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Pf Changs Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Pf Changs Corporate Office Headquarters

P.F. Chang’s China Bistro
7676 E. Pinnacle Peak Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-480-888-3000
Customer Service Number: -866-732-4264

  • Hi I work at the p.f chang in burbank the new Sunday chef katrina is way too pushy with the dishwasher and she doesn't understand that we have a lot to do she wanted Me out done by 1:00am and I started at 6:00pm and they send the other dishwashers home because they don't want to pay overtime which is against the law they said its corporate I des however I think its bull I thing its managements idea and its hard for one dishwasher to finish by him or herself.

  • My name is Freddie sanchez I was recently fired from the pf changes in Albuquerque nm the reson for this firing according to the two chefs that worked that chef alex and chef Jason was that I complained about the job, I was not complaining about the job I loved that job but my complaint was the managerial skills of both these two chefs or rather lack of these skills. There are three dishwashers that work at this restrant the one that works in the morning and the two that come in in the afternoon on the date of my firing there were two dishwashers in the morning and I came in at two whene I walked in the dish room it was like no one had been in there at all I was told by both chefs that thay had to have the morning dishwasher do the prep work for that day since thay were short handed so that left me doing the job for the morning and keep up with the dishes in the afternoon and eveing since I was to close that day I asked both chefs isent this job first to make sure that this dish room is clean for the next shift thay told me just protect your job and clean the dish room.Well come to find out that all these three are friends and that if these chefs hire someone els that it cuts in to there hours .I would really like my job back but again was told by both chefs that this firing could not be appealed. I am asking coprate office to look in to this. also if tha would let the dish machine run it cycal in stead of pushing the dishes through the dish machine thay would come out clean and not have to run the dishes three or four times. Bad management.

  • I just recalled the manager, James of the Mall of GA, Buford, PF Changs. When Mom and I took out at 5pm today in two bags, we were missing one half rice dishes (ordered three main courses), inedible salty disgusting hot and sour soup filled with the little wormy things and virtually nothing else, and NO almonds and ONE cashew in the cashew and almond chicken dish (there were things in there that reminded me of tree nuts that I saved, but they are not almonds or cashews or peanuts or walnuts) and VERY FEW candied walnuts in the shimp dish. The manager, James questioned me a lot but didn't seem to care at all that my dinner was ruined and said he would send me a coupon for the soup, I believe; it was not clear. I believe there is something really wrong in that location and suggest you check it out. I am an Epidemiologist and used to own a restaurant/bar and I have never had a noncaring manager or bad/missing/and doctored food from Changs anywhere in the country before. What in the world is going on there? Maybe I should contact the health department? I saved 4 of the weird nuts that don't taste like almonds and are definitely not cashews. I won't eat weird nuts, salty soup with no good veggies, and main courses without rice, and no one should be expected to. We also asked for extra chow mein noodles and all we were given was one third of a plastic container for two soups. FYI my local Chinese restaurant can do much better. Where is your consistency? Does this portend a new societal norm, treat older people like they are dirt? Thank you for looking into this problem for me. We have been patrons of PF Changs for years.

  • I am a dishwasher at the pf changs in Albuquerque nm and work under sweatshop conditions I work ten to twelve houers a day and since my hier I have not been told or offerd a break during my shift as a matter of fact I have been told that if i do not like my lob to find anthoer one. In the last month ther has been at least ten dishwashers that have worked there and have quit becouse of the work conditions. At present there are four dishwasers that work there one in the morning and 2 during the most busiest time of the day yes we get are butts kicked with no appricition from this companey. I love my job and need it but at the same time I can only work so fast. We the dishwashers are asking for help from pf changs corporate office headquarters. THANK YOU!

  • P.f chang in burbank is still nor being run righr still runing out of foos and chemical stuff ia nor coming in,in time the chef uae faul language once in a while towards employee there no leadership also have employees working sick with food,and managers alwaya telling the diahwasher or other employees to be out by eleventhirty or twelvefifteen which never happens 99.9% of the time

