude she has no people skills. You're going to have nothing but trouble with her.

  • your front end mgr jeremy at the peoria il store is extremely rude and abusive to senior citizens and should be fired

  • the avon, ohio menards has some great employees, but their general manager Rory Robitaille is a very pompous rude man. will not be dealing with this location any longer

  • I mistakenly entered a Menards a few months ago and was told to leave I had forgotten my mask. I wasn't as to retrieve it I was asked to leave. I do a fair amount of business at Menards adn attempted to contact Cop. Still waiting. Today I get the usual full mailbox of BS ads from Menards. Either I get a cooperate apology or I continue to do business at Lowes.

  • I bought a moving sale shower in Apple Valley Menards. I was told if it wasn't the right size I could return it to the new store, NOT!!! The GM for the store told me they wouldn't take it back and that the employee told me wrong. I would have never bought it if that was the case, and by the way I returned plumbing fittings from the same store and returned them to the new store without a problem. I guess you only take back what you want. I would really like a call back about this, I feel like I given a used car sales pitch.

  • I am a senior citzen with a disabled sister who lives with me. We have a border collie that when neighbors agitate him ,pulls my sister who is 98kbs and wares legs braces. I bought and paid in full on june 20 a six foot wood panel fence. When not delivered on date they gave me i called. Said a maneger pulled my fence sold to contractor. I tried calling corporate no live person. I called the store, they said truck in on wensday. Thurs no fence. I called, said the computer says my order was filled. Yes they gave to someone weeks ago. I made this call twice a week for a nonth. Well paid for june 20 got for panels when they finely gave me the fence it was individual pickets, was stained so wont match back fence, most are warped and the order was short by about 11 feet. I will never never set foot in a marnards store again. They have no customer service, they dont care that this fence was for a disabled 61 yr old. Shame on menards. The rest of my home improvements will be taken elseware.

  • I had a complaint and filled it online. This site will not let me post it, Too long.

    Response was provided by RAY: No clue who Ray is, where he works or what his title, phone number or email are but:

    I'm sorry, I'd like to help. It's not about you, it's about protecting other customers and our frontline team against the virus you may or may not be carrying. Thank you for your patience and understanding

    Thank you

    My response back was:
    Also, RAY, are you Ray from Shipping or from Garden center?
    Where do you work? Because if this is the response from the Corporate Office Customer service Manager, your reply is ignorant and condescending also. It is about me. In my world, MY life and health are important.

    Again RAY responded with: David,

    No Shoes
    No Shirt
    No Mask
    No Service

    Thank you,

    My final response: = Lost Business.

    Your organization has piss poor customer service. You and your "manager" Gabby are prime examples .
    Lowes will receive my $20-30,000. I will never shop at this dump again.

  • I am horrified by an experience that I received at your Crest Hill store today. While my wife and I were shopping, two random employees approached us and asked me to wear a face covering. When I informed them of my medical condition that prevented me from wearing a mask, they continued and escalated their harassment. They stated that this was a private business and therefore must comply. I reminded them that the store is probably NOT a private business but a public corporation and that a Federal law called the ADA was on my side. They rejected my claim, and they insisted that I obey. I of-course refused to comply on account of my disability. They relented after a moment and without apologizing walked away. I know good help is hard to find, and proper training can sometimes be lacking, although mortified, I overlooked the infraction and continued shopping with my wife.

    Later when I went to purchase my items at the register I was harassed further. The cashier stopped me, and at the same time a female supervisor of his approached me. I have been through this a few times before so I understand they may have to ask, but to deny accommodating my condition by a supervisor is a step beyond what I can understand. They loudly refused to service me and my wife unless I complied. That was something I couldn't do, I was humiliated and wanted to further press for my rights but felt an overwhelming anxiety building up inside me, forcing me out of the store. Not one, but four of your employees acting on behalf of your corporation, took it upon themselves to deny me service due to my disability.

    At this point I would like to relay a story. On December 1, 1955, a bus driver by the name of James Blake, working for the Montgomery City Bus Lines, took it upon himself to push around certain customers. Unlike you today, that bus driver had the (bad) law on his side. He was told by his employer that his vocation, position, and uniform gave him the power to deny service unless specific commands were heeded. I am not placing myself at the level of a civil rights activist like Rosa Parks, allowing myself to be arrested in protest, but next time I just might.

