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  1. We have been to Mimi's in Casa Grande, Az. many times and I would like to say this. The staff and operation is no better than the manager, and in my opinion management is nonexistent. Food is good, management is not concerned with turning tables quickly (30 to 40 min.) many tables left open, and kitchen waiting for orders not backed up when guests are waiting for a hour.
    Wait staff is friendly.

  2. I have been dining at Mimi's for 30 years. The past two visits to the Monrovia restaurant have been very disappointing. The place is run down, holes in the seats, and the service is horrible. The new menu is beautiful, however, the poor service and poor quality of my dish were just disgusting.

  3. Mimi's café in San Diego, CA on Mira Mesa Blvd was very rude today. Our company was planning a Thanksgiving Luncheon for today. We tried to email our orders, but the email was not working. We tried to fax our order so the food would be ready when we arrived, but the fax was not working. When we called to ask if there was anything we could do, the manager Jeremiah said there was nothing they could do to accommodate us and we could take our business elsewhere if we wanted to. This was very unexpected and unprofessional. We will not visit or even consider this location ever again.

  4. Mimi's has gone downhill fast in Murfreesboro, TN and Customer relations just doesn't care, wrote two emails both have been ignored and that's what you call customer relations sorry your so called restaurant in Murfreesboro TN is terrible, don't believe me go to Tripadvisor and read the reviews over the past 6 weeks, don't know what's happened it used to be great something's happened and I don't know what but we wont be going again until things improve

  5. Went to Mimi's today for some much needed girl time with my best girls. We were hoping to enjoy breakfast and drinks. Our server was AWFUL. No napkins, silverware, never checked on us, when we asked for water it was an issue (water), and she was trying so hard to push us out the door that she just gave us the check with out asking if there was anything else she could get us. Like desert, or maybe another drink. Never refilled a cup. AWFUL service. Maybe she didn't realize that as a server you work for your tips. That means a smile and good customer service. We made sure to go to Mimi's when it wasn't a lunch rush or dinner rush. So there is no reason for the server to be behind. Kinda of hard to have a good time with your girls and spend our money to be waited on by a rude unfriendly server. Don't see the point on spending money to be treated in such a way. Reno nv

  6. We will NEVER go to Mimi's again!! We ordered two dinners to go – should have been very easy, right? It wasn't!! Even after calling in the dinners and waiting 15 minutes before picking them up, (as the person who took the order at Mimi's suggested), they still weren't ready when we arrived and it took another 20 minutes before our order was ready. When we arrived back home, both dinners were NOT correct! There was no gravy, (comes with the meal), and only a small "dab" of potatoes and the dressing was the consistency of powder/sand – as if the dressing had never been made, (it was terrible). Also missing was the cranberry sauce – seriously?! How difficult is it to put together two dinners?! Mimi's has taken a serious nose dive and we won't be going back. We had no intention of driving all the way back, due to their mistake, so we called and told them about the poor quality of the dinners as well as the missing items. The "manager" said he would refund the meals, however, he didn't do as he promised and now, two weeks later, we're calling the Corp. office. There's no excuse for things like this and there are many, many restaurants we could to and will be visiting in the future instead of spending our hard-earned $30.00 at this terrible place! Don't waste your money or time on Mimi's!!! This awful experience was in Colorado Springs at the Mimi's located just off Powers Blvd., January, 2016.

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