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NYSC Corporate Office Headquarters

How To Contact NYSC Corporate Office Headquarters HQ

New TSI Holdings, Inc. – New York Sports Clubs

5 Penn Plaza -4th Floor
New York, New York 10001 USA

Corporate Phone Number: 1-212-246-6700
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-212-246-6700
Website: New York Sports Clubs
Email: memberservices@town-sports.com

NYSC’s competition includes Lifetime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, In-Shape Fitness, Anytime Fitness, 24-Hour Fitness, Crunch Fitness, Blast Fitness, Fitness 19, and Orange Theory.

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  1. Regardless of the conditions of the club in Whitestone, which I have attended for 13 or so years, I do appreciate some of the long time instructors, particularly Lisa Bosalavage, who has been teaching there much longer than I have been attending, which keeps me going there despite everything. I never tire of her classes because she is creative, energetic and she kicks my ass every time. She is always there giving her classes 100%, if not more. She always has something different planned, motivating her classes to the next level. Kudos for her commitment, devotion, and her outstanding instruction, which keeps me coming back.

  2. I just called and spoke to Lauren and gave her a fake name and was complaining about the gym and she proceeded to read off my info and gave me name and address and I wasn't even the person she was talking about.

  3. I received a call from a representative named Alaa regarding enrollment, I was very much interested in enrolling my family, at first he quoted me a fee of $29.99/ month a few minutes later told me it will be $39 informed Alaa that I was not interested and ended the conversation, a few minutes later he called me back told him I do not like it when people switch prices, I only like to deal with honest people, he hang up on me. I was heading to the NYSC in White Plains to discuss he called me back told me call was disconnected and will put me in contact with Manager.
    Spoke to Michael who was giggling while talking to me told him if anything was funny he started raising his voice at me.
    I have never experienced such unprofessionalism and will never consider going to such gym.
    So disappointing!!!

  4. NYSC Bay ridge.I will never go to this gym again.The administrative department is just a group of Thieves.They made me sign a paper even I didn't know what's going on.Then they were kept charging me many time plus the annual fees 60 dollar.For your information,I went to gym to talk with them to cancel my membership but I didn't find the manager who were supposed to be there all the time or at least 3 times a week. After many tried, I found him with talked to each other and he said we are sorry this is our mistake, we will refund all your amount .He wrote a report the main campus of NYSC to cancel my membership And he include the last day we talked but he didn't mention the day he was supposed to cancel my membership. After my long waiting for my refund, I called him again. Guess what he said {{ Call this phone number 0800……..]} I called them so one lady responded to my call And she told me that the manager was supposed to include the day of cancellation. So, the main department cannot give me my refund because they need a prove that I didn't use the gym during this cancellation process. So,We back to the beginning a called the manager again but I got a respond from the receptionist that the manager is not there or he is traveling. Please anyone who want to participate make sure to have a copy of all documents as prove to get your refund without charging you many times

  5. I finally got through to someone who was very helpful on the 877 # her name was Sara and she did listen and take all feed back will see where that goes thanks Sara 🙂

  6. just called 877 # now on hold again also the regional person who is suppose to over see club according to fitness manager has not been there in weeks. Also no one looks at NYSC Hawthorne FB Chris the fitness manager said he didnt even know there was a page??????????????????????

  7. NYSC in Hawthorne is awful. I was blown off for a 2nd time by fitness manager Chris for a personal training session. Manager is clueless and is never anywhere to be found. His name should be Waldo. Mens room attendant spot has been open for months 1 person hired fired shortly after. Joe who fills in approached me several times when he was full time for money. Also it is rumored that at some nights he has slept at club overnight. I am calling the # now and no one is answering at Operator I have been disconnected twice already

  8. I joined Hartsdale NYSC because they were running a promotion of the 3 months of Summer at no cost by paying the yearly fee and being on a month to month cost afterwards. I was supposed to get June, July, August for free, BUT, I got June free, then they charged me on July 1st. I was in Mexico for business travel when I saw the charge on my card, so I called and spoke to the General Manager, who happens to be the person that signed me up, first thing she said "We have never had that promotion, Who signed you up?". Ummm, You did!
    She said she woudl fix the problem but could not refund me the charge so she would extend the promotion 1 more month so she said I would not get charged again until September 1st. BUT in August 1st, they charged my card, AGAIN.
    This is not the type of relationship I want to be involved with a business, where I have to be checking my credit card everyday to make sure someone at NYSC didn't make a mistake. I have been going every week to the Hartsdale location trying to find the manager, who is NEVER there. The lady I spoke with said "She is amazing at following up, I am sure she will call you tomorrow…" I left my TWO cell phone numbers, my home number, my email address and my home address. NOBODY has called, emailed or attempted to contact me. This gym is a sham, they can't even keep track of their own promotions and certainly can't keep track of my complaint. I will call the corporate office and see if ANYONE there is competent enough to resolve this.

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