    You are a public corporation, chartered by the government. All corporations respecting these charters show deference to the powers that grant it. As such you act as an agent of government powers. That is, I am not claiming that you are acting in opposition to government, but instead, you are acting on behalf, and in concert with government. When you pass corporate policies that violate the rights of members of the public, that violation is subsidized by that government.

    That I cannot silently abide.

    If you are open to the public then you must make accommodation for ALL members of the public. I would like your employees to be nicer. I am not sick, and I am not contagious, and I don't appreciate your employees claiming that I am. Are they doctors, practicing on me with license? Even if I was sick, or diseased, it doesn't give you a legitamate power to deny me service. I don't like your corporate policies regarding facemasks. I would like you to change them. I would like you to train your employees to respect the laws of the ADA. There are legitamate reasons why people cannot wear masks, and for every open "essential" business to operate with a similar policy is manifestly criminal. Your business forcing compliance today is no different then when James Blake was forcing compliance back in 1955. I would like to remind you that your corporation does NOT own my face, or my wifes' face, or my children's faces. And no amount of misplaced fear public will ever justify this level of submission.

    I may not shop at this specific store ever again, but if I do, and I get treated in a similar fashion, I might just take your entire corporation to court and see if JB Pritzker's most recent in a string of failed "Executive Orders" (by the way, NOT LAW!!!) can protect you.

    • ADA does not apply here. It is a PRIVATE business. They can deny service by law to anyone they like. There is no real legitimaterreason to not wear a mask beyond KAREN entitlement ideals. I will protect my family from this. I would think you would have to common sense and responsibilty towards you and your family to do so as well. A private business can do what they want. If they require masks then so be it. It is not illegal to deny service. He owns everything. Do not like him and his business? I am sure you would deny anyone you want to not come into your house. Its the same thing. Personally I do not care for the man.

  • I've shopped at Menards for years and spent a lot of money there while doing home renovations. When I moved to KS in 2006 I was really disappointed there weren't any Menards stores here. Now there are several within an hrs drive. Having said that, after the "Plandemic" and Menards treatment of its customers over the MASK MANDATE, I will NO LONGER SHOP at Menards. You've lost a life long customer. It's easier to shop at the competition where customers are treated better!!!!

  • I had the absolute worst experience at the Columbus, IN location on June 21. The General Manager really needs a lesson in customer service and empathy. He refused to help me with a situation that clearly was not my fault. Here is some background information: I purchased lumber to build a deck. I was able to pick up all but 30 pieces due to the lumber shortage. These 30 boards were already paid for. I checked back a few times, but the lumber was not available. I found some
    elsewhere, so I decided to exchange the boards for patio pavers. When I did the return on the boards (that I never physically had) I asked for a store credit instead of having my credit card refunded. I did this because I wasn't sure I could charge another $400 on my credit card. Well, after purchasing the pavers, I was told that they were not in stock but should be in within a week. That was 2 weeks ago. I went to check the status yesterday and was advised that they were on order but couldn't say when they would be in. The employee advised me to return them and make another selection. I went to the customer service desk to return the pavers,that again, I've not had possession of, and was told that I could only have a store credit. I asked to speak to a manager and he confirmed what I was told. He was rude and dismissive. I explained the whole situation but he was unwilling to help me. I can't believe that this is your policy as a company, but if it is, please let me know so that I can shop elsewhere. I would appreciate a response.

    Thank you!

  • This is corporate classified only!!!
    Thanks for the birthday card the small level will come in handy.
    But it would be nice since I hit 60 to have a nice black 72" multidrawer tool box.

  • Visited Store #5348 in Lafayette Indiana and had an employee take my wallet so it wouldn't get "stolen", my cart was in the same isle as I was not even 10 ft away, I was not asked if the cart was mine before my wallet was taken. Went to front desk to tell them my wallet was stolen, they double checked with garden center, and someone on radio said they had it and was bringing it up to the desk. There policy caused me undue stress, as of this comment I have not stepped foot back in Menard's, not sure if I will. I'm still livid about their policy, i think it needs to be addressed and some sort of compensation for the stress as well. The lady was lucky that I retained my self instead of slapping her damn head off.

