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Pick ‘n Save Corporate Office Headquarters

How to Contact Pick ‘n Save Corporate Office Headquarters

Pick ‘n Save Warehouse Foods, Inc.
605 East Lyon Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202 USA
Corporate Phone Number: 1-414-272-6677
Fax Number: n/a
Customer Service Number: 1-866-279-6269

  • I would like to see a pick n save store in Lake Mills, Wisconsin. We only have one grocery store and produce is not always the greatest. We use to have Sentry store and now it sits empty and the person that owned the lake mills market brought the store to keep the competition out. It would be great to have another grocery store in town instead of only having one store to go too. Please consider on building a store here in Lake Mills.
    Thank you for your time.

  • I have shopped at Pick n save in DeForest for many years and won't shop there anymore only because of one employee that's name tag reads Damien, assist store mgr. He must be newer since I haven't seen him there until recently.
    He makes me feel uncomfortable. always seems to be working when I come in. He stares at me constantly and I try to avoid him but he continuously, follows me around looking like he's doing something. Even when I when it's obvious from my facial expressions that I'm not interested. Otherwise the staff are helpful and kind. The store always looks great!

  • Do you ever train some of your upper people how to treat employees they need to learn how to treat others with respect and not show favorites to other and let them get a way with stuff I think you need to send someone under cover in your west Bend wi south store.. They treat your employees very bad and you think they have never heard of respect I go shop there a lot during the week and I see and hear alot of stuff.. You get nothing from people with out respect. I think of it has how would u like me to talk to your child the way you talk to employees.. your supervisors and management need to be trained properly of how to talk to employees and how they talk to customers. I know some people that work there and their mom taught them to respect people and they are very kind to the customers .. but your other employess such i can name some,,,,, I think u need to go see how your employees are treat u jist make them not want to work there and how long before u have no one and they had enough……..

  • To Start off, I love pick n pull. It's a wonderful service for us car people.
    I have come up with an issue with buying and warranting a Automatic Transmission. I also bought a one year warranty. But the way the ATF is drained buy punching a hole in the stamped steel pan, damages the Valve body of the trans. I went back to get another valve body. I found one but it was damaged also. I found out all the transmissions are punched to drain the ATF which damages the valve body. How does pick n pull honer the warranty of a damaged auto transmission?

  • Wondering why you have to block one of the exist doors for the on line shoppers. Feel as if you do not value your customers that come in to shop. This is the Kenosha store on 75th street.

  • This is about the store on Calumet Street in Appleton. I went there at about 6:45am. When I finished shopping I went to check out and there were no lanes with a light on. There was a women by one of the aisles so I asked which lane was open and she said that only the self check out was open. I am recovering from a total hip replacement, I did not expect to have to work as a checker and bagger. That caused me a lot of unnecessary pain. Those are basic services that should be provided by the company at all hours of the day. Very disappointed. When I go back, if the same thing happens, I will leave my cart of food and leave the building never to return.

  • I am having problems with your fuel point promotion. On April 16, I went to a BP station to get gas and they used my April points instead of using my points from March. This is the second month in a row that they have done this. You need to make sure your program is working the way it is presented to the customer. I find this to be very frustrating.

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