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  1. Yes I live in Tilton Illinois for twenty years and I notice that there has been waste all around the parking lot by the treeline there it is a lot of bad stuff like plastic there and it is a lot of it. There is a creek right there and the poisonous stuff all over the ground from County Market parking lot blows over there in to our water.. Our water tower is a mile away from there and plastic will poison our drinking water.. I ask that you have them pick it all up.. Tilton is a beautiful Village and we take good care of our land for our drinking water.. I pick up five large bags of stuff every day off of the ground and it helps us all because it makes our land look and smell better. I am a volunteer for our Village here and I have lived here for twenty years. I spent there hundred dollars a month at Tilton County Market and I have spent three hundred dollars a month there for at least six years. I would love it if you help me with this. They have to clean up all the way around the building and by the roads and over by the trees in their parking lot is where it needs cleaned up the most. I ask all of this as kind as I can as a friend to help all people. I need help saving our earth air and water so people can live on earth in good health. Thank you. I am not trying to cause trouble or problems I am only being as friendly as I can for all of us here on earth. Thank you again and peace to you. Good day.

  2. Hi Guys was wondering if you ever thought about a pets supplies plus in Canton Illinois
    there is not pet store which means i have to drive 45 miles to get the pet food i need
    I love your Jacksonville store everyone there is great recently went to Macomb and they too are very personable Just need something closer I live in Lewistown IL please take this under consideration I think it would be a positive move for you and all those crazy pet owners like myself who spend a lot of money on their babies Thanx for listening Laurie Welsh

  3. I shop in Monticello. I appreciate everything we have here. I continue to try the bananas in the produce dept. but they NEVER ripen correctly. They go from green to brown. I just purchase some Hawaiian salad from the Deli for $6.29/lb. It is full of fluff and coconut. I looked on the label and it says pineapple. You have to look for the pineapple pieces, and you cannot taste it. I purchased some Chex Snack Mix. It had no flavor except for a burnt taste. It would be nice if your story manager would speak while walking the floor, or checkers who could say 'Thank you'.

  4. the county market in lousiana mo has a empoyee that doesnt like me thats fine my friends and familyhave stoped going there when she is working because she has to rush up to them and start running me down they go to walmart to do there shopping 20 miles away this is not fair to them or the store i just wish she would act more profesinal if she is going to work with the public

  5. I went to the 48th & Broadway, County Market last night, 10/28/17, 5:37 PM.
    bought some good ham in the deli, it was on sale for $5.99, I bought approximately 3lbs. in separate bags, the deli was great.
    I went to get checked out, the cashier, Keetan J. appeared to be bored, etc. after I was checked out, I checked my receipt, Transaction #0232, and realized that cashier Keetan had not given me the sale price. I went back to his register, he was just not interested, he finally realized what I was talking about and kind of grunted & pointed to Customer Service. I did receive the overcharge difference in cash (not sure that he factored in the tax difference). Customer Service guy didn't really have much to say either, certainly not I'm Sorry.
    I called back & talked to the female manager on duty (same day).She didn't seem too concerned either, I did ask her NOT tell me she was sorry. She suggested that I called back on 10/29/17 & talk to Brad Niemann.
    I did call back on 10/29/17, shortly before 4:00 PM, Brad Niemann was gone, so I talked to the same manager I had talked to the previous night, she told me that she had told Mr. Niemann what I had said, she talked over me, obviously that conversation was over.

  6. I think that there was one of your employee was wronged,and is not working why the other employee is still there.I think that if one is not working the other one should not be there either so is there a code of yours to keep one and not thr other because if there is that is wrong.

  7. The County Market in Pittsfield ,Il is horrid! The meat department is terrible!!!! I don't know how many times I have been in to get different kinds meat and have found expired dates on package or just nasty looking brown meat! Im NOT going to buy brown meat! I think they bring down what they don't sale at Quincy to Pittsfield because there are only two grocery stores in town. The other is a Save- A – Lot. which does not carry a lot of name brand items. Also the store is terrible about NOT having items that are on sale!. Doesn't matter what day I go in or the time, the repose I get when I find an empty shelf or ask for that item is our truck hasn't come in yet. I don't live in town. The County Market is a 14 mile round trip for me. It's getting really old real fast!

  8. Where does the county market bottled "spring water" come from? Is it filtered?

    How is the county market "purified water" purified? Is it distilled? Do either of these bottled waters contain fluoride which is found in the city water?

  9. I think Niemann foods should buy the grocery store in Ramsey Illinois that went out of business. It is just 25 miles south of Pana Illinois.. Thanks.. a past employee 🙂

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