  • Most of these complaints are from guests but I am speaking as a former employee. You can't expect quality customer service from unhappy employees. When you have managers who are hell bent on doing things the way they want because it works for them and not what works for the team members it sends the message, "I don't care about you or how hard I'm making it to do your job as quickly and efficiently as possible." This has nothing to do with corporate policy either-its the G.M. being a hard headed jerk. Second, whenever I had a guest that purchased big ticket items, I would make sure they understood the return policies. If it was a mechanical item like a lawn mower or something, I was honest with the guest and tell them at the point of purchase to read all the instructions carefully and if they had problems with the item, that we didn't do repairs at the store. If something was broken or malfunctioning I referred them to the mfg.'s phone number on their paperwork and told them they would have to take it to a service center near them that the manufacturer referred them to. The only circumstances where an "broken" or non-functioning piece of merchandise should be returned to the store was if it was missing parts to begin with or had been recalled. If you tell them the truth up front, you won't have as many angry guests to deal with. And P.S., we're not responsible if you break your lawn mower because you put oil in the gas tank or forgot to put spark plugs in it.

  • Lost Customer

    I have been a Menards customer for over 20 years and have spent a great deal of money at Menards. However now that the Menard's Card website no longer accepts log-ons using proper passwords and users, and then locks them out with the only option to get their account access back is to give NAME,BIRTHDATE, AND SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER – ALL THINGS NEEDED TO STEAL IDENITY. I WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO BE A MENARDS CUSTOMER

  • I wish I could talk to someone helpful!! My problem is my rebate for products I purchased in August of 2017. I'm getting nowhere with Rebate International and with Menards corporate. I wonder if this company knows how poor they are reviewed. I plan to submit my concerns in writing to this company again because apparently, there is a problem with mail delivery going in and out of Wisconsin. I have been told over and over again that my rebate and my last mailing was lost. This time I will send it with a signature confirmation.

  • I am contacting Home Depot and Lowe's to see if they will come to the Iowa Great Lakes Area (Spencer, Spirit Lake). If they build in Spirit Lake where all the Iowa Great Lakes money is, I would drive to shop there, just so I could deal with competent sales personal… So tired of dealing with Menards employees that do not have a CLUE! This goes for Mercedes in building Material and the manager of the Spencer plumbing department… he is one lazy and rude individual. Asked him for a plumbing item and he told me that Menards doesn't care it so when I found it in his plumbing department I went and showed him that they do in fact carry the item… where he rudely states I love being proven wrong! Since then he is un-willing to assist or barely speak to me!

  • Your Menards store in Spencer, Iowa was one rude female sales clerk in Building Materials. I called and asked Mercedes if they carried a 4'x8' x 3/4" sheet of dry wall and she responds 3 quarters and I stated 3/4" and she rudely states same thing. yes it is the same thing but when talking building materials we talk inches and feet ie 1/16 1/8 1/4 1/2 3/4 ect.. we do not talk in quarters. Then I came to the store and ordered 2 1/2 and 2 1/4 inch 4×8 sheets of dry wall which they sold me. yet when I went to load, they where out of 1/4 inch. so why did they sale me something they did not have in stock??? they should have offered me (4) 3/8"x4'x8' sheets instead. They guys outside dated they get a shipment on Mondays… So I called again and get Mercedes and she tells me it will be two weeks before they get many more. not believing her I called back and spoke to a man who told me it should be in by 12-20-2017… Why is it that Mercedes doesn't know her job and how does she keep her job??? maybe she can handle cleaning restrooms… but she sure can't handle the building materials desk!

  • My namemail is randy spicer. I used to shop the Davison michigan store, that has stopped. I have a home depot 2 miles from my home and now I drive past menards to get to another depot store. The customer service is a joke. It seems the management intrest in solving any problems stop at the register. It's apparent the floor staff is only in it for the pay check. To say the least they Suck! I won't even get into their 11% rebate program, that's a bigger joke than the pet rock. Bottom line I'll never recommend them to anybody, and it's a cold day in hell before I set foot in a menards! It's funny how all of the big box stores move in put the smaller personal service stores out with their false promises. Like all other they all claim to do it bigger, and better when in fact Their only better at shoveling bull -hit.

    • Good Luck with that one! be nice if we could send an email explaining the problem, but I believe Menards really does NOT CARE about customer service

  • Lousy customer service. Garden City, KS store. There is one manager there who is great but when he is not in the store it is terrible. Went there yesterday, May 27, 2017 for some items. Went to check out and the lines were 8 and 10 people waiting. Only 2 registers opened. Put my stuff down and went down the street to competition.