  • 9/14/13 my husband and I went to P.F Changs at NShore Mall in Peabody Mass. We have been there well over 50 times in last 8 years. We always order two Mai Tais and food. This nite when we ordered the drinks they looked and tasted different. They looked more like lemonade —there was no real dark rum that they usually put on top. When I asked for more dark rum I think the waiter put like a droplet of it in glass and said 'here you go' I said 'Hmmm, that still isnt right, could you add a bit more as this drink looks like and tastes like lemonade'…he ignored my request. I then requested a manager…explained my issue…although he seemed less than interested he just said 'I will have them make you another one'…I sat back at bar and a female bartender made me another one and low and behold it was EXACTLY the same as the first one….I inquired AGAIN why there wasnt really any dark rum and she said 'we made it to speck'. I said 'well your speck must have changed as I have been here for more than 50 times and always rec'd same drink, but this nite its diff'…Another bartender came over , Steve, and again he would not add more dark rum…his comment was 'we made it to speck and you seem to be the only customer complaining'…I then asked him for the address for the corporate office..he stated 'oh the web site is on the slip…and you can mention my name as well'…OH MY LORD..this is customer service…HOW RUDE!!! I told him I would be sure to mention his name, STEVE. My husband and I then had to ask for a menu as we hadnt been offered one after 1/2 hour being there, but then we thought, this place sux and the service people (especailly STeve) did not respect us so we left. We went to the P.F Changs in Cambridge Ma. We were greated with smiles from Amy. We asked for 2 mai tais to see if she would make them to "speck' ..NOPE it was not a 'speck' like drink…it was a FABULOUS drink, they way we remembered it. We explained the situation to her and she appologized (why should she appoligize for something she didnt do) for how rude they were at NShore. She then got her manager and we explained the whole story to him…what does he do—he gives us a $50 gift certificate and a card for a free app…Now THATS customer service!!!! I will NEVER set foot in the NShore (mass) PF changs EVER again…I was never treated so badly…As a corporation you should have all your staff watch the video "Give them the Pickle" check it out, you and your staff may learn something about customer service….

    • I had a terrible experience with a manager and he never apologized or offered me anything to make things right. I reported it to corporate 9 days ago and still waiting for a response. It was so bad I had to call the police. The manager was very rude. Look at my post from June 7.

  • I have been a P.F.CHANG'S customer for many years. I visited the restaurant with my family and customers many times. But the dinner we planned for my wife's birthday with my kids today at the DOLPHIN MALL RESTAURANT was not what I've expected from P.F.CHANG'S.
    After seating in our table the waitress came introduced her self and took our orders. From that point on everything started going SOUTH. The MANGOLIAN BEEF can with a hair in it, that was taking care of. Second, two main course meals took over 30 minutes to arrive after the rest of the family had started eating there meals.I went to speak to the manager and he was very snotty.He really did not want to her it.
    After we finish our meals and ask for our check, we presented a $10.00 off coupon. The same manager comes over and tells us that my son could not be part of the $10.00 off coupon because of the meal my son and girlfriend order was not part of the promotion, so they had to pay separate.
    After going through a hair in one of the meals, 30 minutes late on two other meals, he shows up with this ridiculous nonsense.
    I will continue to be a P.F.CHANG'S customer, but I really think your managers need some additional customer service basic training,specially at DOLPHIN MALL MIAMI FLORIDA RESTAURANT.

  • Yesterday my wife and I went to Pf Changs in Temecula CA. We had a reservation for 5:30 and was seated within 5 minutes. That is where the night started to go wrong.

    We were seated at a table for 4 even though there were booths open. After our order was taken the waitress brought our drinks including the hot tea we ordered. We had to turn the tea back because we ordered Organic Green tea and it had a very minty taste.

    Then our order was brought to the table but it was half the wrong order, they brought us some tuna dish but we ordered changes special ribs & 4 egg rolls. He had the spare ribs we ordered but didn't leave them. Instead the waiter went back to the kitchen and told them about the mix-up. About 5 – 10 minutes later he came back with our correct order, but it only had 5 ribs with a little chunk of meat that I guess they called the 6th rib. They had given us that same order of ribs which was now lukewarm. They probably just put them under the heat lamp while they prepared the 4 egg rolls.

    I asked to speak with the manager and she brought me another rib not much more meat on it than the chunk. Both my wife and myself were really hungry so we just dove in.

    The egg rolls were very oily and the ribs were VERY dry and not a bit moist. We have this dish every time we come to Pf Changs (which is at least every month) and it's always the best. Since we were really hungry we just continued eating but the ribs never got any better.

    After we were done I called the manager over once again, which really seemed to disturb her to no end. We explained our problem to her and she went back to the kitchen to see if she could come up with a solution. When she got back to the table she stated that Corporate had changed the cooking instructions on the ribs to make them crispier (I sure hope this is not true). First off, crispier is one thing but dried out is way beyond acceptable. I really don't believe that Corp. would have made a mistake like that. Something that is so delicious and tasty and moist.
    She said that she would take the ribs off our meal which was ok by me.

    Then when the waitress brought the bill and our 2 fortune cookies, my wife opened hers and it was empty, no fortune (no fault of Pf Changs, just the way the night was going).

    To close we've been eating at Pf Changs ever since they came to Southern California, from one end of the state to the other and we've have always enjoyed the food. In fact if someone comes in from out of town, Pf Changs is the first place we suggest.

    To me this was totally the chefs fault and for the manager to blame it on a Corp. change got my ire up. I sure hope that our favorite meal is not changing, it was just great the way it was.

  • I'm asking you to consider building a Pei Wei, in Prescott Arizona, at Gateway Mall. We seriously need a good Chinese restaurant in Prescott. It would really do a Great, business here!
    I could promise you that! There is no way that you could lose, building it here!

    Sincerely, Joy Samuelson

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