  • On a Saturday afternoon, I received a Sunday paper showing that some bushes that I wanted to purchase was going on sale the next day. I called the store to see if they offered a price adjustment if I purchased them today. (I figured I would get the planting done sooner.) Menards told me "yes, you can get a price adjustment, just bring in the receipt." I purchased 8 $34.99 bushes and brought in the receipt the next day for the price adjustment now priced $29.99. They would only give me a IN STORE CREDIT. What type of price adjustment is that? They stole $42.00 from me. I didn't get the sale price! If the person on the phone told me the price adjustment was in the form of a store credit. I would have waited the day. My money will no longer going to Menards.. I guess that I will be saving big money after all. Rip off artists!

    • Hi I read your post and their whole program is designed for them. I made a $2000.00 purchase on mothers day of 2017 for the 11% rebate. It finally came today 9/28/2017. Not only did I not get the amount I figured it was for in store use only. Now I ask you where's the benefit when they are only forcing your hand. Never AGAIN!!!!!

  • I wanted to talk to a person in corporate about a problem with a return. I all ready tried to talk to a manager at the store and all I got was a head cashier to discuss their return policy didn't get any where. The woman at corporate told me she couldn't do anything to talk to the store manager. I told her I tried she wouldn't connect me to anyone to discuss my issue so what am I suppose to do. This company doesn't care about he service they are giving the customer. I will never buy from them unless I can't get what I want from Home Depot or Lowe's in a desperate situation.

  • checked Hastings Nebraska ad for a leaf blower (sku 2673289) for a Toro Volt Cordless on 12-11-2017 in clearance for $49.99. I printed the page to take with me today – 12-12-2017, the price for the same item was raised to $69.99, because today started the 11% Rebate.. That is sure some shoddy business practices, and now I will not buy it because of your bad practices. I really though Menards was above that kind of stuff. I'll be sure to let everyone know also that they cheat customers..

  • I have read a lot of the reviews here and have asked friends, contractors and all agree Menards is terrible. In the other Big Box stores they are happy to ask to help you. At Menards that is not the Case. I recently rented a pick-up from Menards and it was missing the top panel on the tailgate. This was at the Grand Ledge MI location.

    The panel was not on the damage report and you could reach right in and cut your hand to release the door. Upon complain I got $5 off my bill. That was far from enough, I thought I had lost the panel. When I asked asked at the front desk why do they rent out that truck with that safety hazard the front end manager looked at me with a dirty look. You can not complain to corporate either…you get ignored.


    Dan Stewart

  • So I came to your store in Independence Mo to fill 3 20 gal propane tanks . I wanted to have them filled because we are having a ice storm coming .Two of the tanks was half full and one was almost empty . We was new to having our tanks filled st your store and told them two of the tanks was half full and one was almost empty and and I wanted to top them off I was told no problem . Well they failed to tell me that they charge $18.00 to fill each tank no matter how full or empty they are.They did not tell me this till after they filed my tanks or I would of gone to Flying J where they charge by the pound .I feel I was rip off. I tried to talk to a manager about it and was told over a radio that is how they charge . For one you guys will not get customers for propane charging that way it needs to be by the pound like other propane places . Maybe they do not know how to charge people for propane.

  • And email on what I send to corporate This is NOT a question yet more of a complaint regarding my experience with your company. I am hoping this gets to the corporate office if not please forward to management at a corporate level. I am HIGHLY disappointed and dissatisfied on many levels with the customer service I received today in my local store in Massillon, Ohio. To say I received unprofessional and extremely poor service is an understatement. To give you a little backstory I am a first time home buyer and today I just received my keys!!!! Now you can understand my excitement however it soon came to be the worst experience of my life. You see I wanted to be the responsible adult and change the locks first thing. What better to do than head to Menards (WRONG!!!) apparently I should have went to ANY OTHER department/hardware store. But I went in seeking 5 new locks and assistance from a professional (AGAIN WRONG). My goal was to have all of my locks match so I only needed ONE key. The representative in that department clearly informed and assured me that as long as I purchased the same locks with the same number in the same box the key would work for all of them. GREAT over $120 later I was on my way! Excited ready for a new life in my new home . The locks were all changed 3 hours later I leave and lock the door behind me…. and you know what happened…… THE KEY DIDN'T WORK IN THE LOCK. Now I'm locked out of my house. A new lock . Matching key….. THIS COULD NOT BE HAPPENING TO ME. One of the most rewarding experiences I will ever experience has now become a bad memory…… so what happens now is I have to hire a locksmith to get all of these to match and somehow get in to the house without breaking a window. Now I will need to spend EXTRA money. You see I can take them back but there's another 3 hours of my time removing them and I can't leave the house wide open with no knobs while I waste more gas back to the store. I am not sure if you will understand my frustration with your company at this point as I will now be sure to NEVER shop with you and be sure to tell all of my friends and family to do the same. I would also like to inform you that I plan to post this on every social media platform and review site I can find so the world will know my story as I would pray this never happens to anyone else. I hope this issue is escalated and handled as quickly as possible and there is a resolution from the corporate office. This is unacceptable …..

    Oh and don't worry it gets even better on how corporate handled it …..

  • Well obviously none of the other complaints have made any impact on the employees or managers of Menards. Apparently is is a problem across the board with this company! They do not care about their customers at all! I am so disgusted I do not even know what to do…especially since you cant actually speak to anyone at the corporate office! West side store in Springfield,IL is a joke and their managers are a disgrace!!!

  • Must be ALL Menards suck….11% rebate on everything is the ad,come to find out they say that not all the time..funny its in the ad all the time. Big Rapids has the worst manners ever seen in retail and Eau Claire has O control over the dummies.

  • I went to the lumber yard to pick up some wood I'd paid for. I was in line behind a delivery truck. The gatekeeper looked st the delivery paperwork inside her little gatehouse and raised the gate. The gate stayed up. She was looking down at something. Her earbuds were in listening to something. I waited probably 30 seconds, then drove in. I picked up my wood, held out my paperwork on the return and she said:
    Why did you do that?
    Do what?
    Just drive in.
    Why did I do that? to pick up these 2×10's I paid for.
    You know you weren't supposed to do that.
    I did? That gate was up and you didn't say anything.
    You know you weren't supposed to do that.
    I didn't know
    You knew
    Really, what's the difference. I just picked up the wood I paid for.The back door is unlocked.
    But you didn't come in so how can I let you leave?
    I'm here. That must mean I can leave. If I wasn't here I couldn't leave but here I am!
    But you never checked in.
    Your gate was up. I thought that meant it was okay to come in.Why do I have to check in? Do people steal stuff and leave it here?
    Unlock your back doors.
    They're open.
    (opens back doors to van)
    Now see, how do I know you didn't steal some of these things.
    Steal what? Some used tools of brands you don't even sell here?
    (Hands me back my paperwork) You've been here before?
    Sure. Lots of times.
    See. You knew.
    Okay,you got me. Do we call someone like the police? The store security? Store manager?
    (Walks back into shack) You knew. (Gate goes up)
    I vow to only buy dog food at Menards.

  • Menards has let there guard down with inferior client privacy equipment I have recently been contacted by a person from Front Line Assets claiming I owe $3000 dollars , his credibility easily detected , our bill has been paid in full for months . When you tell him your going to call menards he advise's not to.I am giving his number and info to my lawyer.
    I would advise not to charge anything from menards 11-16-16

  • Menards 5555 Clyde park Wyoming mi…….has some of the most ignorant and useless people. One manager (amber Bieber) is always late…rude to customers. .cannot do her hob without assistance from others..on top of that she is a convicted drug felon. I have worked there over 7 years and have seen a lot of good people come and go. How this person became a manager is ridiculous. She has other managers and employees blinded. She defiantly needs to go. And give thr position to someone more qualified.

  • Menards 5555 Clyde park Wyoming mi…….has some of the most ignorant and useless people. One manager (amber Bieber) is always late…rude to customers. .cannot do her hob without assistance from others..on top of that she is a convicted drug felon. I have worked there over 7 years and have seen a lot of good people come and go. How this person became a manager is ridiculous. She has other managers and employees blinded. She defiantly needs to go. And give thr position to someone more qualified.

  • EMAIL..EMAIL…EMAIL, TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE.It would be wonderful to speak to a human and rectify issues and concerns in minutes instead of waiting hours, days and sometimes weeks for email replies.

  • Why does Menards already have Christmas stuff out? Not only them but all the stores………… Christmas has turned into commercially driven garbage by these people. Not one thing should be out till the Friday after Thanksgiving!!

  • This morning I contacted the Menards in Homer Glen, Illinois to see what the best price I could get on four (4) kyaks. I've been watching them all summer and they haven't been sold. I called the store manager this morning and the floor manager (Alesha) agreed to sell the kyaks to me for $165 each (regular $200). The floor manager Alesha said that she needed to put me on hold to process the phone order. She forgot to do it and I overheard the conversation she had with the store manager (Rick) regarding the kyak purchase. The store manager denied the discount pricing and accused me of trying to scam the store and that there is a "guy" who is going around to other Menards, scamming them to get cheaper pricing on kyaks. Well….That's not me! How dare you accuse me!
    When Alesha came back to the phone, I told her that I overheard the conversation with the store manager and did not appreciate being accused of scamming the store. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with Menards over the past 2 years. There is a Home Depot right across the street. I'm sure that they will be happy to have my business.

    On a side note, as I read the comments from other unsatisfied customers, I'm sure that I will not hear from Menard's corporate office. They have my name, my account number and contact number. We'll see what happens.
    Not keeping my fingers crossed…..

  • Your Apple Valley MN Menards lumber yard treated me like a shoplifter by demanding to search my pickup even though I told them I had the product I purchased in the bed of the truck. This happened on 08/28/2016

    As I was exiting the security girl demanded that I drop the tail gate to the bed of the truck so she could search it. I said no, the product was inside the cab (two patio blocks). I finally relented only because other people were waiting to get out of the yard.

    No other Menards does this. The Apple Valley Manager (Jason) said it was "policy". I asked him where it was written down. Where is the sign for the policy as you enter the yard (there is none).

    The next Tuesday I was at the Menards in Cambridge MN pulling supplies and as I exited, the gate security didn't even ask me. At other times and other Menards, I may be asked if there is anything in back. When I say no, that's the end of it.

    I don't appreciate being treated like this. If you want to make an issue out of it, perhaps the next time I am detained without cause at the Apple Valley MN Menards we can settle our differences in court.

  • I have to say I was recently very disappointed in the management in Bolingbrook, IL
    I went to the store and was making my purchase with 2 rebate checks which were mailed to me from Menards. I was told they only could use one due to they were the same. I asked what they could do and was told nothing since it is not Menards who issues the checks. I asked to speak to Management and was informed I was speaking to her and there was nothing she could do. Then the system was down so they could not process the rebate so I again asked what they were going to do and she stated nothing I asked could they credit me the amount and she stated NO

    I can't believe a company who speaks about customer service has these policies very disappointed

  • Hi, I recently needed quite a few supplies in the paint department because I was trying to stage a house in Columbia, Mo and do it in a hurry before I left town. I am an older disabled woman and have to use a mobility cart. Thank Heaven's Menards keep several in their stores now. So I go to the paint department with few expectations because it is evening and I am very tired. Fortunately, I met a young clerk named Michelle. I had a bathroom that had chipped paint and no paint leftover. Michelle fixed me up with a custom sample that cost less than $3. The woodwork paint was also mia and she mixed up a quart that would match. Then the kitchen cabinets were horribly scarred. Michelle found a color of stain that not only matched but was ready for varnishing in only half an hour. Of course, she had the perfect satin polyurethane varnish so I thought I was good to go. Almost out of the department, I remembered I would need cheesecloth for the stain. Michelle quickly located a pkg just the right size and I was out of there in not too much more than a half hour!
    This is the kind of service that is difficult to find nowadays. Owning multiple rental units, I think Menard's could well become my new go-to store if they can just keep clerks like Michelle on the job!

  • What is up this summer with Menards and their worthless 11% sales? Seems like normally the 11% sale rolls around every 2- 3 months. But for some strange reason Menards has repeatedly gone to the 11% sale as their weekly sale ad over the past few months. I hate the 11% sales! I'm guessing that items in a normal weekly ad would save customers more than 11%. That's probably why Menards is using the 11% sale so frequently. It makes bigger profits for the company! The only customers that might benefit from the 11% sale would be contractors who would be buying large amounts of materials, many of which may not currently be on sale. But still I would have to hear from contractors themselves. Along with the 11% sale, Menards includes some 'sale items' plus the 11% off. However it is my experience that these sale items that go with the 11% sale are usually garbage, low volume merchandise rather than items of high demand. I'm just saying I'm sick and tired of the 11% sales. Enough is enough! Get back to regular weekly ads so CUSTOMERS can once again Save Big Money! Scrap the 11% sales!!!

  • On 6/9/16, we ordered 46 bags of Tidy Cat litter at the Wausau, Wisconsin store and prepaid for it. On 6/13,we went to pick it up only to find out the store had sold the merchandise right out from under us w/o even telling us. We were then told that they cannot transfer merchandise from one store to another. We had traveled approximately 140 miles round trip to pick this up. It isn't the first time they've done this to us but it will be the last.

  • Started a bathroom remodel in February.Purchased a special order vanity and top from Menards store #3138. Both arrived about 4 weeks later. The vanity top was ordered the wrong size by the store associate. So now a second vanity top is ordered. Anothe